Hiro was in his room at 10:00 at night. His aunt was sleeping in her room and his brother was sleeping in Hell because he was dead. But Hiro wasn't asleep. He was touching his pee-pees in ways that made God cry.

He loved watching lesbian porn every Tuesday night after he ate macaroni and squeeze, a dish that is like macaroni and cheese but has his aunt's breast milk instead of cow milk because Hiro's parents died too early and he never got proper boob nutrients. His aunt believed that a young boy needs to drink titty juice or else he will become gay, and he must bear children in order to produce an heir to the throne of the bakery.

The lesbians on his monitor screen scissored each other roughly and fondled the fat sacks of life on their chests. Their nipples got hard and stiff, and their nipples began to lactate long rods, which they used to shove up one girl's ass. The rod went into the girl's ass, came out her vagina, entered the vagina of the other girl, and came out her ass. It was like a lesbian shish kabob but twice as delicious. Then the girls began to make out with their mouths and tongues, and their boobs smooshed together. They eventually got so smooshed that they twisted together and were unable to be separated. They were tied together so well that it looks like a sailor tied the knot that binds them.

The porno keeps going on and on and keeps getting gradually sexier by the second as the lesbians do the lesbianism. Hiro's penis was getting longer and harder with every stroke of his hand. It was almost like he was peeling a banana. However, something was very very very very very wrong.

He couldn't ejaculate.

He was sure that he's gone through puberty. He began to pee blood and act bipolar a few weeks ago, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with his dick. He tried doing it harder and faster, but then his dick caught on fire from the high amount of friction. He screamed in agony and ran around the room looking for fire repellant.

"OW!" he screamed really loud but not loud enough to wake up his aunt or his brother from the dead because he didn't want them to see him with his dick on fire. In Asian culture, having your dick on fire is a sign of weakness and fear, and it doesn't matter how small it is.

He found a glass of water that was next to his bed on his nightstand that he was drinking and stuck his weiner into it. He gave a sigh of relief and drank the water to moisten up his throat that he hurt from screaming.

But he totes forgot that saying "ow" in an ouch way makes his bitch appear! And by bitch I meant giant fighting balloon robot. Baymax inflated out of his red bed case and turned into his fatass self. He slowly walked towards Hiro and said, "Hello, Hiro, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare robot. What is making you hurt?" He scanned him with his robot scanner that he has because he's a robot. "It looks like your tiny Asian dick is singed with fire burning. I suggest using moisturizing lotion to help heal the scars." He grabbed his penis and slathered it in lotion. "There you go. Are you satisfied with my services?"

"No, Baymax. I can't figure out why I can't jizz all over my computer while watching hardcore porno." Hiro said as the sex noises from the computer continued.

Baymax looked down at his dick. It was sad. It looked up at him and whimpered, "Please help me smile, Mister Baymax!"

"Will it improve your health if I help you release spermies all over the place?" Baymax asked nicely because he's just a big fucking Stay-Puft Michelin Man.

"Fuck yeah!" Hiro answered.

Baymax went over to his computer. He scanned his computer and downloaded all of his porn files into his hard drives and gained all of the sexual informational goodness he needs. He gained an ass and a prostate and even a bonus hernia, and he bent over and used his giant hands to spread his buttcheeks extra wide.

Hiro attempted to fit his dick stick into Baymax's ass, but it wouldn't fit. It was much too small. "My peeny-beeny is too teeny-weeny, Baymax."

"Hiro, your dick brings great shame to famiry!" he screamed like an angry overbearing father that Hiro never had because it's his fault he died. "If only God himself could come down and smite you for your insolence. Don't worry, I shall help." The robot grabbed his dick and stretched it all the way across the room.

It was definitely longer, but it wasn't wide and girthy like Miley Cyrus's penis. It looked like one of those long deflated party balloons that clowns use to make balloon animals. Baymax picked up the used schween and blew into the hole. It began to inflate and blood began circulating to make it into a real boy dick.

"I think your problem was that your dick was so small and unappealing that the semen didn't want to go out your dick, so now it should be able to pass through the urethra." Baymax did the thing with his asshole again readied himself for Hiro's extra penisy penis.

Hiro stuck it in, and it fit like a Keyblade in a keyhole. It were as if they were meant for each other. They had awesome chemistry but that's mostly because Hiro's all smart and Baymax is a robot and it's all science.

Hiro and Baymax moaned in symphony and it was like a choir of sex. Baymax was surprised that he was getting enjoyed by this sex experience since he's a robot, but then he remembered that he didn't give a shit.

Hiro thrusted into Baymax over and over, rubbing the edges of the ass cavern with his escapading dick. He also slapped and grabbed Baymax's ass cheeks and wiggled them around like he was rubbing two stones together to start a fire, but now he was rubbing two ass cheeks to his dick to create sex passion.

Baymax would also help with the quest for ass dick, and he pushed his massive Fat Ass onto his dick. It devoured his dong like Homer Simpson eating a hotdog.

After a bit more sexing, Hiro's dick screamed in joy and cheerfully jizzed inside Baymax's asshole. Hiro pulled out and left the bot's ass to drip gravy. It was like a gravy filled dinner roll except you couldn't fit it in your mouth.

"Are you satisfied with my treatment, Hiro?" Baymax asked as Hiro and his penis high fived.

"No, Baymax. I want you to do me next." Hiro took off his pants and pooped on the floor to stretch out his asshole for sex.

Baymax nodded his head, but then he noticed that his crotch was lonely and lacking. He scanned more files about the human anatomy and was sure to get the sexiest parts. He began to grow a new member which was quite unusual. It was white AND big. It was the biggest dick in the world and was surprisingly effective. The two faced each other and Baymax fucked his best friend from the front.

Hiro's breath was taken away, and his penis hid in fear from the intimidating size of Baymax's long schlong. Baymax's penis had a plan to have Hiro jizz in Baymax's face to ensure maximum velocity in sexual pleasure energy. He needed to learn in order to treat more patients.

Baymax put some penis bait out for Hiro's penis. The bait smell reached Hiro's penis, and it poked out of it's hole. It began to eat the bait, and was tricked into coming out entirely! Baymax grabbed it as it ate and began to stroke and rub it furiously.

Baymax's balls bounced from all the sex energy as the big man penis of robot descent filled Hiro was amazingness. "Baymax, this is amazing and you are my robo daddy."

"Damn straight, and you are my little prick, you shit master. Now beg for the mercy of my dragonborn." Baymax placed both hands on Hiro's ass and pushed him closer. His ass was filled with dick.

Hiro's dick was being coated in a jacket of jacking hand. It was going to blow any minute, so Baymax had to hurry and finish the job in the back.

Baymax told his dick in secret that his dick needed to get longer. It obeyed and kept growing like a giraffe neck but without the yellow and brown skin. If you have a yellow and brown skinned dick then you must be a mixed race child on The Simpsons.

Dick grew so long that it went out both of Hiro's nostrils at once. He could taste Dick throughout his body with every organ, and it made him hot. Then Baymax jizzed and it looked like milk shot out of Hiro's nose.

This got Hiro so hot beyond time and space. He jizzed so hard that his penis was knocked out afterwards, and his scrotum deflated and closed shops to produce more semen juice. Baymax was even whiter than normal, but not as white as Miranda Cosgrove. He was also smiling underneath that coating of jizz and felt closer to his best friend. "Are you satisfied with my treatment now, Hiro? I need to recharge."

"Yes, you may go now. I excuse you from pleasuring the nether realms with the bold knight." Then he crawled into his sticky bed. Baymax gave him a kiss, tucked him in, and went back to his red thingy box.

Before Hiro drifted off to sleep, he came to a stunning conclusion. Semen goes good with tortilla chips. He had weird dreams.