"I'm in some desperate need of caffeine, I can literally feel my eyelids scrapping against my eyeballs I'm so tired." I said enfolding my head down on the counter and shutting my eyes.

"Here, you can have the last few sips of mine. its ice cold and tastes like mud but it's the best I got until break." Raven said shuffling the Styrofoam cup next to my head.

"Griffin" The on-floor attendant called my name, in that gruff no patience way of his.

"Yes sir" I called back, lifting my head a bit too fast, causing myself to get slightly light headed and looking in the direction of the voice.

Kane looked at me a fraction of second too long and it was starting to make me a bit uneasy. "When's your shift end?" he implores, giving me a once over.

"Uh, sorry sir?" I ask feigning ignorance. Raven tries to muffle the chuckle under her breath but fails miserably.

"Just go home Griffin. You look worse than our patients, but be back here by 7am sharp." He clips off before looking down at his charts.

"Um thanks sir, but I'm off shift tomorrow. So I'll just finish up my rotation tonight." I smile sweetly at him.

"That wasn't a suggestion, it was an order. I need you back up here tomorrow no questions. Now Go!" he ends the conversation and walks back into bed four.

"I had plans tomorrow." I whine, turning back to face Raven who went back to filling out paperwork.

"Hey at least you get to kick off early. I still have another three hours to go with Kane breathing down my neck." She mock-shivered before throwing me a wave.

"Alright, well since I'm off I guess I'll just get out of your hair. Night." I called walking over to the elevators and pressing down.

The metal doors slide open, and I move to the side as an elderly couple exit onto the floor. They smile politely at me, before I make my way into the lift, and hit the bottom level before Kane has a chance to change his mind and ask me to work right on through till tomorrows shift.

As the lift descends to the floor, my body begins to realize that its job is down for the day, and all my muscles begin to ache at the same time that by the time the elevator makes it to the first floor it takes all my will power just to walk to the doctors lounge and change out of my scrubs. Throwing my sweaty scrubs into my bag, I pull on a soft cotton shirt over my head and a pair of worn jeans over my body before toeing into my shoes and throwing my hair up in a messy bun.

Passing through the hospital lobby, I wave goodnight to Monty, the anesthesiologist on call for tonight and make my way to the sliding entrance doors and out into the parking lot.

The unusually chilly air of California is a warm welcome to the stagnant air in the hospital all day. So I stand off to the side of the gurneys and wheelchairs by the door, and gulp in what feels like buckets of oxygen, before adjusting the bag on my shoulder ready to head home for some much needed sleep.

"FU-" I hear someone start to yell in pain as I walk along the rows of cars.

"Hush, don't be such a baby. It wouldn't hurt this bad anyway if you just listened to me and went and got this taken care of two bloody hours ago." I hear a bossy female mother someone as I get closer to the commotion.

"Really O, you wanna play the 'I told you so' card now when I am writhing in pain?" the man, I notice as I get closer bites back.

The couple, which conveniently for my eavesdropping are parked right next to my car bicker back in forth as I make my way over to the passenger side door to see if I can be of any help.

"Excuse me; do you two need any help?" I ask tapping the brunette girl on the shoulder.

The brunette spins around form the man in the car and looks at me for a moment before she nods her head minutely.

I gently push her aside so that I can have access to the man in need of help and am met with the most beautiful smattering of freckles ever. What the hell? I must be tired if I am calling freckles beautiful.

Shaking my head of the stupid thought I ask the man what is wrong, only to be ignored.

"Sir, I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong. Would you mind telling me?" I ask politely again.

"I'll tell you what's wrong with him, he fell off a ladder into the coffee table, the stupid idiot." The brunette practically fumed.

"It's a simple fall O and I don't need any help I just need to lay down." The man finally spoke up, before leaning back in his chair.

"Well, how about we just get you to lie down in a bed. " I ask playing referee to the feuding couple.

"Are you propositioning me?" the man's whose voice sounds like honey drolls.

I can feel my face heat up by the moment and chance a glance at the woman standing next to me.

"I'm sure your girlfriend wouldn't take to kindly to me if I was." I push on.

"He's my brother." The girl corrects me, flashing me a smile.

"Oh" I say fidgeting with the keys in my hand, before pulling the girl away from the car.

"If you can keep him from moving for five or so minutes I can go get a wheelchair and then get him admitted to get checked out if you want." I motion to the hospital doors 200 feet or so away.

"Sure, the idiot isn't going to go voluntarily it seems so sure." She says annoyed before making her way over to the man in question.

Turning and jogging over to the wheelchairs lined by the door, I'm almost tempted to get a maternity one but think better of it.

"Octavia" the brunette says holding out her hand as a way of greeting when I arrive back with the wheelchair in hand.

"Clarke" I offer as I shake her proffered hand, before angling the wheelchair as close to the passenger side door as possible, so it's an easy transition for the man with the beautiful freckles.

He really is stubborn, I'll give him that. It takes for his sister, apparently to burst into tears and sob some nonsense I can't understand but he does because the next moment he is in the chair and ready to be wheeled into the hospital.

The fluorescent lights of the hospital welcome me home like an old friend as I cross through the sliding doors once again and up to reception.

"Clarke" Whitney the receptionist says my name in question to the man in the chair before me.

"Whitney, can you page up to Raven and tell her I need a bed for few hours while Mr.?" I glance over at Octavia who snaps to attention "Blake" she offers.

"While Mr. Blake rests." I ask, before throwing her a pleading look that begs her not to ask to admit him.

"Uh yeah sure, I'll call right now. Head on up." She smiles at us before getting on the phone.

The ride up to Raven is filled with awkward glances between Octavia and I, and the soft mutterings of an annoyed Mr. Blake.

"Clarke, your bringing in strays now?" Jasper jokes from his seat on the desk next to Raven cup of crappy stone cold coffee.

"Haha Jas, no I found them in the parking lot, it seems Mr. Blake here didn't want to come in and meet you all." I tease the man in the wheelchair.

"It's Bellamy, stop calling me Mr. Blake, I feel like an old man." The man named Bellamy finally pipes up from his grumbling.

"Well you certainly look like one big brother." Octavia teases him, as Raven shows me which bed is his for a few hours.

"Hilarious O, really original" he snorts out before getting out of the chair and sitting on the bed.

"Spunky, I like it." Raven tacks on while helping Bellamy get situated.

"Alright well you guys are in good hands now so Octavia it was nice to meet you, Bellamy get better." I rush out as soon as it looks like Raven has everything under control. I have to be back here in less than four hours now.

However just as luck would have it, as soon as I exit the room, or rather curtain I hear Bellamy's vitals begin to go haywire. Pushing the curtain aside, I am met with a freaked out Octavia and a frazzled Raven.

"What happened?" I question to anyone in the room.

"I don't know he was fine and then the next minute this" Octavia rushes out, voice shaky.

"Bellamy, can you hear me?" I ask the unresponsive man.

"Raven" I say motioning to Octavia, for her to get the sister out of here, while I figure out what's wrong with the patient and fast.

Raven pulls Octavia out of the room, and calls for Jasper to come help me.

"What have we got?" he questions coming into the room.

"Uh sister said he fell off a ladder into a coffee table, I think about two hours ago, and he was responsive up until about two minutes ago." I rattle off as I pull on a pair of gloves ad drop my bag to the floor.

"Any complaints about pain?" he questions laying the bed flat.

"Yes, but I never thought to ask where." Stupid rule number one is isolate problem

His airways don't seem clear, I'm gonna to have get a better look." He says using the stethoscope.

"Scissors" I demand, holding my out hand.

I grab the scissors from Jaspers hand and cut Bellamys' shirt open. The gasp that comes from my mouth is not one of admiration but an inkling of fear. His whole chest from his clavicle to his sternum is bruised dark blues and deep purples.

"Do you think he could be bleeding internally?" Jasper wonders

"We are gonna have to cut him open, you said yourself his airways don't seem clear." I said getting out the supplies we would need; there was no time to get to a surgery-room.


"Bell? Can you hear me?" She heard Octavia ask as she walked by his room, in the morning.

Guess I can check on him now, it wouldn't hurt I thought as I entered into the tiny space that held the Blake siblings.

"Clarke" Octavia said excitedly, coming over to wrap me in a hug.

I hugged her back just as fiercely, the poor girl went through hell last night.

"Hey, I'm the one in the hospital shouldn't I get some love?" Bellamy joked lightly from his position on the bed.

"Bell! You're awake!" Octavia let me go and immediately scrambled over to her brother's bedside before crashing on top of him and pelting him teary kisses.

"Easy" I reminded, as I took in the scene before me.

It seemed I wasn't the only one wanting to stop by and check on are newest patient as Kane sauntered into the room.

"What happened? It feels like I have been hit by a truck." Bellamy questioned his sister.

Before Octavia had a chance to explain, Kane told him what had transpired before making a quick exit.

"Clarke saved you." Octavia gushed overflowing with happiness.

"Guess your my Knight in Shining Armor then aren't you Rapunzel." He quipped, shooting me a dashing smile.

"Like the Princess?" I asked, coming around to check his stitches.

"Yup, blonde, beautiful and a savior" he layered on the charm.

"Someone's pain medicine must be really strong" I guessed as I looked down at the boy with the beautiful smattering of freckles.

"Nope just telling the truth doc. You've cured my broken heart." He went on and on.

"I cured your broken rib and partially collapsed lung, definitely not the heart." I giggled as Bellamy started humming the theme song from Rapunzel.

"Nope it was definitely my heart."

"Ok Casanova, I'll let you and your heart rest then." I said getting ready to leave.

"Actually princess, will you stay? Ya know incase my heart needs you." He asked so softly I almost missed it.

"Sure best to err on the side of caution after all." I said just as quiet looking at the boy with the beautiful freckles and the heart of gold.