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Once again I'm sitting on the handlebars of Nick's bike. Tom leads us, swerving around on the road. I smile feeling the cool breeze hit my face. We're riding on a highway somewhere still in Oklahoma. I'm not sure how Nick knows where he is going because he hasn't stopped to pull out a map. It's almost as if Mother Abigail is telling him where to go.

Tom stops riding his bike suddenly and I know why. I hear a car. Nick stops his bike and pulls out his notebook, but he doesn't have to write anything because I tell him.

"There's a car up ahead, it's coming this way." Nick nods and Tom runs up.

"What if it's that lady, the one who shot at us?"
Nick shakes his head and points behind him.

"Oh yeah she's back there. What if they're like her though?"

Nick points to his heart and points to Tom and me.

"What if they're nice like us Tom?" I ask getting where Nick is going.

Tom seems to take this to thought as I continue. "I guess we'll have to find out."

We ride the bikes a little further, but we stop as soon as we see the truck. It's an old red pickup truck. It stops when it sees us. We walk up to it and Nick is the first to get there. The man who sits in the driver's seat wears a straw hat with a bandana around it. He wears a brown plaid button up. He is also the first to speak.

"Well hello there, name's Ralph Brentner. Are you fellas headed to Nebraska?"

Before I can speak Tom starts talking, "I'm Tom Cullen! M-O-O-N that spells Tom Cullen! This here's Nick Andros, he's my best friend. Nick is deaf and dumb. M-O-O-N that spells deaf and dumb. And she's Elayne Redman; she told me what Nick's name was since I couldn't read it." Nick hands Ralph a piece of paper.

"Well you three can pitch a ride with me since you're all headed to Nebraska. There's only enough room for two more up front, but you can probably squish in."

"Thank you mister!" Tom yells and puts his bike and bag in the back of his truck. Nick gives me a shrug and does the same. I throw my bag in the back of the truck and get in. Tom is next to Ralph and Nick is next and I'm by the passenger door.

"Where are you from Elayne?" Ralph asks me.

"Arnette, Texas," I answer as politely as I can.

Tom and Ralph begin to have a conversation about zoos and how the animals are left to fend for themselves. I'm not really listening and that's when Nick hands me a note.

"Those guys that beat me left me in the road; I was almost run over by a doctor. The doctor took me to the police station and we got the men locked up not long afterwards. The sheriff gave me the Deputy title. I was a lousy deputy, all I did was go next door and get food for the prisoners and myself. The doctor came back a few days later, by this time the prisoners had gotten Captain Trips. The doctor wouldn't even help them. He offered to take me with him when he left. I decided to let the prisoners go first. But when I let the one out, he tried to kill me again. I ended up shooting him. The doctor had died of the flu by this point and I was left alone with the grief of killing a man. I kept traveling though and eventually found Tom. I don't usually tell people what I've been through, but I like you Elayne."

I take his pencil and write under the note, "I like you too Nick."

Handing him back the pad and pencil I grab his hand and smile. He smiles back at me. Nick's hand is strong and callused. It's larger than mine and it's perfect. He's warm and I can feel his pulse. My stomach tightens and I let go of his hand. I grab his pad and pencil again and write him another note.

"I have a tattoo on my back of two butterflies. I've always been obsessed with butterflies. With how delicate they are. How beautiful they are. How they can escape the world and go wherever they want. I always figured one day I would find my other butterfly and escape Arnette with him. I lost hope on finding him; that is until now."

Nick reads the note then gives me a small smile and points at his chest then at my necklace. I nod and it takes everything in me not to squeal like all my dreams just came true. Nick squeezes my hand and I realize this isn't the end of the world.

It's the beginning of a new one.