The Wicked Old Witch at Last is Dead!

"In Gillikin, the banks turned over their money to keep it fresh and vibrant, the factories turned over their wares, the merchants turned over their wives, the students in Shiz turned over intellectual propositions, and the tiktok labor force met secretly, in what had used to be the Philosophy Club, to hear the freed and grieving Grommetik talk class revolution. Lady Glinda had a bad night, a night of shakes and regret and pain; she guessed it was the early signs of gout from her rich diet. But she stayed up half the night and lit a candle in a window, for reasons she couldn't articulate. The moon passed overhead in its path from the Vinkus, and she felts its accusatory spotlight, and moved back from the tall windows." Wicked, p. 516.

Glinda had a feeling of dread deep down. She'd had nightmares about Elphaba, the kind that sucked you back in no matter how many times you woke from them. She didn't know what they meant and she couldn't keep the Witch from her thoughts tonight. She was in her forties now, yet she held out still, just the same as that long ago day in the Emerald City. It upset her to think about her final parting with Elphaba, how bitter they had been to each other when they should have been embracing. Had she known it would be the last...

She paced back and forth for a time, unable to shake the dread that filled her. Something was happening, she was at such unease, she told herself it was intestinal, but in the back of her mind she couldn't help but worry for others elsewhere.

When the news arrived to the Emerald City early that morning of the Witch's death, Glinda was beside herself with grief. The citizens of Oz rejoiced and made merry in the streets. The wicked Witch of the West was dead! They shouted. Followed her sister to the grave! Witch hunters rejoice! The very incarnates of Kumbricia herself have both been wiped from existence! Surely peace will return to the land!

She did not take part, she could not stand to hear it. The lies. The ignorance of it all. The pain of loss. Glinda drew the curtains and shut herself in her study to mull over what all of it meant.

"Oh Elphie."

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