This is a pokemon creepypasta story it will have blood and a bit of guts and e.t.c if you don't like that then don't read this and some info

Y/N = your name

Y/E/C = your eye colour

(if i missed any comment what i missed)

you just kept running from the tauros riding trainer, he had been trying to catch you all day but he was cruel and mean and you wanted to stay free to do asyoui please and travel if you wanted to.

the trainer was getting closer and then tauros hit you with tackle and you were hit into a tree and you squeaked in pain and the trainer threw a pokeball and you waited for the end of your freedom...

...when suddenly a shadow which looked like a green espeon jumped out and the pokeball hit it and exploded into pieces and the trainer screamed out in fear "POKE PASTA!" many pokemon heard this and hid in trees and bushes watching terrified and the tauros ran off breaking its pokeball in the process not wanting to have the same fate as his trainer.

you blinked and saw her...she was known as EEeEE one of the deadliest poke pastas but why did she save you? were you going to become one of them? were you special in some way? a million questions flooded through your mind but they were interrupted by EEeEE speaking in a demonic child like voice "its not nice to chase people if they dont" when she said play she smiled insanely and the boy turned pale and she pounced on his scratching his skin open and used her fangs to pull out his organs and you saw the young boy's ribs fly into a tree.

after a few minutes EEeEE stepped away from the mangled and dead boy...she was COVERED in blood it covered her paws and teeth and blood leaked out of her red demonic eyes and she turned to you, her smile was gone and she took a step towards you which caused you to squeak and back into a wall.

the gem on her head glowed red and you began feeling dizzy and realised she had used hypnosis and you collapsed and everything went black...

sorry that its short i didnt have many ideas but the next chapter will be longer please review! following or favouring is completely your choice!