Down on the Bayou - Outtake

Another Cullen Wedding

Summary: The day had come at last. Lauren and Emmett were getting married.

Disclaimer: Ms. Meyer started it all. I've borrowed her characters, but this storyline is mine.


Down On the Bayou - Outtake

Another Cullen Wedding

Emmett was a complete wreck.

"Emmett, Son, would you please hold still so I get this knot tied properly!" Carlisle had been trying for the last ten minutes to get it done.

"Ouch! Dad that hurt!" Emmett yelled.

In exasperation, and so he'd not hit his son, Carlisle stepped back and dropped his hands.

Edward, who was sitting in the corner watching, was laughing hard at the spectacle of his father and brother. Finally he stood up. "Ok. Emmett, do you want to get married?"

Looking shocked and hurt, Emmett stopped his movement and looked at his brother. "What do you mean?"

Edward arched his left eyebrow. "Really?"

"Of course I do! I asked her didn't I? Haven't I spent a ton of money on this wedding? Why would you ask that Edward? You of all people who can read people's thoughts," Emmett looked like Edward had punched him in the stomach.

"Then hold still so Dad can get that damn tie tied correctly," Edward said quietly and sat back down.

Carlisle looked at Emmett saying, "See I told you so."

"I'm sorry. I'm just so nervous and can't seem to stand still. Try again, Dad, with the tie. I promise I'll be still long enough so you can get it done," Emmett said hanging his head.

Carlisle smiled and winked at Edward as he once again approached Emmett, who was finally standing still.

It took Carlisle all of a minute and half to get the tie done correctly.

Finally all tidied up, Emmett stood in front of a mirror to check himself out. Edward and Carlisle joined him and the three of them stood there looking at their reflection. Three incredibly attractive men were looking back at them. Carlisle, blond hair, blue eyed, Emmett with very dark brown curly hair and brown eyes, and Edward with his russet color hair and eyes that tended to change with whatever he chose to wear. Today they were a green that would shift from green to a bluish green and back again.

"What time is it?" Emmett asked for the hundredth time.

"Ten minutes left on the clock." Edward poured another flute of champagne and offered it to Emmett. He poured a second and third offering his father one also. When all three of them had their glasses, Edward offered up a toast "To my big brother Emmett. May you know nothing but love in your marriage as I have with my Bella." The three of them clinked glasses and downed the bubbly in one gulp.


"Lauren you have to stand still long enough so I can get this dress zipped up!" Angela was very close to stomping her foot at her sister.

Once again Lauren backed up to her sister, but wasn't able to stand still enough and Angela was starting to reach the point where she would just walk out of the room in frustration.

"Bella can you do anything with her?"

Laughing, "Lauren, do you want to get married?" Bella asked.

Looking shocked, Lauren stared at her friend and sister. "Of course I do!" Seeing the expression on both Angela and Bella's faces, Lauren added, "Yeah, I'm nervous and scared. My last marriage wasn't exactly a poster child for that state of being."

"Remember how nervous I was when Sam and I got married?" Angela asked.

"Yes, I do," Lauren replied. "But I'd seen your future and saw how wonderful it was going to be between the two of you."

Angela arched her eyebrow. "The problem is I can't see my own future. I've never been able to. I saw and see yours and Bella's, but I can't see mine!" Lauren wailed.

"Now stop that Lauren, you're going to ruin your makeup!" Bella scolded.

"How much time before..." Lauren hesitated not sure what to call it.

"You still have 10 minutes." Bella smiled at her friend. "Esme will come and get us when it's time to line up." Then she poured Lauren another flute of the wonderful pink champagne Edward had brought to the bride's room when they'd all arrived at the VFW Hall earlier. When he knocked on the door, it was Bella who answered. He'd handed her the ice bucket that contained not only the champagne but also two flutes.

"Where's the third glass Edward?" Bella pouted, knowing full well what Edward was doing.

He'd kissed her nose and shook his head. "You, my darling wife, can't have any." He smiled then pulled another glass from one of his pockets. "If you look in the ice bucket you'll find a small one serving of a non-alcoholic sparkling juice just for you." He winked, pulled her into his arms and kissed her soundly. "You're pregnant and can't have any alcohol. I knew you'd pout. I love you and you're so beautiful!" With that, Edward stepped back and went back down the hallway.

There was knocking on the door. Bella went to open it and Esme stepped inside. "We all ready in here?" She looked Lauren up and down, and then crossed the room to her soon to be daughter-in-law. "You look so beautiful Lauren! I'm so happy that Emmett found a woman who could tame him. I was fearful that I'd never see it happen." She took Lauren's hands into hers and pulled the younger woman into a hard bear hug. "Thank you," Esme whispered.

Lauren smiled warmly. "Thank you Esme for raising such a wonderful man. I love him more than I can say." They squeezed each other's hands again holding their gazes.

"OK! Let's do this," Lauren said. "I'm all zipped up in this gorgeous designer gown. God I hope I can walk in this thing! Could Alice have made it any tighter?" All four of the women giggled at that.

The dress that Alice picked for Lauren, was a strapless, very form fitting, floor length dusty rose hour-glass gown. The front of the dress was very plain, but the back had two very full floppy bows that covered the center back to the waist. The back of the dress fell to a slightly longer length that was netted and covered with appliqued white flowers.

Bella's dress was short, almost burgundy satin with a "V" neckline and empire waist that allowed her very pregnant belly ample room. It too was stunning and went exceedingly well with her complexion. At first, when Lauren asked her to be her matron of honor, Bella had been fearful that Angela's feelings would be hurt.

Angela soothed Bella's fears at once by smiling and saying, "I was in the first wedding, and Bella, Lauren has seen it this way." Then continued, "She's always known it would be some other woman of similar coloring, but not me. It's okay. Really. I just want my sister to be happy...she more than deserves it." They'd hugged hard then, and Bella had smiled saying, she'd love to.

Just as the four women were getting ready to leave the room, there was another knock on the door. Esme opened it this time to find Sam standing there. "Is my sister ready? Emmett is about to expire." Sam had agreed to walk down the aisle with Lauren.

"Yes, I'm ready Sam. Let's do this!" Lauren exclaimed.

Esme scurried out of the bride's room and down the hall to the doorway that led into the main hall to take her seat next to Carlisle. When enough time had passed to allow Esme to be seated, Sam took Lauren's arm and walked her down the hallway to the double doors into the Hall itself.

Bella and Angela were already waiting for the two of them. When Lauren nodded, Angela opened the doors and stood off to the side. She would wait until Lauren was standing next to Emmett with Bella and Edward on either side of the soon to be married couple. This time it was her job to act as wedding coordinator.

It was obvious to everyone present that neither Lauren nor Emmett were aware of there being anyone else around. They were gazing deeply into each other's eyes and simply repeating what the minister was saying without really paying attention. They'd get a chance to see it all in the video that was being taken of the whole proceeding.


The table settings were beautiful. Angela had thought of everything that Lauren hadn't. Angela was giving her toast to the couple when there was sound of breaking glass and falling silverware. All eyes were drawn to Bella, who was bending slightly and obviously in pain.

Gasping Bella said, "I'm sorry Lauren. My water just broke!"

In a flurry of activity, Bella and Edward were whisked from the room with Esme promising to follow as soon as possible.

Emmett laughed. "Well, I guess Bella got even with me for asking you to marry me at their wedding reception."

Lauren smacked her new husband's arm, "Emmett I don't think she did it on purpose, but her timing was almost too good to be true...though I knew she was going to give birth today. I didn't tell anyone except Esme and Carlisle so they could be sure the doctor was standing by."

The rest of the reception went off like clockwork after that little bit of excitement. Angela had done a wonderful job with the coordination of it all.

The cake was cut, much champagne was consumed and there was a lot of dancing. Things were just starting to wind down when Esme called to tell everyone that Bella was going into the labor room and if they wanted to be there they should come now.

By the time they'd all arrived at the hospital, still decked out in their wedding finery, Carlisle informed the newly married couple and Angela and Sam that they were now the proud aunts and uncles of twins.

A boy and a girl.

"Oh! That explains my double visions of the baby! How did the doctor not know?"

"I asked him the same question. His thought was that the heart beats must have been in sync with each other," Esme answered.

Edward came out into the hall and motioned for everyone to come into the birthing room. There, laying on the bed, was Bella looking a little worn, but beaming and holding the newborns with one on each side of her.

It was easy to tell which was the boy and which was the girl as they were wrapped in pink and blue receiving blankets.

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to our children, Elizabeth Angela and Mason Samuel Cullen."

Sam and Angela gasped as they'd not known about what the names would be. They'd already been asked to be Godparents to the baby and had accepted gladly.

Both the babies opened their eyes at the same time, and everything that could be considered light weight in the room began to hover inches from where it'd rested.

Angela started laughing. "I knew it! Talented children! Oh Bella, are you in for some fun."


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