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Jace POV

"Daddy, daddy!" My little girl yelled. "Come push me daddy!" I smiled, and headed out towards the backyard. She was sitting on one of the swings, kicking her legs trying to get the swing to move. She looked just like Clary did when she was angry.

"Hey baby girl." I said to her.

"Hi daddy." She looked up at me with her big green eyes. She had strawberry blonde curls that came just above her shoulders. She had Clary's eyes, and a mix of our personalities. Although I don't know how she acted like Clary's because the last time she saw her was years ago.

"Need me to give ya a push baby?" I asked, smiling.

"Yeah daddy. What else would I need?" She smirked just like me. I laughed quietly, shaking my head.

I walked around behind her, and gave her a little push, careful not to push too hard. She kicked her little legs playfully, and giggled. She had so many features that were like Clary's that it hurt sometimes. Her little laugh was one of them.

Clary and I had a fight about 2 years after Emily was born.

"Jace! I can't do this anymore! I can't just sit here and wait for you to come home every night while I take care of our daughter! I thought that having a kid would be perfect because I'd be doing it with you! But obviously you have different plans!"

"Clary come on! You know that I'm doing what I can to provide for our family! It's not my fault! I've told you before that we can get a nanny to watch her while we both work! You could paint and draw and be an artist and I'll continue being a soccer player!"

"But I don't want her to be raised by a nanny! What kind of child deserves to be raised by someone other than her parents! This is exactly the concerns I had when I was pregnant! We didn't even expect this! Let alone want it right now!" She screamed. As soon as she realized what she said, she covered her mouth.

"What did you just say!" I asked her.

"I-I-I I didn't mean it Jace! You know I love our daughter. I would do anything for her." Tears started pooling in her eyes.

Our daughter upstairs in her room started to cry.

"Clary. I think you need to leave." My voice broke at the end.

She looked at me, shocked.

"But Jace! I can't leave. I don't have anywhere to go. And I can't just leave our daughter!"

"If you really cared about her, you wouldn't be worrying about not having a place to go! You would be worrying about how this is going to affect my daughter!"

"Our daughter Jace, our." She said.

"Not anymore. You can pack your stuff tomorrow. Just leave." And I turned around and walked upstairs to sooth my daughter.

Tears burned in the back of my eyes. Two years ago today, is the day she left for good. I've been raising my beautiful baby girl for two years.

"Daddy! I want ice cream!" Emily cried. I chuckled.

"Okay, let's go get ice cream. Do you want to go to Cold Stone?" I asked.

"Yes!" She screamed.

She was the cutest little girl ever. She was so well behaved too. She is my life now. After Clary left, I changed Emily's name from Fray to Herondale. She was now Emily Madison Herondale.

We walked inside together. I was wearing my soccer jersey because I would have to go to practice after ice cream. She was wearing a cute pink tutu with her curly hair in little pig tails. I put on my soccer shoes, and helped Emily put on her flip flops.

We lived in California right next to the beach. It was pretty nice. We had a huge mansion due to my soccer career.

"Hey baby girl," I said, grabbing my soccer bag. "Do you want to come to daddy's soccer practice after ice cream, or do you want me to call Auntie Izzy?" I asked her.

"I want to see you practice daddy!" A big smile appeared on her face. I chuckled, and smiled with her. As we walked out of the house, I picked Emily up and swung her around. She giggled. When I stopped spinning and I held her against my body as we walked to the car.

I put her in her car seat, and buckled her up. Then I walked over to my side of the car and got in. I turned on the radio, and Emily and me started to sing to Let Me Love You by Neyo. She got her singing from me. We were both fantastic singers, especially her. Even though she is only five.

We pulled up to Cold Stone Creamery a few minutes later. We walked in and the door chimed.

"Hi! I'll be with you guys in a second!" A lady said from the cashier.

I smiled and picked Emily up again. We walked over to the counter with all the ice cream flavors.

"What do you think you want baby girl?"

"I want a mint ice cream with brownie pieces in it and sprinkles too!" Her eyes lit up as she said it.

"Okay baby girl. Why don't you go get us a table to sit at and I'll order the ice cream?" I told her.

"Okay daddy!" She smiled and hugged my knees. Then she ran off to find a table. I smiled. When the lady came over to take my order, I told her what we wanted and then walked over to the cash register. Another person walked in, and the lady making my order, yelled to someone in the back room.

"Hey Berry! I need you to cash this customer up while I take care of the other customer."

"Okay! Be there in a sec!" 'Berry' called back.

A minute later, as I was pulling my wallet of my back pocket, a young woman with bright red hair came out of the back room and walked over to the cash register. She looked at the ice cream cups, and entered in what I ordered.

"That will be $7.50 please." She looked up as I looked down and pulled the cash out of my wallet.

I handed it to her with a smile on my face, and she put it in the cash register. She looked up a second later and handed me the ice creams. Her eyes analyzed my face while mine did hers. When I realized who it was, I gasped.

"Clary?" I whispered.

Her eyes grew big with recognition.

"J-Jace?" She asked.

Before I could say anything else, Emily ran up to me and pulled on the bottom of my shirt.

"Daddy! Are you ever coming to sit?" She asked, her big green eyes staring up at me.

"Yeah, baby. Go sit down. I'll be there in a second." I said, forcing a smile.

"Okay daddy!" She ran away and sat down at the table. Clary's eyes followed her as she ran away.

"Jace. Is that our daughter?" She whispered.

"No. That's my daughter. She stopped being your daughter when you said you didn't want her." I said.

"I never said that, Jace."

"You practically did. You said that we didn't expect her. That we didn't need her." I said.

"You're the one that forced me to leave." She said. I scoffed.

"I 'forced' you to leave when you said that. She needs to be loved! She needs someone who loves her and cares for her. I love her completely. She has me wrapped around her little finger. And I don't care. I love her. She is my life now. And she could've been your life too! She is an amazing little girl. And she doesn't even have a nanny. I have raised her completely since you left!" I said. I knew that as much as I wanted to yell at her, it would scare Emily.

Clary was speechless. I grabbed the ice cream and walked away.

"C'mon Emily. We're gonna go to Auntie Izzy's house. Okay?"

"Okay daddy!" She jumped up and grabbed for her ice cream. I smiled and handed her the ice cream. She jumped up and down and started to eat her ice cream. We walked out and over to the car. Emily climbed in and I buckled her up. Right before I got in on my side, Clary came running out.

"Jace!" She cried.

I ignored her and started to open my door. I was about to get in, when Clary's hand slammed the door close.

I let a breath out through my mouth trying to contain how angry I was with her. I knew I couldn't blow up in front of Emily. She's never seen me mad.

"Clary. You need to go! Why can't you understand that!? I can't have you come into her life right now! She won't be able to handle it!" I said loudly.

"Jace. I just want to meet her. She barely even talked when I left, I just want to meet her." Clary's eyes were pleading with me.

"I'm not going to decide. She is. You need to stay right here." I pointed to where she was. She nodded. I walked around the side of the car and opened Emily's door. I leaned down.

"Daddy, who's that lady out there?"

"She's a somewhat important person to you. Do you want to meet her?" I asked her gently.

"Will she hurt me?" My heart almost broke when she said that.

"No baby girl. She won't. I won't let her."

"Did she hurt you?" My baby girl asked with so much innocence.

"She did baby but it doesn't matter. It was a long time ago."

"Will she hurt you again if I talk to her daddy?"

"I don't know baby. I hope not." I smiled gently.

"Okay, but only for a minute, okay?" I chuckled.

"Okay baby." I stood up and motioned for Clary to come over. She looked shocked but she made her way over slowly.

Clary bent down next to Emily and started talking to her.

"Hi Emily."

"How do you know my name?" My little girl said seriously. I smiled.

That's my girl

"Well, I'm your mommy Emily." Clary said with a breaking voice and tears streaming down her face. She sniffled.

"No you're not. I don't have a mommy." Emily said.

"No Emily. You do. I'm your mommy." Clary said.

"No. I don't have a mommy. I only have an amazing daddy. I only need my daddy." Emily said.

Before Clary could say anything, I stepped in.

"Clary, maybe that's enough. You're not going to get anything else out of her. You left before she could even remember you." I said.

Clary looked up at me, heartbroken, but she stood up none the less.

"Bye Emily." She said.


I closed Emily's door and walked around to my side again. Clary walked up to the sidewalk and stared at our car, her arms hugging her waist.

"It's not her fault she doesn't remember you. You could've stayed. If you'd truly wanted her, you would've fought to stay." And I got in the car, and drove away.

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