"What? You don't like ice cream?"

"It's too cold."

"That's the point!"

"Let's just say that after those nurses in the Li Hospital overfed me with the stuff, it turned me off for good."

"Suit yourself."

Meilin happily bought herself a cone, and hand in hand the couple made their way into a quiet area of the woods.

"Mmmmm" she moaned, as she took her first lick. Her boyfriend casually glanced over and couldn't miss her tongue quickly working along the sides of the cone to keep her treat from dribbling down. Kai's mouth got dry. Meilin continued the dessert by nibbling the top. He gulped. Then after a pause, the raven-haired girl used her tongue to sweep another lick of the ice cream in one swift revolution. Kai couldn't take it anymore as he pinned Meilin to the closest tree and ravished her.

She tasted like strawberry.

"You little tease," he moaned in Meilin's ear as he broke away to pepper her neck with a frenzy of kisses. His girlfriend leaned back take it all in when a certain bulge caught her by surprise.

"I guess someone's no longer turned off."

"Shut up," murmured Kai before capturing her lips once more.