Five times Thor was there when Loki reached out and one time he wasn't.

Thor meets Loki for the first time.

Chapter 1: First Meeting

"Thor." someone whispered while shaking awake the sleeping little boy. Blue eyes blinked wearily opened before tiny little hands rubbed at them tiredly.

"Mama?" the little boy questioned the beautiful woman above him.

"Get up darling." Frigga gently coaxed with a kind smile on her face.

"Nh-nh." Thor mumbled sleepily then yanked the bedspreads over his face.

Frigga chuckled gently at the little boy's reaction before speaking again in a hushed and conspiring voice, "Are you sure? It's a surprise."

That caused Thor to peak from under his blankets, after which he did not hesitate to allow himself to be taken off the bed; he still had some trouble with the height. He then took his mother's hand as she guided him to where the surprise was. His little body ran as fast as it could, barely small steps for Frigga, led through a series of hallways until he made it to his parent's room. Once inside he was greeted by someone he hadn't seen in a long time: his father.

"Papa!" he yelled excitedly and left his mother's grasp to run to his father. The man took him into his arms with a genuine smile; despite the recent battles his shoulders were not too tired for his son.

"Oh it's good to see you again my boy." Odin chuckled as Thor clung to him.

"Is the fighting over?" the boy asked.

"Yes it is my boy." Odin answered ruffling his hair, "Now I can be here with you and your mother."

"Not just us." Frigga reminded him.

"Right you are my queen."

"What do you mean?" Thor asked.

"Thor darling," his mother said stepping closer to her bed where he noticed a cradle, "there's someone we'd like you to meet."

"Who?" Thor asked curiously looking from his mother the back to his father.

Odin smiled at the boy's question before caressing his cheek lovingly, "Someone very special." Thor grew more confused but trusted his parents to have a nice surprise ready for him. So he waited patiently while his father carried him over to the cradle while he wondered why there was a cradle there in the first place. He had long since stopped having the need for it, sure it was still difficult for him to climb into bed but he was certain it couldn't be for him anymore. He also wondered why his mother was smiling down at it. It was until his father got him close enough that he saw what his mother was smiling at.

It was a baby.

Thor cocked his head slightly in confusion at seeing such a creature. He wondered who this baby was and what he was doing there. He looked at it with big and curious eyes as the baby's own eyes opened. He was met with eyes as green and bright as the grass in the palace gardens. For some unknown reason Thor smiled at the baby, he couldn't stop looking at those beautiful green depths and he felt something in his chest when he did. The feeling was similar to the one he always felt when he saw his parents even though he couldn't quite place it. The little baby smiled at him when he saw the blond hair and then giggled. The sound brought a certain warmth to Thor's chest and he couldn't help but giggle himself when the little baby lifted his hand toward him so he reached out as well. His father, noticing the action, lowered him enough that he was able to grasp the smaller boys hand who in turn clutched his as tightly as an infant could.

"Thor." he heard his mother speak but couldn't find it in himself to look up from those eyes, "This is Loki, your baby brother."

Thor heard while he saw the baby chuckle and couldn't help but chuckle himself when his mother uttered those words.

"Loki." he whispered before shaking the hand enthusiastically, "Hello Loki, I'm your big brother."

And as if Loki had heard he started happily shaking the other hand as well. Meanwhile Odin and Frigga looked toward each other with smiles on their faces. Yes, certainly the boy would be a welcomed addition to the family. Both Frigga and Odin gazed lovingly at their two boys as they gazed at one another with such love and were both sure that it would no doubt last for long, so long that when the time came blood would not matter.

The two boys continued giggling at each other, uncaring of anything else.