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Spider-Man and Silk in Threads of Destiny – Prologue: Fateful Day



"Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless? Puppets? Nah. The big moments are gonna come, you can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are."

Whistler – Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Becoming Part I (1998)

Oscorp Industries, afternoon

Outside it was a crisp mid-September day. Inside fifteen year old Peter Parker was ecstatic. It wasn't everyday high school students were granted a tour of one of the top science firms in the country. Heck if his friend Harry hadn't been the CEO's son Peter knew the tour wouldn't be happening. As things stood the students' families were forced to sign extensive waivers absolving Oscorp from any and all blame should any sort of accident occur during the tour. While most teenagers had zero interest in such a trip Peter was an exception. Peter along with his closest female friend and neighbor Cindy Moon was something of a science junky.

Cindy and Peter had been inseparable for years ever since the Moon Family had moved to Queens from South Korea when Cindy and Peter were five. Both Peter and Cindy being only children with similar interests they naturally gravitated towards each other neither were athletic and wore glasses. They were so close in fact their small circle of friends had often teased them since junior high that the pair should date, something they were reluctant to do because fear of potentially running their friendship if things turned sour.

"Cindy you have to be the only girl I know who likes spiders." Harry Osborn said cringing at the sight of multiple arachnids scurrying through the large transparent enclosure.

"Spiders are fascinating creatures. My favorite is the Black Widow." Cindy said peering inside the enclosure.

"Don't the females eat their mates?" Harry gulped.

"Maybe Moon can chow down on Parker once they do the nasty," laughed the obnoxious voice of Flash Thompson. Flash's ever present group of sycophants mimicked his mirth. Cindy blushed deeply obviously embarrassed by Flash's comment.

"Not funny Flash," Peter said.

"Sorry if I offended Frankenstein and his bride." Flash scoffed. "C'mon guys let's leave the weirdoes to their sick obsessions." Flash and his group noisily filed out of the room.

"I should kick his ass." Peter said through gritted teeth.

"No Peter, you'd get killed by that brute." Cindy said. "What Flash lacks in brains he more than makes up for in brawn."

"I don't care how he talks to me." Peter said. "However I hate when he insults you."

"Who cares what Flash Thompson and his thugs say." Cindy said. "He's nothing but a pumped up bully. Even if we could physically beat him Peter he isn't worth it, his kind never are."

"Still just once I'd like to teach Flash a lesson." Peter said.

"Peter can you help me identify this species of spider." Cindy said changing the subject. "I've never seen anything like it before."

"Really," Peter said in surprise. "I thought you knew every type of spider on Earth by heart. You are our school's resident arachnid expert after all."

"So did I, but I can't place this large blue and red colored specimen." Cindy said gesturing towards a highly unusual spider which occupied it's own smaller enclosure her nose practically against the glass.

"I'll leave you guys to it." Harry said walking towards the door. "I've had enough creepy crawlies for one day."

"Your lose Harry. If one of my relatives owned this place I'd never leave." Peter called over his shoulder Hank merely shook his head exiting the room. "Boy it is certainly strange. Maybe it is a hybrid? What do you think Cindy?"

"Could be," Cindy said. The students being absorbed in their examination neither noticed they were now alone in the observation room or at first heard the high pitched whirring sound. "This is a genetic research company so your idea makes sense Peter. Imagine we could be observing an entirely new type of arachnid. If so, I wonder what DNA they used to create it?"

"You got me." Peter said shrugging. "The elongated body structure kind of resembles the basic outline of an orb weaver."

"True, although there are certain anachronisms present such as…" Cindy began only to be cut off.

The room was rocked by an explosion which knocked both teens off their feet. A second explosion soon occurred shattering the spiders' glass enclosures. Disorientated the teens heard maniacal laughter overhead.

"Steal from me will they! No one steals from the Hobgoblin and gets away with it!" Said a person wearing a frightening Halloween costume made up of a blue & brown hooded tunic complete with matching brown cape and a fearsome red eyed yellow skinned mask demon like mask. Hovering on some type of glider Hobgoblin circled over the destruction he had caused before whizzing away after giving a grunted of approval.

On the glass and spider covered floor Peter disorientated inched his way toward the unconscious Cindy. Reaching out with his right hand Peter disturbed the strange blue & red colored spider which retaliated by painful biting his palm. Peter shook it off his hand the spider land on Cindy's bare arm causing her to stir, the spider proceeded to once more lash out biting the stricken girl. Cindy yelled out in pain. The spider then curled up in a tight ball and rolled off her arm clearly dead.

As sirens blared the two teens drifted into unconsciousness. They didn't know it at the time but their lives and the fate of NYC had been forever altered. Soon two new heroes would begin an odyssey of mutual adventure that would take them beyond their wildest dreams.

To Be Continued