BLU Spy watched despondently as landscape change slowly from rocky, fir-covered mountains to desert plains and orange gorges.

He wasn't a fan of the oppressive heat of bases such as the one he was travelling to.

The train rocked and creaked underneath him, along a rail-line that would have looked abandoned and disused to anybody else. With good reason.

The BLU Spy hated these trains. Hated the smell and the noise and how even standing inside one made his suit feel instantly grubby. And he hated them for taking him further and further away from his Sniper.

But this was the right thing to do, BLU Spy knew that.

Really, Sniper should have been the one to leave, as he'd been the issue here. But Spy had been the one with the freedom to move. The freedom to make the right choice.

Creating a pressure point on the Sniper had been educational. Finding out all those little details about his past had just been part of a spy's job. Targeting him during battles had let his team roam the battlefield without fear of being sniped. Kissing him and breaking into his van during the night had helped distract and demoralise him, reducing his effectiveness out on the battlefield. And those nasty, lingering deaths... Well, BLU Spy had to find a way of relieving pent up aggression and tension.

It was just that, when all those things were added up together, BLU Spy had to admit that they did seem just a little...unprofessional. The RED Sniper had had an affect on him. Had created some kind of...madness in him.

The Sniper was to blame. It hurt to leave him behind, but this would be for the best, for both of them.

Even if it meant BLU Spy was going to be pushing a bomb out in a desert canyon again.

After a couple more hours, the train finally slowed down to a long, screeching halt like a baby whale's first attempt at playing the violin.

He lit a fresh cigarette as he stepped off the empty train onto a tiny, dusty little platform. To his surprise, the platform wasn't empty. When he opened the door, he found another man standing outside it, clutching a small suitcase. A man wearing the same suit, mask and tie as him.

BLU Spy's lips pulled back into a faint sneer around the cigarette as he looked the other BLU Spy up and down.

Whereas he was the perfect mixture of slim and muscular, this spy was far too skinny. RED Heavy would snap him in half with his bare hands. He was shorter too, and younger. Experienced, quite possibly. Certainly less experienced at the least.

He looked like he might have been a bit of a pretty boy at some point, with those bright blue eyes, long dark lashes and heart-shaped face. It satisfied BLU Spy to see the heavy shadows under his eyes, the nasty scar under one that could only be a cigarette burn, and the thin scar cutting through his opposite eyebrow.

Not so pretty any more. Not so eye catching. Less likely to catch a certain Sniper's eye at least, he was sure. Jealousy snapped its jaws tight around BLU Spy's heart. When the other spy proffered a hand to shake, he ignored it.

He blew a cloud of smoke at his predecessor, before taking the cigarette out to ask, 'Badwater's Spy?'

The other Spy nodded tightly, but said nothing.

'Not a place for a first-rate Spy but I'm sure I can make the most of the situation.' In truth, he desperately wanted to ask what was so wrong about the base for this other Spy to have been so eager to swap places with him, but that would have meant acknowledging there were things he didn't know.

The BLU Spy stayed where he was, taking up most of the doorway, forcing the other spy to step around him. Only then did he disembark.

He stopped then, uncertainty nipping at the back of his head.

'Oh, one last thing,' he said, turning around.

The other spy paused, his grip on his suitcase visibly tightening, but he didn't look back.

'Just a quick warning for you, one BLU Spy to another... The RED Sniper. I wouldn't get too close to him, if I were you.'

Double Cross's new BLU Spy stood frozen, chest constricted, as the train doors slid closed behind him.


No no no.

Not again.

He couldn't cope with that all over again. He couldn't face it.

What had he let himself in for this time?

Was he ever going to finally escape this, the devil on his back?

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