Eyes in Seed

I do not own the rights to Gundam Seed or Gundam Build Fighter/Try. All characters that are not mine or owned by their respective series creators. Please enjoy.

Chapter 01

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,

But that we are powerful beyond measure - Marianne Williamson

Darkness was all that surrounded him. He was alone, sitting comfortably in the custom pilot seat as the system began to hum to life. A small pedestal rose between his knees. "Please set your GP Base." The voice wasn't the same boring tone as the other OS systems. The voice spoke in a soft, female Japanese voice, which kept him at ease as the trial was about to begin. He reached forward, GP Base in hand. It clicked as it plugged into the system, blinking to life with the stats of his gunpla. His name landed in both the Builder and Fighter's spaces. Stats read off below with the model number and the name of his chosen gunpla. He couldn't help but smile as everything was working so far. To his right was a yellow haptic of orange/yellow hardlight generated by the Plavsky Particles that sprung up with glowing words all but verbally shouting GO. Tapping the hardlight button, it disappeared into flowing particles, collected by more as the screens and walls of glowing hardlight began to form around him. Various colors chased away the darkness and illuminated his cramped confines. He exhaled with a smile, never noticing he was holding his breath. Shadows gave way and revealed short brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. The young man in his mid twenties reached for the control orbs that formed just at the edge of his arm rests. Optional controls popped up at his touch and he carefully looked over them. Keyboard system appeared over his lap. With a simple twist of his wrist on the left orb, the keyboard was gone.

Before him on the main screen as an image of a closed hanger door. Tapping at a few controls to his side gave him access to the doors controls, and soon they began to part, revealing to him the void of space. Earth was just barely visible to the left, with nothing by endless space to the right. He released another deep breath. "Okay," he whispered. He sat straighter in the pilot's seat, safety belts tugging tightly as he adjusted. "Let's do this. Adam Winslow, Eyes Gundam! Launching!"

At a shift of the controls, the screen shook as the gunpla, seen through it's eyes, shot forward on the catapult and out into the void of space. The Eyes Gundam, mostly known as the CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam, spun in the void, causing Adam to blink a little to get over the change in view. The machine turned around, allowing him to get a look at the ship he had launched from. He couldn't help but chuckle at the site of the classic White Base from the original Gundam anime series.

Adam's joyful moment was lost when a warning light flared. Radar picked up squad of approaching enemies.

The Eyes Gundam turned, cobalt colored optics flaring as it faced the approaching enemy machines. Simple Mock gunpla, twelve total wit each equipped with standard weapons: shield, riffle, and saber or heat hawk. Adam wasted no time, leveling the GN Buster Riffle at the approaching Mocks. The two binders mounted on the back of the Eyes shifted over to the right with one positioning over the arm and the other under it. In this mode the binder would amplify the weapon's output and to an extent, curve the beam to his liking. When the Mocks were within attack range, he fired. Yellow energy crackled at the tip of the barrel before erupting in gold fire that stretched out into the void. The beam caught one, but the Mocks began to scatter. Adjusting his binder, he managed to turn the beam only so slightly, catching the legs of another Mock before it could get out of the line of fire. It tumbled out of control into the void.

With them approaching closer now, Adam shifted the binders back and charged in, letting out a few quick shots to keep them distracted. They returned fire, forcing Adam to dance between the attacks. The Eyes ducked low under another volley, beam saber drawn in the left hand. The glowing yellow blade of energy carved up the center of one machine, cutting it in half. As the two halves drifted apart, he took aim between the two and fired on to another Mock, burning a hole through it's center. Adam quickly boosted away just before the two suits detonated in separate explosions. He counted four now, still not seeing the legless Mock returning to the fight.

Again the Mock fired, half of their remaining forces moving in closer to cut him down. The Eyes spun around a shot, taking aim and boring a hole through the head of another Mock. Another slipped up behind him, and Adam raised on of the binders, using the built in riffle to fire a shot through the cockpit area while deflecting the blade of another Mock with his shield. Pushing it back he stabbed through it's cockpit. The Eyes shifted, kicking off the downed Mock before it exploded and dashed to confront another. The mock drew a heat hawk axe and clashed with the yellow blade of the Eyes Gundam. Distracted, Adam aimed at the cockpit with his riffle and fired, again putting a whole through a Mock's cockpit. He spun around the down machine, using it as a shield as the others fired down on him.

The Mock exploded, clouding the Eyes completely from view. None of the Mocks approached, waiting for the Eyes to emerge, but weren't prepared for what did come out of the smoke. The cloud completely disappeared upon the arrival of a golden beam of death that fired from within it. The beam enveloped all but two of the Mocks, destroying the rest.

The Eyes stood firm, binders flipped over the shoulders as gold/green energy danced between the two. Adam smirked seeing the destruction caused by his Alvaaron Cannon. He frowned though shortly after seeing a good pit of energy was gone from using the attack, and holstered the beam riffle since it didn't have enough to fire a shot. The sabers however still had a charge, and he drew the second one. It would take time for the particles to recharge. It didn't matter though. The two remaining Mocks fired at the Eyes, the Gundam dodging the shots effortlessly. One Mock suddenly became brave and through it's riffle aside, drawing a beam saber. It rushed in while it's partner continued to lay cover fire. The saber wielding Mock slashed horizontally, but the Eyes rolled under the blade, missing it by inches. When the Eyes passed, their was a crash of sparks. It didn't slow down though, and continued to charge the other Mock. The saber in the first Mock's hand died while a burning line of heated metal was left in its torso. The suit separated in two and exploded shortly after.

The Eyes dashed at the remaining Mock. Coming up, the Eyes kicked it's riffle aside and brought both blades crashing down on the shoulders, separated the arms from the body. Sparks lit off before both ends exploded, ripping the suit to pieces, the light in its single optic dying out. Pausing to look at his work, Adam saw the debris of his kills just floating around him. His Gundam… no, gunpla, floated in the void generated by Plavsky Particles. He frowned. Shifting the controls, the Eyes deactivated its saber and raised the hand so Adam could see it. His work had bared fruit, giving the once plastic shell a realistic look. Unblemished E-Carbon GN Composite Armor had a thin lair of frost over its surface from the cold of space, which glistened as the sun began to rise over the opposite side of Earth.

The hand closed and the Eyes turned and looked down at the planet. Which one could it be though, Adam thought. If he had launched from the White Base of old Gundam, would this be the Earth of the UC timeline? He shook his head at the thought. Calling up the controls, he disengaged the system. The screen went black and hardlight shattered into flowing particles that danced in the air before disappearing entirely. Claiming his GP Base, he hit a more solid button to the side, and the simulated cockpit opened with a hiss. His eyes narrowed as he looked to the real world, and sighed. He climbed out, taking a look at the line or running computers and cables that ran from their blocks to the enclosed simulator he was using for his work. The test had proven to work well within a cockpit like environment. Manipulating the particles to change to a better interface layout didn't take much work, even changing the OS. That bland voice was annoying too.

Adam's goal was close at hand. Only had one final test to perform and he was sure to change the face of gunpla Battling. His idea was highly influenced by the OVA short series of gunpla Builders Beginning G. To have gunpla battling placed within a similar environment to an actual cockpit. Gunpla was still needed of course, but more of a physical representation of one's MS to be used in the system. Like in Beginning G, the gunpla would be placed within a scanner and scanned, giving life within a computer generated environment that is manipulated by the Plavsky Particles. This entirely removed the safety issues in damage levels, preventing any damage to actually happen to the gunpla.

But there in lies a problem with his idea. The companies would probably frown on the idea considering they make large sums of money on people having to replace parts for the gunpla. Tha alone would probably halt his idea all together…

Which is why he hoped the next phase of his plan worked. He just needed someone to work with him on it. And once that was passed, he was sure to change things. Gunpla battles and Gundam may never be the same.


A cobalt blue Chevy pulled into the parking lot of the river side lofts. Large building with massive housing areas for those who could afford it. It was a something to say the least. Brian Fielding climbed down from the vehicle, closing the door shut and locking it manually. It was a classic by its age, and didn't have any fancy buttons or remotes, so locking it with a key was mandatory. He adjusted his denim jacket as he slipped through the front door, stopped at a second door with a row of room numbers and buzzers beside each one to the left. Hitting the room he was looking for, he waited for a reply. It was only an hour ago he got an urgent call from his friend Adam, someone who he hadn't spoken to for going on two years. Not that they had a falling out or anything, the two just had been busy. Family life would do that to a man like Brian.

It still shocked Brian to get a call from Adam out of the blue, but they way his voice sounded worried him. The last he saw Adam, it was a month after his father passed away. He had been quiet, never saying a word during the funeral. Later he had learned that Adam had gained a large inheritance from him, and had gone off the grid for a bit without anyone knowing where he'd gone. Brian hadn't worried about him to much though. He'd known Adam since they were young, and though Adam wasn't a dedicated Church attendee, he had a firm belief that he'd go to hell if he took his own life. So Brian wasn't worried about hearing him committing suicide. But to all of a sudden call out of the blue and ask for a favor?

The buzz from the speaker drew his attention from his thoughts. "Yes?"

Brian moved to the speaker. "Hey, Adam? It's me, Brian."

The locked door instantly click and popped open. Brian blinked and made his way in, remembering Adam's instructions as to what floor and what loft was his. Climbing up to the top floor didn't take long, and considering there were very few doors between each loft, it wasn't hard to locate his. Brian was still shocked that Adam was staying in such a place.

Stepping to the door, he knocked twice. He only had to wait a few seconds before he heard the rattle of a lock and the door opened just barely for him to see his wayward friend peek out. Upon seeing Brian, Adam pulled the door open wider, a grin on his face. Brian couldn't help but return the smile, seeing Adam in higher spirits compared to the last time they saw each other.

"I'm glad you came," Adam said, stepping aside to let his friend in.

Brian stepped into the threshold and away from the door, taking in the sight of Adam's loft. Shockingly, there wasn't much decor. The room was mostly vacant, except a strew of cables and wires running from several electrical sockets scattered about, all leading into on particular direction that was just around the corner. He could see a kitchen in the far corner, clean and looked to have hardly been used with one dirty glass by the sink. There was a table with two chairs but nothing more. In another room, he could barely make out a futon mattress on the floor with a half discarded comforter to the left of it.

Hearing Adam close and lock the door, Brian turned to him as he began to walk past, the brunette waving for him to follow. "How've you been?" he asked.

Adam looked back with a shrug. "Been good."

Brian arched a brow. "That's it?" Adam paused, looking back. "I mean, no one has heard from you for nearly two years."

A look of guilt washed over Adam's face and he looked away to the floor. "Yea… I'll explain about that, but for right now, I need your help."

Hearing that pushed Brian into a more serious role. He didn't even realize he straightened up when he asked, "You in trouble or something?"

Adam gave a grin and shook his head. "No. But what I'm about to show you will change a lot of things, man." He gave a nod to follow and moved to turn around the corner.

Brian followed, again looking about the room. He stepped lightly over the many cables before turning the corner, only to pause as he looked at the number of computer towers and console screens that were humming with activity sitting on a U shaped table. At least he now knew where those cables were running. There were at least half a dozen of them on, each one running codes of which he had never seen before. Not that he was an expert in the matter. Surrounded the computers were a number of small fans, all on and blowing to help keep the systems cool. For an open room it was surprisingly warm considering it was the ass end of winter. But that was probably to the amount of heat the computers were putting out.

Following the cables leading away from the computers, Brian finally took notice of the large metal block that sat at the far wall of the open room. It was inactive, a door opened up at the front. Inside he could see a chair; more accurately a pilot's seat. From the large box ran more lines to a sphere that sat on a pedestal next to it. The sphere was open and inside sat a gunpla he wasn't too familiar with but had a striking resemblance to the Reborns Gundam from Gundam 00.

Adam stood in the center of the chaos of electronics, his arms held out. "What do you think?" His smile couldn't have been wider.

Brian looked about confused, his expression then aimed at Adam. "About what? What the hell are you doing here?"

Adam continued to smile as his arms dropped to his side. "What I am doing is changing the face of gunpla battles and much more."

Brian was familiar with the hobby/sport. He had a few gunpla of his own but he never went crazy with it like most did. Even partook a few battles for the fun of it. He was familiar with some of the older series of course but had dropped out of the anime trend some years back when life decided to throw him a wife and two kids. Though he secretly watching some of the more ecchi kind behind his wife's back.

"How exactly?" He could tell Adam was waiting for him to ask. It all but screamed from the look on his face.

He pointed at Brian as he moved to the open sphere. "Do you remember the OVA short Beginning G?" When he reached the sphere, he gently closed it and locked it down. A yellow lights beamed from the seams before dying out completely.

Brian gave a shrug. "Vaguely. You told me about it once."

"Well the short series was what helped inspire Gunpla Battles. But unlike us, they didn't have Plavsky Particles. Everything they had ran off of a computer generated simulator that functioned with the aid of a scanning system and an actual cockpit environment to simulate what it would be like in the cockpit of a MS." Adam moved and sat down inside the simulator.

Brian followed, leaning on the edge of the 'hatch' and watched as a small pedestal rose up between his knees. Adam drew out a uniquely designed GP Base and placed it on the stand. Hitting a glowing button that appeared out of nowhere, the inside was lit up as the confined area was flowing with Plavsky particles, solidifying into the hardlight controls that most battlers are familiar. Brian nodded his head impressed, reaching out and touching the glowing orange/yellow screen, feeling the warmth upon his touch. "That's pretty cool. You've removed the whole standing thing. I can see some people liking that better than standing for a long period of time in a battle. But that doesn't seem like much of a game changer in the whole Gunpla Battle thing." He drew his hand back and crossed his arms.

Adam continued to smirk. "This is just part of my plan. By implementing this system, one no longer needs to have their gunpla be damaged or out right destroyed due to a battle. I created the same scanning system that was used in Beginning G. It inputs the data of the gunpla into the system and with the Plavsky Particles, allow the battler to control it in a simulated environment."

"But there in lies the problem. Companies who produce the gunpla and parts for them won't sign on for something that stops the flow of purchase. If you make something that renders the need to replace damaged parts obsolete, they won't sign on for it."

"That is why the next part will get there attention," Adam said, shutting the particles down and removing the GP Base. Pocketing the small device, Adam rest comfortably in the pilot's seat, smug look on his face. "Tell me, has there ever been a part in any of the Gundam series that you wanted to take part in, or change?"

Brian looked away in thought, hand resting to his chin. "Not sure. Though there were some times in Victory Gundam I wished they hadn't killed off so many characters."

"Imagine if you could change that."

Brian blinked and looked back at Adam, who's grin seemed to become almost evil. "Change?"

Adam rose up, passing Brian and approached the row of computers. "I've input every bit of information pertaining to any and ALL Gundam series, sides stories, and novels into these systems. Each one with a running program that plots out determined and mathematical events that could happen should something interfere with the already set current events. Even running interactive dialogue for what would happen should something change."

"So if you change something, the system predicts the next course of actions to follow based on the highest and most likely of outcomes to follow based on a percentage level."

Adam nodded. "To the highest number."

"Altering destiny within the series."

"Exactly!" Adam threw his hands out to the sides. "I've created my own ZERO System!"

The hum of the computers was all that was heard in the deafening silence that followed Adam's claim. He stood still in the same pose, waiting for Brian to reply.

And how could he? Here he was listening to the ramblings of a childhood friend who claimed he made his own version of the ZERO System from Gundam Wing. Brian could only pace away, hand running through his short blonde hair as he ran over everything Adam had just said. He wasn't a fool, Brian was sure of that. Adam had attended college to learn as much as he could about Plavsky Particles when they were first brought into the public, wanting so passionately to do things with it that no one else did. Of course many had managed to beat him to it and as one could see, they made millions off of it.

He paused and looked to Adam. "What do you plan to do with this?"

Adam's hands dropped, one however pointing to the computers. "Fans will get their wish. They'll be able to fight in the most epic battles in any Gundam series and have their actions affect the outcome. Not just interfering and the story continue as if nothing happened. They can change, everything!" Adam's hand dropped and shook his head. "The only thing they can't do is interact outside the MS with the characters. All interactions are limited to the MS and vocal communications."

"Okay. So how do I play a part in this?" Brian asked, folding his arms.

"I've tested everything but the ZERO System…"

"You're really calling it that?"

"…yes. Only till I figure something else to call it!"

"Okay, okay." Brian looked to the machines then to the simulator. "And so I'm guessing you need me to watch and make sure you don't go crazy and want to destroy a colony?" he joked, throwing a sly grin in Adam's direction.

Adam approached, hand resting on Brian's shoulder. "This works, and we make millions, I'll bring you in on it man. You and your family will never have to worry about money again."

"IF it works. I know everything else you've done so far, someone else has done like you said. But this… destiny predicting ZERO System of yours is new territory. Something you said yourself you haven't tested."

"Once we work the kinks out of it, every company in the world will be beating down the door to buy the rights." Adam turned and made for the simulator. "So we need to begin as soon as possible."

Brian blinked. "What, you mean now?" He watched Adam climb in, connecting the GP Base. "Wait a minute, what are you doing?"

"Like I said, we're going to test it. At least I will." Adam looked to the computers with a nod. "They're already pre-set for the intended series and time of insertion, as I like to call it," he said with a grin.

"What series?"


Brian rolled his eyes. "Really? Seed?" Adam nodded. "Couldn't you have picked a better one than that?"

"Its just for test purposes."

"And what, and I can't believe I'm saying this, mobile suit will you be using to help you change the course of the Gundam franchise?"

Adam smirked. "I'll be using my 1.5 Gundam from Gundam 00."

"Didn't want to use Wing Zero, or something more custom?"

Adam gave a shrug. "Wanted to use something not many people use or even heard of for that matter. Plus he's not that overpowered."


Adam narrowed his eyes. "Don't judge me."

Brian held his hands up in surrender. "I'm not." He let his hands drop to his sides, facial expression going serious again. "When this is over though, I want to know where've you've been and what you've been doing since you disappeared."

Adam nodded. "I'll tell you everything."

"Good." Brian tapped twice on the side of the machine and stepped back. He watched Adam give a mock salute as the hatch lowered down and clicked with a hiss.

The machine began to hum and Brian stepped a good few feet away from it. Lines of light like the sphere began to appear at certain area of the machine, glowing a blue/green color. He guessed it was the Plavsky Particles. Looking to the machines, he saw they too were changing. New data began to stream across the screens, looking like something from the Matrix. He moved close, trying to see if he could understand anything that swam across the screen but it might as well been a foreign language to him. None of it made since and he was surprised it did to Adam.

He looked back to the machine, seeing the flow of light along the panels. Aside from the humming it made, it was surprisingly quiet.

And just as it had started, the machine instantly shut off wit a slow whine. The glow from the panels was gone. Brian blinked and approached, wondering if something had gone wrong. The hatch opened and Brian was a little surprised at what he saw inside.

When Adam had gone in, he was wearing a simple brown hoodie and denim jeans. What he wore now looked like a decent cosplay replica of a flight suit from Gundam Seed. It was outlined in a purple/gray color with a white center. Same for the helmet.

Brian crossed his arms and frowned at Adam, not finding whatever joke he was playing very amusing. "You change clothes quick for a guy who was only in there for two minutes," he said. He waited for Adam's response, but frowned when he didn't get one. "Adam?"

Brian nearly jumped when Adam snapped his head up, looking around frantically. He reached for the helmet, cracking a switch. Brian could hear the hiss of air as the suit adjusted to the environment. Adam pulled off the helmet, and Brian was surprised his hair was a good few inches longer than before. Not to mention he was sporting a nasty looking cut on his left cheek. When Adam looked to Brian, he started to shake. He climbed out slowly, examining the room like a scared animal.

Brian kept his distance, afraid that the machine had done what he had only joked about a few minutes ago, and that Adam was loosing it. But how was his hair so long now? It wasn't a wig. Looked way to real for that. And Brian didn't see that outfit tucked away anywhere inside when he was examining it earlier.

"Brian?" Adam asked with a tone of fear. "Is that you?"

"Who the hell else would it be. This isn't funny Adam, cut the crap." Before Brian knew it, Adam's arms were around him in a hug. Not know what the hell was going on, Brian pushed at arms length. He paused though when he saw tears in Adam's eyes. "Dude what the fuck happened to you?"

"How…how long was I gone?" Adam asked.

"Gone? Dude you were only in there for a few minutes."

The tears that were forming stopped as those words hit Adam like a freight train. "Minutes? I've been gone for months…"

"Dude, I just saw you climb in there just minutes before you came out wearing…" he rubbed the material of Adam's flight suit, and paused. It didn't feel like anything he had felt before. Not to mention it was cold. Really cold. He examined Adam closer now, and noticed he had been sweating. Profusely if the wet stain at where the base of the suit's collar met his neck meant anything. "This isn't fun anymore man, what happened."

Adam stepped back, but Brian followed when it looked like he was about to fall over. He ran a gloved hand through his hair. When he turned to the side, Brian took notice of a scar on Adam's jaw. Not faint either. It looked maybe a few months old. And Brian was sure he didn't see it when he first saw him. Not to mention his cheeks looked a little lean. The suit looked a bit tight, but it made Adam seem he had lost weight. Good bit of weight actually.

"Adam," Brian said seriously. The brunette turned sharp. "Tell me. What happened when you got inside that thing?"

Adam steadied himself and nodded to the kitchen area. "We may want to sit down. Its… its going to be hard to explain."

EYES: Two Minutes Prior

Adam gave the mock salute to Brian as the hatch closed. Plavsky Particles danced and formed into the glowing representation of the 1.5 Gundam's cockpit. Or close as it could get to it. The screens were a little wider and more stats ran across the screen. For the fun of it, Adam strapped himself down comfortably into the seat. Just as he clicked the belts down, a wave of particles washed over him. He paused, eyes dancing about inside the machine before he gave a shrug. The screen came alive and there he saw again the void of space, but some distance ahead he could see a battle waging. Now he could have placed himself earlier in the series, maybe episode one perhaps. But he felt he needed to do a change that was a bit smaller. Trying to save an entire colony from being destroyed as a bit much for him to attempt.

He decided to go with stopping Flay Allster's father, George Allster, from getting killed. If he could save the man's life, that would change something within the series. Most noticeably Flay's actions towards Kira. Sure enough, he could see the very same Nazca-class ship Versalius, and it already looked like it was preparing to fire. Surrounding it in a dance of death and exchange of combat fire were the GiNN mobile suits along with the Aegis, Strike, and Mobius Zero. Of course he could see both the Aegis and Strike exchanging fire, but neither of the two looked to be really trying hit each other. Adam smiled. A faint pop was heard in the quiet cockpit as he rolled his shoulders. "Time to make my entrance."


Cobalt colored optics flashed in the void. The purple/gray and white armor of the 1.5 (Eyes) Gundam stood out amongst the darkness along with the glow of particles that generated from the GN drive. In a burst the Gundam from 00 charged down, moving far faster than any of the GiNN mobile suits or Strike. The only one there that could perhaps match his speed, or come close to it, was either Mobius Zero or the Aegis in its Mobile Armor mode. Though the Strike was a close. In the cockpit Adam narrowed his eyes as another ship was destroyed. By order of destruction, the third and final ship would be the one Flay's father would be on. One GiNN was destroy, leaving only the remaining two, Aegis, and Strike. The Zero had taken a hit and was limping back to the Archangel.

That meant they were going to fire on the remaining ship soon. He could destroy the ship before they could fire, taking two birds with one stone: 1 saving Flay's father, and 2 killing the main antagonist of the Seed universe, Rau Le Creuset. But as much as he would like to make things easy on the whole universe, Adam kinda wanted to see how he stood up to the masked man. So damaging the ship and chasing off the Aegis was the better bet for the time being.

One GiNN flew at the remaining Alliance ship. Adam focused on it, pushing the DN Drive to the limit. His particles should be messing with their radar, and considering it wasn't turning around to face an approaching enemy, it must have been working.

Coming in at ramming speed, the Eyes bashed the GiNN aside. It let loose a rocket from his bazooka, said round flying aimlessly out into space before going off on a timed detonation. The GiNN turned, freezing at the sight of a riffle aimed down on it. It didn't even have a chance to retaliate the second Adam pulled the trigger. The yellow beam pierced through the cockpit like it was paper.

Adam looked to each screen, noticing a sudden halt in activity. The remaining GiNN just floated in the void, looking in his direction. Both Aegis and Strike had stopped their duel and too were looking at him. He assumed the rest were doing the same, and smirked. "Well so far the system seems to be working perfectly," he remarked. "I'd freeze up to if someone just came crashed my party."

Without delaying further, the Eyes spun and aimed at the remaining GiNN, firing a beam directly into the cockpit. Like the first, it didn't stand a chance as the slightly higher output of the beam all but ripped the suit completely in two. And that seemed to get things moving again as the Aegis and Strike again clashed, though it looked like the Aegis was trying to get past the Strike to come at the Eyes. Didn't matter. In a burst of particles, the Eyes charged towards the ZAFT vessel. Warning sirens blared as he detected being locked onto by the ship. "At least they're focused on me," he said to himself. Another warning came up and quickly approaching was the Aegis and mobile armor mode. He arched a brow. "Maybe it's faster than I gave it credit for."

The Eyes raised the left binder, firing a shot back at the Aegis. The stolen Alliance MS wasn't prepared for such a thing, and took a direct hit to the underlying armor, causing to spin out of control before it transformed to stabilize itself. It would have continued to chase after the Eyes, but it had to turn and block a shot from the Strike, who came in with a saber drawn. The clashed, leaving the Eyes to contend with the Versalius. The ship fired its forward cannons. Two large blue beams of death tore through space, but the Eyes veered sharp to the right, dodge the blast which stretched out into nothing. Lining up the riffle, the Eyes fired, destroying one of the main cannons. The beam melted the alloy of the cannon like it was butter. The mounted weapon soon erupted in an explosion that rocked the ship, causing to veer slightly off. The ship did however fire off a volley of missiles which forced the Eyes to fly away, spiraling in a dance of particles to avoid the missiles. With particle dispersal in use, the missiles had nothing to lock on to, and so simple flew out into space without a target, leaving a chain of harmless detonations in the void.

The Eyes circled below the ship, firing once more to take out their remaining cannon. Again the ship rocked from the destruction of their weapon.

Before Adam could attack again, however, he detected a message being broadcasted on all frequencies. Even though he saved the Alliance ship with Flay's father onboard, he had a feeling they were still going to use Lacus Clyne as a meat shield to stop any further attacks. Of course Adam didn't bother to listen in. It was just a long professional version of 'if you keep attacking, we kill her'.

The Eyes looked to the ZAFT ship, and pointed at it with its free hand. Adam let the message linger before lowering the arm and flying off towards the Archangel just as a retreat flair fired from the Versalius. It was all a simulation, but he couldn't help but play the role of the mysterious badass who swept in and saved the day. The Aegis zipped past, and Adam promptly ignored it. The Strike remained where it was, watching the Aegis fly off. Most likely Kira again brooding over the actions of Athrun Zala.

Adam thought on the matter, thinking he should continue on with the test. He approached the Strike slowly, watching the white MS tense slightly. He slowly raised the left arm in a wave, stopping within arms length. "Here goes nothing," Adam said, putting a message out towards the Strike. "GAT-X105 Strike, do you read, over."

A second passed before he got a return call. Patching it in, the screen in the corner cleared and showed a helmeted Kira Yamato. He looked much younger than what Adam had anticipated even though he knew his age at this time in the series. "This is the X105 Strike responding to Unknown G-unit, please identify yourself."

Adam raised a brow. Wasn't expecting Kira to act like that, he thought. Guess he's trying to act professional considering what was taking place. "This is the CB-001.5 Eyes. Sorry I was late to the party. How are you holding up?" Let's test your reaction to that question.

Kira visibly relaxed, body slumping in his seat. Adam smiled inwardly thinking that would be the proper reaction from Kira Yamato at this time in the story. "Better now, thanks to your assist." Kira blinked and added, "You're not wearing a flight suit?"

Adam was about to respond, but another signal came up, coming from the Archangel. Even Kira looked to be getting it as he looked off to the side of the screen. Well this should be interesting. Adam accepted signal and was greeted with the stunning image of Capta…er…Lt. Murrue Ramius. Much more attractive than he thought she would be. "This is Lt. Murrue Ramius, acting Captain of the Earth Alliance vessel, Archangel. Unknown G-unit, please identify yourself."

Adam gave a nod. "Hello Lieutenant. This is the CB-001.5 Eyes responding. As I was telling the pilot of the Strike, I hope I wasn't crashing on your little party. Looked like anyone could join."

Murrue didn't seem to want to exchange banter as she continued to hold that poker face of hers and responded, "We appreciate your assist in our defense, and joking aside, we would like to know where you and that machine came from."

Not like I can board the ship and speak face to face, he thought. Movement to the side caught his attention, and Adam looked to see a transport vessel leaving the wounded Alliance ship and make its way over to the Archangel. Looking back he saw a patient Murrue staring at him. Adam shrugged. "With all due respect, Lieutenant, but any information on this machine is classified, even to you." That poker face instantly became an angry one, and it almost made Adam scoot back in his seat. "But I will tell it and myself were at Heliopolis before its collapse." He could hear the faint gasps aboard the bridge and small whispers, before he heard Ensign Natarle Badgiruel.

"Then explain how you managed to get this far without a ship," she asked in a demanding tone.

"Myself and this machine were in a damaged transport makings its way towards Earth when the engines gave out. I decided to bail out and use this machine to try and make into Alliance space before I ran out of energy." Adam gave another shrug that would make Mu La Flaga proud. "Guess I was just lucky to have stumbled upon your battle when I did."

"Never the less, you will power down all systems and allow the Strike to guide you to the Archangel. "

"Understood," Adam replied with a nod. He wasn't one hundred percent sure they could detect him with his particles being dispersed. Not to mention that the N-Jammer in the area that is affected their systems might being aiding in hiding his own. The Strike moved over, taking the Eyes by the arm and gently pulled it towards the Archangel. He looked to the screen and saw a worried look on Kira's face. "Hey Strike," he said, gaining the coordinator's attention. "I never got your name."

He blinked, and gave a puppy smile that probably would make any teenage girl swoon. Or boy, whatever his taste was. "It's Kira. Kira Yamato."

You slipped, Kira, Adam thought. You're suppose to give a rank to hide the fact you're a civilian at least till it's deemed I trusted enough to know the truth. But you slipping like that proves that the test is working perfectly. "Pleasure to meet you, Kira. My name is Adam Winslow."

Kira nodded. "Again, thank your for your assist. You have no idea how much you helped today." He looked from the camera. "A friend's father was on board that ship and I had promised to protect him. Had you not shown up, I'm not sure what would have happened."

Adam hid his grin and said, "Well, good thing we'll never know."

The Strike lead the Eyes to the launch port. From there, Adam took over and touched down, moving the machine into hanger. He folded the binders down to make room, and gently eased his machine into one of the berths. Now what? Adam thought, amused. He began to wonder if the data to this point was saved. But what would he do should he come back? He's inside the ship, can't rightly just bust out. Though that would be something, destroying the Archangel from the inside. He looked out and saw many of the crew staring at his machine, and couldn't help but grin. "This is just too awesome. It's like it's real." Side camera saw the hanger close. From there, a signal popped up on his screen telling him the outside was pressurized and oxygen was being pumped to breath.

The Strike parked into a space opposite of him, and he watched the hatch open. Kira Yamato exited, removing his helmet as he drifted in the weightlessness. He was drifting towards the eyes but was stopped as armed personnel approached, weapons drawn and aimed at the cockpit of the Eyes. Not surprising. Adam was an unknown and this was just a precautionary. And Adam was happy with it. So far, things were changing from what happened in the series and that's exactly how it should be. "I'm going to be stinking rich after this."

He began to shut off the system, the particles disappearing. He disconnected the GP Base when a bounding at the hatch got his attention. "Just a second, Brian," he said. Popping the hatch, he hadn't noticed that it took slightly longer than the first time to open, along with the sound of a second hiss from another set of doors. And so worked up about his project working as well as it had, he never noticed that the pull cords to his hoodie had been floating the entire time.

But upon unbuckling the safety harness, Adam felt… light. And as soon as the hatch fully opened, Adam was staring at a man holding a pistol aimed directly at him. Looking past said man, who was dressed in an Alliance uniform by the way, Adam could see clear as day, without a viewing screen of any kind, the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam.

"Sir, slowly climb out of the machine," the armed soldier spoke.

Adam stared at him, shook his head hard and rubbed his eyes. Seeing the soldier still there, Adam rubbed his eyes again. Yep, he was still there. Adam tried to do as he was told, but noticed he was floating…. Floating! That meant no gravity.

Adam slowly pulled himself out and into the open, forgetting to stop himself and promptly flew over the soldier's head, who was shouting for him to stop. But Adam wasn't listening. He couldn't. Mostly cause he blacked out upon seeing the deactivated cobalt lenses that made up the eyes of the 1.5 Gundam staring down at him.

To Be Continued…

My original intention was this was to be a sequel story to follow up the ending of my other fic Gundam Build Fighter N. But it kept hounding me in my thoughts and so decided to make it a different story. So tell me what you the Gundam fans think.