With Valentine, sword-legs and Arthur dead, and Dean and Harry both recovering in hospital, it seemed like it was all wrapped up perfectly.

Fuck, with Harry alive, the whole mess had turned out better than Eggsy had imagined possible.

He had a job, a new house for his Mum and sister, and a fucking fantastic story to tell whenever the Princess of Sweden showed up on the news.

For the first time, ever, Eggsy felt like his life had stability (as much as was possible when working for a super-secret spy organization) and real meaning.

It was absolutely fucking terrifying.

Up until this point, Eggsy had lived his life as if he had nothing to lose, simply because there hadn't been anything. Now, now he had people who believed in him, depended on him. Merlin trusted him to carry out assignments, Roxy relied on him to have her back. The roof over his Mum's head and the food she fed his sister were his responsibility.

And then there was Harry. Eggsy, his Mum and sister were living with Harry (or was Harry living with them?) in the Galahad's house. Most of Harry's surgeries had been conducted in America, but his months of physical therapy had taken place back in the UK. He had been officially released last week. He wasn't exactly back to normal. He had these special exercises he had to do daily, weekly appointments in London to keep track of his progress and a pile of pills to take with every meal.

Mostly he just seemed old. Much, much older than he'd been when they'd argued about the dog, all those months ago.

Merlin had taken over as Arthur, and lucky for Eggsy and JB, he had always found the shoot-the-dog challenge to be more than a little fucked up. Eggsy, then, had been confirmed as the new Galahad.

Eggsy had always thought of Harry as Harry, not Galahad, so taking on the code-name shouldn't have been a problem. It just felt wrong, though, with Harry still alive, to give away the title which had meant so much to Harry.

After all the guy shot a dog for the name, now the Kingsmen had passed it on, with Harry still alive to see it happen.

Well, Harry and Roxy shot their dogs to get their place, Eggsy supposed this was his version. He hadn't refused this time, after all.

{ - }

He just – It was – Well, Eggsy didn't really know. He had been to visit Harry at St. Bart's, once, after he'd first been transferred back from America. It had been… awkward. He'd gone with Roxy, who seemed to think that Eggsy and Harry would want time alone, so she kept disappearing, leaving them in an uncomfortable silence.

Harry had looked so, so weird in a hospital gown, with his head still partially shaved and the ugly mess of scar tissue exposed. It wasn't fair that it had gone like this. Harry had decades of experience but he ended up here, while Eggsy gotten everything he could have ever wanted.

How much of the look in Harry's eyes was the humiliation of the hospital, the glaze of the drugs, the memory of the church?

He knew Harry was on anti-depressants. Was he even glad he was alive?

Eggsy had held Harry's hand for a moment while Roxy was out of the room, but Harry had startled at the touch. The older man seemed embarrassed.

Harry had congratulated him on being made Galahad. Eggsy apologized, but it was waved away.

"I couldn't think of anyone better," Harry had said, staring hard at Eggsy.

Uncomfortable, Eggsy had quipped, "Yeah, and they didn't make me smother a kitten or anything either."

Harry had smiled weakly, his gaze drifting off toward the window. The room had nice big windows. Better than any hospital room Eggsy had ever seen. But he'd already remarked on the posh-ness of the room when he'd first arrived, so he couldn't use that again.

"I fucked it all up though, all over the newspapers, wasn't it? No idea what happened on X-Factor that day. Surprised I didn't get chucked for that!"

"You did very well, Eggsy, very well indeed," Harry had said sincerely, still gazing vacantly out of the window.

"No, I was just -" Eggsy had started, not wanting Harry to think he'd been fishing for the compliment, when Roxy returned with a nurse.

"Ah," cooed the nurse, "time for our nap, is it, Mr. Hart? The medications make him quite sleepy at this time in the afternoon," she explained to Roxy and Eggsy as she tucked the blankets in around Harry's arms.

Eggsy didn't stick around to hear any more. How was it possible that he had watched this man walk away from a hundred-person massacre less than six months ago?

He didn't visit the hospital again.

{ - }

Merlin knew, of course. Eggsy was kept updated on Harry's progress. He was getting his strength back, his motor functions were improving. No long-term brain damage. Roxy had visited a couple more times, apparently Harry was feeding himself Jell-O now, all by himself.

It made Eggsy want to vomit, thinking of Harry Hart stuck in a place like that, helpless, nurses sponging him clean because he couldn't do it himself.

Then, one day, all of a sudden, Merlin called him into his office.

Never one for small talk, Merlin had opened with; "You realize Galahad's house is still in his name? It's his until he dies, to be precise."

"Oh, no, I didn't know,"

Merlin silently watched, waiting for Eggsy to catch up to whatever he was thinking.

Dread began to creep up Eggsy's neck. So obviously if the house was Harry's, then Harry would live there. Which meant Eggsy had to find a new place for himself, his Mum and sister. Shit. He didn't even know what his salary was as a Kingsman, but there was no guarantee it would get anywhere near as nice of a house in as safe a neighborhood as Galahad's house.

"How long do we have?"

Merlin looked up from his tablet, frowning slightly.

"I don't like that attitude, boy," he warned in a tone Eggsy hadn't heard since training. Even sitting, with Eggsy standing in front of his desk, Merlin was a commanding presence.

"I – sorry, it's just, when?"


"Friday! That's three fucking days from now!"

Merlin set his tablet down on the desk for the first time since Eggsy entered his office, his face hard, "is there a problem, Galahad?"

"Fucking yeah, there's a problem! How am I supposed to find a new place by the time he gets there?!"

Merlin finally stood, as usual taller than Eggsy had been expecting. "That, Galahad, is none of my concern. But your language is, and it will not be tolerated. I must say, I am severely disappointed in your handling of this situation thus far. Dismissed!"

{ - }

He hadn't had the heart to tell his Mum that they would have to move. He would find them a place first, less for her to worry about then. And he'd found himself grounded after his meeting with Merlin, so he had plenty of time to look.

He hadn't had much luck still. He knew that it had meant so much to his Mum for everyone to have their own room. The crib had been set up in the living room at Dean's. And his Mum loved having a real kitchen again. Eggsy hadn't eaten this well at home since primary school. So he had been looking for a three bedroom place with a spacious kitchen in a good school zone that was close enough to the center of London for him to be able to get to the Tailor's at a moment's notice and that was not happening with two days warning.

As a result, at about 4 o'clock on Friday morning, Eggsy was packing. He got all his stuff, his sister's non-essentials and as much of his Mum's stuff as he could without alerting her. If Harry kicked them out, they'd go to a hotel that was close-by and figure it out from there. Maybe Roxy would take them for a while? Lancelot had to have a fairly similar set up, after all.

He was tense and edgy Friday morning. His Mum noticed, of course, but she had this terrible habit of not pointing out when the men in her life seemed tense, so she made breakfast and washed up and took care of the baby like normal, just a quieter version that Eggsy was all too familiar with. He didn't like being the one who made her quiet like that, but he didn't know what was going to happen when Harry got here and found them still settled in, after Merlin explicitly told Eggsy that they needed to be out.

For some reason, Eggsy had been waiting for the doorbell. He had developed several scenarios for the morning, and all of them started with Harry ringing the doorbell.

Eggsy was, therefore, taken entirely by surprise when latch went and Harry's voice called out from the main corridor, "Hello? Anybody home?"

{ - }

I'm terrible! I know I have other stuff I should be working on instead of starting a new story, but I just saw Kingsman and really liked Harry and Eggsy's relationship :) Let me know if you have any thoughts!