An Interesting Talk...

When the sun came up, Simba was always there to enjoy the view of the animals in his pride, waking up to start a new day. It wasn't his job to do it, but he wanted to. He believed being king was to wake up early and watch the early lives start their day.

The other lionesses were asleep inside the den. His mind traveled to a certain creamy lioness that was his best friend. It was frequent that they shared affections in public, but also agonizing to know she wasn't acutally his. He hadn't properly asked her to be his mate; his queen.

''Hmmm,'' The king thought to himself. He looked upon the skies. Surely, his father was looking down at him, maybe proud, maybe dissapointed. The wind made his large mane dance. Simba let out a satisfied sigh before enjoying the view of his pride below.

It was all his.

Finally his.

During the day, Simba done his job of checking the boundaries and marking his territory. He later helped his mother get the hunting parties together. While there, he saw the girl that made his head spin. He asked her silent questions, which she never gave an answer to him. After they came back hunting, Simba was outside the den looking down at the pride.

''Hi Simba!'' Nala's cheery voice perked his ears.

''Hello, Nala.'' The king acknowledge her. Nala was impressed at how much Simba matured through-out the years. He was a handsome lion and every day the thought came to her head. Simba doesn't have a mate!

''So...'' Nala shifted her paws, looking down shyly.

''Yes?'' Simba urged her to continue.

''Can, we go...'' She finally lift her eyes to look at him. ''Can we go for a walk?'' Her phyisical appearence seemed innocent, but inside her heart was beating fast. Simba got up, shook his mane and led the lioness from pride walk.

They weren't walking to nowhere in particular and the cool air surrounding them made everything peaceful. The silence was tearing her apart. She wanted to speak to Simbe not go on a silent walk with nothing to say. ''The jungle?''

''What?'' This confused Simba.

''The jungle.'' Nala replied, quietly. ''Don't you remember it?''

Simba laughed. ''How can I forget it? I was raised there.''

''Yeah.'' Nala replied almost inaudible. She found the dead grass interesting to stare at instead of the golden king. Simba glanced at her once, but said nothing afterwards. Some time passed before another word was said. ''You know what happened in the jungle?''

Simba let out another chuckle. ''Everything did. Met Timon and Pumbaa, had lots of contest, looked at the stars-''

''What we did in the jungle.'' Nala interrupted him. She finally looked up at him with seductive eyes. It was now or never.

Simba blushed. He remembered what happened. In the jungle, it felt like she was his mate after the night they shared. It was so beautiful and romantic. Nala never thought she would be happy again, but after finding Simba, her levels simply exploded! ''Yeah...''

Nala smiled. ''So?''

''So?'' Simba pushed, teasing.



''Really?'' Nala giggled.

''Really.'' Simba chuckled along.

Silence followed after and the two began brushing against each other in a pleasing way. Nala loved Simba's thick red mane. It was so soft to lay on and it tickled the side of her face when they touched. She leaned in, taking in his scent of fresh grass. ''I love this mane.'' She said quietly.

''Who doesn't?'' Simba apparently hear her. Nala blushed a light shade of pink and quickly lifted her head off the king. ''I shouldn't down that. You are the king and that was-''

Simbe cut her off by licking her cheek. ''Actually, I'm the king in the pridelands. We're way passed the boundaries.'' He whispered into her ear.

This got Nala pondering. ''So, are you telling me I don't have to call you king Simba?''

''You're wasting your time. ''He replied, playfully.


''Nal,'' His melodious laugh filled the grey air. ''Stop being so proper all the time!''

''I can't help it!'' Nala shook her head. ''I grew up this way.''

''I wasn't king back then.''

''You were a friend.''

''Oh?'' He stopped in his tracks, eyeing her confusingly. ''What am I now?''

Nala sauntered up to him, her body pressed against his. ''Oh, I don't know. What do you want to be?''

Simba let out a lustful growl, heard by Nala. She circled around him, her tail flicking his face. ''My king?''

''You're something else, Nal.'' He replied, coming closer to the creamy lioness.

''You're just so slow Simba!'' She rolled her eyes in an exhausting manner. Simba was offended. ''What do you mean?''

''How can you flirt with me outside the lands, but act civil with me on lands! Are we in this secret organization or something?'' She desperately yelled at him. ''You're sending the girl to moon and back!''

Simba was surprised. He knew Nala loved him, but more as a friend? He wasn't blind, he was just so...confused lately. ''Nala?'' He stepped closer to her. ''I seriously didn't know.''

''Of course,'' She replied, her voice small. ''King stuff and all. You're mind been busy.''

Simba looked away from her. He didn't like seeing teal eyes ashamed, yet depressed. They continued their walk back to the pridelands, knowing how late it would be until they got there.

''Not just king stuff, Nal.'' Simba replied, catching up to the agile lioness. This brought the lioness attention to the handsome lion. ''I think about the queen duties and you importantly.'' His eyes traveled around the area, shaking his mane in the process.

A graceful smile appeared on the lioness's features. ''Oh, really?''

He winked. ''Why not?''

''Why so?''

''Why not?''

''Why so?''

And the playful banter erupted.

Nala brushed along Simba, his mane tickling the sides of her face. Simba bumped into the lioness. ''Don't think so early, Nala. I may be slow,'' He rolled his eyes at this, ''But, I know when to do it at the right moment.''

''What does that mean?'' Nala asked.

''You're mine.'' He narrowed his eyes at her full of lust. Nala liked the sound of that. ''Oh, really?''





''Clearly.'' Simba laughed.

Nala pretended to think for a bit. '' I love the sound of that.'' She purred.

''Of course you do,'' Simba purred along. ''My queen.''

Nala's heart pounded rapidly. She loved that saying the most.