Author's Note: This is a lemon scene set in an alternate universe version of the ending of the Diamond/Pearl season of the anime. You've read the characters involved, you've seen the rating. If neither are for you then you know what to do.

I'll admit, this is pretty much an "inspired rip-off" of Testing1234567's Desire Unleashed, just with a number of changes. You might also notice towards the ending a bit of a passive reference to redwarrioroflight's "Cynthia's Plan" if you read it back when it was up. If you're not into rip-offs, feel free to skip on this story. Or if you can't get enough Rayshipping fics, do read on.

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The night had come when all of Sinnoh was shaken to its very core. It was the time when Ash Ketchum the new Champion of the League would wear the great title with honor and pride. The award ceremony had just passed and the sun had fully set after the long day of huge battles and climatic endings. The new reigning champion gazed out to the sky with his head held high as he wondered the possibilities of his new position in the world.

There was great amount of satisfaction for Ash Ketchum that day. After many years of trying and many attempts to prove himself to the world he had won his first official Pokémon League. From defeating Tobias and the Elite Four all the way to reaching his final match and victory against the mighty Cynthia herself... Damn it. There he went again with Cynthia on his mind.

Whatever satisfaction he had that night he won the Sinnoh League was quickly doused by his thoughts of the first woman he could say for sure he had a crush on. Be it from her otherworldly beauty, her exciting journeys as a Champion, the times she and he took down Team Galactic together, or having such a high status as a trainer. Did he mention her otherworldly beauty?

What could he do? He couldn't hold back any denial on the subject. Everything from her luxurious long gold blond hair, pure silver eyes, her ample G cup breasts yet astonishingly well toned figure instantly came to mind every second Ash thought of her. Every detail of Cynthia was something Ash couldn't hope to erase from his mind. It was easy to see how many men and even some women would want to take this extraordinary example of feminine beauty to bed with them.

Essentially because of the extravagance of her appearance and the appeal of her position there were many who would want to prove their worthiness to her. As of now however there was no longer any doubt that only one could be worthy. It seemed that there was only one way anyone could even be remotely considered to be Cynthia's soul mate. If anyone was worthy, people would know it would be the new Sinnoh Champion: Ash Ketchum.

Even when he considered all of what he had accomplished he could only curse himself. "Damn it. Why do I feel like that sort of thing is still out of my reach?" He asked no one in particular. "I should at least feel kind of up to asking someone for help. What's with me getting cold feet over it?"


Ash looked down to notice the faithful little yellow Pokémon that helped him win the Sinnoh League. "Oh. Sorry Pikachu. I guess I just have a bit of venting to get out of the way."


Ash returned his gaze to the sky explaining, "Yeah. I beat one of the Pokémon Leagues alright. Even with all of that I just don't feel like I'm able to meet up to something I really want to do. I don't feel like I could even try asking out this one girl I want to meet."


"It's... Cynthia."

"Cha? Pika pi! Pi-pii pika." Pikachu was pointing to Ash's Pokégear as he tried to figure out what he was saying. It took a few seconds but he remembered he was given Cynthia's number if he ever needed to call for some kind of assistance.

"Your really think Cynthia would be willing to at least give me a chance with a date now that I've beaten her?"

"Pika? Cha pi-pikachu!"

"Yeah I guess. But there has to be someone out there who can give me help. I don't know the first thing about meeting girls this way."

"Pika pi! Pi pikachu!" Pikachu said holding out a picture of Brock.

Ash remembered the things Brock did in his efforts to find a woman in his life one day. Perhaps Brocks efforts weren't totally based in helpless situations, but maybe he could help Ash somehow. "It's a tough sell, but I guess Brock might be kind of helpful." Ash turned around to the stadium where the restaurants were. Ash thought to himself briefly, "Then again I might have to find out how I can bring it up. He'll lose his mind if he finds out who I want to ask out." The yellow rodent Pokémon jumped onto Ash's shoulder as the two left their way from the railings.

That night wasn't the calmest as Ash and Brock found their way to a nearby food joint. Ash had asked him for a private conversation earlier where they decided to eat out. Pikachu in the meantime was content with his ketchup bottle as they ate. Dawn was in the meantime at another restaurant as per Brock's request. Thankfully this gave Ash a period of time to explain everything that he had been feeling since almost a year ago. They leaned out a balcony where they could observe passerby's while eating their burgers.

"It's definitely a big thing to handle Ash. Especially with this... uh what's her name again?"

"I kind of don't want to give her name out Brock. I think she might be embarrassed if I talk about her like this."

"Hm... That is a pretty good reason not to." He tried to think of a way to address the problem before he decided, "Is she at least someone you know really well though?"

"Yeah pretty well. Not as well as Dawn, May or Misty but she's someone we've met before."

"Pretty big scope of women to choose from. But you feel like she's important enough that you need to get your big guns from me right?"

Ash sighed when he admitted, "Yeah. I can battle in front of all those people in a League tournament but I can't even hope to talk to her without getting worked up over it."

"Hm..." Brock chewed on his burger for a thoughtful few seconds before he gave his wisdom. "I can tell you this. It all boils down to one thing. At the end of the day Ash, there's only one way that you'll be able to finally get this sorted out. Specifically to ask this girl out. Doesn't matter how busy or important she is or if you think she won't even want to meet you. If you have her number then you can get a hold of her, just try and make a good first impression."

"That much shouldn't be a problem..." Ash said as he finished his burger. "Do you think I might be able to ask her out?"

"It's only a question of whether or not you do Ash. You weren't afraid of failure when you were in the League, you just need to bring that out here."

"I probably could. I feel like I might have lost another League all together if she doesn't have the same interest as me though."

"Sure, but just think of it this way. She says yes, you might get lucky. She says no, it's pretty much the worst that happens."

"I guess that's about right. It might be a problem if I can't get her out of my head though."

"Oh... That's what's happening." Brock scratched his chin when he heard that detail. He tried to be as careful as possible when he suggested, "Here's the deal, if she does say no then your best bet is to try and find another girl out there. Believe me, I've been doing that sort of thing for years."

Ash nodded when he remembered the several dozen times Brock flirted with different women over the years only to find him losing at every turn. Unfortunately if things went for the best for Ash he might end up losing another one he probably considered a possibility. He still remembered briefly of his first meeting with Cynthia back when Sinnoh was a new region to explore. The exact details were a bit sketchy though considering Brock's efforts almost always seemed to be similar to one another.

Ash shrugged his shoulders when he agreed, "Yeah... I 'll just have to hope it's that easy." Ash leaned up as he looked out the nearby streets when he made his way to the "Okay I'll give it a shot. Wish me luck Brock."

Brock pumped his fist in the air when he encouraged, "Sure thing Ash. Go show the world how much of a man you really are!"

"Pi-pikachu!" Pikachu leaped onto Ash's shoulder leaving behind an empty ketchup bottle on a nearby table. With that Ash walked off to a more silent area where he could use his Pokégear.

Brock watched with a sense of pride as Ash walked off on his own with a new sense of confidence. "Well there he goes... Looks like it'll be a matter of time to see if he's going to be on his way to manhood or if his dreams will be crushed. Either way it looks like I'll have a bit of-" Just then Brock realized what he did letting Ash off. "Ah! Hey Ash! The bill!"

Entering the phone number for the woman on his mind Ash waited for ringing to end. Finally he heard the opening click he was hoping to hear.


"Hey Cynthia. You managing to handle the press coverage?"

"Hi there Sinnoh Champion. It's been a big hassle for me this past hour alone but I've been able to hand wave my way through."

Ash looked down on the paper he had written earlier when he spoke, "So I uh... I kind of figured that there's probably a lot of people who are trying to drag you into an interview. I know somewhere private we can meet if you want."

"Somewhere private? Why do you want to meet me in that kind of place?"

"Uh... just thinking about your problems is all. I hope it's kind of okay at least... Your problem I mean." Ah shit that's not an answer. Ash quickly scrambled for an answer when he just went with the obvious, "I just want to get together and meet before we the Stadium events end soon."

"It's nice of you to think so Ash. When and where would you like me to meet you?"

"Pretty much whenever you think you can get away from your long line of fans."

"That doesn't really give me much of a timeframe. Do you want me to meet you at the center park sometime tomorrow morning?"

"Uh sure! That's a perfect time for me! I even know where most of the news press isn't going to be stalking people for questions!"

"Wonderful. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah. See you tomorrow around six." Ash hang up his Pokégear and found his breathing patterns slightly sped up. He took one giant breath before he told himself, "Whew... Alright. That wasn't so bad. Maybe I won't have to worry too much if it goes that way."

"Pika pika." Pikachu spoke on his shoulder.

"Yeah I'm not sure how many times it will take. But who knows? I might actually catch Cynthia's interest somehow." Ash let out a small yawn when he began to walk to his own renting lounge. "Guess I better hit the hay now. I'm going to need the sleep."

"Cha..." Pikachu agreed.

The next day had come where Ash now had a chance to meet Cynthia face to face. Out in the center park there were only a few trainers who were making last minute visits before they were about to set out again on their journey. For Ash, it was only a matter of making that one meeting that he felt worthy of for the first time in his life. While he checked the time on his Pokégear his loyal Pikachu on his shoulder keeping an eye out for Cynthia. "Pika pi!" Pikachu announced. Ash turned around as he saw her.

"Hi there Ash." Cynthia was there in the familiar sophisticated black dress that he had come to enjoy seeing.

"Oh uh. Hi Cynthia." He looked around from both sides when he offered, "So did you want to follow me somewhere private?"

"That would be nice. I feel like someone is going to be trying to catch me just standing out here in the open."

"So the news guys have been that big of a problem?"

"It's big news when you're no longer the Champion of your region." She reminded him. "I'm just surprised that you haven't been having the same problem."

"Yeah I'm probably not big enough news yet. But who knows I might be some day."

Cynthia smiled when she gave a friendly warning, "You're the new champion Ash. It will be just a few days before they are ready to squeeze every answer they can out of you." The warm smile was a sight Ash could have left on today and gone home happy. Unfortunately he couldn't just sit back and continue to enjoy the sight when she asked, "So you said you wanted to meet me somewhere private?"

Ash stood to attention when he remembered his promise. He gestured behind him, "Okay follow me. It's not too far." Ash and Cynthia walked off from the central park. It wasn't long before both of them reached the edges of the nearest forest. Past the busy trainers and the wild Pokémon that may have found their way, Ash and Cynthia would soon be able to find an area where they had a private moment. Ash continued to remind himself not to screw up this one defining period in his life.

When they were at the clearing within the forest Cynthia looked around when she wondered about what had Ash bring her here. "So Ash. Was there something you wanted to tell me that you couldn't tell me over the phone?"

Ash turned around to see her and knew the time was now to bring out what was on his mind. "I uh... I didn't really have anything that I was trying to hide or anything... I just sort of uh... I don't think I..."

"Ash I don't think I normally know you for stuttering this much."

Okay... Come on Ash... You can do this. It's not that hard. Ash gritted his teeth and clenched his fists when he began to summon everything he wanted to wanted to tell her. "Rrrr... Cynthia I uh..."

"Is something wrong?"

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I want to... Uh to be yours!" Right then there was a strong silence between the two when he finally answered. Cynthia's face was in a state of light surprise when she heard the confession and Ash felt a certain tension between the two that could practically be seen. He finally managed to ask her, "Uh... Did that come out weird?"

Cynthia's face lightened to a smile when she answered, "No... That's just something I never thought you would be interested in."

Ash slumped his arms down slightly when he tried to relax. "Uh... Yeah... I never thought I would be either to tell you the truth. But I guess that changed when I met you."

"Really?" She held back a laugh when she considered his confession. "Well I have been the envy of many. Maybe I just meet up to your very high standards."

"Hehe... Yeah, maybe. But I'd really like to know how you feel about what I said."

"I know we've met a few times Ash. But I think we need to spend a night together before we decide on that."

Ash felt tension return to his arms when he heard this. He finally asked, "So uh... Do you suggest that we maybe have a date of some kind?"

"You're the Champion Ash. I should be the one asking you."

Ash scratched the back of his head when he agreed, "Yeah that might take a bit of getting used to... I mean my title is what I'm talking about..."

Cynthia folded her arms when she walked up to Ash asking, "Okay Ash. I know you might have a few dozen fans who are already in line to ask you this. But can I go out with you tonight?"

"Well uh..." He cleared his throat, "My schedule's clear. I think I'd be glad to meet you tonight."

"That's perfect. Thank you great Champion." She handed him an envelope when she offered, "You can meet me at the nearest stadium restaurant. See you there tonight at seven." With that final note Cynthia walked away as she would get ready for tonight's evening.

In the meantime Ash looked down at the address on the envelope when he took in the victory he had made that week. Not only had he successfully become the Sinnoh Champion, he had just asked out the woman of his dreams on a date. His face slowly broke into a wide grin when he realized this and did everything to contain his excitement over the situation. Ash embraced his loyal yellow companion when he proclaimed, "Ah shit! You hear that Pikachu?! I got a date with Cynthia!"

"Pii Pika!" Pikachu happily proclaimed.

Ash rushed over to the nearest telephone booth when he told himself, "Oh boy, I better give Brock and Dawn a call about this! Well actually just Dawn."

"Pi pikachu."

"You're okay with me going out on my own just for tonight Pikachu?"


Ash turned towards the entry way of the forest he and Cynthia came from when he offered, "I guess this is going to be my best bet. Alright Pikachu, let's head out. I'll have to be ready for tonight."

The villages on Lily of the Valley Island were rather calm considering the hour of slumber had come for most trainers. Thankfully it allowed for a nice calm stroll between the top two trainers in Sinnoh. Both Ash and Cynthia walked down the unoccupied streets with ice cream cones in hand found their way down the part of the occupying village that had a water fountain for scenery. Not far from here was the rented house Cynthia herself had stayed in. The final time of the date was coming and Ash knew that his big decisions would have to be made very soon.

"Not such a bad evening is it?"

Ash finished the last of his ice cream when he agreed, "Not at all. I guess having to deal with just a few people who wanted my autograph wasn't too bad."

"That's what happens when you have such an important position. And it's going to be the easy part. You'll be facing trainers as powerful as Tobias, Flint, and Aaron every day just to defend your title."

"Yeah, that's something I'll have to prepare for. I still remember when Aaron was-"

"So I'd like to ask you something about earlier Ash." Ash was interrupted by the woman next to him before he could reminisce about the past.

"Okay, what happened earlier?"

"What did you mean by "be yours"?"

Ash recalled to earlier in the day when he had achieved coming into contact with Cynthia in private and his awkward confession. He stumbled trying to think of the words, "I guess that... err..." Ash crunched on his ice cream cone when he finally answered, "... People will say anything when they find themselves intimidated..."

"I can believe that Ash. It's happened to the best of us I'd imagine. Half of the people who meet me for the first time always are."

Both Ash and Cynthia sat on the edge of the fountain when he confessed, "Yeah. I can believe that but the part about you being the most beautiful woman I've ever seen is true."

Cynthia's uncovered eye looked into Ash with a sly look as she told him, "And this is usually the part where people tell me that they're worth being with just because they have something I don't."

"I'm not trying to say that Cynthia. I was just saying that my previous statement was real!"

"The problem is you do Ash."

Ash had to turn himself in spot when he heard what Cynthia said. "I do... What now?"

Cynthia fully turned to face Ash and looked him square in the eyes when she told him, "You have such deep care for Pokémon. To be able to use that same care for more than just battle. To use it to make all the friends you've made. You have a sense of honesty, sincerity, and kindness no other I've met ever trainer had. And today you made that fact clear Ash. You brought your greatest strengths front and center to the world today and you won. You used them to show to the entire world you can be the very best." The words brought with them a strong silence.

The two gazed into one another while Ash couldn't help but let the words Cynthia gave him resonate. They were the accumulation of all his past successes and failures as a trainer. These were the words that brought him to the Championship of today and possibly beyond. How exactly was he meant to follow up on those kind of words?

Slightly flustered Ash finally found a way to carry a conversation with his former superior. "Is that what makes you respect me?"

"Of course. It's probably because of that kindness and sincerity that you've been able to earn my admiration. You treat me as a regular person and little else. So few people are willing to do so. You're even able to support yourself with actual strength that rises above my own."

Ash looked down when he contemplated his next words. It took a few seconds before he finally managed to return his level gaze and tell Cynthia, "I guess you're probably right about me. I guess I do have pretty high standards. Of course you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. But I guess I should also add how nice of a person you are and how you treat Pokémon and people with the same respect I would want to give. And I think if I ever did want to have a woman to settle down with... well... It would sure have to be someone like yourself."

"Just like I said. It's that strength that made you todays Champion. Possibly the best thing about it Ash is that you don't restrict it to Pokémon battles. It's the fact that everything you've said about me... I can say the same about you." Ash looked up to recognized the sweet face that continued to offer thing he couldn't imagine were true. This was it. Both Cynthia and Ash were in the moment where their relationship would be decided. There was only one way that Ash would even be capable of making that final choice. He only needed the will to summon it.

Finally Ash managed to muster his words, "Uh Cynthia..."


"You've got ice cream on your cheek."

Cynthia placed a hand on her right cheek. "Hm. Do I?"

"Let me." Now came the moment of truth. As Ash leaned in his lips made their way to Cynthia's mouth while he forced every ounce of ragged breath from his nose. To Ash's surprise there didn't seem to be any resistance on Cynthia's part but rather a sudden stiffness from the sudden intrusion of his part. Everything he could have fantasized of this kiss however had come to be true. Her full lips were soft and fully formed around his. Not wanting this moment to end, Ash kept his lips pressed against Cynthia for well over a minute as he savored his catch of the day.

Eventually Ash's head came back to reality and used Cynthia's arms to separate himself from her. As he parted from Cynthia, Ash stood up and let his moral self take over. He faced his gaze downward as he stumbled, "Uh... Did I do that too soon?"

Ash didn't bother looking into Cynthia's reaction to the sudden movement but only heard her reassurance, "No... I'd say it's about time you did Ash."

Ash looked up to see her face. "So... There was a time when..."

"Especially now." Ash accepted her light kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist while Cynthia brought her hands to his sides. Even if it was too soon, Ash couldn't help but let his tongue snake its way into Cynthia's mouth. His hands played with the ends of Cynthia's smooth hair while his taste spuds enjoyed the sheer overpowering excitement of being within the former Champion's mouth.

Cynthia pressed her forehead to Ash's chin when she confessed, "Mmm... I never thought you'd be this good Ash..."

Ash found his blood pumping at an unbelievable pace when he parted from Cynthia agreeing, "Yeah... I didn't even think I was doing much."

Cynthia parted from Ash's grasp asking, "So you don't feel challenged then?" Cynthia walked over towards the door of her house. "Why don't you follow me Sinnoh Champion?"

"On it!" The moment Ash Ketchum agreed to follow Cynthia into her lodging area came the time he would become the envy of the entire world.

Ash had already removed his jacket when he entered Cynthia's lodging. It felt like a load off his back when he considered just how excited his mind was at the moment. He let his shoes down next to Cynthia's heels while he followed her into her bedroom. At some point Ash had removed his socks while Cynthia moved into her bedroom. She had done so herself while she continued to undress.

She had a problem with her further removing her clothes though when she saw Ash remove his hat and shirt over his head and thrown to his right. His broadened chest was clearly the result of many years of traveling and training with Pokémon. She never saw a man naked before and found herself blushing at the first reveal of her opposite gender removing this much of his clothes.

Taking this as a cue, Ash moved over to Cynthia and unbuttoned her shirt before it fell to the ground beneath her. Right after that Ash removed her shirt to reveal one of the two features that made her a woman. Her unbelievable breasts cupped only by her lace bra standing in front of Ash's vision of her upper form. He moved his face down to her cleavage when he bit the front of her bra with his teeth and undid Cynthia's bra from behind. Cynthia was lost for breath at how fast Ash was able to do this but found him at some amount of peace again when he saw his work.

"Holy... Damn..." Cynthia's breasts hung free from their holding place while Ash gazed in amazement.

In a small effort to keep him on the task at hand Cynthia placed one of her hands on the bump that had grown in the pelvic area of Ash's jeans. Cynthia looked up to Ash's gaze when she reminded, "You're already excited aren't you? Don't you get complacent on me."

Ash pressed his body to hers when he answered, "Oh I don't plan on it." He then lightly pushed Cynthia to the bed before them with her underneath. Ash didn't hesitate to take his next prize that evening. He brought his head down below Cynthia's and made his way towards her majestic cleavage. It was only seconds before he achieved his desire.

Despite his virginity to the act, Ash Ketchum knew everything he needed in order to progress through tonight's activity. He could thank Brock for all of the perverted material he had secretly stashed away. He caught Cynthia's right breast in his mouth and moved his tongue around the areola. The instincts he had a child had fully taken over. Not since his mother was Ash able to find this sort of solace with another woman. The feeling of the mountainous flesh upon his mouth only made him feel more alive in that act.

"A... Oh... Oh fuck Ash!" Cynthia in turn felt an indescribable crawl on her body that she never thought she could describe. She was never warned about having a feeling as rough as Ash's ministrations before but the sensation was truly overwhelming in a good way. She reveled in the feeling as Ash continued to suckle on her divine breasts before his mouth let go of it with a pop. The air that rushed by as it his mouth separated sent a chill down her spine while she felt Ash's tongue work its way on her other breast. "Ooooohhh..." Cynthia crooned in the amazing feeling when she felt Ash continue. She brought her left hand into Ash's hair and pressed his face further into her appeased flesh. Her nipples were hardening and she had involuntarily lifted her right leg to Ash's waist.

Finally Ash removed himself from Cynthia's breasts when he moved back to her face simply telling her, "That's just one thing I always wanted from you Cynthia." He caught her mouth in his again before she could respond to his statement. Cynthia felt Ash's tongue work its way into her mouth while she used hers to offer some sustenance. The boy's eager energy was an exciting factor as she felt him press against her.

The two separated their mouths from one another and Cynthia saw the anticipation within Ash's eyes. "If you want more of me Ash..." She moved her hands down to her pants and began to remove them from her waist. "First you'll have to drink from the nectar of champions."

Ash moved his right hand down to Cynthia's waist and found the invitation waiting for him. He grinned the moment he realized just what sort of nectar he was being offered. "Good news. I've been getting ready for this."

He lowered his head down to Cynthia's womanhood and found the panties that matched her bra from earlier. It was a short obstacle before he used his hand to remove it from his prize. Ash found Cynthia's awaiting womanhood before him having already shining with a layer of wetness.

He needed no further guidance when he brought his tongue to her waiting sex. Cynthia moaned when she felt the Ash's tongue find its way. Despite the strange feeling she began to desire more as if it were an itch that needed a serious scratch. She squeezed her thighs around his head and pushed Ash's head further into her with her hands. "Oh... Oh yes... Ash keep doing that!" Cynthia moaned.

Hearing Cynthia's moans and being wrapped by her legs brought Ash's mind into a frenzy, he began to feel his erection growing with the act. It wasn't long before he began to groan from the restraint his pelvis had against his jeans. To take his mind off the issue he forced his tongue further along Cynthia's folds doing his best to enjoy the scented liquids before him.

His tongue penetrated her womanhood where Ash continued to lick away. He licked faster and faster when he heard Cynthia's frantic moans escalate from pleasure.

"Oh Ash! I don't... I don't think..." Cynthia finally let go of what sanity she had and screamed, "I'm gonna cum!"

Ash didn't seem to take it as a warning as she felt his tongue wiggle and lick its way in her canal. It just took a few more licks before Cynthia began to convulse from the feeling. She writhed and squeezed her thighs when her floodgates began to unleash her juices.

There was a pause for a few seconds before Ash lifted his face from Cynthia's womanhood with an audible smack. He didn't seem to be gasping for air but rather savoring what smell had just emitted from the recent burst.

Cynthia got her concern out of the way asking, "I didn't squeeze you too hard did I Ash?"

"No. Not at all."

Cynthia mustered what strength was in her to push Ash up. She brought her hands to the waist of Ash's jeans thanking, "That's good to know. I have to get some kind of revenge for that."

Ash groaned as he felt Cynthia unzip him, "Damn finally. I feel like I could burst out of my pants right about now."

"Oh really? I'd like to see if you can handle that." Cynthia pulled down Ash's jeans and just like her discarded underwear was the only thing that kept his sacred organ from exposure. Cynthia pulled down the boxers and found the prize inside she had been seeking. Ash's male organ stood at full attention right in front of Cynthia's face. As she gazed at its length she could see it throbbing as if it were speaking in a nonverbal language that translated to, "I want in."

"So I guess you like what you see huh?" Cynthia turned up to notice Ash's grin.

"I have to admit, this is probably the first time you've ever had me concerned about anything."

Ash moved in when he promised, "It won't be for long."

"I'll decide if that's the case." She held him there and made her face down to his pelvic area. Easily enough she brought her mouth along his fleshy length and heard Ash let out a strained moan from the saliva that took hold around him.

"Ah... Oh damn... Fucking shit..." Ash didn't think about this part before but he was glad to see Cynthia was one adventurous woman. She slowly moved her mouth along his length while letting air pass out of her nose to serve as a bit of air. Just before Ash felt an accumulation of the act he suddenly felt Cynthia stop moving her mouth.

Cynthia removed her mouth from Ash's manhood before blowing on it lightly. Ash didn't feel any more strong sensations around him when he decided to look down and find out what Cynthia was planning. She looked up to him commenting, "I thought you couldn't last that long."

"What are you talking about I didn't even-"

"Soon enough." Without warning Cynthia threw Ash onto his back and had her hands on his chest. Ash was pinned down beneath her while he only watched her hair fall around him. Her crazed eyes bore down on him before Ash recognized just how close to the next act Cynthia was.

"Whoa uh... Cyn-" Before he could ask whatever was on his mind Ash felt himself suddenly brought into union with the woman above her. His eager and hard member was fully wrapped within the flesh of Cynthia's folds. "H... Holy... Holy fuck..." Was all Ash could muster just a second after. The folds were so astonishingly warm and tight that he surprised himself he didn't cum right there. The trickling of a liquid beneath him didn't help either. He was able to come to his senses when he looked up to Cynthia noticing her squint and gritted teeth still present. "Are you alright?"

"Y... Oh yes..." Cynthia let out with a passive moan. "It happens when it's a first time."

Ash looked up at her with a sense of shock yet also accomplishment in his eyes when he asked, "Holy shit... I'm your first?"

Cynthia brought her face down to his when she simply answered, "And only." In spite of whatever warning Cynthia might have been giving, Ash couldn't help but not find anything to complain about. He moved his face up to catch her mouth in a kiss while Cynthia began to take control of the situation. Despite his effort to turn her over Ash found it difficult to throw Cynthia off of him. He just had to sit down and enjoy the ride for now.

Cynthia's pelvis moved up slowly now fully adjusted to Ash's length before slamming back down to the base of the boy beneath her. She separated from Ash's mouth briefly to gaze into his lustful eyes while continuing to thrust up and down in a rhythmic pattern. Their pants and audible smacks of sex the only sounds that could be heard between them. Before Ash could even try to switch position Cynthia moved her face down to his obtaining the silence she wanted. Her breasts smashed against his chest and her mouth against his managed to keep Ash within the entrapment she wanted. Her hair fell down around him like a veil that protected a view of him from any observers.

It felt like an eternity had passed for the two of them before Ash felt a pressure building within his lower regions. "Oh shit! Cynthia I can't hold much longer!"

"Don't hold back! Just keep going!" Cynthia followed on the warning when she began to pick up speed with her bounces. Excited to have Ash's hot liquid inside her she continued. The collisions began to pick up so much power that Ash began to feel beads of sweat drop from Cynthia's forehead and drop onto his chest.

It only took a few more collisions before the two entered into a mutual burst. Ash felt Cynthia's walls clamp on his manhood just as they did his tongue before, but this experience was far more thrilling. Adding to the feeling was his semen shooting upwards into her womb before the excess leaked onto the sheets with Cynthia's virgin blood.

Ash panted from his first sexual experience when left with only a few words, "Ha...ha...ha... Damn..."

Cynthia looked down at him asking, "Was your first time pleasant Ash?"

"You better believe it was." Just as Cynthia was distracted in the afterglow Ash threw her on her back. "Doesn't mean I'm finished though."

Cynthia was astonished by Ash's strength when he brought her on her back but was further intrigued when he began to move his tired manhood to level with her chest. "Ah- Ash how do you-"

"Just go along with it for now Cynthia."

Cynthia didn't offer any further protest when Ash placed his tired manhood in between her mountainous breasts. "Ah... shit..." Ash continued thrust his hips forward in an effort to find his next erection.

Cynthia groaned as she watched Ash thrust between her fleshy orbs. As if she were taking a cue from him she started to licked his cock head every time it came close to her lips.

"Fuck... Oh shit... Damn Cynthia..." Ash hissed as he continued forcing his way in.

"You like that baby?" Cynthia purred.

"Ah... Oh yeah... Oh fuck yeah!" Ash moaned out. "This is almost as good as doing it in your mouth."

Cynthia smiled at this compliment and contributed to the act. With the soft texture of her breasts she found Ash's erection slowly returning to its original state. She looked up to his face and noticed Ash had his eyes closed while panting at a rather fast pace as he continued pumping himself. She pressed her breasts together harder and moved them up and down Ash's length hoping to get him to erupt.

"That's a good boy. Now cum for me." Cynthia simply ordered.

With a sudden pop Ash's manhood was no longer between her mountainous flesh. He gazed at her with his second erection standing at the ready, "Sorry Cynthia. Not going to work that way."

"What? Do you plan on taking command?"

"I do." With a sudden jerk Ash changed positions, hoisting her right leg up onto his shoulder and prepared his new erection to Cynthia's wet entry. Ash kept his right arm around Cynthia's leg while he took in a deep breath enjoying the scent so near his face while Ash placed his left hand on one of her heaving breasts. Ash finished taking the breath before he thrust his pelvis forward and found his manhood back inside the heavenly confines of Cynthia's canal. The pleasure continued to be mutual while Ash managed to find his way further into Cynthia's eager area than before. If he hadn't known any better he would have guessed he was breaching her womb. It was the only idea he needed to be encouraged to gorge himself again.

Cynthia felt his speed continued, and with every sheathing of his member within her getting fuller and deeper, Cynthia had to clutch at the bed to keep herself from passing out from the pleasure. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ash you! Ash that's sooo..." Cynthia tried to find words to come out but ended up only muttering small phrases that wouldn't have made sense. Every time Ash continued to bring himself in he managed to find a way to hit Cynthia deeper into her and was able to pick up speed from his lust. The speed and desire from his pumping eventually got to be so intense that Cynthia could see sweat budding from Ash's forehead. It was the last thing she saw before she briefly blacked out from the sight and began to almost lose all energy in sleep.

Ash looked down at Cynthia's tired expression when he asked, "Hey Cynthia. You okay?" He checked her heartbeat and realized that she was only asleep at the moment. Apparently the act was taking a lot of energy out of her. With that in mind he began to slow down the movement of his thrusts to a much slower pace. It was a struggle to maintain but somehow he managed to simply pace himself instead of just taking her right then and there.

Finally it was a few minutes before Ash saw Cynthia's face brighten up with the energy necessary to be awake. She saw Ash still pumping into her when she asked, "Are you... Still going?"

"Of course. I want you to feel it Cynthia."

"Do it. Show me what you can do!"

Ash took up the challenge when he brought back his earlier speed to pump into Cynthia's wet cavity. He planted his face into Cynthia's large breasts and licked and sucked them. This only increased Cynthia's pleasure as she gave out a long moan. It wasn't long before Ash felt Cynthia's inner walls tighten around him. Once they clamped down Ash began to find himself reaching his own limit.

"Oh... yeah... Here... it...goes!" With those final pushes Ash forced his length into Cynthia one final time. Both of them let out a strained moan when the mutual climax hit while their bodies did the rest of the work. The tip of Ash's penis once again let loose its stream of semen to work its way into Cynthia's womb.

Cynthia adjusted her gaze with Ash's shit eating grin from his recent achievement. She managed to get a few breaths of air into her before she told him, "I... I certainly hope... You're happy with yourself."

"Just watch."

"Ah!" Cynthia felt herself tossed over to another side while Ash had his hands on her hips. Instead of using her breasts Cynthia was able to feel Ash rubbing his manhood along her soaked vagina. It took only a few seconds before Cynthia felt Ash's manhood achieve hardness as it ran along the edge of her canal. "You... You're actually..."

"You bet I am. Now I'm gonna fuck you like I own you!" Cynthia couldn't help but inwardly laugh at the statement. It seemed to go against just what sort of confession Ash offered quite a while ago. She couldn't think any longer though when she felt Ash grasp her breasts from behind and plunged his erect manhood into her wet canal yet again.

Cynthia yelped at first when she felt the boy's member inside her again but it didn't take long for her to get lost in irresistible pleasure. "Oh... Oh yeah! That's it!" Cynthia summoned what little energy she had left as she forced her lower body to meet with Ash's thrusts. "Keep going! I thought you said you'd own me!"

"Damn! Come on and take it!" Ash forced himself down even further to bring his head to the same level as Cynthia's. His chest lost in the silky texture of her hair and his manhood lost in the confines of her sacred area, Ash couldn't feel any more turned on.

Ash continued to force his manhood in while mustering what strength he had left into his pelvis. He earned a gasp of lustful pleasure every time he entered Cynthia. The sweat that had made its way down his body allowed some of Cynthia's golden hair to attach to him as his body lifted only slightly from Cynthia's back.

The force of their union brought both Ash and Cynthia reduced their speech to nothing more than pants. The sounds of smacking sex drowning out any other sounds that might have mattered to them. Ash was in the meantime too focused on making his manhood feast on the fleshy tightness of Cynthia's wonderful canal. He didn't need to see her face to know that she had "fucked stupid" written all over her face by now.

It was a few minutes before Ash started to feel the accumulation of his thrusts building within him. "Ah damn! Here it goes again!"

"Just... Just do it!" Cynthia managed.

Their bodies for the third time that night brought out the juices of their sexual action. Cynthia's canal was filled to the brim before it rushed its way over Ash's still-sheathed manhood. When the last wave rushed over her Cynthia fell beneath Ash to the bed sheets sighing in complete bliss. Above her, Ash slumped, making a similar sound.

Ash fell over on his back to Cynthia's left side when his work was finally done. In spite of all the energy he was able to muster that night he was finally exhausted. Not showing any signs of complaint, Cynthia rolled over to his side where her breasts lay on his body while she wrapped her arm around him. There was finally no longer any movement from either of them except for the heavy breathing of the very ambitious activity they just had.

Both parties now felt like a pile of worn out limbs of their former selves as neither chose to even turn the lights out or grab the bed sheets. Ash was about to fall asleep before he asked, "So... That what you expected?"

"It sure was... I didn't expect my first time to be so... savage though..." Ash didn't even comment when he could only appreciate just how satisfied he had made the woman of his desire. Cynthia finally decided now was the time to point out, "Something a bit curious though. I thought you only wanted to be mine."

Ash continued to look up at the ceiling when he tried to think, "Ah..." Not wanting an awkward silence he admitted, "Well damn. There goes that plan out the window."

"Don' t worry about it." Cynthia planted a kiss on his cheek, "I like this one better. And I'm pretty sure the feeling's mutual."

Ash tugged Cynthia closer to him when he told her, "I don't know about mutual. I feel more like I just won the Sinnoh Championship."

Years after those climatic nights had come, Ash and Cynthia had become a force to be reckoned with. The new Sinnoh Champion wasn't expected by many to retain his title for a long period of time but every challenge brought to him was simply another year he would rise to. Every year he had with Cynthia was one where he would confirm their relationship. Every year was one that kept him as much of a trainer to be challenged while the collective years progressing changed him into a man no one thought he would become... A family man.

"And congratulations are officially in order Mr. Ketchum. Remaining as the Sinnoh Championship for the 14th year in a row. Just what do you attribute to such luck?"

"I don't think I have any luck on my side. What I've got is the greatest motivation any man could ever ask for. Doing everything possible to keep up with my wife."

Another reporter jumped in with a very different question, "Finally the children. Just how many do you plan on having?"

Ash couldn't help but chuckle at that question when he answered, "Cynthia originally agreed on just one every time I had a victory. After Nero and Sora were born though it kind of got out of hand as you might guess."

"It certainly seems like it. And I think I speak for everyone watching right now when I say that we look forward to next year when your most unbeatable Pikachu is reminding us what makes him the very best there is."


"I think I speak for him when I say that it's not just his strength that pulls it off. It's our teamwork and trust that brings us even further than we though possible." He looked over the shoulder of the reporter when he told her, "It's been great but I've got to meet up with my wife now. She's expecting me pretty soon." Ash began to move his way through the crowd of reporters with the determination of seeing the woman of his life. It was the only thing he needed to press his way through.

Among the crowd many of Ash's old friends had been present. Dawn was the first to point out, "It's so wonderful isn't it? It's been so many years after Ash first became the Champion."

Delia observed her son making his way through the crowd when she agreed, "I always knew my boy would become something great. And with such a wonderful family too."

"Why damn it! Why?" Brock cursed next to them. "If I hadn't given him that advice that day... That would be me down there... Right there with the most..." He turned around to remember the woman he himself settled down with right beside him. "Uh... The most... revered... title... The actual Sinnoh Championship... I helped Ash win the Pokémon League all those years ago!"

"I sure hope that's what you've had on your mind mister."

"I swear Suzy it was!"

Free of any ambitious reporters, Ash Ketchum found a hidden area of the stadium where he could gain a moment's peace. He turned to his right shoulder when he asked his most faithful companion, "Surprised we managed to go this far after all these years Pikachu?"


"Yeah I kind of knew I had it in me. Got to admit though, I never thought I'd get quite this lucky though."

As if on cue Cynthia showed up in front of Ash holding their 18th child. The little baby boy squirmed in his mother's embrace while she smiled at his most recent victory. Pikachu jumped into Cynthia's embrace where he cuddled with the recent newborn. "Another victory another year as champion huh?" She greeted.

Ash smiled when he watched his old buddy, "It sure is. I don't think I could ask for anything to make my day better."

"You might be right. But I think we could end tonight with a very high note."

Ash placed his arm around her shoulders while they walked off to the stadium exit. "You're right. It's about time we've had our victory night together."

"It is isn't it?" They both began to walk out the stadium exit when Cynthia reminded, "I just hope that you're willing to continue this sort of responsibility. Four of our sons and daughters are already out there in the world doing what they can to be the very best like you did and I think these ones will be every bit as ambitious."

Ash laughed at the idea when he remembered far back in his youth and continued to embrace his lovely wife. "Maybe one of them will even beat me one day. 'Till then though I just want to keep having special nights with the best woman I've ever known."

"Of course you want to make these nights special. It' not like these nights are ones to take for granted are they?" Cynthia asked as they found their way towards the Stadium exit.

"Never were." He said before leaning in to kiss Cynthia. "I just see them as part of the life of a Champion worth living."