"I'm so bored!" I groaned sitting on the slab of cement in front of my door.

"Why don't you go work for the guy at the general store?" Blake asked, thumbing through a book while sitting next to me.

"I got let go."


"Yesterday apparently. I showed up again this morning, but he told me I was done."

"So now what?"

"I spent some time at the forge working on Jaune's present, but I could only get an hour long turn without paying."

"That sucks. What are you making anyways?"

I reached into the pouch on my waist I kept with my casual clothes. I found the slightly crumpled up paper with the reworked design and after organizing all the other notes and such handed it to her.

"I increased the size of the gun so it can use proper light ammunition." Blake flipped to the next page and I moved on with her.

"I have it set so the barrel runs along the flat edge of the blade. It folds into itself to reduce it's length to just an inch longer than the barrel before folding into a proper pistol shape. I don't expect Jaune to be able to operate or even fully utilize a more complex weapon."

"He's doesn't exactly have the most intricate fighting techniques. Remember when he "

"Well he's had sword and board drilled into his head to the point that he isn't compatible with anything else."

"Why are you giving him a gun?" She turned to me to show the seriousness of the question, "You remember last time he used a gun it bounced off a steel beam and hit you in the shoulder."

"It was an accident, and that was almost ten years ago. It's just a tiny scar now, I'm sure he'll be just fine now."

"Second problem: How are you going to convince him to use this instead of Crocea Mors? You know how attached he is to it, once his dad gave it to him."

"I was hoping I could teach him to dual wield. plus I plan to make the pistol small enough that he can hold it with his shield."

"Have you practiced dual wielding outside when I taught you in training?"

"A little bit."

"Maybe I should train him."

I looked over to see she had looked away from her book. Her knowing grin spoiled her intent to me. I crossed my arms and puffed my cheeks while I told her "No, I'll do it."

Blake was the only person who tricked me into admitting I liked Jaune and why. She also knew I absolutely hated it when she poked fun at the fact.

"Hello again!"

Me and Blake turned forward to see Pyrrha waving to us from the road.

"Hey Pyrrha, what are you doing here?" I returned her smile.

"I wanted to check up on you. I heard you got badly hurt while on the mission we had together and I couldn't find you yesterday."

"Well here I am. Don't worry though, I'm fine. Doctor said I just need a week and I'll be back in the action." Throwing my fist in the air, the thought of being back in the field made me excited with anticipation.

"I am pleased to hear this. Is your sister here?" looking around and realizing Yang wasn't with us.

"No." I groaned, thinking of how boastful she'll be when she get's back.

"With Ruby injured,Ozpin decided to put her uncle and dad together with Yang. They're currently doing an 'elite' mission probably on the surface."

"What makes it so special?"

"We don't know,.I've never been on one before and apparently they are classified."

"They also get free bullets!" I whined, "It's not fair! I want Ozpin to pay for all the bullets I have my sweetheart use."

"Only you would be happy about getting harder work."

"Uncle Qrow makes them sound so cool though! Anyone would want to go on those kind of adventures."

The two giggled, no doubt at my antics while I leaned on my back rubbed my face hoping it get some sort of feeling out of them. Being injured sucks. I liked getting sick when I was younger, because I didn't have to go to my boring classes; but now I was missing out on the only thing that help the day go by. Now I was being forced to realize just how long the days actually were.

"Oh yeah!" I exclaimed to myself while sitting back up.

"What is it?" Blake asked, while both her and Pyrrha gave me quizzical looks.

"Remember that white beowolf on the mission? I wanted to ask Mr. Port or Mr. Oobleck about them. I've never seen grimm fight each other before."

I started getting to my feet, but Pyrrha was kind enough to give me a hand. I lead the way, crouch underarm, while Pyrrha and Blake followed at my heels.

"So who are Mr. Port and Mr. Oobleck?" I heard Pyrrha ask Blake behind me.

"They are both instructors for hunters and huntresses in training. Oobleck handles the more academic half of our basic training while Mr. Port does sparing and survival."

I only stopped when I realized Blake wasn't following. I turned to face her and Pyrrha did the same.

"What is it?"

"Have you noticed the metro has been very empty?"

I looked around, to see plenty of people out and about. She was right though. There should have been twice as many people filling the street.

"Do you think it's just a very slow day?" I asked.

"No, it's been like this for a bit, every day there are fewer and fewer."

"Do you have anywhere else that people could go to?" Pyrrha asked.

"No," Blake replied, shaking her head, "There are other metro stations that we live in, but travel isn't safe, and I'm sure the guards would have noticed if people were leaving on mass."

A flare of worry built up in me, as I thought to Mr. Green and his abandoned shack.

"Do you think we should tell Ozpin? He might know where they are." I offered, completely forgetting my original objective.

"It wouldn't hurt." She agreed, confirming the decision.

It was the same direction, but we were heading all the way down the way now. Well we were going to. There was a massive explosion in front of us. One that shook the entire metro and sent me to the ground. Dust filled the air, and my breaths turned to coughs and wheezes as I struggled to breath.

Bloody grimm, why don't I have my respirator.

"What the fuck was that!" Some random man choked, getting to his feet.

Gunfire answered, followed shortly by screams.

"What's going on?" everyone asked, or was at least thinking.

There was more gunfire then a loud ringing filled the tunnels.

"Is that the alarm? Has the barricade been breached?" I heard Blake shout this time.

I started picking myself up only to have a pair of arms wrap around my body. I was placed on my feet, with Blake turning me around to Pyrrha.

"Pyrrha, take Ruby to the emergency shelter. If the grimm have breached the barricade I need to help hold them off till everyone can get away." She ordered with authority in her voice.

"What? No! I want to help!"

"No Ruby. You don't have your weapons with you." She said, shaking her head.

"Pyrrha just take me back to the house! I'll get my stuff, I can help!"

Blake turned me to face her, looking me dead in the eye.

"Ruby, even if you had your gear right now, you're in no condition to fight."

"But I-"

"What do you think you'll do? You can't stand on two legs, and you can't walk or run. Someone would have to next to you, just to protect you, instead of helping."

"But..." I trailed off, looking for some way to argue and failing to find anything.

I dipped my head in defeat, upset about not being able to help. Blake pulled me into a hug, but I couldn't really tell if she was trying to cheer me up, or motivate herself.

"You can help everyone by getting to the bunker and keep them all calm."

I nodded, taking her suggestion. Pyrrha scooped me up, disorienting me suddenly so I was in her arms; crutch still in hand. Blake ran towards the entrance of the metro while I pointed Pyrrha back to the shelter. Most people had already started making their way there. Gun fire started to approach behind us, but all the dust in the air cut down our vision to only a dozen feet at most.

I ordered Pyrrha left, and she followed my order. There were several bunkers set up incase of an emergency, but this was the only one at this end of the station. Pyrrha ran down the alleyway before coming to a stop suddenly. In front of us was a huge crowd of people.

"What's going on?" I asked, as the crowd was just standing still.

"I think the bunker is still closed." A man in front of us stated.

"Closed? Why? They should be open, even when the station isn't under attack."

He shrugged, and looked forward again to wait patiently for the door to open. The crowd was calm for the moment, but as the battle and the grimm got closer that was sure to change quickly.

"Come on. Let's head back toward my house, there's another bunker at the very end." Pyrrha nodded and we ran off to the far end.

"You sure you don't want to stop by my house?"

"I apologize Ruby, but I must agree with Blake. You are in no condition to fight."

"Well I just thought maybe seeing a fully armed huntress could help keep people calm while we wait out in the bunker."

She ran for a bit longer, before nodding to my logic and we made a quick detour to my house. The gunfire faded, but I wasn't sure if it was because the fighting was going the other way, or if we were simply out running it. I didn't feel a need to fully change, so just threw my blouse over my tank top, and my skirt over my shorts. I traded my shoes for my combat boots and put on the rest of my equipment.

I was about to leave, but decided to bring Jaune's sword with me. I didn't know how long I would be in there, so having something to do would help. I limped out as fast as I could back to Pyrrha. I moved as fast

The sounds of fighting returned, but it was much lighter than before sounded like some grimm might've gotten through and they were just cleaning up. I hoped the other group was safe, but for now I could help everyone at this end.

"Sounds like the fighting almost over."

"We should still go to the bunker till we're told it's ok."

We marched the last hundred meters or so to the bunker, only to find another crowd.

"What's going on! Why are all the shelters closed!" I shouted leaving Pyrrha's support.

I pushed my way through the thinner crowd. Most people moved aside for me, not exactly having anything to be doing. I came to see a very concerning sight. The massive door sealed shut, but that wasn't what worried me. It was the the spray painted crown broken by a black lightning bolt on it that did.

My fist slammed into the metal. I was certain that there were some people inside who probably just closed the door to save their own skins.

"Open the door immediately! There's a crowd of people here trying to get in!"

There was no response so I slammed my fist into the metal again. I let out a groan, getting angry with this whole situation.

"Open this door right now! I'm a huntress and I WILL have you tried for endangerment of the metro!"

"Everyone put your hands in the air!"

I turned around to where the call came from behind me. I weaved back through the crowd, who were murmuring to themselves with fear present in many of their voices.

"What's going on!" I shouted, breaking through to where Pyrrha was standing.

She had her shield and sword out, in a combat stance. In a line blocking our way, was a group of individuals each with guns aimed at the crowd. Each had black kevlar vests on and what I could only guess were black welding mask to conceal their faces. Their guns looked like they had been cared for poorly; one even had put tape around the barrel and scope to keep them together.

"Who are you?" I asked, not meaning for as much anger in my voice as there was.

"Put your hands in the air!" One of them shouted back.

"Ruby, I don't think they are part of your security force." Pyrrha said, turning to me.

"Drop your weapon and put your hands in the air, now!" The same guy, who I guess was their leader, ordered me.

"Is that a threat?" I asked, already knowing the answer but wanted to hear it from their own mouth.


Pyrrha looked to me not sure what to do. I cocked my head slightly to give her the go ahead. Her sword made a few clicking sounds while it extended out into a spear. I dropped my crutch to the ground and pulled out Crescent Rose in one smooth motion, slamming its tip into the ground.

Three of the attackers took a step back at the sudden display of hostility, with a fourth shifting in place. Only the leader remained calm and spent the moment rallying his men.

I yanked my scythe from the dirt and threw it behind me, shifting my weight to balance on one foot. I pulled the bolt to prime the weapon, while everyone behind me immediately moved out of the way so I had a clear firing line.

Me and my target pulled the trigger at the same time. I launched forward coming at him head on purposely to take the bullets so the crowd behind me wouldn't risk getting hit. His shots slammed into me and I could feel each one do a serious blow to my aura, but I held out long enough to close the distance.

My blade came around and sliced the man's gun clean in half in his hands. I let the weight of my blade carry me around as I looped back, turning Crescent rose around to bat the unarmed man away. I watched him fly a good twenty feet into the air before he reached the peak.

I was pulled back from my distraction when my aura burned my sides with irritation. One on my left at my shoulder the second on the right side of my head. The irritation on the right grew stronger as its threat grew more imminent. Without having time to look, I ducked down, hoping to avoid what it was. A loud whizzing sound passed overhead and I followed it to see a bronze disc fly head on at a man who was taking aim at me. It landed dead on, though I didn't know how much damage it actually did behind the iron mask, as I had to focus on the man on the far end on the left who seemed to be coming out of a daze, probably just registering they were being attacked.

Like the first foe, I used Crescent Rose to launch me forward. He fumbled with his gun in surprise for a bit before finally taking aim. I was too close though, and moved my weapon forward so the top of the blade would hit him.

A perfect blow to his low center sent him to the ground, while I pivoted on the curve of my blade till the barrel was over his center chest. I fired a point blank round, hoping his armor would protect him as I sent myself airborn. I folded up my precious as I flipped through the air, taking in the sight around me. The crowd was fine and only one last enemy was left to deal with. Pyrrha was expertly avoiding the shots from the man, but couldn't get an opening to counter from.

I threw my legs and weight 'till I was facing the two mid flight and fired a single heavy round at the man's shoulder. His arm flew back as the force of the hit pulled his whole body with it. Pyrrha took the moment and rolled her spear back into a throwing stance. She held off until the man recovered and turned to face her again. With pinpoint precision, she threw the spear through his protective armor just over the shoulder with enough force to actually take the man off his feet. He flew a solid ten feet before he hit the ground, the spear anchoring him to the ground.

I remembered gravity's influence on me, and looked down to see I only had seconds before hitting the ground. I didn't have time to fully adjust my balance, and landed on both legs. Pain shot through my bad one and I collapsed to the floor, unable to stay standing. I grabbed my leg in some attempt to sooth it, but knew I couldn't.

"Do you need some help getting up Miss?"

I looked over to see a small boy, probably only five or six standing next to me with my crotch in his hands. I smiled and thanked him while another group of adults ran over and helped me up.

"Alright, can I have your attention?" I called out so everyone could hear me.

Having so many eyes on me made me pause and swallow my nerves before I could continue.

"Since the shelter is locked I want you all to hide in the houses. Make sure you stay away from the windows and entrances and stay quiet. Me and Pyrrha are going to head for the front and try to find out what's happening. So stay safe while we're gone."

"Not so fast you young whippersnappers!" An older gentleman pushed through the crowd before continuing, "I might not be as young as you kids, but I was a soldier. I can still fight!"

"Mr. Bark?" I asked, not exactly registering what he said.

"Don't act so surprised," He said while turning to Pyrrha, pointing at her DMR, "These guns you use now, might not have the kick that my old Reaper had, but bullets are still bullets, and people have thinner skulls then grimm."

Pyrrha reluctantly handed him her rifle. He made a quick inspection of the ammo in the mag, and took account of the crosshair. Much of the crowd was whispering amongst themselves looking at the sight.

"I don't think you should come, you might get hurt." I honestly didn't have a reason for him to go; but he had been my neighbor my whole life and I didn't want to see something happen to him.

"Bah! So you can fight even though you are injured, yet think I can't because I might?"

"Well..." I trailed off. He might not have been dad, but he sure scorned me like he was.

"Well I guess that means I'm coming too."

Everyone turned toward the center of the crowd. Everyone's gaze was fixed on Doctor Arneke, who was pulling out a revolver from under his coat.

"I think I can make this piece of trash work." Someone called from the side, picking up one of the unconscious soldier's weapons.

"I'm not just going to sit here twiddling my thumbs when there is some action to be had!"

"These punks just put vacancy signs on their asses, and my foot is looking for a room!"

"These scrubs need to learn this is our station!"

One by one, a group of people stepped forward from the crowd. Each with weapons in their hands. The eight people had a fire in their eyes that I doubt anyone could squash. Pyrrha looked over to me and gave a reassuring nod. With everyone against me I let out a sigh in defeat.

"Alright, you can come."

"We don't need your permission, we're your elders." Mr. Bark humphed.

"Well we're going to need a plan," The one who made the comment about twiddling his thumbs stated.

"Right, I still think the everyone else should hide in the houses."

"Agreed." Mr. Bark stated.

"Don't worry we'll stay out of your way. You focus on showing those bastards what for!" A women stated, with the crowd nodding and heading for the houses.

"Alright, now what?" Doctor Arneke asked.

"We should divide into four teams. Me and Pyrrha will take point, and then we'll have three groups of three to cover the flanks. We should put the amateurs with the vets."

"I guess I can put up with fighting alongside these dumbasses for a bit, but I'll need to get by works shoes so I don't get these ones scuffed up on their asses."

"Ha! I had to deal with them when I was in the army. The trick is to make sure your instructions are thorough enough that even their thick skulls can understand."

Everyone they were referring to gave Mr. Bark a scowl, but him and the other man just shared a small laugh.

"If you're keeping two in reserve, then I'm guessing you're going to have me in the back?" Arneke asked.

I nodded and explained, "If someone's hurt you can quickly move to help them. Plus it'll keep you safer if you aren't in direct line of fire."

"I can understand that logic, any volunteers to play nurse? Preferably someone who's ok with getting some blood on their hands."

One man volunteered. The one next to him offered to trade weapons to things more appropriate to their roles.

"So are we set?" Mr. Bark asked, pulling the primer to his weapon.

"On second," Doctor Arneke started, coming over to me, "That was a bit of a fall, let me check your leg first."

I nodded while he raised my skirt so he could get a clear view of my legs. Fortunately, I wasn't wearing my stockings so I wouldn't have to strip so he could get a good look. He rolled his hand up my leg, pinching it every few inches, making me wince every time.

"Alright, looks fine. Your bone is healing nicely. Just make sure you don't do anything too reckless, the structure is still a little frail, so I doubt it could take that kind of pressure a second time for a little while."

I nodded to him in acknowledgement. He then turned to face the rest of the group and asked if they had any pains he should look at.

"Only if you're a love doctor." The man with the enemy soldier's gun joked.

"I got a crick in my neck if you want to get that for me." The second veteran said, making his own joke.

"Get contacts, and wash your face to get rid of that acne and you should have women able to tolerate you; at the least. You look like a complete nerd." He commented, while walking over to the other joker.

He swiftly grabbed the man by the sides of his head. Flicking it to the side both ways he was rewarded with loud cracks from his neck, both ways. The gentleman groaned, rubbing his neck of the new sensation. He then swiped his bronze hand over his face and through his white full beard. A soft, self inflicted smack to the face and he thanked the doctor for his help.

"Anything else?"

There was no reply this time. Seeing we were all good, he nodded for me to take the lead.

"Mr. Bark will take the left side of the street, while..." Looking to the other man not knowing his name.

"I guess you kids get the honor of fighting with Brun on the right." He said pridefully pointing his thumb at himself.

"Alright we all know what to do. So let's go!" The man who volunteered to help Arneke shouted.

"Alright, let's go!" I agreed turning around and leading the way toward the probably now destroyed entrance of the metro station.

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