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This Is the Way I Pray

"Eat this baka-oushi!!!"

"Moron! Block-headed Neko!!!"

"Aa… Kyou-kun, Hatsuharu-kun… Please stop trying to destroy the house"

"It's no use trying to stop them at this stage..."

"Ano… Stop fighting… please…"

The habits of the Souma Shigure residence became livelier every day, more so now than ever; since Souma Hatsuharu decided to spend a week of his summer break visiting. His reasons for such an act are still an unrevealed mystery...

~A few hours later…~

::On the roof::


The last few hours have really been a mess. That stupid ox! He knew he could never win against me! But he still insisted on fighting me!...Still, I can't really put all the blame on him though, I mean, it's not his fault he switched to Black-Haru mode. Everyone knows about Black-Haru's aggressive attitude…

:: Kyou sighs again, lies down on his back, and stares at the blue sky::

Why can't I be a little nicer? Just change a little for her? Honda Tohru has been living with us for about...two or three years. Bah, who gives a damn about knowing how long she's been here? I have to say I adore her. For all the things she's done to our lives. Without her, I don't want to know what would have happened to us, what would've happened to me.

Since I was little, others have rejected me because I am the Neko Juunishi. Even my own mother felt disgusted. She never told me directly, but I could see it in her eyes and her actions. She only gave me frightened smiles and was always checking my wrist, to make sure I was wearing it.

The vengeful soul of the cat…

What a misfortune, the child is the neko of the Juunishi…

A child born in the year of the cat is useless…

Am I so useless that people insist on saying things behind my back? Why does everyone hate me? Is it because I'm the Neko Juunishi!?!



"Kyou-kun, are you breaking the roof tiles again?" Shigure yelled from downstairs, his suspicion noticeably aroused by the noise.

"Aaa…. Iie, Shigure-san… nothing to worry about"

Shit! Oh great, just what I need. Now I need to repair this hole before Shigure sees it. If he finds out I've broken the roof again...I think I'll be chewed alive by his inu form's fangs!


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