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This Is the Way I Pray

It's been four days since Haru stayed with us, and today was the fourth day he'd been taking residence in Shigure's house… and it was yesterday that I've caught them talking about me in… a really 'disturbing' way, well it was disturbing wasn't it? They actually talked about whose better to have my love. Thinking about that incident just made me blush again and again. Damn kuso-nezumi and baka-oushi

Huffed, I turned around lazily on my bed and continued to enjoy the cool breeze from my open windows. It was almost noon but I felt so lazy to do anything today. Let alone to go down and retrieve my lunch downstairs… My stomach growled in agreement when I remembered about lunch. Pushing myself to sit up on the bed, I scratches the back of my head and yawned slightly. "Alright, let's go have lunch…", I said while patting my complaining stomach.

Descending the stairs, I walked to the dining room and found Tohru preparing the table as usual and Shigure reading the paper like usual too. Something was a little out of the usual though… Ah, yes, almost forgot… or maybe I just tried to forget about them. That k'so-nezumi and baka-oushi weren't present in the dining room like usual. After that incident yesterday, maybe they tried to avoid me… Or something sounding a bit meaner, they 'ran away' from me. With that, I chuckled to myself and grinned. So they too chickened out (even for the unbeatable girly boy) from me. At last, maybe this was the moment of peace for me.

Sue me, but I swore that god hate me. Right on the queue, the front door opened and the familiar voice called in. "Tohru-san, Shigure-san. Tadaima." It was that kuso-nezumi's voice. He was out? I didn't realize it…

Tohru stood up quickly and ran out to greet him. Decided to stop paying any attention to the boring paper, Shigure poked his head up and grinned at me. "Oh, Kyou-kun decided to join us at last? It was quite boring and quiet without you this morning for breakfast…" He said while mimicking a high school girl whiny voice. That made me shudder unintentionally and I could feel my eye twitched. "Ahou hentai inu!!! I told you not to use that kind of voice at me!"

Before I could do something violent to the hentai man in front of me, something caught my attention and I had my neko ears perked up and listen hard.

"I'm sorry, Tohru-san… I manage to get the rice but they ran out of leek and some other ingredients that you listed…", the girly boy said sounding a bit sad and disappointed. Though I shuddered at the word 'leek', hopefully that bloody girly boy won't be using that 'thing' to knock me down like before… It was such an embarrassing view to be knocked out by a single stick of leek in my mouth and Tohru was there too.

"Aah, that's alright, Souma-san. The only main ingredients is the rice, now I can go and prepare some porridge for Hatsuharu-kun." She said with that gentle and motherly voice of her… But wait, a porridge for that baka-oushi? Without even realizing it, I was eavesdropping their conversations from the dining room. Shigure just chuckled at me and decided to eavesdrop too. Sadly, ahou-inu leaned forward waaaay too far and made me lost my balance. With a loud thud, the two of us came to view and fall unceremoniously to the ground.

"Itte-te-teee!!! AHOU!!!" Feeling pretty awesomely stupid, I threw the perverted-laughing-man off my back roughly and turn to growled dangerously at Yuki. The girly boy just blinked at me for several times and blushed slightly when his eyes caught my eyes. The heck…

"K-Kyou-kun! You're not suppose to throw Shigure-san like that!" Tohru just flailed helplessly at me and ran toward where that inu had landed. With a loud ::POOF:: sound, then a bark could be heard and the girl started to apologize quickly.

I turned and surprised that Yuki actually haven't walked away like he usually do. I raised an eyebrow at the blushing girly boy… wait he still blushing? Whoa… Raising my hand up, I touched his forehead gently without thinking. As my mind finally registered what I was doing, I froze with my hand still on Yuki's forehead. The two of us stay like that for a while, neither one was moving or pulling away.

Umm… knock-knock, hellooo brain? Please work before I decided to do something stupidly stupid. And I mentally kicked my self for sounding so lame. I blushed along with Yuki and we just stood there, doing nothing.


Yuki tries to catch a glimpse of me through his long bangs and from under my hand cutely. I didn't know that this girly boy actually could fit under the definition of 'cute'… Well he's cute anyway, I grinned unintentionally at the though and I could feel Yuki shivered because of my unexpected grin.

I moved my hand to rest on his cheek and leaned forward slowly. That rosy lips just invited me to taste it sweetness and it was just too tempting to stop. Our lips soon pressed against each other and I started kissing him vigorously. Pushing him backward against the wall, we continued to battle our tongues and continued to make out in the hallway, which I kinda forget where we were for a moment.

Moving my leg forward, I pressed my knee against his inner thigh… And was rewarded with a short gasp and a hitching breath against the kiss. I just couldn't stop myself from grinning wider at the squeaking noise whenever I rubbed my knee against his inner thighs.

Slowly, my other hand started to sneak up to Yuki's pants. Rubbing his hip ever so gently and groped him slightly. It felt like pure heaven, well I guess I didn't have to die yet to feel this kinda heaven. Continued with the hard kissing and sucking we completely had forgotten where we were.

"Souma-san, Kyou-kun? The porridge is ready"

Said Kohru from inside of the kitchen. The voice almost made our souls jumped out from our bodies. We stopped our kissing quickly and pushed away from each other as we rushed to tidy up our shirts and hair. Right after we pulled away, Tohru came out from the kitchen with a bowl of porridge on her hands.

"Oh, hey, Tohru." I said groggily while waving my hand at her lamely. Another kick for myself mentally. Yuki pushed himself off the wall quickly and offered Tohru a help with the bowl.

"So, what's with this porridge?" I asked them while eyeing the porridge with a suspicion expression on my face. Two pairs of eyes suddenly rested on me with this look of disbelief. "That's baka-neko for you", said Yuki while he shook his head and shoulders dropped. Tohru just laughed at us nervously, maybe she was afraid that we started a fight again and decided to destroy more part in the house.

"What?!" I partly hissed and glared at that kuso-nezumi harder than necessary. I couldn't believe that I was making up with this… this… two-faced freak!

"Kyou-kun…" Tohru began, "You didn't know that Hatsuharu-kun is sick?"

And it felt like a bulldozer rammed onto me at high speed.


- 20 minutes later… XD -

After all the insults that k'so nezumi could think of to throw at me, here I was, holding a bowl of porridge, standing in front of that baka oushi room… Yuki said this was a punishment for me for neglecting my sick-younger-Juunishi-cousin… Like how in the hell did he manage to get sick overnight?! He was fine the day before… Sighed in defeat, I knocked the door gently, not wanting to wake that cow if he was sleeping so at least I had my reason not to go into his room.

A minute passed and I didn't hear anything from behind the door. I knocked it again louder this time. Perking my neko ears up, I rested against the door and tried to listen any movement from the other side of the door. Soft coughing noise could be heard… Damn, that kid really was sick.

I opened the door slowly and poked my head inside. "Yo, baka oushi?" I whispered the words out and looked around the room. Nothing. Then after a while, a shuffling sound could be heard from inside the room.


Haru's voice sounded really hoarse and low, sending a shiver throughout my body. What the hell was I thinking, he's sick! And that will received me another kick mentally. Darnit, how many kick did I manage to get today?! Groaning to myself, I went into the room and closed the door quietly.

"Hey, baka oushi, how did you manage to get sick overnight?" I asked with some sarcasm added. I put the bowl on top of the table carefully and stepped closer to the bed. Sat on the edge of the bed gently I put my hand on the younger Juunishi's forehead, checking for his temperature. At my touch, Haru sighed in relief at my cool touch. Damned it all, his forehead indeed quite hotter than the usual temperature.

"You've got a fever?" I asked ingeniously.

Haru just nodded and leaned closer to the touch. Looking the oushi like this kinda made my heart hurt slightly. In the main house, whenever we Juunishi were sick, the head of the house… Akito would beat us up badly and told us that we're useless and a burden of the house. That's why whenever we're sick, we Juunishi tried to hide it or asked someone else to take care of us and tried not to be found out by anyone else that worked under Akito.

I mussed with Haru's black and white hair, petting him and sighed. Good thing that he's in Shigure's house instead of the main house. "Hey, you still awake? Tohru made you some food," I told him as I retrieve the bowl of porridge from the table.

Haru shook his head weakly and tried to edge away from the bowl. This was interesting… I thought to myself. "Awww… don't tell me you don't like this sticky porridge…" I smirked wider as Haru kept trying to move away from the bowl of doom in my hand. Noted that in mind, maybe I could use it against him one day… or maybe put some bowls of porridge around my room so it will ward away this oushi.

"They- coughs taste… bland and funny… want coughs rice…"

"Like hell you're able to eat rice at the moment, your throat must be raw and hurting." I said in a scolding manner. I picked up the spoon and blew the porridge softly to cool it down and offered it to Haru. "Come on now, don't be such a baby. Say 'aaah'…"

I was so having fun with this.

Defeated, he reluctantly opened his mouth and took the porridge into his mouth and swallowed them straight away, not wanting to let his tongue taste the blandness. He screwed his eyes shut and coughed some more. I… never realized this before, but like this… Haru looked really cute, no actually beyond cute, he's super cute! I let a ghostly smile plastered against my lips and kept feeding him until the last drop of the porridge.

"Good boy." I said mockingly. Haru flopped back onto the bed while trying to scowl at me, which only made him look tons cuter than before. Chuckling, I petted his head gently and grinned. "And be glad that I agreed to feed you… That kuso nezumi was the one who supposed to feed you, you know". Haru flinched slightly as Yuki's name was mentioned. We all know, though Yuki looked calm and nice on the outside, but in the inside he's really short tempered and really impatient… Maybe if Haru said no to Yuki, he will force feed him the porridge without any pity or something. I shivered with the thought as well.

"Well, I guess Tohru will be happy to find you finished the food"

As I tried to stand up and walked toward the door, his hand grabbed my wrist, stopping me in the track. "Wha-- hey!!!" Haru yanked me down onto his bed and he moved quickly, covering (and trapping) my body with his own. "What the hell!? Haru-- ah! Let me go you baka oushi!!!" I started to struggle under him and was stopped with a hand that groped my ass. I yelped at the sudden bold touch. His skin against mine was so hot… Urghh. Must. Get. Away. Fast.

"Hnnn, I think I really need to wipe this weird taste with something…" Haru said with the wicked smirk he had. "Oh, I know…" Leaning forward suddenly, he captured my lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth that was opened from shock. His action froze me on the spot.

I started to flail my hands around to try to get him off me. But, damn… his kiss was so good. It felt like heaven… Another heaven I just visited in one day. Without thinking, my tongue started to battle against his and his hand started to roam randomly against my body, feeling me up.

After a long time, he pulled away from the kiss, leaving me dazzled and panting. Haru started to cast some of his butterflies kisses around my face and down to my neck. I let him do whatever he wanted to, until I felt his teeth biting on my skin and sucked quite hard on my neck. I sputtered any random words at him and somehow I manage to gain all my strength back to kick him off me and off the bed.


Haru was sprawling on the ground and knocked out from the sudden impact that I gave him. Grumbling and growling, I got off the bed and took the bowl again, leaving the room with no second glance.

I opened the door carelessly and slammed it closed not so gently. This was such a stupid idea! I knew it was such a bloody stupid idea to go into that fat cow's room. I kept grumbling and cursing as I went down the stairs. I bumped onto Yuki's shoulder in the hall way, but I didn't keep it in mind. I just continued cursing and grumbling until I was gone into the kitchen.

Yuki just stood there and cocked his head to the side slightly, confused.


- Extra (LOL) -

After the unexpected assault from the older Juunishi, Haru managed to crawl back and dragged himself on top of his bed. He sighed and covered his eyes with his hand. Then the sound of the door opened and closed reached his ears. Pulling his hand away, he saw the violet haired Juunishi instead of the orange one.

"What- coughs do you want… coughs Yuki?"

Haru asked while flopped back onto his pillow, suddenly feeling really tired and drained. Yuki stepped closer to the bed and glared at Haru.

"It wasn't part of the deal, Haru."

The oushi just shrugged and glared back at Yuki. "Hey-- coughs I called that an op-coughsportunity, I won't let that slipped away from me."

Yuki glared some more at the younger Juunishi.

"That was a payment for pushing me into the riverbank, Yuki." Haru said while grinning his evil grin at Yuki. The older boy sighed and frowned. Both of them raised their hands toward each other and yelled.

"Rock, siccor, paper!"

With Haru on paper and Yuki on scissor, it was clear who was the victory now. Yuki giggled maliciously and patted Haru's head whose still looked a bit shocked at his own hand.

"That's settle it. Tomorrow it's my turn to get Kyou into my bed."

With that, Haru growled and turned away from Yuki, facing the wall while grumbling.



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