Chapter Two: Units and Squadrons: The Sound Survivors

(A/N: Just a heads up for everyone, at the upcoming stage of the story, Naruto will still be the main character and as such will follow him during missions, training, and tests. But, during these times, the OC's and storyline characters are shown, though more often then not through Naruto's perspective and how they're influencing Naruto's life. Hope you enjoy it)

"Alright everyone listen up!"

It was still the first class of the day as everyone settled in, causing Naomi to yawn as she was exhausted, 'I didn't get any milk today...' she thought with a pout, 'I need more calcium, but I can't get those supplement pills until I'm a ninja.' she thought as she closed her eyes, resting her head on her forearms as Iruka continued teaching the class...


Naomi looked up at the man opposite her, "So, you just want to know who I am and stuff?" she asked.

Inoichi Yamanaka nodded, "Yes Naomi-san, you see it appears that you have a bloodline very similar to, but not exactly like, a lost bloodline called the Dead Bone Pulse. But the Kaguya we have talked to says you are not of his clan. I have also been informed that you refer to Orochimaru as 'Father'." Inoichi said calmly.

Naomi frowned as she leaned away from Inoichi, "How do you know that stuff?" she asked.

Inoichi smiled and tapped his forehead with his finger, "I can see the surface of your mind, those are the things you either worry about or think about most. The rest was learned from our own people here in the leaf." Inoichi said.

Naomi smiled at Inoichi, "You have a special power too? I have my bone-nails, but is your mind power like that?" she asked happily.

Inoichi smiled to her and nodded, "Yes, my special power let's me communicate with anyone I want and keep them safe. Do you want me to help keep you safe Naomi-san?" Inoichi asked.

Naomi nodded, "Yes, I just don't want to be hurt anymore." she said, her smile quivering.

Inoichi nodded, "Then please, give me the information I ask for and I can guarantee you a safe place here in the Hidden Leaf."

Naomi took a big breath before nodding again, "O-okay, my father named me Naomi Kaguya because if his plans from me as I grew up. The lady I called mother was always asleep, so I didn't get to talk to her much, but every month I got to spend three hours with her in the Seal Room Six, so that her power will eventually come to me as father put it. But after I actually did get my power, father became... very angry." she said before looking down sadly.

Inoichi nodded, "A friend of mine was once a student of your father. When he got angry then, he would hit her and throw her places. Did he do that to you?" Inoichi asked softly.

Naomi bit her lip, "He only hit me once... but I never got to see him again after that..." she said.

Inoichi's brow furrowed in confusion, "The last time you saw him was before he hit you? Can you tell me how old you were when that happened?" he asked.

Naomi just looked at him and blinked, "How old I was? What do you mean?" she asked in confusion.

Inoichi smiled, "Your birthday Naomi, could you tell me what it is?" he asked kindly.

Naomi tilted her head as more confusion covered her face, "What's a birthday?" she asked.

Inoichi sighed, 'This is gonna take a while, it seems Orochimaru deprived her of knowledge, family, basic understanding... damn...' he thought before smirking and turning to Naomi, "You know, to be honest it'll be extremely difficult to explain the intricacies of every day life to someone who has grown up the way you do, I was wondering, would you like to trade your happiest memory with mine?" he asked.

Naomi's tilted head turned upwards as Naomi shrugged, "Why? And how?" she asked.

Inoichi tapped his head with his finger, "Another one of my powers, or as I call them, Ninjutsu," Inoichi said with a smile, "You see, my happiest memory is my thirtieth birthday, the day I took over as clan head and learned the master-level Ninjutsu of my clan, if I share that memory with you, then the information I naturally had at the time can be lent out to you. Do you know what I mean?" he asked, worried he had lost her.

Naomi thought for a moment of silence before nodding, "I think so... am I gonna know what a birthday is after?" she asked.

Inoichi nodded, "You will know what a birthday is as you will see my own. You'll also get a look at how my Ninjutsu works. I'm hoping to do this to establish trust between the two of us while educating you. Is that ok?" he asked carefully.

Naomi nodded, "So, does that mean you'll see my happiest memeory too? Cause I only have maybe... five happy memories?" she guessed.

Inoichi masterfully hid the shock on his face, 'She can count how many times she's been happy in her life on one hand...? that's unfair.' Inoichi thought as he nodded, "Yes Naomi, we'll see each other's." he explained.

Naomi thought about it for a moment before shrugging, "Okay." she agreed.

Inoichi formed two hand seals, "NINJA ART: MENTAL CONNECTION: SUMMER DAYS!" Inoichi said as both of his hands glowed, he offered one to Naomi as he held another to his own head, "Take my hand if you want to." Inoichi explained.

The moment her hand touched his, she was thrown into Inoichi's family life, experiencing true happiness, the anticipation of a baby, the theoretical knowledge of chakra and basic Ninjutsu and an understanding of the Leaf village that was different to her old one.

And Inoichi experienced all five of her top happy moments. It was an emotional hell.


Inoichi opened his eyes as he looked at life through Naomi's gaze, watching as she sat between two boys, the shorter one doing push ups aggressively while the calmer taller one smiled at Naomi, taking her hands in his, "I know it's difficult Imouto, but I found my power too, it's okay, you can do this." Yurei said.

Naomi nodded as she sent her energy to her fingers, just like her brother – Yurei as Inoichi knew factually – had told her. She had expected a small sprout or something like her oldest brother's power, but as she suddenly felt a surge, she gasped as her oddly pale nail on her pointer finger began to stretch and form a single long claw-blade.

She looked up in fear, seeing that the younger of her two older brothers, - Kira, Inoichi realised – had recoiled from the manoeuvre, "What the heck is that thing?!" he exclaimed.

Inoichi couldn't hold in the shudder from the sheer depression that had swept over his at that moment, 'This is at the top of her list? How is this happy?' Inoichi asked himself.

"It's her power Kira, it's what makes her one of us."

The two turned to Yurei as he took Naomi's clawed hand into his own, "Naomi-chan, you're amazing." he said with the kindest smile Inoichi could ever remember seeing.

Naomi teared slightly at Yurei's words – letting Inoichi register that the feelings she had directing towards Yurei was slightly less...sibling related, and slightly more... crush related – hugging Yurei in a quick leap forward, that accidentally plunged her nail into Yurei's back.

Naomi leapt back apologetically as Yurei winced in pain – this time letting Inoichi notice the boy was the only one wearing a Sound Headband – but Yurei merely stepped forward and hugged her again, "It's okay, I'll heal." Yurei said as he let his chakra flow over the two of them.

Nature chakra channelled calmly through Yurei as he took a deep calming breath, his wound healing and relaxing all of his and Naomi's muscles, causing Inoichi's minds eye to widen in shock, 'Incredible, so his power is Nature Chakra, meaning his affinity really is Wood and he can naturally connect with any chakra and heal anyone!' Inoichi realised, confirming the suspicions that Ibiki had had on at least one of the children.

"Huh? No I meant like, what IS it? It ain't water like me and it literally ain't close to Wood like you, so what is it made of?" Kira asked from off to the side, making Inoichi zone back in to the experience from Naomi's past.

Naomi stepped out of Yurei's hug with a blush, trying and succeeding in pulling the bone-nail back in, "It's from something in me, I could feel it but it didn't hurt much, like someone pinched me just before they come out." She explained in a childish voice, making Inoichi realise that even though they all had a very good vocabulary, Naomi must've been merely six or seven, meaning that the other boys weren't even ten either.

Yurei nodded with a smile, "That's great Naomi, father told me what it is, it's your bones. You can learn to manipulate them throughout your body eventually, though he told me he expected it to launch out of your finger like a bullet, not reach out like a claw." Yurei explained as the last of that memory began to fade.

Inoichi felt her mind wander from the happy time as the door slammed open, taking him to another memory that had a similar situation. The blonde nearly threw up at what he saw next.

Looking out through her eyes, Inoichi saw that she was being poked and prodded, her body unresponsive even as he stuck needles into her.

'Please... kill me... I don't want this any more father... please...'


Inoichi gasped, causing Naomi to look up at him, "Are you ok Inoichi-san?" she asked softly, seeing the man holding his head as if in pain.

Inoichi looked up at the little girl and smiled, "That was the worst depression I've ever seen, but she's able to block it and focus on her brothers and the life she can now have with them... far out, I don't think I've ever met someone so young with such a strong will." he said to her with a smile.


"Naomi! Wake up!"

The young girl jolted in her seat as she sat straight, "Sorry Iruka-sensei!" She exclaimed with a blush as everyone stared at her.

Iruka seemed like he was about continue to yell at her when he was interrupted by a snore coming from the very back of the room, causing the Chunnin to sigh heavily, "Ya know what Naomi? I don't blame you, after all how can you learn with an imbecile like that!" Iruka shouted while throwing his chalk at the snorer.

Kira leant back in his sleep, the small piece of chalk missing his forehead as he caught in his teeth and continued snoring, the chalk falling limply to the ground from his lips a moment later.

The classroom was quiet for a moment other then Kira's snores, before Naomi giggled slightly, "I think my brother can handle himself already Sensei, you know where we've come from." she said with a confident grin, though she was always more confident in the two of her brothers then herself.

The class was filled with muffled laughter as the kids tried not to get in trouble from Iruka for laughing at him.

"Naomi, show respect to Iruka Sensei. He could kill almost everyone in this room if he really wanted and file it as an accident during discipline. I wouldn't piss off a man with that kind of power."

The whole class looked to the person sitting at the front center of the class, but one Kiba Inuzuka didn't seem to care about the boy's words as he asked Naomi, "What do ya mean when ya say 'You know where we've come from'? Ain't you guys just in from the Land of Rice?" he asked.

Naomi nodded quickly, forgetting the rule involving their now classified history as Sound Village members, if that's what you could even call it.

"Yep, rough place." she said with a kind smile before turning back to the front.

The majority of the class stared between Iruka and Yurei with wide eyes, the Chunnin suddenly seeming extremely intimidating as a dark glare was levelled at the young boy, 'Is he gonna reveal me as an ANBU? How does he even know it was me?' Iruka thought with a scowl.

Yurei just smirked at Iruka and turned his gaze to Iruka's desk, making the Chunnin glance down and smirk.

The class curled back in fear as Iruka's head grew to massive proportions, his large eyes burning each all of their due to their size, "STOP SLEEPING! STOP INTERRUPTING! AND YOU GIRLS STOP DISTRACTING SASUKE AND YUREI!" Iruka shouted in a deeper scarier voice, making everyone begin to fear him except for Sasuke, Yurei, Kira and Shikamaru, two of which were asleep while the other two just glanced around, only just noticing the girls that had been mere inches from their backs.

Iruka's Genjutsu ended and his head returned to normal, the class stunned quiet for the first time ever, making him smile, 'Wow, I never thought intimidation tactics would work so well...' he thought before frowning, 'Wait, now the kids are all scared of me... this might not go down well with the parents...' Iruka thought.

Yurei cleared his throat with a loud grunt, making Iruka snap out of his thoughts as he turned back to the board, "Now, let's get back to history, during the Second Hokage's reign..." he said as he began to teach the class again.

Kira's snoring quieted, unnoticed as his subconscious mind began to hear Iruka's words, sparking memories to run through his sleeping mind...



"What the hell do you mean forget about her!" Kira shouted at Orochimaru from his place in their cell/bedroom.

Orochimaru sighed at the white haired boy before glancing at his 'brother', 'So far my most successful experiment, but he's just too... pure...' Orochimaru thought before his gaze travelled back to the angered boy in front of him.

"Look Kira-kun, she's gone. It'll do nothing to waste time mourning her when you can grow stronger, channelling your anger and sadness into progressive energy." Orochimaru said before patting Kira on the head.


Orochimaru looked over to Yurei as he sat on the edge of his single bed, the other two on a set of bunk beds on the opposite side of the room, "What is it Yurei-kun?" he asked, though internally he was hating how Yurei had addressed him.

Yurei looked up at Orochimaru with that impossibly experienced expression, "I know that I am the second Hashirama Senju and the Kira is to eventually become the second Tobirama Senju, but you never told us exactly who Naomi's genetic coding came from." he asked.

Orochimaru raised an eyebrow in interest, having expected Yurei to be dwelling in sadness like Kira was, "Only Jonin of the Sound can know that information, sorry." Orochimaru said with a smirk, knowing his words were a lie.

Yurei nodded, not even considering that Orochimaru's words may have been false, "Then that decides it." Yurei said as he lay down on his bed, looking up at the ceiling above them.

Kira turned and growled in a slightly animalistic fashion, causing Orochimaru's frown to reappear at the signs of his experiment failing, "Decides what? What do we do now?!" he asked/yelled.

Yurei turned his gaze to his brother, "We become Jonin, track down those Mist ninja that came for her and make them scream." he said darkly.

Kira shivered at the killing intent that seemed to leak from Yurei, but nodded as a grin made it's way onto his face, "Yeah!" he exclaimed before turning to Orochimaru, "So, do we know anything about them other then the headband the ass hole found?" Kira asked.

Orochimaru smirked, knowing that he was referring to Kabuto Yakushi, "Actually yes, one of our men managed to see the person running away and though he didn't see much, he knew the shape well enough," Orochimaru said as his mind formed a plan to hopefully give the two of them a drive to take out at least one of his enemies, "The sword is called Samehada, and it's wielder is Kisame Hoshigaki, Missing ninja of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist." Orochimaru said.

Kira chuckled while Yurei frowned, "Sweet, we'll even get paid for it by one of them big villages yeah?" he asked as he turned to his brother.

Yurei nodded with a sigh, "Yes, but he's an S-rank. We need to achieve our maximum potential just to stand a chance against him." Yurei said seriously.

Kira frowned before looking at his feet, "Well, how am I supposed to catch up to you then? That's not fair!" Kira complained.

Orochimaru's smirk began to quiver as he suppressed a large grin, "Well, I wasn't going to mention it to you, but we have another experiment if you think you've recovered enough from the last one." he said.

Kira grinned, "Yeah what do I get this time? Can I have the speed boost yet?" he asked with a grin.

Orochimaru chuckled and shook his head, "Oh no, I think you'll find this experiment will solve the other differences well," he said with a grin, kneeling down to eye level, "You can finally have His chakra, the pure water chakra."

Kira grinned as Yurei frowned, "But Kira... if you keep doing these one day it'll be a bad test and you could actually get hurt." he said, obviously worried.

Kira shrugged, "No way, not until I can do it all! I'm gonna keep getting stronger no matter what!" he shouted with a grin.

Orochimaru chuckled, 'I guess this is it then, time to find out if this little experiment is finally coming to it's conclusion.' he thought with a grin.




Iruka paused in his yelling as Kira jolted awake to shout the correct answer, "U-umm... yes..." Iruka said as he watched Kira roll his head as he opened his eyes for a moment, glancing around the boring classroom for a moment before yawning and resting his head again, drifting off into sleep quickly... "Well... okay, Kiba next question!"



A scientific Shinobi looked up at the suspended boy in shock, "This shouldn't be happening! I can't control the output!" the ninja shouted over the noise of a viscous wind tearing through the lab.

Kira was barely managing to stay conscious as he felt the water chakra coming into existence at the core of his being, but he could barely think of anything else as he focussed on staying conscious, knowing that if he fainted, he was as good as dead.

Orochimaru gritted his teeth in annoyance, "Dammit! This experiment's a failure after all this work?!" Orochimaru exclaimed.

Kira's focus dissolved slightly before he was again paying attention to the world, 'I can outlast this! I can make it to the end-'

Kira's pain came to a stop as his natural elemental chakra stopped being forcefully changed halfway through the procedure, "F-father! I c-can k-keep going." Kira said weakly.


Kira froze before looking down in shock, seeing a kunai had been thrown into his binds, making him fall from the operation table and land on his face, his limbs too weak to move as his whole body burned, "F-father?" he asked weakly as he tried to look up at Orochimaru.

The snake Sannin moved into view, using his foot to push Kira onto his back as he and the scientist looked down at the white haired boy, "A shame, you were useful in the past but by the looks of things you might not even survive with any chakra in tact," Orochimaru said down to Kira before looking at the scientist, "Another for the pit." he said as he turned away.

Kira's eyes widened as he tried to reach out for Orochimaru helplessly, "The P-pit? What's that?" he barely managed to groan before his chakra fluctuated painfully again, making Kira grab his left arm in pain.

Orochimaru glanced over his shoulder, his face a sudden uncaring and malicious look that Kira could never have imagined to adorn Orochimaru's face.

"It's your new home. Where the trash goes to be purified."


Kira jolted awake as the bell went off, making him look at Iruka as the Chunnin was finishing up writing on the board, "Alright class," Iruka began, "Time for the lunch break and when we get back, it's time for the outdoor portion of the day." Iruka said with a smile before turning to the class...

Kira yawned as he looked around, noticing only Shikamaru being the other person there and still asleep, "Umm, cool. Cya Sensei." Kira said before walking out as well.

A vein on Iruka's forehead pulsed in irritation as the Chunnin turned to the pineapple headed student, "SHIKAMARU WAKE THE HELL UP!"


Yurei sat calmly in the tallest tree at the academy, his eyes closed in meditation as he felt his chakra connect with the tree underneath him.

And once again, checking that this wasn't a Genjutsu.


"He's... dead?" a smaller version of Yurei asked as his usually still face contorted in pain.

Orochimaru knelt in front of Yurei, placing a hand on his shoulder in the first comforting gesture he had ever been given, "I'm sorry Yurei-kun, but he kept pushing for more and more and when the Jonin I had watching him looked away for a moment, he was lost." Orochimaru sighed before reaching behind his back, "But there was something amiss." Orochimaru said.

Yurei looked up at Orochimaru, his face frozen once more as tears slowly flowed down his cheek, "A-amiss? You mean... it was on purpose?" he asked.

Orochimaru glanced over his shoulder, looking out of the room as he heard a distant door close, "Yes Yurei-kun, I think it was. And I want you to meet the Jonin responsible." Orochimaru said as he stood up and to the side.

Yurei felt a cold chill move over him as he began to hear the foot steps coming towards him, "R-responsible?" Yurei asked as he began to breath heavily, his eyes becoming bloodshot as his fists clenched.

The steps became louder and louder and Yurei tried his best to bottle the rage inside him. Then a shadow appeared.

A nameless Jonin stepped into view, "You called Oro-"


Orochimaru's eyes widened as Yurei's chakra wrapped punched through the man's chest and slammed the body into the opposite wall outside the cell.

"YOU KILLED HIM!?" Yurei screamed manically at the near lifeless corpse.

Orochimaru smirked slightly, 'Just as I thought, his rage is the channel for his power. To believe such skills come from emotions themselves.' he thought quite satisfied at Yurei's performance.

"Get up!"

Orochimaru's eyes widened as Yurei lifted the man up into the air, hanging from his green-glowing arm that was forcing the man to stay alive.

Yurei raised his other fist before he say the man's eyes, his mind flashing to the scared look of Naomi before she was taken away the last time, his last words to her was that she'd be okay. He was wrong.

And his last words to his brother... was not to worry, he could trust their father's workers. He'd be safe. He was wrong.

Yurei snapped.


"Hey Yurei!"

The wood user's eyes snapped open as he took a single deep breath to calm himself as he turned to look at the person landing on the branch next to him, "Naruto, how goes it?" Yurei asked with a slight smile.

Naruto sat down with a grin, "Great actually, you want some ramen?" Naruto asked as he held out a spare bowl.

Yurei smiled at his... friend... it was still an odd thought, "Thanks, yeah, I'll shout for tomorrow's yeah?" he offered.

Naruto nodded and grinned before looking down at the ground, seeing Kira and Naomi talking with a few others from their class, "Hey, how come you never want to hang out with them guys?" Naruto asked.

Yurei sighed at Naruto's lack of speech skills, "Those guys," he corrected, "Will be safer with me looking over them from a distance rather then joking about fake pasts." Yurei explained.

Naruto blinked at Yurei, "But, how come you're allowed to talk about it then?" he asked.

Yurei smirked at Naruto, "You are my charge, therefore I can keep no secrets from you while expecting you to trust me. Correct?" he asked.

Naruto pouted and nodded, "But are you really that good? I mean, I know you can do the Wood stuff, but no way you can beat Iruka or one of the other Sensei in a fight." Naruto said with a grin.

Yurei's lips quivered in a smirk.



Jiraiya looked around the group quickly before scowling as the Chunnin landed in front of him, "What is it Mizuki?" he asked.

The grey haired man bowed, "Someone has stolen the Forbidden Scroll from the Hokage and he has asked all high level ninjas to be at the tower now." Mizuki said.

Jiraiya scowled before looking over the ANBU and their captors. Each sound survivor had their own bed in the hospital with a guard standing right next to them, "Shit, right now?," he thought with a frown, "Hawk and Boar, you stay here while the rest follow me and we'll meet up with the Hokage." Jiraiya said with a nod to Mizuki, "See you there." Jiraiya said before they ran out the wide open doors.

Mizuki watched them leave with a smirk before feeling a cold chill run down his spine. Mizuki turned to the source of the sensation, making eye contact with a gold gaze.

Yurei's emotionless eyes watch Mizuki before he looked up at the ANBU next to his bed, "This Chunnin is lying." Yurei said seriously.

Mizuki's eyes widened as Hawk and Boar turned to Yurei, "Quiet, you have all been ordered to rest for three days." Hawk said as the two of them stood between Mizuki and Yurei.

Mizuki smirked and leapt forward, one kunai embedding into the back of Boar's neck before he spun, Hawk turning at the noise only for Mizuki's battle shuriken to decapitate him and fly at Yurei to shut him up.

Yurei's eyes widened at the manoeuvre before using pure chakra control to slide himself down the bed, the shuriken cutting his hand cuff's chain and letting him throw himself at Mizuki.

The Chunnin's eyes widened as Yurei kicked out, barely missing as Mizuki flipped back, ready to defend himself and counter as quick as he could.

Yurei rolled backwards, his back to the door as he stood tall to stop Mizuki's exit, "What is this scroll? Why did you kill these men?" Yurei asked calmly as he edged slightly to his right, having noticed the one small pot plant on the desk next to the door.

Mizuki scowled, "None of your business kid! Now move!" he shouted while forming hand seals and throwing his second battle shuriken at Yurei.

Yurei stepped back as Mizuki shouted out a clone jutsu, making the one shuriken become five as they flew through the air towards Yurei.

Yurei's arm reached out, grabbing the one pot plant in the room and throwing it forward as he clapped his hands.

The first shuriken shattered the pot and barely missed the unmoving Yurei's head by a few inches, but the single plant inside the pot suddenly grew at an impossible speed, thickened limbs stretching out and letting the other shuriken stab into a them as opposed to Yurei.

Mizuki stared in shock for a moment as he watched the wood grow, a single long limb of the plant moving through the air and stabbing through his shoulder, pinning him to the wall between Kira and Naomi's beds.

The two barely conscious children looked up weakly as Yurei grew out from the limb pinning Mizuki down, a green glowing hand chopping Mizuki in the side of the neck and knocking him unconscious.

Yurei dropped to the ground as the plant began to shrink again, turning back into a single small flower as the shuriken fell to the ground and lost form.

Yurei smiled at the slightly more conscious Naomi, "You will be safe. I won't get close enough to hurt you." he promised with a simple nod before taking Mizuki's unconscious body and tossing him to the ground.

Boar gargled on blood, making Yurei slide over on his knees while forming hand seals, placing them on the man's spine and throat, "I'm sorry, I though you were dead." Yurei said calmly as he began to heal the wide eyed ANBU that had only just come out of shock.


"Me? Beat a Chunnin? Oh I think that's still a bit far off for me." Yurei said with a nod before turning to face Naruto head on, "How do you feel about that night with the scroll?" Yurei asked.

Naruto sighed and looked down with a slight sadness, "Jiji said that it wasn't my fault Mizuki tricked me into that 'extra credit' stuff," Naruto said with a frown, "But hey, at least I got the Shadow Clone Jutsu out of it, now I can pass the gennin exams easy." he said while shrugging.

Yurei nodded, "And now you know about the Kyuubi as well. It will be a powerful asset once you master it's chakra." he said.

Naruto looked at Yurei with wide eyes, "Y-you really think I can do it?" he asked, shocked that someone he had only met a week before had so much faith in him.

Yurei nodded, placing a fist again over his heart, "I swear as long as I'm here, you will at least have a chance." he said with an honest smile.


"Alright everyone listen up!" Iruka said as he stood with the three other Head Chunnin Instructors, "Since there is so many of you guys this year we're mixing it up a little with the organisation of the new teams this. These changes are going to be explained by the Hokage himself, so please welcome him." Iruka said with a clap as he stepped to the side.

The seniors of the academy clapped politely to the thin air before suddenly, in a large plume of smoke, the Hokage and fifteen Jonin appeared in a row.

Hiruzen Sarutobi – the Third Hokage – nodded politely at the now excitedly clapping from the new gennin, "Good morning everyone and congratulations on achieving gennin status this year," Hiruzen began, his eyes trailing across the way larger then normal group of graduates, "Since so many of you have become gennin this year, there is a new change to the usual regime." He said.

"What's that?" Kiba asked loudly, earning him a glare from many of the overlooking adults.

"We will be doing Squadrons made up of smaller units rather then the old four-man squads for training and missions to compensate for the sheer number of you who passed. As you know, teams are set out for you to join but we just don't have that many fully fledged Jonin, so, for every four teams, there will be three alternating Sensei that will take care of training and missions with you up until there is enough to qualify as Chunnin squad teams."

"At this meeting I will read out the team assignments and the Jonin supervisors per squadron, these Jonin are now your commanders, any last questions?" The Third asked.

There was a few moments of silence before Shikamaru raised his hand, "Yeah... can you explain that again?" he asked.


"Okay, welcome teams Five, Six, Seven and Eight," Asuma said with a smile around his cigarette, "My name is Asuma Sarutobi and this is Kakashi Hatake and Kurenai Yuuhi, we are the Jonin that are going to be in charge of this squadron." Asuma said to the group.

Kurenai unrolled a scroll, "Okay, so Team Five consists of... Shikamaru Naara, Ino Yamanaka and Choji Akimichi," Kurenai began, "Team Six, Yurei Senju, Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga. Team Seven is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kira Senju. And Team Eight is Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Naomi Kaguya." Kurenai said, "Now, line up."

The second squadron of Konoha took formation in their three man cells, "Tomorrow begins the first cycle of the day where Kakashi will test all of you while Asuma and I take a team at a time to start on D-rank missions. Other then a D-rank a day for the each team, we'll be doing training enough to make the strongest of you Chunnin as soon as possible so we can form Unit Cells in this squadron." she explained.

Kakashi nodded and scratched the back of his head as he drawled lazily, "Yeah, but the Chunnin are gonna stay part of the squadron as a whole, only once you guys are Jonin or dead do we get a break." he said with a sigh.

Ino's eyes widened, "D-dead?" she asked from her place behind Choji.

Kakashi nodded, "Yep," he ran a finger across his throat, "Dead."


Kakashi rubbed the back of his head as Kurenai hit him, though it was Asuma who spoke up, "So I'll be taking Team Five from Squadron Two and Kurenai will be starting with the Six on a mission, Kakashi, which team are you testing first?" Asuma asked.

Kakashi looked over Teams Seven and Eight, 'Hmm, two wild cards, three clansmen and a civilian born... perfect.' he thought with an eye-smile, "May as well just do both at once." he said calmly.

Asuma and Kurenai shared a look before sighing as Asuma stepped forward, "Alright, Shikamaru, Ino and Choji, let's head off." he said before taking the lead.

Kurenai nodded, "Yurei, Naruto and Hinata," Kurenai said with a smile towards the shy girl, "You're lucky that I am more prepared then these two, we can go straight to the mission without going via the Hokage tower." she said as she began to lead them off.

Naruto smiled as he followed Unit Six, his new team, to their first D-rank, "We'll knock it over in no time! Believe it!" he promised, earning a blush from Hinata and a curious look from Yurei.


"So," Kurenai began, "What did you all learn about D-rank missions in the academy?" she asked.

Used to Yurei being the one to answer questions, Naruto looked at him only to receive a shrug in return.

"Ano..." Hinata began quietly, "D-ranks are primarily made of in-village chores and necessities that need to be done but there's no one to do it..." Hinata said.

Yurei frowned as Naruto and Kurenai nodded at her words, "Chores? What exactly does that mean?" he asked,'Orochimaru-sama didn't rank our missions, he just said they were necessities too,' he thought as his eyes fell, 'Will it be that again? More killing?' he thought as he looked down, not hearing Kurenai's next words.

Though Naruto's voice snapped him out of it, "WHAT THE HECK DO YA MEAN OUR FIRST MISSION IS GARDENING?!" Naruto shouted.

Yurei shuddered in relief as a tear even came to his eye, 'Gardening?... I couldn't have asked for a better first mission.' he thought.

Naruto turned to his friend to see if Yurei will back him up on how lame gardening is as a mission, but he paused as he saw Yurei smiling at the ground, "Hey Yurei, what's wrong?" he asked.

Hinata and Kurenai turned to look at Yurei as he grinned up at them, a true, wide grin that was so big his eyes were forced shut, "Nothing's wrong Naruto-san, everything is perfect." Yurei said as he walked between the other two gennin on his team, wrapping an arm around their shoulders, "Let's get this mission started!" Yurei exclaimed happily.

Kurenai smiled at her three new charges, "That's the spirit now, who's the tracker of the team?" she asked.

Hinata raised her hand, blushing as she was still in Yurei's surprisingly strong grip, "I-I am." she murmured.

Naruto wriggled into view, "Really? You are Hinata-chan? That's awesome!" Naruto exclaimed, making Hinata blush grow even more.

Kurenai paused in her walking as they came to a junction of four streets, "Alright Yurei let go of them now, Hinata," Kurenai said as she tossed a scroll lightly into the air, "You're up."

Hinata struggled but caught the scroll, at first unravelling it upside down before she read from it properly, "Ano... we are to go to M-Ms. Tikado's orphanage so that we can empty and then re-fill the garden with fresh soil," Hinata said before looking up at the street signs, "This way." she said before she began walking towards the east of the village.

Kurenai nodded, "Good work, let's turn this into your first exercise, let's start running folks." she said as she jogged ahead and leapt up onto a nearby building's roof.

Yurei followed instantly and Hinata and Naruto followed shortly after before Hinata took the lead again and began leaping from rooftop to rooftop, putting the rolled up scroll in her mouth as she formed the Ram seal, 'BYAKUGAN!' she thought as veins popped up around her eyes, showing her Naruto's face even as she looked for the right address.

Naruto's face was drawn sadly as they approached the orphanage, 'I haven't seen Ms. Tikado since she kicked me out of the orphanage.' he thought as he had a mini-flashback to her telling him to quote unquote: 'Never come back again or else!'

Naruto shook his head of the thought as he followed along with his new team, turning behind Hinata as they all leapt from the roof of a lawyer's firm to land in front of the orphanage.

Hinata's eyes returned to normal as they landed in front of the orphanage, it was this time that Kurenai stepped forward again, "Alright I want you three to stand at the side gate there while I go talk to our employer for the day." she said before walking through the orphanage door without announcing herself.

Naruto turned and walked over to the gate, the other two following him as they noticed that Naruto was being quiet, which was an oddity most of the time.

Yurei paused next to Naruto as Hinata blinked her eyes back on, "Hinata, what are they doing?" Yurei asked.

Hinata focussed her gaze through the walls of the orphanage to see the two women talking and the woman who she assumed to be their client gesturing out the back door before nodding to Kurenai.

But that's not what had Hinata's attention.

Twenty children spread throughout the second floor of the orphanage, all of them looking malnourished and sick and... one of them was tied to his bed by the arms.

Hinata brought a hand to her lips, 'What kind of person would allow this?' she asked herself silently.

Yurei's eyes narrowed at Hinata's expression, 'Just like Tayuya's on the first assassination mission... what's something so bad in here?' he thought to himself.

Naruto looked up as the gate opened in front of them, Kurenai smiling to them lightly, "Alright, it's an easy mission today, just weeding," she said as she turned to the side, ushering them through, "Now, any plans?" she asked.

Yurei nodded seriously, "I will use my abilities to grow the weeds taller so that you two may find them easier and pull them out at the roots." he said as he clasped his hands.

In a matter of seconds, the weeds that were spread throughout the backyards began to dance upwards like a snake in a basket.

Yurei glanced at his two team-mates, "You know, if Hinata uses her eyes to double check Naruto's work, he'd probably be able to use his clones to cut our mission time in half." Yurei said.

Naruto nodded quietly and formed a cross seal, "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" he shouted.

Twenty Narutos appeared and got to work, pulling out the oddly tall plants as Hinata kept an eye on things with her Byakugan. Not even ten minutes passed and they had already finished.


Yurei smiled at Naruto as he waddled over to Yurei and Hinata, every single weed that was pulled free in the blonde's grasp as he tried to carry it over.

"Hey you!" Yurei's eyes narrowed as the or[hanage owner stuck their head out of the back door and shouted at Naruto, causing the boy to flinch and nearly drop all their hard work, "Damn demon! I said never to-"


The woman gasped as Yurei's fist buried in her stomach, though Kurenai appeared between the two as she looked at Yurei with wide eyes, "Yurei stop! Why did you do that?!" Kurenai shouted in shock.

Yurei raised a brow before looking down at the other woman who was gasping on the floor, "I don't understand what I did wrong. She clearly just broke the Hokage's law regarding... certain things." he said after a glance at Hinata.

Kurenai stared at Yurei as the weakened civilian woman finally managed to regain some breath, "Y-You'd defend the demo-"


Kurenai turned as Yurei was suddenly behind the lady who fell limply to the ground, her neck broken and her head backwards.

Naruto and Hinata screamed in shock at Yurei's brutality, though the gennin just raised his arms as Kurenai held a kunai to his throat, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Kurenai asked.

Yurei frowned as he looked at his two suddenly fear-filled team-mates and his Sensei, "I.. followed the law?" Yurei said, honestly not understanding why it was wrong to kill the woman, "We did our job no problem, then this woman comes out and begins to refer to Naruto as a demon in the presence of someone who knows not of his status. Therefore, they are breaking the Third Hokage's fourteenth law concerning certain subjects we are and aren't allowed to talk about," Yurei explained calmly, "Like a certain person's 'Demon' status." Yurei said.

The area was quiet for a moment before Kurenai sighed and lowered her kunai, "So you killed her for breaking that S-rank secret... I guess I technically can't fault you for that," she began as she sheathed her weapon again, "But next time talk to me about it first, as your commanding officer I'm the one that has to deal with it." Kurenai said.

Yurei nodded and bowed, "I apologise for the inconvenience Sensei."

Kurenai sighed again and shrugged, "Just... we're gonna go see the Hokage later, okay?" she said before looking up at the other two gennin.

While Hinata was looking away and shaking – a fairly normal response for seeing such brutality for the first time – Naruto oddly enough was looking very determined as he walked up to Kurenai.

"Sensei?" Naruto asked, "Since she's dead can we take the children here to the upper class orphanage? This is not a safe place for them if their time here was anything even close to what mine was like." Naruto said pleadingly as he was moving to do so anyway.

Kurenai raised a brow at that before turning to Hinata, "Hinata, activate your Byakugan and tell me what the situation is with the children inside." Kurenai ordered.

Hinata shook her head, "I-I don't need to... the kids are all sick or close to sick. Some of them are heavily injured and almost all of them are malnourished." she said softly.

Yurei's eyes widened, "They are?" he asked.

Kurenai scowled before looking at the three of them, "I want you three to go to the Hokage immediately and tell him to get a team of medic ninjas down here." Kurenai said before turning to the open doorway with the corpse growing cold, "I'm going inside."


The day passed quickly for Squad Two.

After confirming their skills, Kakashi took the teams to the Hokage tower to swap duties with Kurenai or Asuma, but to his surprise, the Squadron had their first full mission.

After the gruesome discovery of the orphanage owner's misgivings, the Hokage had the entirety of Squad two come together for what was already going to be considered their first C-rank for Teams 5, 7 and 8 and a B-rank for Team 6. Involving saving the lives of multiple children, taking out an abusing criminal, escort protection for the children and even basic first aid in a few cases. But the most surprising part, was that apparently this woman sold some of the children like slaves to other people in and outside of the village.

Folders of hand written contracts and deals that were stashed in the top draw of this woman's desk, showing evidence and records of what appeared to be some kind of underground black market for people to be sold into some secret order.

And it meant a world of difference to the Hokage and the council.


Chapter end.

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