The reindeer were about the size of Shetland ponies and their hair was so white that even the snow hardly looked white compared with them; their branching horns were gilded and shone like something on fire when the sunrise caught them. Their harness was of scarlet leather and covered with bells. On the sledge, driving the reindeer, sat a fat dwarf who would have been about three feet high if he had been standing. He was dressed in polar bear's fur and on his head he wore a red hood with a long gold tassel hanging down from its point; his huge beard covered his knees and served him instead of a rug. But behind him, on a much higher seat in the middle of the sledge sat a very different person - a great lady, taller than any woman that Edmund had ever seen. She also was covered in white fur up to her throat and held a long straight golden wand in her right hand and wore a golden crown on her head. Her face was white - not merely pale, but white like snow or paper or icing-sugar, except for her very red mouth. It was a beautiful face in other respects, but proud and cold and ster…..

"Mum! Mum I found her. She's in the garden reading again!" Cousin Dudley called from the back door.

"Oh not again! Tell her to get a move on, we're leaving." Aunt Petunia shouted.

Heidi Potter exhaled and closed her book. For too many times she was forced back into her miserable reality. Sometimes Heidi felt that if she would engulf herself in another universe long enough, maybe, just maybe, she'd fall into it. She knew, of course, that this would not happen, but she couldn't help but dream. She couldn't help but think that anywhere would be better that here. To her, books are her escape, her window into a whole new world. She gets swept up into a whole other universe expressing the other character's feelings, memories, the pain or anger, confusion, sadness, happiness and she forgets. She forgets everything is around her. Everything about her tragic life.

Heidi lived with the Dursleys at no.4 Privet Drive, along with her twin brother Harry. This was, as she's been told, the only family she had left. She and Harry were told that their parents had died in a car crash, but that's all they knew. They've tried to ask questions, but the Dursleys refused to answer them.

Well, Harry asked, Heidi couldn't even if she wanted to. She's mute. She has been for as long as she could remember. This caused a lot of bullying at school. Her only friend was Harry. Even her cousin called her names and teased her. Communicating was hard to do as well. She was offered sign language classes at school, but the Dursleys refused to learn. She usually has to write things down when she really has something to say to someone. But mostly, the only person she put the effort into writing things down for was Harry, as he'd be the only person to stop and read.

She went into the house and set her book onto the kitchen table. Aunt Petunia scowled at it. Petunia Dursley, along with the rest of her family, hated anything that was imaginative or creative in any way possible. The idea of four children discovering a magical world at the back of their wardrobe was absolutely horrific to them. The Dursleys never encouraged or approved her love for fantasy novels. Actually, they never encouraged or approved anything Heidi did.

"Nerd." Piers Polkiss, Dudley's rat faced friend, scoffed.

"Freak!" Dudley teased, elbowing her as she passed.

"Leave her alone, Dudley." Harry said darkly. He stepped right in front of Dudley and puffed out his chest as an attempt of looking bigger. Both Harry and Heidi were very scrawny and small for their age. This made it easier for Dudley to bully and intimidate them, as he was much bigger (and rounder) then both of them put together.

Dudley smirked, before pushing past him and ran off laughing with Piers. The push was so forceful that it caused Harry to come tumbling to the ground. His round glasses flew across to the other side of the room as soon as he hit the floor.

'Always the hero Harry' Heidi thought before bending down to help her brother up. Harry scrambled for his glasses, squinting his eyes trying to focus on them.

Heidi was about to get them but when she looked back at the corner where the glasses flew to and they were gone; she turned to Harry to see that they were in his hand. Heidi had to look back in the corner a second time to make sure she was seeing correctly. She was. Harry put on his glasses and got up from the floor, not realizing anything bazaar had happened. But Heidi did.

Strange things like this follow the Potter twins around everywhere they go. One time, a cat followed them all around the streets back to Privet 4, and then stayed on the wall outside the house all day and night until the next morning, after that, they never saw it again. Another time, the Dursleys had grown tired of Heidi's wild thick hair, and chopped it all off leaving her with a hideous bowl style cut. She silently cried herself to sleep that night, but when she woke up next day Harry pointed out in amazement that her hair grew out past her chin. The scariest and weirdest thing that ever happened to the twins was a few months ago when they were walking to school. Dudley stole Heidi's book and ran off with it, threatening to throw it in the school bins. Distressed, Heidi ran after him, but tripped in the middle of the road. She heard wheels squealing and saw that a car was blindly speeding towards her. She tried to scream but obviously couldn't. She heard Harry cry out and she shut her eyes tight expecting collision. But it never came. When she opened her eyes again she was at the other side of the road. The car drove off unnoticing, but Harry and Heidi stayed were they were, too shocked and scared to move.

"Hurry up, we're leaving!" Aunt Petunia shouted from the car.

Harry and Heidi went outside and got into the car, but not before Uncle Vernon pulled them aside to give them a stern warning.

"I'm warning you now, brats," Uncle Vernon had hissed. "Mess up and you'll be in that cupboard until Christmas!"

The first place Dudley dragged them to was the ice-cream stand. The Dursley bought him and Piers a large chocolate ice cream each. They weren't planning on getting Harry or Heidi anything but the kind lady had asked what they had wanted before they could be rushed away.

'Look, there's Dudley' Harry said, nodding to a large gorilla which was scratching its head. 'Only it's not blond!'

Heidi gave a silent laugh and nudged Harry playfully.

"Are you having as much fun as I am?" Harry asked grinning. The siblings weren't used to getting out of the house other then school and their usual babysitter house, Mrs Figgs.

Heidi nodded enthusiastically, taking another lick of her lemon ice lollie.

They moved on to the visited the reptile room and Dudley found the largest snake strait away.

"Make it move!" he whined to his dad. Heidi walked away to observe the other snakes. Heidi's always liked snakes. They reminded her of little dragons. She once tried to take a garden snake into the house, but when Aunt Petunia found it she had a fit and Heidi was locked in the cupboard for a week.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from behind Heidi. She turned around to see Harry with his back facing towards her. The snake now was very much awake, it was stretched up facing Harry. Heidi moved closer to get a better look. The sound sounded very snake like, so much so Heidi thought the snake was making it. But as she leveled up to her brother she realized it was Harry. It looked like he was talking to the snake but she couldn't understand a word he was saying. Harry turned to her and smiled, like nothing was wrong, before turning back to the snake.

"Dudley! Mr Dursley! Come over here, you won't believe what this snake is doing!" Piers shrieked and Dudley pushed them out of the way. They fell onto the concrete ground. Heidi saw Harry's face go red with anger, but before she could calm him down, Dudley gave a shout.

He had fallen through! The glass wasn't there anymore, and Dudley, who was leaning against the glass, fell right in. The Boa Constrictor shot out of its glass prison and slithered out of the door while everyone panicked. But no one panicked more than Aunt Petunia, especially after the glass reappeared as Dudley tried to get out.

After they got Dudley out and a lot of hysterical ranting later, Piers admitted that Heidi and Harry were next to the snake before all this had happened.

When Piers had left, Uncle Vernon collapsed into a chair and Aunt Petunia had to get a large brandy.

" meals!" he gasped.

The twins did as they were told and went to their cupboard, but not before Heidi slipped into the kitchen to retrieve her book. When she came back to the cupboard Harry was waiting for her with a packet of biscuits that they've hidden in one of Uncle Vernon's old pair of socks. Heidi took one and the two siblings sat together quietly.

Later that night Harry woke up with a horrible pain coming from his head. He clutched his forehead and scrambled to turn on the light.

'By 'it', she meant Harry's strange lighting shaped scar on his forehead. Harry was told he got it in the car crash that killed their parents. It would twinge and sting on rare occasions, most of the times when Harry has a strange dream, usually consist of screaming, a high pitch laugh and a flash of green light.

For almost a month Harry and Heidi had to endure the cramped spaces of their cupboard. Summer holidays had started by the time they were allowed out. Even though they were relieved that school was over, they knew that the house wouldn't be safe for them anymore. Dudley brought his gang around to their house every day and they loved joining in Dudley's favourite sport: Potter Hunting. Dudley's gang consisted of Piers, Dennis, Malcolm and Gordon, as well as the leader, Dudley.

But finally, after almost ten years of constant tormenting, the twins will finally be escaping their fat cousin after the holidays. Dudley was going to Smeltings, Uncle Vernon's old school. Heidi and Harry, however, were going to attend Stonewall High, which they were ecstatic about, as it would get them away from their cousin.

In July, Aunt Petunia left the twins at Mrs Figg's while she took Dudley to buy his new uniform. Heidi, unlike her brother, actually liked going to see Mrs Figg, despite she smelt like cabbages and constantly talked about her cat. She had a piano in her house and sometimes teaches Heidi a few things. This visit was made even better because Mrs Figg gave them chocolate cake and let them watch TV.

That evening, Dudley put on a fashion show with his new uniform, which consisted of a maroon tailcoat, orange knickerbockers and boaters, which were flat straw hats. He also had a knobbly stick, which was meant to be used for hitting each other when teachers weren't looking. How this was supposed to be training for later life.

Uncle Vernon said that it was the proudest moment of his life and Aunt Petunia burst into tears and sobbed that she couldn't believe that her Ickle Duddykins was all grown up. Harry and Heidi had to run for their cupboard, trying not to laugh until they made it.

The next morning, they walked to the kitchen, where a horrible smell resided. Harry and Hedi looked into a bucket of dirty rags in grey water.

"What's this?" Harry asked. Aunt Petunia's lips pursed.

"Your new school uniform." Harry stared into the bucket again.

"Oh," he said. "I didn't realise it had to be so wet."

''Don't be stupid,' Aunt Petunia snapped. 'I'm dying Dudley's old things gray for you two. It'll look just like everyone else's when I've finished.''

Uncle Vernon crinkled his nose as he walked into the kitchen. Dudley followed shortly after and made it a point to knock one of the twins with his stick. He has made it his mission to carry this stick wherever he goes. The mail slot clicked and some letters fell through.

"Get the post Dudley," Uncle Vernon said from behind his newspaper, which he had unrolled when he sat down.

"Make Harry or Heidi get it."

"Get the post Heidi."

"Make Dudley get it." Harry smirked.

"Poke him with your Smeltings stick, Dudley."

Harry dodged Dudley's stick while Heidi went to get the mail. She picked them up and sifted through all four of them, looking at the recipient names. Uncle Vernon, Uncle Vernon, Miss. H. Potter, Mr. H. Potter...Wait a moment! There was a letter for her and a letter for her brother? Who would want to write to her?

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