So I've tried to come back to this and finish the story, there was only about three or four large chapters worth of stuff I had planned but I'll be honest - after 5-6 years I'm calling it.

I just don't have it in me to finish this story anymore, it was my first fanfiction after binge reading any halo / mass effect fanfictions that were vaguely readable and I think a lot of that shows. Beyond having lost the thread of the story - my notes don't really ellicit any real creative drive like they did when I started, but my enthusiasm for writing took a sharp dip after my youngest daughter died.

I'm flattered by the attention this story got and all the positive and especially the negative (can't get better without being told something's wrong) but after a few guest reviews earlier I just wanted to bring some closure to this. Thanks for reading and if anyone wants to adopt it and write an ending just let me know, I'll give you my notes.