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Lucy's mouth gapped open while she gawked at him. Did he just fucking say that?

"Luce? Why are you wet? Answer me."

Well he damn did.

So naturally, Lucy panicked.

Her quick mind found a solution, and she took it and ran with it. Lucy raced to the kitchen, Natsu hesitating for one second in confusion before chasing after her. He'd have the answer, dammit.

But Lucy was quick, and she had a plan of action. Desperate times call for desperate measures right?

She flicked on her gas oven and grabbed a lighter, she braced herself behind the counter. Just as she threw the lit lighter towards the flammable gas, Natsu rounded the corner.


YCVUBHNO;IJPOWEJPIGFLNKA (Think big explosion noise. Except it would be a small explosion. Anyways, fire.)


Lucy was unharmed from the small explosion, but her kitchen certainly wasn't.

"Don't let my place burn down Natsu! Stop the fire!" She screamed before running out of the kitchen.

"Shit!" Natsu proclaimed as a wave of heat hit him, but not harming his skin. He scrambled to suck in the flames that were covering her entire kitchen area. Once finished, he searched for her to make sure she was unhurt.

But she was gone.




Lucy was running as fast as she could.

Honestly she didn't know what the hell she was doing. It's impossible to run from a dragon slayer, they will always find you.

Nevertheless, she ran. She busted into the guild doors, people giving her odd stares as she waved them off. What should she do? If she hid somewhere, Natsu would find her quick enough. And then they'd be alone. Where he could question her. That's a no no.

But he wouldn't be able to question her if she was out in the open right?

With this new plan, Lucy went and sat at the bar, calming her racing heart.

God dammit why did she light her kitchen on fire? She'd have to pay for that. Stupid idea. Stupid brain.

Lucy heaved a sigh as Mirajane raised an eyebrow at her. Before she could question the blonde however, a large commotion was heard at the door.

The door was thrown open, almost ripping it off of it's hinges. Natsu was on the other side, breathing heavily as his eyes searched crazily for his teammate. When his eyes landed on her, he narrowed them. She was the only one with her back to him, as everyone else was blatantly staring at him.

So she was trying to be casual? Avoid him? Ignore what was happening?

He wasn't stupid, dammit. He knew what effect he had on her now. And he'd be damned if he just stood by and did nothing about it.

He stomped over to her, about to angrily confront her, or perhaps just attack her there on the bar- when an idea came to him. He'd never tried it before, but if she was playing hard to get, then he'd just play along too.

"Lucy." He huskily whispered into her ear. He saw her shiver and her hands grip the edge of her chair, turning her knuckles white. He smirked.

"Won't you come back home? I think we have some unfinished business to take care of." He murmured, dragging her long locks through his fingers.

She shakily laughed. "O-oh you mean the fire right? Y-yeah I'll have to get that patched up. Silly me. Slip of the fingers ya know."

Natsu snorted, leaning in closer to her and blowing on her neck, appreciating the gooseflesh that rose because of his actions. "You know that's not what I mean."

His teeth lightly grazed the shell of her ear. She gasped, flinching away from him and pressing her back against the bar so she was facing him. She brought her hand up to her ear. "W-what do you think you're doing, mister?" She tried to be stern.

Natsu took this opportunity to cage her in between his arms. "We both know exactly what I'm doing. And we both know exactly what you're doing. And we both know it's completely pointless, because we'll reach the same end result."

He could smell it again, her arousal. So potent, so sweet, so enticing.

"I- I... But... we can't..."

Natsu groaned, leaning down and resting his face in the crook of her neck. Why was she so stubborn? "We already did, remember Luce?"

Her breath hitched before she shook her head. He refrained from growling.

He lightly kissed the skin there on her neck, ignoring her small squeal of surprise. "Why are you fighting it Luce? What's holding you back?"

She pushed him away slightly regretfully. "You're my teammate Natsu! We're nakama!" She hissed at him quietly, mindful of the people that could be listening.

"So? Look at Alzack and Bisca."

That caused her to hesitate.

"That's not... the same.."

Natsu groaned. "Yes it fucking is!"

"But- we- you're- it's not the same!"

He leveled a stare at her. "So that's what's bothering you? How other's will react about us?"

Lucy nodded slightly.

Well then. Natsu would get rid of that barrier real quick. He took in a deep breath, "I'M IN LOVE WITH LUCY HEARTFILIA!"

Lucy gasped as she tried unsuccessfully to clamp a hand over his loud mouth, and her face went up in flames as everyone turned to look at them.

Erza walked up to the couple. Lucy held her breath.

The fiery redhead placed a metal-clad hand on Natsu's shoulder. "Honestly Natsu. We all know that, there's no reason to embarrass Lucy by shouting it."

Natsu gave a triumphant smirk towards Lucy. The said blonde just gapped as her guild mates rolled their eyes and turned away. There was no teasing, no surprised faces, no ridicule in the slightest. It was as if it was just a fact that everyone already knew. Like saying the sky was blue.

Lucy turned to the smiling barmaid. "Why aren't you saying anything?"

Mirajane just kept smiling. "Why would I? Everyone knows you two are heads over heels for each other, so I'm just letting fate take its course!"

Lucy gapped at the take-over demon. It was true, Mira hadn't been meddling in her love life recently. Nobody had, except for that stupid drinking game when her and Natsu were given... gentle nudges in the right direction. Leaving it up to fate?

Her mind went back to Cana's card readings... her fateful day... was the day that she met Natsu.

She lifted her eyes to Natsu's. His eyes were full of trust, and love, and hope. He looked so sure of himself. So sure of her.

And just like she had the epiphany in her tub that she was in love with this idiot, she realized that she wanted to stay in love with him. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with Natsu.

Such a revelation scared her a little, to be so dependent on someone, to open up your heart and soul to them... it wasn't an easy step. But she knew Natsu would never let her down. She trusted him more than anything.

She swallowed the rest of her doubt and looked into his eyes. Her ears burned as she cleared her throat. "I... I'M IN LOVE WITH NATSU DRAGNEEL!"

Gray narrowed his eyes in disgust. "Would you two shut the hell up already?"

Cana groaned too, covering her hungover eyes. "All this yelling is giving me a headache."

Many others members also grumbled about the second outburst from the two, rolling their eyes and a few people even sent them the bird and told them to take their lovey-dovey business elsewhere (cough cough, Gajeel and Laxus).

Natsu beamed at her, the biggest smile he'd ever had on his face, as he took her hand and nudged her off her stool. "Apparently PDA is not acceptable here, and I want to kiss you, so we're going to have to leave."

Lucy squeezed his hand, following him out the door. "Gladly."


Lucy yelped as she was thrown onto the bed, Natsu pouncing on top of her. He kissed down her neck, sucking hard and leaving even more marks to decorate her skin. She giggled and thread her fingers into his hair, "What happened to just kissing me?"

He puckered his lips against her skin. "I am kissing you. All over."

Lucy rolled her eyes, but didn't push him away.

He had been extremely sweet when they first arrived back at her apartment, and his kisses had been so soft and gentle and sweet. He had whispered words of love to her...

And then he ruined the romantically sweet mood by telling her he was going to fuck her even harder than he had the previous night. He had started to kiss her harshly and pull off her thick clothes.

Of course, she was reciprocating with equal force. Most of his clothes were already missing as well, and she even got in a few marks of her own.

There was little foreplay, both eager to become one again. Soon enough, Natsu was nestled in between her thighs and hammering away. The sounds of their lovemaking rang out through the little apartment, possibly even out onto the street, not that they cared.

Lucy pulled Natsu down to her face, while keeping her hips bucking as a message to not slow down. They shared a sweet, sensual kiss. "I love you." She mumbled against his lips.

He rested his forehead against hers, ignoring their sweat-slicked skin. "I love you too, Luce."

And it was in that position, staring into each other's eyes and clinging onto each other for life, that they both came apart yelling their pleasure to the heavens. They gathered their wits in the aftermath, heaving on the bed beside each other. They whispered sweet nothings into each other's ears until they fell asleep. Who knew a drunken night of games and bets would finally bring them together forever.

I got a little sappy here. I guess because this story has been all about the sex, and I want to make it clear that they have a bond deeper than sexual attraction. Nalu forever : 3