A/N: Sorry this chapter is short, I ran out time! Anyways, I always intended to jump around with the time frame/sequence of events for this story, but this is the first time I'm really doing it. The following chapter jumps forward in time quite a bit.

"How do I look?" Belkar straightened his posture, pushing his shoulders back and flashing a confident grin.

Vaarsuvius had been brushing their hair, focusing on a few small tangles that had formed overnight. They shifted slightly on the cushioned stool to look at him and let the brush rest on their lap.

He was wearing a crisp white shirt and a moss green vest with silver buttons, tailored to his frame. A velvety cloak in a dark green shade was fastened around his shoulders. His feet were, of course, bare.

"You appear appropriately dressed for a formal gathering," Vaarsuvius replied, turning back to their task.

"That's all you have to say? Really?" Belkar grumbled.

The elf glanced at him in the reflection of the mirror. "What response were you expecting of me?"

Belkar shrugged and rolled his eyes. "I dunno, maybe say I look sexy? Dashing? A really long word I don't understand but means something along those lines?"

"Oh," Vaarsuvius paused for a moment. "You are quite appealing in your formal wear," they stated, resuming the brushing.

"That's not really what I was- ugh, never mind. Let's just get this day over with." Belkar sat down on the bed and gave Mr. Scruffy a few chin scratches. "What took those two so long anyway? I thought they were going to tie the knot years ago."

"Miss Starshine informed me her mother-in-law was most enthusiastic about wedding preparations, and has a penchant for somewhat needlessly complicated arrangements. I suspect that may have played a part in delaying the special occasion."

"Well I hope those plans involve an open bar. I'm not looking forward to seeing Boringhilt again. Or the Bearded Wonder. Or the redhead. Or… why am I even going again?"

"You are accompanying me." The Elf replied simply.

Belkar leaned back on the bed, still petting Mr. Scruffy who was now purring quite happily. He hesitated, unsure if he wanted an answer to his next question. "You uh, sure you still want to go with me?"

"Why would I not?" The mage replied, a tinge of confusion in their voice.

"Well you know the others aren't going to be happy about… this."

Vaarsuvius placed the brush on the desk, their task completed. "I am not embarrassed by our relationship. My feelings will not be swayed by their reactions."

Belkar released a breath he didn't realize he was holding, relaxing his tensed muscles.

The next few minutes passed in comfortable silence, save for the cat's gentle purr.

Belkar heard a swish of robes at the elf turned to face him. "How do I look?" They asked.

The halfling pushed himself upright, readying a snarky comment in his brain. But the words died as he looked at them.

Vaarsuvius was wearing a mossy green robe, matching his vest, tied with a golden ribbon which accentuated their thin frame. The robe was otherwise somewhat voluminous, like the elf's typical attire, but the material it was made from was lighter and moved more fluidly, giving a hint at their figure. They had simple but elegant golden slippers on their feet. Their hair was free, wavy purple locks cascading down their shoulders.

Belkar realized he hadn't answered the question yet. "You look… stunning, V."

"Thank you," they responded with a small smile. Then after a moment, "Your collar is crumpled. Come here, I will fix it."

"Ugh, I hate this thing," Belkar grumbled, jumping off the bed nonetheless and standing before Vaarsuvius.

The elf knelt down to be at his height, and Belkar noticed a mischievous look in their eye. They rested their hands against his chest and leaned in, pressing their lips against his.

Belkar grinned, kissing back and wrapping his arms around the other's frame.

Vaarsuvius broke the kiss after a minute, pressing their foreheads together. "You look quite handsome, Belkar," they murmured softly.