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There she was, in front if this big temple sitting in the middle of the capital city of this mysterious all-feminine warrior civilization. After a long quest, she had managed to find this city, to open the door of this untouched shrine, and now she was about to discover the biggest secret of this former civilization of muscular women…

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Since a long time, it has been known that this area of Central America had been home to mysterious warrior women. All of the old known civilizations that had dwelled in the area had at least once mentioned raids lead by these huge fearless muscular warriors, that attacked naked. These women were all described as very muscular, but still beautiful: arms and legs as big as small trees, chiseled abs, huge breasts, but long flowing hairs and beautiful faces.

Lara had immediately be passionate about this archaeological enigma. So many questions, and so few answers... Who were they? How their society was organized? Was it really an all-feminine civilization? If so, how could their civilization have thrived through ages? And above all: how could they grow so huge muscles while remaining strikingly beautiful?

Regarding their survival, they had been known to capture young girls, children and teens, but that small addition could not be enough to allow the growth of their civilization. It happened more than once that kidnapped girls were seen again, transformed, in their former village.

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After some research, it was not long before she found some old villages of this mysterious civilization.

All the villages seemed to be organized on the same pattern: houses standing in concentric circles around what seemed to be a shrine. Age has took its toll on each of the villages she visited and all that remained was overgrown rubbles.

Her digs in the different villages revealed that this civilization was indeed all feminine, as all discovered skeleton parts presented female features, and that these women lived naked all the time, as no remaining of any clothing could be found.

Amongst the rubbles of the different visited shrines she gathered enough info from what remained of the wall carvings to learn a little more about two big mysteries of this civilization.

The women gained their muscular physique over a ceremony that took place in the village's shrine. The ceremony involved telluric forces, or something approaching. How precisely the ceremony was conducted remained unknown. In all the shrines she visited, crystal fragments were found among the stone, so the ceremonies should have used crystal-made objects, whose shape was unknown, to channel the involved nature forces.

Regarding the population renewing, all she could gather was that it involved some great priest or queen wearing some kind of crown, and then some other women lying on their four on some platforms.

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Just before walking through the high door, she decided it would be better if she did walk in (un)dressed as the past visitors.

She then slowly undressed, revealing her beautiful body, glistening with sweat and ambient humidity. She also undid her braided hair, letting them flow on her shoulders. Then she stretched, glad to feel the sun and the light wind on her skin.

She took a frontal lamp out of her bag, and with a last look at this high and large doorframe, surely to allow large and big women to pass through, she entered the temple…

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The temperature inside the corridor that lead to the heart of the structure was surprisingly low, but welcomed after the heat outside.

Her naked foot made no noise, and the ray of her lamp danced on the walls as she progressed to the heart of the temple.

As she reached the central room, dimly lit by an opening high on the ceiling, she looked around.

The room was sized so as to allow a great number of people, even if it was tall muscular women. In a corner was a series of platforms, most likely used for the "population renewing" ceremony. And at the center of the room stood a pole with a rounded tip.

As she approached it, it started to emit a reddish glow, and it produced energy tendrils that wrapped around her naked body. To the contact of this strange manifestation she felt like invigorated. Putting her hands on it, she found a smooth crystal surface, so it was how those mysterious artifact were shaped. Its tip was at her crotch level, and she could put her two hands around it.

"This shapes reminds me of something... But there is no way it could be that...", she thought.

Looking around, she spotted some carving on the walls. Those were complete version of what she found in the other ruined temples. Due to the lack of light she hard to lean closely to the walls, her breasts nearly brushing against the stone. She learned more about the two rituals, the one where younglings gained their impressive musculature, and the one to perpetuate the muscle girls' population.

Once she finished examining the carving, she looked around for where the key item to the perpetuation ritual could be hidden. She quickly spotted a closed door. After a quick examination it was clear that that door could only be opened by maneuvering a stone lever, visible near the top of the huge door frame.

"It looks like this secret was offered only to the worthiest warriors. So I have to prove my worth by passing the rod's trial…"

She then walk back to the crystal rod.

- xxx -

"So, this rod is a huge dildo, used to channel the telluric forces. To prove their worth, the girls had to hold on until they grew enough to be able to slip down the whole length of the rod. This is what I have to endure if I want to access what lays behind the door..."

On her tiptoes she positioned herself above the rod. As soon as the tip touched her lips, she was overflown by energy. She then slowly lowered on the rod, until it was too painful. Once she found her deepest point, she slid up and down. Doing so, she had put a hand on her stomach, to follow the bulge made by the tip of the rod.

Quickly the pain was relieved by a soothing energy, and she could feel herself growing some muscles. She could see her legs growing big well defined muscles with each up and down movement, she could feel under her hand her stomach growing harder and a six pack. In only minutes, she had grown from an average physique to that of a fitness model... and some minutes later she looked like a professional bodybuilder… Soon the rod was no longer bulging through her hard stomach, and it was then that the real magic happened…

With each up and down movement, she grew further in size and gained even more muscles. In addition she could feel her hair growing longer, and her already huge breasts gaining in size and firmness. As her growing made her horny, she progressively speed up her movements...

With a final thrust, she slid to the floor down the rod, and came, contracting on the whole length of the crystalline artifact and flooding the floor beneath... After having caught her breath, she stood up and admired her new gigantic silhouette.

The tip of the rod was now lower than her knees, her crotch at the level her chin had been. Her legs were wider than her body had never been, and her breasts were twice bigger than her head. As she do some flexes to make her breasts bouncing and to test those new muscles of hers, she was surprised by the feel of her long hair, that reached lower than her butt, brushing against her muscular back and calves.

"Now that I have proved my worth, it's time to find that 'Crown of Fertility' and give it a try"

Walking to the door leading to the storage room for the crown, she could easily reach for the unlocking lever, pull it down and open the door.

- xxx -

In the middle of the room, right under a light well stood a round pedestal. And on that pedestal, on a stony head, was the artifact Lara had been looking for, the Crown of Fertility. The crown was shaped like a diadem, with three lemon-shaped and sized polished chunks of the same crystal than the rod Lara had just ridden.

As soon as the Crown was on her head, she felt hot between her legs and had an urge to finger herself. Responding to this need, she immediately reached between her muscular legs. As she fingered herself deeply, directly aiming for her soft point, she felt and saw her clitoris growing and turning into a dick, which reached the length and girth of the rod which turned Lara into a muscle goddess as Lara once more splashed juices everywhere.

"I never suspected that growing a dick would be that pleasant…", she thought as she sat on the floor to catch her breath. And she stood up: "Now, it's time to give it a try."

She then walked out of the storage room, her mighty dick swinging with each step, in sync with the bounces of her massive round breasts.

Back in the main room, standing in front of one of the platforms, she started to rub both her hands along the full length of her shaft, leaving no point of it untouched.

Quickly some precum started to drip from her tip, but it took a lot more rubbing before she came in two long spurts which covered the platform she stood in front of with a thick layer of hot gooey cum.

As she remained hard despite she had already came, she decided to test her limits.

After she had covered all the ten platforms in the room, it was clear that the only way to get rid of her dick would be to take the crown away. But before she still wanted to do some experiments with her cum hose.

Viewing all this creamy looking cum shot from the tip of her wang gave her the want to taste it. Picking some of it on her fingertip from the nearest glazed platform and licked it. It had not at all the taste she would have expected: it was pleasantly sweet and salty, and she immediately wanted more of it.

Sitting on a cum covered platform, she took her dick with both her hand, aiming it at her mouth, and started to pump. The first spurt quickly filled up her mouth and spilled over, covering her muscular body, while the second ended up on her face and in her hair, making her a white dripping mask.

Then, wanting to feel the warm gooeyness she just received on her face on her whole body, she layed down on the floor, her dick pointing straight upright and once more started pumping up and down. When she came, the two spurts flew high toward the ceiling and rained down all over and around her body: big sploshes landed on and slowly slithered down the domes of her breasts, the deep cuts of her eight-pack were filled up…

After some time stood up and leaving a trail of white gooey drops went back to the storage room. There she took off the crown. Her dick shrunk back to its initial clitoris state nearly instantly, giving a huge and unexpected orgasm.

As she splashed around in a river near the city to wash her body of all the cum it had been covered it she decided to settle there. But she also pondered whether she should keep that discovery for herself or share it with other women in the world...

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