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"I've had enough, yeah that's all I really need" Greed said softly to himself as he watched his. . Friends stare up at him in shock and mortification "You gave me everything I could want" Greed said understanding the small irony of the situation as he let out a soft chuckle "Thank you, and goodbye my friends" Greed said as his existence faded to nothing

Darkness enveloped him as he felt nothing at all as he felt his consciousness drift away. That was until his entire world turned white as he now was inside a white void with a single giant door in front of him. Then he noticed 'Someone' else was there floating in front of said door staring at him quietly. It was an exact outline of the black mist that was his face as he realized that it was the only part of his body that was here at the moment. He noticed the only detail he could make of the thing is the outline of his fangs

Greed stared at the blank figure quietly as the two stared at each other in silence ". . . . OI! SAY SOMETHING!" Greed shouted foregoing the silence as he was getting irritated by whatever was floating before him as it wasn't talking to him

"Hello humunculus" The void spoke in soft voice

"Just in who in the hell are you?" Greed asked dryly

"I am what you could call the world, or you might call me the universe or perhaps god, or perhaps. Truth. I am one and I am all" Truth explained calmly as Greed stared at it as he began to chuckle before letting out a full blown laugh

"So you're Truth, the thing that made the fullmetal brat the way he is" Greed said still laughing

"Yes, Edward Elric. He already made another price and he chose the answer correctly and got his brother back" Truth said as Greed let out a soft chuckle

"You know, I always knew the brat would do it. Sure I didn't say it up front but I knew he would do it" Greed said smiling a bit

"Which us to the point of why I'm talking to you" Truth said

"Huh?" Greed uttered

"You are an incarnation of avarice, greed itself and yet not once in this short conversation have you been a bit greedy in your actions. Why?" Truth asked calmly

". . . I've already have enough and now. . I don't need anymore" Greed said in a calm voice as he stared at the door behind the copy of himself "I don't need to know anything to know I already had everything I could ever wanted" Greed said with a smile on his face as he thought back to his friends

". . . Would you like to live once more" Truth asked

Greed's white eyes widen in shock "I can go back!" Greed asked in shock while lurching his misty head forward

"No" Truth said bluntly

"But you said-"

"I said if you would like to live once more, I didn't say you can live in their world once more" Truth explained as Greed looked at it frustrated

"Why not!" Greed shouted in frustration

"It's because when The Dwarf in the glass created you, you were nothing but a case for the philosopher stone that gave you life. In other words, you don't have a soul to cling to that world but memories that hold no weight to one's soul" Truth explained bluntly as Greed flinched as he knew it was true. He wasn't created normally like most humans, he gained his soul by the lives that was created by the philosopher stone. He had no soul to tether him back to that world

". . . If I have no soul, how am I supposed to live again?" Death asked after a moment of silence

"Easy, you'll live in a world where you don't need a soul to survive" Truth explained as Greed mulled it over

". . Do I really have a choice" Greed said reluctantly

"It is either this or fade away to nothing. Choose" Truth said harshly

"I guess this is better than my existence ending. . Fine! But on one condition!" Greed shouted as Truth's smile grew bigger

"And what would that be?" Truth asked calmly while curious to what Greed wanted

"I wish to know what my friends are doing before I pass through this world" Greed asked sincerely as Truth let out a chuckle

"You truly are a strange humunculus, you know that right" Truth stated as Greed let out a laugh

"Of course if I wasn't strange then I be human, though I don't see anything wrong with that" Greed said his laughter slowing down to a tame chuckle "So do we have a deal" Greed asked

"Of course, enjoy your new life. Try not to give into your avarice, humunculus called Greed" Truth said as he faded to nothing as the door behind opened revealing darkness. After a second a giant eye appeared in the doorway as several hands made of darkness reached out and grabbed Greed. He didn't resist as it pulled him into the door and closed it behind him

As the sensation of his body being re- and decomposed was going on he saw visions in his head of his friends. He smiled as the visions were of them living happy lives with families of their own. He saw the runt actually growing tall and starting a family with his mechanic, Alphonse with his new body was traveling around the east with the little princess Mei traveling with him. Then the vision was directed at Ling who was now emperor with Lan Fan right at his side. He laughed when he learned that one of his children, who was ironically born from Lan Fan who detested him with a passion so and yet agreed to name the child, Greed. It was the kid's middle name but it still made Greed smile that they still thought of him after his departure

"Well at least you gave the kid a kick ass name, eh piss ant" Greed mused before all the visions went dark as he felt his whole world go into darkness again as he felt his consciousness drift away towards it's destination as he wondered what is ahead for him

Velvet was running through the forest with several other students chasing after her. It was one of those days that the more upfront racists in Beacon went after the faunus closest to them and sadly Velvet was it. She didn't have her weapon or her combat gear as she was just in her Beacon uniform

"I think she went that way!" One of the men shouted as Velvet kept running as she had tears pouring down her cheeks. She wanted to call Coco but she was too afraid of being caught to pull out her Scroll, so she kept running. When the sounds of the people chasing after her were getting closer she came up to a big tree and started climbing it. As soon as she reached the thick branch that was big enough for her to sit on, she curled up against herself and stayed as quiet as she could

"Dammit, where did that stupid faunus go!" One of the chasers shouted as the stood directly below her

"Ah who cares, let the Grimm deal with her" One of others said uncaringly as a wave of agreements came as they slowly left the area.

As soon as Velvet was sure they weren't in earshot distance she let out a sob "Why does this happen to me" Velvet sobbed as she pulled her head closer to her knees. She stayed there crying as she didn't know what to do at that moment.

It was until she heard something start to bubble did she lift her head up. Velvet looked around for the noise as it was very close to her, it wasn't the other students but something else.

Velvet dropped down from the branch as she looked around nervously for the noise before noticing on the side a puddle of black liquid bubbling on the surface. Velvet stepped back when the bubbles started frothing violently before it went still. Velvet looked at the puddle curiously before something poked its head out and pulled itself out of the puddle. Velvet jumped back when she saw the bone white mask of a Grimm and was about to run before noticing something

". . . Cute" Velvet muttered as she stared at a Grimm version of a bunny with the mask on its tiny head that covered only its forehead and nothing more, making it look like a normal black fur bunny. The red markings of the bone mask took shape of sort of dragon trying to eat its tail with an odd shaped triangle in the center

The bunny stared up at Velvet and it's nose twitched cutely at her

Everything felt wet as if he was down in a pool of darkness. That was until Greed realized he was in water and looked around before seeing light above him. He began swimming towards it, not putting mind that he felt oddly weird while he was swimming, and pushed head above the water while taking a deep breath. Greed then pulled himself out of the water and looked around before noticing someone.

'Huh. . Cute girl with. . bunny ears?' Greed thought in shock as he stared up at the girl wondering why a chimera was doing all the way out in the forest. Then he realized something 'Why is she bending down to look at me?' Greed thought slowly before looking back at the puddle to stare at his reflection ". . . . . . . . . . . .WHAT THE FU

Velvet squealed at the bunny's cute antics as it let out the cutest sound she ever heard as it started hopping around the puddle before stopping to stare at her. The bunny then got on its hind legs and started moving its front paws up and down to get her attention

"That is so cute" Velvet squealed at its cuteness of the bunny that is supposed to be one of the many creatures created to destroy mankind

"No not cute, I'm a freaking rabbit! What the hell Truth! Did you decide to fuck me because this isn't cool man, the fuck!" Greed 'Shouted' up to the sky as the girl in front of him squealed again "Stop squealing already!" Greed 'shouted' at the girl and before he could do anything something made a beeping noise. He watched as the girl pull out some rectangular device before it expanded outward to his shock with a thin veil of a screen in the center

"Velvet where in the world are you?!" A girl called out to the girl he guess is named Velvet

"U-Um I was just out on a walk, I'm coming back now alright" Velvet said nervously as Greed knew that was a lie but why lie to what he guess was her friend

"Alright, just get back soon because I don't want to stay up around midnight for you to come back" The girl said calmly without a hint of scorn in her voice

"Alright, I'll see you back at our dorm Coco" Velvet said hanging up on the girl named Coco, which caused Greed to laugh. Who in their right mind would name their kid Coco

Velvet stared down at the bunny that was making a soft noise that sounded as if it was laughing but dismissed that motion. Velvet wondered what to do with the small bunny as she knows she can't bring it to Beacon

"I have to go now, bye little guy" Velvet said reluctantly as she began walking away from the Grimm bunny and towards Beacon. After a few seconds her heightened hearing told her that the little guy was following her. Velvet stopped to stare at the bunny "You can't come with me, you'll be attacked if you do" Velvet said trying to shoo the bunny away but the bunny didn't budge as it just hopped right next to her

"Hell no, I'm not saying at a dank dark forest all by myself. Especially as a rabbit, I do NOT want to die in this world because I looked like someone's lunch" Greed said begrudgingly as he stayed by Velvet's side

"You're not going to leave me alone are you?" Velvet said more as a statement than a question as Greed just nodded. He saw Velvet's eyes widened a bit and wondered why "Alright then, but I'm not going to be responsible if you are found out" Velvet said as she picked him up and held in her arms, nestled against her bosom

Velvet was wondering what she was doing was right because this Grimm was the first intelligent Grimm that could understand humans and she was bringing it to Beacon, a place where they train to kill Grimm

Velvet let out soft sigh "I guess when the time comes I'll have to face the consequences" Velvet murmured to herself as she didn't know Greed was listening in and hummed lightly to himself

'I wonder what she means by that' Greed mused in his thoughts as the walk back to Beacon was silent as he wondered what this world has to offer

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