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'Greed thoughts'

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'So this is my life now' Greed thought dejectedly as he felt his lungs being crushed against his chest for the fifth time in the last few minutes of his capture, and by capture he means literally jumping into the arms of some crazy redheaded girl.

The girl, named Nora, who found him has been hugging him nonstop with all her strength. He, honest to truth, felt himself die a few times in the arms of the girl that had started carrying him back into the dorm building he had just flung himself out of.

They soon arrived at their destination, which Greed was thankful for as he couldn't handle being held by this insane woman for a minute longer. Nora slammed the door opened to apparently her team's room.

"HEY GUYS!" Nora exclaimed excitedly as she rushed inside and immediately spotting her remaining teammates.

Pyrrha was standing over Jaune who was sitting hunched over the desk that was in the corner of the room as she was helping him with some work assignments.

"Welcome back, did you have fun. . looking. . for. ." Pyrrha slowed to a stop as she stared at what was in Nora's arms while Jaune looked at Greed in utter disbelief "Nora, I'm going to need you stay still for a moment or this will get messy" Pyrrha said as she grabbed a pen from the work desk and was moving slowly towards Nora.

"Don't you dare Nikos" Nora said venomously when she realized what Pyrrha was planning as she clutched Greed harder against her chest as Greed let out a pitiful squeak.

"Nora, do you not realize what you're holding!" Jaune exclaimed as he stood up quickly, knocking over his chair in the process to stand next to Pyrrha.

"Yes, my new pet Mr. Fluffy" Nora said happily without a care in the world that she was holding a supposed man-eating Grim in her arms.

The two members stared at their teammate in disbelief.

". . . Honestly it's not the worst thing I've ever been called" Greed muttered mostly to himself as he had some rather awkward memories of his past. Greed let out a tired sigh as Ren came running into the room, gasping for air as he bent forward with his hands on his knees.

". . Ren, why did Nora just tell us that Grim is now her pet" Jaune asked slowly while slowly moving behind Pyrrha who was gripping the pen in hand tightly.

Once Ren finally caught his breath from chasing after Nora he looked to her leader "You think I have actual control over Nora's actions" Ren stated dryly as both Pyrrha and Jaune had to admit the magenta eyed huntsmen had a point, no one can tell Nora what not to do when she felt like doing something on a whim.

"Nora, as much as you like. . . Mr. Fluffy, we can't keep it" Pyrrha said level-headed in this situation "Imagine what the professor Goodwitch would say if she found us harboring a Grim in our room" Pyrrha said very seriously as chills went down the other members, excluding Nora's, back at the thought of a furious Goodwitch.

"Nora get rid of it" Jaune said quickly as he looked out the window of their room in paranoia that Goodwitch could be possibly watching.

"Never, he's mine and I'm not giving him up" Nora said as she began making her way back towards the door to get away from her team.

"STOP HER!" Jaune ordered his team as they all dog-piled on Nora before she could even open the door.

They all struggled to stop Nora but only for them to suddenly be lifted off the ground while still on top of Nora.

"What the hell do they feed the kids here?!" Greed shouted in utter disbelief at what he was witnessing.

"Do I need to remind you I can bench press five of me, you three can't weigh me down!" Nora exclaimed as she began moving towards the door with her team still on her back.

That is before she stopped when a knock came from the door.

"Who is it~" Nora called out happily as if what was happening in the room didn't even exist.

"It's Ruby, just wanted to know if you've seen... A lost pet of sorts" Ruby said with her voice muffled slightly from the door.

"WHO YOU CALLING A PET!" Greed shouted rather indignant at being called a pet.

"Wait, I just heard him!" Another voice that they all recognized as Velvet said "Greed, if you can hear me just call out!" Velvet shouted to the world

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Greed shouted from his prison that is Nora's arms as he thrashed around in the redhead's grip.

JNPR just looked on in confusion as they weren't expecting the Grim to making so much noise when Velvet actually said call out to her.

The entire room was filled with silence after Greed's small outburst. After a moment the door was kicked open with only a single door hinge still hanging on the wall. Velvet came into the room with a worried look on her face while everyone else was completely in shock at the fact that the timid rabbit faunus had just kicked a door down.

Velvet was about to say something but stopped when she saw the position all of JNPR was in and stared at them for a bit as Ruby walked into the room, staring at the busted door for a moment before noticing the scene in front of her.

"Oh, you actually found him" Ruby said at the sight of Greed in Nora's arms. To be honest she should be more relieved that they were able to find Greed before some other team decided to off him but she was currently mentally reprocessing from the sudden mood change Velvet had.

Velvet stared at JNPR for a moment before slowly turning to Ruby with a confused look on her face "Is this normal" Velvet question as she gestured to JNPR's impromptu dog-pile on Nora.

Ruby looked at JNPR for a moment before looking back at Velvet "This is rather normal really" Ruby said calmly.

". . . This year is just turning weirder and weirder by the day" Velvet commented mostly to herself as she didn't have to handle this odd business the year before. Velvet ignored that train of thought as she walked towards Nora to get Greed from Nora. . . Well tried to grab Greed from Nora's grip as she wasn't letting go of him "Nora, could you please let go of Greed" Velvet said politely.

"His name is Fluffy" Nora said strongly as she tightened her hold on Greed.

"Nora, don't be so stubborn. I need to take Greed back" Velvet said placidly while giving Nora a pleading look.

"I have no idea what is going on but Nora, as your leader I demand you hand the Grim to Velvet" Jaune said as Nora looked over her shoulder to stare at her leader before looking over to her other teammates.

". . . Fine" Nora grumbled lightly as she let go of Greed who immediately went into Velvet's arms. The rest of Nora's team let out a sigh of relief before they all fell off Nora's back and onto the ground with a thump.

"Oh thank Truth I'm free" Greed said letting out a breath of relief from being free of that redhead.

"Greed I can assume you wanted to stop being a sloth but that doesn't mean you can just leave like that" Velvet scolded whilst holding Greed out by an arms length.

Greed responded by letting out an annoyed huff "I don't need permission to do anything I want" Greed said irritable and turned his head away from her.

"You know you could have just asked us to take you out into the forest to change if you disliked this body so much" Velvet reprimanded him lightly.

"So?" Greed uttered dryly as he let out a small grunt as Velvet just sighed.

"Why must you be so difficult" Velvet muttered softly to herself as Greed stuck his tongue out at her.

". . Uh~" Ruby uttered at the sight in front of her.

Velvet and Greed both turned their heads at Ruby "What?" Velvet asked when she noticed everyone's gaze upon her.

"Are you, are you able to understand Greed" Ruby inquired as she looked back and forth between the two.

Velvet blinked before realizing what she just did and let out a sheepish laugh "No I'm actually just guessing what he's probably saying based on his personality. Kind of easy to understand with how truthfully blunt he is" Velvet said bashfully while Greed rolled his eyes.

"Wait, can someone please explain the situation here" Jaune said as he got up off the floor with the rest of his team to stand next to Nora.

"What do you mean?" Ruby questioned, tilting her head slightly in confusion.

"Oh I don't know, just about the fact that apparently, VELVET OWNS A GRIM THAT ISN'T TEARING HER FACE OFF!" Jaune screamed out in confusion of the situation in front of him as the others, sans Nora, nodded in agreement.

Both Ruby and Velvet stared at the blonde leader before they looked at each other "I completely forgot they don't know" Ruby admitted quietly.

"Yeah, they were just standing there so quietly that I just assumed they weren't bothered by how I just barged in to get Greed back that I just assumed they knew somehow" Velvet said softly but loud enough that JNPR heard.

"We can hear you!" Jaune exclaimed as Pyrrha placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down.

Velvet and Ruby exchanged a looked before looking back at JNPR "We'll explain on the way back to my team's room" Velvet stated.

"Can I hold him on the way there" Nora asked with stars in her eyes.

"Nononononononononononono-" Greed said repeatedly whilst pulling himself closer to Velvet.

"I don't need to understand him to know he's saying no" Velvet said walking out of the room as Nora had an aura of depression around her.

Ren let out a sigh before patting Nora's back "Come on, let us see what is going on" Ren said as he began guiding Nora out of the room with the rest following behind.

"So let me get this straight" Jaune said from his spot on Fox's bed with the other members of his team sitting on the other beds "You found a newly formed Grim that didn't attack you so you decided to keep it. From there you learn it could meta-whatever-size" Jaune began with a tired sigh.

"Metamorphosis" Pyrrha interjected.

"Yeah that, and decided to continue doing so without any thought about the repercussions of doing so" Jaune said finished summarizing everything he just heard.

"Essentially" Velvet said simply as she sat across from Jaune on her bed with Greed sleeping on her lap with Coco sitting right next to her. Nora reached over slowly to try and grab greed but had her hand slapped away by Coco who receive a pout in return.

"Am I the only one here who thinks this is insane!" Jaune exclaimed in utter shock.

Both RWBY and CFVY looked amongst each other before looking back at Jaune.

"Kind of" Ruby said with a shrug that just says 'You get used to it'.

Jaune let out a groan and placed his head in his hands while Pyrrha just comfortingly pats his back.

"What I don't get is how you lost him in the first place" Ren inquired as Velvet just gave him a tired look before shaking Greed lightly to wake him up.

Greed wasn't happy that he was force to wake up and let out an angry squeak as he slammed his paws into Velvet's thigh. Velvet flinched from Greed's long sloth claws jabbing into her thigh.

Velvet responded by pouting at him to which he responded with an irritated grunt "What do you want" Greed asked as he lowered his head back onto her lap.

"Can you move over to the other side of the room and then come back to my lap. They need to see what you can do" Velvet explained as Greed still irritated with the rude awakening let out a huff and ignored her "Come on, the sooner you do this then the sooner we can get to the forest" Velvet stated as Greed perked up a bit at the thought of finally getting out of this form.

Greed began moving off of her lap and onto the space on the bed between her and Coco. Everyone just stared in silence as Greed made it to the edge of the bed and just stayed there for a bit.

"...So is he going to do something or-" Nora was cut off by a loud boom as Greed was no longer on Velvet's lap but on the other side of the room, on top of one of their personal desks to be exact.

JPR looked on astonished while Nora let out a squeal of excitement at what she just witnessed. She was about to pounce on Greed but he suddenly moved across the room again and back onto Velvet's bed that lurched back as both girls of team CFVY lost their balance from the sudden impact.

"That was amazing!" Nora screamed joyfully at what she just witness while Greed crawled back onto Velvet's lap.

"Who would've thought the sloth would be the fastest thing in the room" Pyrrha mumbled but it was loud enough for Ruby to hear.

"Again! Seriously!" Ruby shouted in shock that she was being considered slow compared to Greed.

Pyrrha realized what she just said and apologized to Ruby who just pouted in response before Yang pulled her hood over her head causing her to let out a surprised yelp.

"So are we heading out or not" Ruby said as she pulled her hood back and gave Yang a halfhearted glare to which the blonde promptly ignored with a grin on her face.

"Yeah, let's get going" Coco said as she got up from the bed.

"Actually the headmaster wanted to speak to us about something" Yatsuhashi said from the corner of the room.

"Something important if I remember" Fox added as Coco let out a sigh.

"Fine, seems you're going without us" Coco said looking at Velvet with an apologetic expression.

"It's fine, how about you guys" Velvet said to her leader before looking at team RWBY.

"Yeah no, seeing how he consumes Grim once is more than enough for me" Weiss said as her face turned a tinge of green at the memory.

"Agreed" Both Yang and Blake said simultaneously.

"I'm up for it, I'm actually curious to see what he'll turn into" Ruby said excitedly.

"Wait!" Nora shouted suddenly, causing everyone to jump from the sudden action "Does that mean he will no longer be a sloth" Nora said with her voice wavering and tears slowly forming.

". . I mean" Velvet said slowly as she looked at Ren who was signalling her to stop talking "Yes" Velvet answered somewhat hesitant as Ren lowered his head with with a tired sigh.

"I haven't had my turn playing with him, it isn't fair!" Nora screamed out before lunging towards Velvet but was stopped by both Yang and Yatsuhashi.

"Nora, calm down" Ren said slowly as he stood in front of a frantic Nora.

"But Ren, when's the next time I'll be able to find a sloth" Nora whined sadly as Ren let out a sigh and shook his head before looking at Velvet.

Velvet noticed the look he was giving her before he directed his gaze towards Greed and back towards Nora.

Velvet took a moment to realize what Ren was suggesting and got up to stand into front of Nora who had gone somewhat limp in both of her captures hands.

"Nora, how would you like to hold Greed until we get to the forest" Velvet suggested, only to flinch afterward when Greed suddenly bit her and began thrashing in her arms.

"NO! TRUTH DAMMIT I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS!" Greed screamed out as he let out a squeals of terror as he tried to get away from Nora.

"Really!" Nora exclaimed happily as she miraculously got out of the brawlers and gentle giant's grip and had taken Greed out of Velvet's grasp in a second.

"Yeah, but I suggest covering him up in a towel until we get to the forest" Velvet said whilst rubbing her wrist that Greed had just bit.

Yatsuhashi had already figured that they would need a towel and had already procured one to which he handed to Nora. Velvet thanked Yatsuhashi who nodded in response as Nora wrapped Greed up in the towel like a burrito who struggled to get out as Nora began hugging him.

Velvet laughed softly at the sight "Come on, let's get going" Velvet said towards the others who were coming along.

Velvet along with team JNPR and Ruby left the room as they made their way towards the forest. The walk was oddly peaceful, other than the stares they received from Nora carrying a toweled up bundle of whatever they were assuming as they soon made it to the edge of Beacon.

Until they all stopped when they saw Glynda standing directly in their path. She was giving them all a stern look before her eyes passed over Greed's covered form.

"Oh great, just when I thought things couldn't get any worse" Greed complained mostly to himself as the others paid rapt attention to Goodwitch.

". .I suggest you all turn back for now" Glynda said in a stern tone as she looked back up towards her students.

"Professor I know you're still kind of mad that you just found out about Greed a few days ago-"

"Along with the fact you decided to get team JNPR involved as well even though you weren't supposed inform any other students of this matter" Glynda remarked coldly, cutting off Ruby while she looked towards the new addition of the group who all flinch out of fear of the look Goodwitch was giving them "But I digress, the reason why you shouldn't go into the forest is because of them" Glynda said as she raised a hand and pointed behind her.

They all looked towards the direction Goodwitch was pointing and all saw incoming airships with the insignia of the other academies on them out in the distance.

"Well that doesn't look good" Greed mumbled at the sight of what could be considered an armada of Grim killing students descending upon the academy he was currently using as his home.

". .After everything that has happened I completely forgot about the Vytal Festival" Velvet muttered lightly as the others heard this and nodded in agreement.

"The what now?" Greed questioned but was ignored.

"Yes, now I suggest you all head back for you rooms for now" Glynda stated as she adjusted her glasses slightly.

"But it's not like they'll be coming into the forest after a long trip. We could easily head down into the forest without any of them knowing" Ruby pointed out before flinching under Goodwitch's gaze.

"That would work, if it was just the students from the academies that were coming" Glynda said dryly.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Ruby asked confused before they all heard a soft thrum in the air and notice far more bullheads and even airships coming into view.

"General Ironwood decided to attend with his academy and is bringing, that with him" Glynda said gesturing to the small armada that had just appeared over the horizon.

". .Okay, that is a good reason for us to not go into the forest" Ruby admitted lightly after a moment.

"Yes it is" Glynda stated before pulling out her Scroll as a message appeared on it and began reading it.

"Dammit, was really hoping to get out of this accursed body and into something better" Greed let out a huff as Velvet noticed this and gave him an small apologetic smile before snapping her attention back to Goodwitch who was staring at her.

"Head back to your dorms, the headmaster will explain things with the General in regards about the Grim" Glynda said as Velvet bit her lip.

"His name is Greed" Velvet mumbled lightly to herself as Greed turned to stare at her, wasn't really expecting the girl to actually defend him, no matter how meekly that response was.

"Doesn't matter what you call it, it's still a creature of Grim" Glynda snapped lightly as Velvet flinched from the response while Greed glowered at her "The fact we're letting it live, no matter the circumstance, is still an insult to what this Academy stands for" Glynda grounded out as everyone couldn't help but lower their heads slightly in shame.

While they don't necessarily agree with what Goodwitch is saying about Greed, the ironic fact they are training to become Huntsmen yet are spending their time taking care of a creature they are supposed to killing isn't lost to them.

"Honestly, what were you thinking when you found it and decided to bring it back to Beacon" Goodwitch said tiredly.

"I thought he was different" Velvet muttered as she simply looked down at her feet.

"Yes and you were lucky it was because if you hadn't I'm pretty sure we would've informed at least one of your team's family about their child's tragic death" Goodwitch said as Velvet felt like the woman had smacked her across the face several times in that statement.

"I mean if it was the guys attacking me sure, if it was a girl though then I wouldn't" Greed stated nonchalantly with a shrug.

"Don't you think that's a little harsh" Jaune piped up, only to move towards Pyrrha out of fear when Goodwitch directed her gaze towards him.

"I am only being 'harsh' because of one of my students lack of thought for the consequences her actions may have unleashed by bringing this Grim here" Glynda stated harshly before taking a deep breath "I am not trying to be rude, just concerned for your well being when you decide to consider a being who's purpose is to kill humans as a friend" Glynda stated in a softer tone.

Velvet nodded in understanding as her decision of bringing Greed to Beacon could've been a terrible one if he wasn't docile "I know Professor" Velvet said as that was the most she could say in this situation.

"Oh come on, don't back down to her" Greed complained as he let out a series of annoyed squeaks at Velvet who gave him a sheepish look.

"I hope you do" Glynda said, ignoring Greed's little unheard outburst as she began making her leave before looking at them once more "Also, next time it decides to break out of your room; I will kill it" Glynda threatened quite seriously as everyone, including Greed, flinched under her gaze before making her leave.

"Sheesh, that lady needs to get laid" Greed commented lightly as the others just stared forward, thinking to themselves.

The group watched in silence, contemplating on the conversation they just had. Wondering slightly if Greed will always be this docile around them in the future.

". . . So does that mean I can keep him for a few days since we're keeping him a sloth" Nora said completely happy that Greed was going to stay a sloth for some time now.

Everyone faltered at Nora's cheerfulness while Greed struggled against her grip.

"NO! I WILL NOT STAY WITH HER" Greed let out a series of distress sounds as Nora tightened her grip on him.

The others let out a small chuckle as the tense atmosphere slowly faded away while Velvet simply smiled. Whatever happens they'll handle it one step at a time.

Welp, seems Greed is going to be a sloth for awhile now along with being at Nora's mercy, I almost feel sorry for him. . . But I don't.

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