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Emma runs. She blocks out any and all thoughts and runs.

But not once is she able to forget the reason.

It's a horrible reason.

This is not like her. See, the reason she's running is because she's scared.

It's been a while since she's felt this way. And never has it ever felt this intense.

Why though?

Because as fast as she might run and as far as she might go. There's no actual running away from the situation, is there?

One does not simply run away from their own belly.

As much as she wants to hate it, because who ever the little person inside of her turns out to be…
It's ruined everything between her and what she'd truly believed was the love of her life… It's shattered the most beautiful thing she's ever had…

But really, who is she kidding…?

The life in her womb has already crawled it's way into her heart and being.

How could she though? How could she be so ignorant? Perhaps even selfish. Subconsciously… It's confusing… Fuck

She should have been smarter than that… Hell, she is smarter than that.

She should have known this could have happened. Did she choose not to care? Did she choose to leave that possibility open?

Was this the ultimate way to never ever be alone again?

She's gotta loathe herself for that.

There hasn't even been a single moment in her life where she knew for sure she'd ever even wanted to be a mother.

Never having had one of her own, how is she even supposed to know how to be just that for another human being?

And then the inevitable happens… a clear vision of Regina comes to mind.

It's painful really… Because she really feels like she's betrayed the woman. Tricked her even.
At least that must be how Regina'll feel when she finds out, right?

And to think she'd truly felt like they could have lasted forever.

Emma shakes her head and hisses when cold drops of rain land on the crown of her head.

This shower hitting her hard, replacing the one she didn't get to take earlier,
washes absolutely nothing away when she sits down on a bench and closes her eyes.

In the absence of her own personal savior, two hearts ache and long for dark hair and olive arms to make all worries disappear.

And Emma cries because she knows… That's exactly what they'll always wish for but never have.

But in the silence of the darkness slowly rolling over… she promises the fragile life that's always going to remind her of her to always be there,
for better or for worse.

'Emma, please call me as soon as you get this. I'm worried. Please please let me know if you're okay.'

It's already the 10th message she's leaving on the blonde's voice mail. Why the hell isn't she picking up?

Feeling the helplessness take over, Regina grabs a pillow, pushes it against her face and yells from the top of her lungs.

'FUUUUCCCCK' muffled of course.

She should be happy. They should be celebrating. Curled up against each other. Keeping Emma safe and warm, but no.

She drops her body onto the coach hard and winces when her butt hits something unexpectedly hard.

'Shit Emma. At least take your phone with you.' She groans picking the device from underneath her.

The thing had been there all along.

On silent, ready to be of absolutely no use.

The professor closes her eyes and makes a decision.

Not for the first time in the past months she speeds her way towards Emma's dorm building
but this time she doesn't hesitate at all to make her entrance.
She knocks yes... But doesn't even wait for someone to answer the door.

Both Ruby and Belle stare at her in shock.

'Regina I'm so sorry.'

'Where is she?' The older woman demands.

'She's not here.'

'What do you mean, she's not here?'

'She left.'

'Left where? Why didn't you go after her?!' The professor is pretty much yelling by now.

'We did. We just got back here. We were out looking for her but we couldn't find her Regina… She was so upset.'

'Upset?' What is she even upset about? She's just moody, no? 'What did she say she was upset about?'

'Regina…' Belle shakes her head, worried about what they're supposed to say… The truth? She'll be heartbroken, for sure.

'Tell me. Miss French, I. Need. To. Know! She's out there all alone.'

'She was upset because… She found out she's' the girl hesitates too long.

'pregnant.' Regina breathes and feels her eyes fill with tears.

'You know?' Ruby asks, very silently… as if afraid to cause an earthquake or worse… for the professor to actually start crying.

The brunette looks up and nods, looking completely bewildered.

'Yeah I know… I should have told her.'

'What do you mean, you should have told her?'

'She shouldn't be alone right now. I'm so stupid!'
Regina groans and pinches her eyes closed, trying so desperately to come up with an idea as to where her girlfriend could possibly be.

'Look… You really shouldn't blame yourself. I mean… she… cheated on you…'

'What?' Brown eyes flare with anger. 'What the hell are you talking about?!'

'Regina… she's… pregnant… I don't know who's the father… but she must have…'

'She did not cheat on me Miss Lucas. Now please shut your big mouth I'm trying to think.'

'What the hell?! I'm trying to defend you here! What's really going on here? Did you force her into something with someone? Cause I don't get it!'

Belle steps forward and pulls onto Ruby's arm, attempting to calm the tall girl down. She's obviously becoming very very very angry.

'Of course not. I would never force her into anything! I love her for fuck's sake! It's my baby. She's carrying my child!'

'WHAT?!' Both students stare at her with gaping mouths and eyes.

Regina just rolls her eyes and sighs.

'It's my baby. Our baby. And close your mouths you'll catch flies. We have to find her.'

'I'm sorry, Regina it's just… How? Your child?'

The oldest brunette clears her throat and nods

'Yes well… I just so happen to have a male reproductive system.'


'You have a dick?'

'Ruby!' Belle whispers warningly.

'Yes… I do.' The professor raises a challenging eyebrow.



Regina groans in frustration, shakes her head and is ready to fucking leave this place.

'Wait!' Ruby exclaims

As if on queue Regina's cellphone starts to ring loudly.

Less than a split second later she's tapped green

'Regina.' She hastily utters.

'Regina. Emma, she's at the hospital.'

'What, who is this?' she sneers angry.

'It's Killian. Some of Jeff's teens found a blonde girl at the park… She was unconscious… She was so cold. But we got her to the hospital.'

He quickly informs her. Already sensing that she's running extremely low on patience.

'What hospital?' Her panic laced voice eagerly begs him to share.

She's surrounded by white walls but all she feels is blue and all she sees is black. And the urge to puke herself inside out is almost unbearable.

That poor excuse of a nurse had repeatedly denied her any information on Emma.

'Listen, if you don't tell me where she is right now I will ruin you if it's the last thing I do. I'm her partner and that's my child she's carrying.
I suggest you give me every single piece of information you have on her or this will be your last day at your last job, ever.'
The brunette's tone had been calm but cold and so frickin' scary.

So now she's rushing her way through the corridors, literally following her heart.

Her mind is racing… and her body in overdrive.
As if every single fiber of her being realizes that this is one of the biggest turning points in her life that'll ever take place.

Her mind is set. High heeled and serious faced she stops in front of room 801.

This is where she has to take a moment to catch her breath and gather her thoughts. It's very likely that Emma will not be happy to see her.
That her precious blonde will ask her to leave. Her heart breaks at the possible prospect but she can't be a baby right now… No… This is not about her.
So she fights her fears and lightly knocks on the door.

'Yes.' The girl sounds so tired.

When she enters, Regina's mouth falls open and immediately… her walls come crashing down, just like that…
Just like the pouring rain outside crashes down, hard.

Her precious Emma looks so unbelievably small in that huge monster of a hospital bed, so pale in that white light against those white covers,
so tired and worst of all… so scared and fragile.

'Regina.' She mumbles and shakes her head before looking away.

'Don't you ever run away again.' The older woman's voice is raspy from exhaustion and crying.
The room is silent apart from the busy noise behind light yellow walls.

'I've ruined everything.' Comes the tiny whisper.
Emma's eyes, filled with sorrow and self-hatred are purposely averted from the woman that so desperately needs to see them twinkle.

Perhaps for the best. She might just crumble.

'What do you mean by that, darling?' And she just needs to call her darling.

Had their eyes been locked, Regina would have seen a sparkle of hope in otherwise, currently dull eyes. More gray than green in there.

'They didn't tell you?'

'Tell me?'

There's a sharp intake of oxygen but Regina's so very close to fainting. Is there something horrible going on they've failed to inform her of?
Because if that's the case then she'll personally make sure th

'Regina I'm pregnant.' Emma speaks up and pinches her eyes closed tightly.

Unable to utter a single word but shaking from feeling the tension leaving her body Regina exhales long and low. And smiles. Wide.

Because yes… Emma's pregnant. And to hear the words from pink, thin lips.

She couldn't be more proud of herself and of the blonde… Of the love they share.
She knows there's only one option and swears with her life to do anything to make it happen.

As she's looking at her family… just staring at the girl in awe, in love… silently willing the girl that's walked in her life and changed it entirely to look at her.

When she does, when Emma looks at her, the blonde looks at her blankly before pouting and starting to cry like a baby.

Regina leaps forward and engulfs her into an embrace… so warm, so tight… so long overdue.

'You're smiling.' Emma murmurs the obvious.

'Of course, my sweet sweet girl.' The brunette chuckles watery.

'Why are you smiling?' It's kind of infectious… the chuckling… And now Emma can't help but giggle herself. in between tears and sporting a runny nose.

Warm hands cup wet, pale, though slightly pink-ish turning cheeks and she sighs softly. Here she goes. This is her chance.

'Emma, my love, my girlfriend…. my partner, my universe. I know it might not seem ideal… especially at this point in your life,
I know it's soon and I know that you're scared. I'm not gonna lie… I'm scared too but most of all… I'm so in love…
Not just with this amazing and beautiful young woman but with this baby and I already can't imagine my life without her or him or it
or whoever they turn out to be.

I promise to do everything and anything and to be the best version of myself possible for both you and this little person. I promise to be there, always.

I want to give the both of you everything. I know you have your studies and I fully support you, you know that. You have so much potential my beautiful Swan. I want to take a break from working to take care of our son or daughter so you can find your place in the world
and when you come home to us at night we'll be there with hot chocolate and cinnamon and cookies and blankets to build forts
so we can have our happily ever after with you my princess and I your queen… If you'll let me.
I promise all this and more to the both of you. I love you so much.'

And she breathes heavily and loud, nostrils flaring and eyes wide in anticipation she slowly lets go of Emma's face…
Reluctantly, yes… But she wants to give the blonde some space… Some room to breathe and think.

But shit… The silence is nearly killing her.

And then out of that huge silence comes a high pitched, shaky and raspy sound

'You still want us?' Emma's eyes are wide in wonder now.

Regina quickly reaches out to grab Emma's hands and presses their foreheads together, closing the space between them.

'I'll always want you.'

'You're not mad at me?'

'It wasn't very smart to go sleep on a bench in this freezing weather.' Regina raises a brown eye brow and squints her eyes a little.

The girl rolls hers and a soft smile finds it's way onto that perfect face of hers.

'For being such a bitch and for… well… getting pregnant… Because I know you've suggested condoms but I just… I thought I had it under control.'
She shakes her head and purses her lips a little awkwardly.

'Oh baby, it's my responsibility too… I should have known the pill isn't 100%, 100% of the time… I could have insisted on using condoms as well…'

'I'm three months.' Emma suddenly blurts out and then bites her lip, waiting for Regina to do the math.

Which is quick… Her brain's just double checking to make sure she knows what exactly that means.

'Our first night…'

'The drugs must have messed with my pill.'

'Is it healthy?' She carefully whispers. Scared to hear anything but a positive answer.
Emma had been drinking alcohol the last couple of months… and then of course that stupid pill...

Emma breathes out low and slow all the while feeling her heart race in her chest and then she says it... Then she huskily tells her Regina

'They both are.'

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