Grease JAG Style!

Author's Notes: While listening to the Grease soundtrack in the car (don't ask!), I came up with the idea for this fic! Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I love playing with them, but they sadly don't belong to me. I'm not sure who Grease belongs to, but it's not me.

Everyone was gathered in the bullpen, to hear what Harriet had come up with for the annual charity event.

"Well, after a whole night of thinking, I finally thought of what we could do for a charity event. JAG Ops. will be performing the musical Grease!" Everyone was very surprised, but Harriet just kept on going. "To avoid casting problems, I've picked all you parts. If you don't get a speaking part, then you'll be an extra in multiple scenes. The only people who aren't participating are the Admiral, and Lt. Roberts. But they will both be helping direct the play. To find out what part you've gotten, there is a sheet posted on the bulletin board. Rehearsals start on Monday, at 1710! I hope to see everyone there!" Harriet's enthusiasm was contagious. Everyone had a smile on their face, as they went to see what part they got.

Mac and Harm went up together. Mac quickly scanned the list for their names, and then motioned for Harm to join her in her office. He lowered himself into on of the chairs in front of her desk, while she went around and settled herself in her chair.

"So what parts did we get?" Harm asked casually.

"We both got the leads, Danny and Sandy." Mac made a face.

"What you didn't want the lead?"

"Well, not necessarily. It would be fine if it wasn't a musical. See Harm, I was the kid in school, if I had joined choir, the director would've asked me to just mouth the words." Mac sighed.

"Aw, c'mon Mac, I don't believe that. You're probably one of those people that's great at everything you do." Mac had to fight the blush she felt coming on, from Harm's unexpected compliment.

"No, I'm really horrible. And now I have the lead, and I have to sing a lot, and, it's just going to be a mess." She put her head in her hands.

"We'll get through it together, Mac." Harm said, smiling. He slowly got up from his chair. "I'll pick up our scripts from Harriet, and you can come over tonight to start practicing. I'll cook." She considered his offer a moment, and decided to give in.

"Fine Flyboy, just don't make me eat rabbit food, I want pasta or something." Harm snapped off a mock salute.

"Aye aye ma'am." He stepped off to the side to miss the pencil that was thrown his way.

"Get out of here Commander!" She said in her best drill sergeant voice. He smiled his famous flyboy smile, and walked out her door. Mac chuckled to herself at Harm's antics, and turned to her files.

Author's Notes cont.: Okay, I kinda thought this first part stunk, but I really do have some good ideas! Please review, to let me know if you think this is worth continuing. Also, if you have any ideas, they are greatly welcomed!