Grease Chapter 3

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Mac came out of the bathroom and saw Harm lounging on his bed. When he heard her enter the room, he jumped off the bed. "Hey Mac."

"Hey Harm." There was an awkward silence. Mac was rocking back and forth on her feet, and Harm was fiddling with his hands. Suddenly they both burst out laughing. "This is just so weird!" Mac managed to choke out.

"I know!" Harm replied. They got their laughter under control, although the occasional snort was still heard. Mac smiled sweetly at Harm.

"Thanks for letting me stay the night." Mac said. Harm just shrugged.

"Didn't want anything to happen to you." He said matter of factly.

"Nice to know that you care." Mac said teasingly. Deep down, she was glad that he had at least said that he cared about her. Silly, yes; of course he cared for her, she was his best friend; hell, he probably even loved her; but she just needed to hear the words.

"Of course I care Sarah." Harm said seriously, looking deeply into Mac's eyes. Mac gave him a nervous smile, feeling a little uncomfortable under Harm's intense gaze. Mac bit her lip, she had noticed Harm's use of her given name.

"So, uh, better get to sleep, we have work tomorrow." Mac said, trying to cut through the tension. Harm snapped out of his trance-like state, and nodded.

"Yeah, of course." Harm made his way around to one side of the bed, and Mac got into the other. Both were wearily perched on total opposites of the bed, not facing each other. Mac tried to get comfortable, but she just couldn't seem to. Whether it was because of her position, or if it was because the man that she loved was just on the other side of the bed. Frankly, she wasn't sure if she wanted to know.

So, they both lay there for 20 minutes, 19 seconds, according to Mac's internal clock, trying to fall asleep. "Harm?" Mac whispered. "You still awake?" She knew he was, she could tell from his breathing.

"Yeah." He whispered back. "You too?"

"I wouldn't be talking if I were asleep." Mac teased. They both chuckled. "Are you comfortable?"

"You want the truth?" Harm asked.

"I always want the truth Flyboy, thought that you would know that about me by now." Mac said, smiling.

"I'm terribly uncomfortable." He said honestly. "It's not because you're here with me, it's just, I don't have much room over here."

"Me too." Mac said. "Why don't we both scoot in a little. And maybe turn around?" Mac proposed. She felt Harm nod. "Okay, one, two, three." Mac said. At the same time, they both turned over, and scooted a little towards each other.

Mac smiled sweetly at Harm. "Better?" Harm smiled back.

"Much." They both closed their eyes, and quickly fell asleep.

The Next Morning . . .

Harm woke up first. He figured that it was a good thing too, considering the position they were in. During the night, they had scooted closer together, Harm had placed an arm around Mac's waist, and her face was buried in the crook of his neck. Her breath fanned across his skin, tickling the sensitive skin on his neck. He decided that she looked like an angel when she was sleeping. Since he favored his life, though, he would never say that aloud.

Mac's hands were between her and Harm, resting on his chest. "Harm." She softly moaned.

"Mac you awake?" Harm asked quietly. His response was Mac snuggling closer to him. Harm figured that she was still asleep, so he went back to sleep.

A few minutes later she stirred, but found that Harm had fallen back to sleep. 'He looks so gorgeous when he's sleeping.' Mac thought. 'Not that he's not always gorgeous of course. I wish that I could wake up every morning like this.' She decided that she should get him up, but she stole just a few more moments alone with him.

"Harm." She whispered into his ear. She lightly shook his shoulder. "Harm wake up." She smiled sweetly, as Harm stirred. "Get up Stickboy."

"Mac?" He whispered. "What are you doing here?" He gave her a sleepy smile.

"You wanted me to stay the night remember? It was snowing outside, so I had to stay here." She said. She unknowingly started to run her fingers through his hair. Harm noticed, but chose not to say anything.

"Right. Now I remember." Mac smiled. "Hey Mac, you want some breakfast? I'll start on it, and you can go take a shower."

"Well I can't turn down free food, can I?" Mac asked playfully.

"I didn't think so." Harm replied. He had missed their silly banter. For so long it seemed, their conversations were strictly work related, no jokes, nothing personal whatsoever. He was glad that their friendship was coming back.

Mac reluctantly rolled out of bed, and walked towards the bathroom. "Oh and Harm?" She turned and looked over her shoulder. "Try and find something edible. No soy stuff, I want real food." With that she turned around, and walked into the bathroom.

Harm chuckled at his Marine, and went off to the kitchen, whistling 'Anchors Away'. Ten minutes later, Mac was out of the shower and walking into the kitchen. "Wow Mac, ten minutes. I'm impressed."

"Nine minutes, forty eight seconds, thank you very much Commander." She said, smirking.

"Interesting choice of a song to sing. First time I've heard the Marine Corps Hymn."

"Well it was either that, or the 'She Hates Me' song that I've had running through my head all week. I thought that you might like the Hymn a little better." She said. Harm just smiled a chuckled.

"Whatever Marine. Whatever." Harm turned his attention back to their breakfast.

Mac hopped up on the counter. "Whatcha fixin' me Flyboy?" She asked innocently.

"Pancakes." He replied. He moved a bit, to get something from one of the cabinets, and ended up between Mac's legs. He smiled nervously at her. He reached for the cabinet handle, inadvertently leaning in towards Mac. Their faces were inches apart when he found what he was looking for. He knew that he should move away, but he couldn't seem to.

The look in Mac's eyes begged him to kiss her. He knew he shouldn't, his mind was screaming, "NO! She's your best friend!" But his heart was thinking just how beautiful she was with her hair wet, and wearing one of his old shirts. She was so vulnerable, and so near. He leaned in just a little more, trying to compromise with his warring heart and mind.

She could feel his breath on her lips. God he was so close, and she wanted him so bad, but she wanted him to want to kiss her. They should both want to kiss each other. He was teasing her, is what her brain told her. Her heart told her that he would never be that cruel. She could see the inner turmoil, in his eyes. Why did their relationship have to be so damn complicated?

He was going to kiss her. He had made up his mind, and was about to cross that last barrier, when. . . the phone rang. Mac gasped, surprised by the unwanted interruption. "Go get it Harm." She whispered, her lips still a whisper away from his.

"Let the machine get it." He whispered back. With that, his lips lightly met hers. After the first contact, both couldn't get enough of each other. Mac wrapped her legs around Harm's waist, and pulled him closer. He placed one arm around her waist, and let the other rest on the counter, bracing himself. The object in the cabinet was long forgotten. Her mouth opened, at the gentle probing of his tongue. Their tongues dueled gently, as they continued to break away from 'just friends' and move towards 'more than friends'. Only the voice on the answering machine could break them apart.

"Hi Sir, it's Bud. Just calling to tell you, in case you haven't looked outside yet, that work is canceled. I was also wondering if you knew where the Colonel was? Call me back if you know." Harm and Mac shared a little smile.

"Think we should tell him where I am?" Mac asked playfully.

"No way, I want you all to myself." Harm said, flashing a flyboy smile at her. He leaned in for another passionate kiss. This kiss was more demanding, tongues sliding against each other frantically. Their bodies were so close that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began.

Gently, Mac leaned back, breaking off their kiss. She rested her forehead against Harm's. "Harm?" She murmured.

He nuzzled her neck, and made a sound resembling a yes. "Harm I don't want you to think that I'm a tease, but I'm not sure if I want to. . . well you know. . . become intimate quite yet. I mean, Lord knows that I want to, but, I want it to be the right time, not just caught up in the heat of the moment, you know?"

"Baby, I don't think that you're a tease. I love you so much, whatever you want to do is fine with me." Much to his surprise, she started to cry. "Sarah, sweetie what's wrong?" The use of her name, and the word sweetie in the same sentence made her cry even harder.

"Everything is perfect Harm." She whispered. Harm smiled at her, but she could see in his eyes he still didn't understand. "You just told me that you . . . that you. . ." She still couldn't believe that he had finally said those words.

"That I love you?" Harm supplied the words for her. She nodded, tears still in her eyes. He gently brushed away her tears, and kissed her temple. "Of course I love you Sarah Mackenzie. Did you ever think otherwise?" He looked deeply into her eyes.

"Well I always knew I guess to some extent, that you loved me, in one way or another; but I was never sure about how you meant it." She smiled at him, and lightly kissed his lips. "I love you too Harm, so much." They shared a quick tender smile, before Mac reluctantly broke the moment.

"You really do need to finish those pancakes Flyboy. I'm a hungry Marine!" She smiled and laughed. Harm just smiled and shook his head.

"It'll always be about food with you Marine, won't it?"

"Just about food, and you." She replied smiling.

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