The Inaba Wild Cards


Yu x Chie

Naruto x ?


Story Start


"If long nose is right, I should be meeting the other soon." Naruto thought as he continued his way down the path, using the umbrella to keep the bitter tears of the grey clouds from above, soaking him to the point where he would look like a mess.

Naruto craned his head to see a student had not only made a fool of himself but injured himself in a rather painful way. The fact that the people nearby were shaking their heads or outright ignoring him it must have been a regular occurrence.

Oh well, he might as well continue on.

Class 2-2 was arranged in the typical setting for a controlled environment. It was a classroom that may have been conducive for classroom management for the teacher, but not necessarily good learning environments for the students in a high school setting. It looked exactly like you think a normal classroom would. Students were milling around before homeroom began, talking about the new year of school. Not everyone was particularly happy about the approaching educators or studies.

"I hear we're stuck with Mr. Mooroka as our homeroom teacher," one student exclaimed.

Another student replied, "No way, that sucks. A whole year of King Moron and his long ass sermons, I should just get myself suspended now."

Another one said, "I heard we're getting not just one, but two transfer students today. "

"Boys or girls?" An interested boy asked from his seat.

A young lady, with a short bowl cut style wearing a green sweater jacket spoke up. "More transfer students from the city like you, huh Yosuke?" the girl asked this Yosuke.

"Huh? Yeah." He answered, giving off a rather detached tone.

"What happened to you? You look dead," The brown-haired girl asked, after seeing Yosuke hunched over his desk.

"Don't ask…" the boy named Yosuke responded, obviously in pain, "I don't want to talk about it."

"It should be interesting at least," the pretty girl known as Yukiko spoke with a stoic smile, one of the features that always seemed to garner the attention of the boys not only in the classroom, but throughout the school as well.

"ALL RIGHT! SHUT YOUR TRAPS!" the loud-mouthed homeroom teacher with a horrifying overbite commanded. All of the gossiping and displays of affection ended abruptly. "The name's Kinshiro Morooka, your homeroom teacher from today onward!" He slammed his hand down onto his desk. "First things first! Just 'cause it's spring doesn't mean you can swoon over each other like a bunch of love-sick baboons! 'Long as I'm around, you students are going to be as pure as the driven snow!" Morooka calmed down a bit. "Now I hate wasting my precious time, but I'd better introduce these transfer students." The whole class took interest in the new, unfamiliar students in front of the board.

"This sad sack Narukami kid's been thrown from the big city out to the middle of nowhere like yesterday's garbage," claimed Morooka, "…and this hooligan with blond hair, no telling what trash heap he crawled out of, so they're just as much of a loser here as they were where they came from. You girls better not get any ideas about hitting on him!"

"And who are you to call me a loser!?" The man's words and behavior had set Naruto from zero to sixty. In most other cases he probably would have let it go, but the man's behavior disgusted him, especially since he was a teacher. His own fond memories of Iruka had left him with an impression of how senseis should treat his students.

"What did you say to me kid?"

"Without knowing a thing about us you define us as losers. Provide it I know nothing about the other transfer student, but if you're the professional standard I'm a bit worried about the standards of this institution."

The other transfer student wasn't the only one that surprised. Hell the entire class with surprised looks; the equivalent of faces whom have seen something unbelievable.

The agitated Morooka turned to Yu. "Grrr… that's it! You two are on my shit list, effective immediately."

Yu didn't voice it or even showed it on his face, but he was surprised. Considering he hadn't even said anything.

"Listen up, you two! This town is miles away from your city of perverts and assholes, and in more ways than one! You better not even think about getting with the girls here, let alone abusing them! But what do I know… it's not like the old days. Even here, kids grow up so damn fast."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. What the hell was this man going on about? He was beginning to wonder if enrolling into this academy to meet the wild card was a bad idea.

"Every time I turn my back, you're fooling around on those damn phones, checking your 'life-journals' and your 'my-places…'" Morooka rambled on and on and on.

Chie rose her hand. "Excuse me, Sensei! There's some seats here for the transfer students if they need somewhere to sit."

"Huh?" Morooka snapped out of his rambling. "Yeah, sure. Here that, Narukami? Uzumaki! Your seat's over there. Go. SIDDOWN ALREADY."

Naruto withheld his tongue, wanting to avoid making things worse. He ended up sitting behind the other transfer student while he sat to the left of Chie.

"Thanks!" Yu quickly and politely replied.

"Is he always like that?" Naruto added.

The girl whispered, "He's the worst, huh? Rotten luck for you two to get stuck in this class. Just gonna have to hang in there for about a year."

Naruto mentally cringed and rolled his eyes. Well, it wouldn't be that bad. Hell this guy wasn't even on Mizuki's level of an annoyance let alone any kind of threat to him. To his amusement he heard the students conversing amongst themselves, hearing a strange nickname being mentioned a lot. "King Moron?"

"Yeah, that's what we call him."

"Kind of sucks."

"Yeah, he won't think twice about suspending you if you get on his bad side." One particular whiny sounding student interjected.

Morooka yelled. "HEY! SHUT YER TRAPS! I'm taking roll, and I damn well expect you to respond in an orderly manner!"

"Attention all teachers," said the woman on the intercom. "Please report immediately to the Faculty Office for a brief staff meeting. All students must return to their classrooms and are not to leave until further notice." Morooka complied with the orders and left the room. A police siren was heard outside the classroom window, seemingly very close.

They were near the school. Many students ran up to the windows to take a look. They were gossiping about various things.

"An incident, here?" a student said, "What do you think its about?"

Chie turned to Naruto and Yu and began conversing with them. "So what are your names? I'm Chie Satonaka."

"Nakamaru Yu."

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

"And this is my friend Amagi Yukiko."

"Ah, hello." She bashfully, but politely greeted.

The students nearby were conversing, talking about an announce woman, a Yamano who was apparently staying at the Amagi inn.

At that a male student with short black hair approached Yukiko. "H-Hey, Yukiko-san. Mind if I ask you something…? Is it true that announcer's staying at your family's inn?"

"I can't discuss such things." She replied with a timid expression.

"Y-Yeah, I guess not."

"Attention, all students. There has been an incident inside the school district. Police officers have been dispatched around the School Zone. Please stay calm and contact your parents as soon as possible, and quickly leave the school grounds. Do not disturb the police officers. Head directly home."

The whole class talked even louder than before. Students were concerned, interested, or afraid. Many decided to take a look at what's going on, obviously going against school orders.

Chie walked up to Yu, Yukiko following. She said to him, "Hey, are you going home by yourself?"

"Yes," answered Yu. "We have to leave the school immediately, right?"

"Why don't you come with us?" she suggested.

"If something weird is going on, its probably safer to go in numbers." Naruto suggested as he approached the group. "Besides, this saves me time for having to ask for directions." He turned to face Yukiko. "Amagi-san, your family owns an inn correct?"

"That is correct," she replied with a nod.

"Perfect," Naruto replied with a grin. "My guardian sprung this move on me at the last minute, but his work has him traveling a lot so he gave me enough money and set up reservations at an inn. I'm going to have to set myself up financially and all that, but I actually need to find my shelter before all that."

"I would be happy to escort you to the inn when I make my way back home. I hope you don't mind if we wait a little before we return. This is so sudden after all."

Chie got nervous. "C-C'mon! Don't apologize like that. It makes me look like I got no upbringing." She turned to them. "I just wanted to ask a few questions, that's all."

"Fine by me," Yu approved.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt," Naruto replied with a shrug as they began making their way out of the classroom.

"Er…um, uhhh… eto… Satonaka-san?" Yosuke called out to the tomboy looking incredibly apologetic.

'Uh-oh, that look does not bode well for his future children.'

Chie looked at the boy whom she lent her DVD to. She was wondering why Yosuke was being so polite.

"T-this was really freaking awesome. Like, the way the actors moved was just amazing and mind-boggling to see…"

Chie tilted her head as Yukiko and Naruto took a glance at her.

"… and I'm really sorry! It was an accident! Please have mercy on me until my next paycheck! PLEASE!" He bowed down low, holding out a kung fu DVD as Chie took it, confused as she was. "See ya! Thanks!" The boy started running out to the door as fast as he could.

"OY!" Chie exclaimed. "STOP RIGHT THERE! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DVD!?" She darted across the classroom to catch up with Yosuke.

'Athletic,' Naruto thought.


Chie had sent a hard kick right to Yosuke's crotch. As Yosuke was writhing in pain for the second time today, Chie opened the DVD case in fear and anger. She did not like what she saw.

'Does your friend do that a lot?' Naruto whispered to the raven haired girl who was currently face palming and blushing. The way she landed that kick was way to accurate for it to have been a onetime thing.

"More often than one should. She kind of earned the name nut cracker because of it.'

Naruto's face scrunched up into one of horror. "That's just evil."

"W-what..? Nande?! I can't believe it! It's completely cracked!" She kneeled down in great sorrow, holding her DVD up to the heavens as she did. "MY TRIAL OF THE DRAGON!"

"I think mine's cracked too…" Yosuke was holding onto the location of his body that received the most injury. "C-Critical hit to the nads…"

"Wow, at this rate that boy will never have children." Naruto noted with a shake of his head.

"A-Are you all right?" Yukiko asked him, worried.

"Agh… Yukiko-san…" Yosuke picked his head up, smiling nervously. "Are you worried about me…?"

"Oh, he's fine, Yukiko," Chie answered Chie. "You should leave him be."

Naruto felt bad for him. He brought out a bag of money in his pocket. Worst case scenario he could rely on his crazy luck and gamble for some more money. "Here, take this as your first donation for your buy a new set of nuts fond."

'Hmm, he's in a lot of pain, 'Yu thought as he took a brief look at Yosuke. 'Best leave him be.'

Yu, Yukiko, Naruto, and Chie were leaving through the gates of the school as everyone else was told. A strange-looking boy with a uniform different from this school walking up to Yukiko.

Almost immediately he set off something about Naruto's senses. His appearance was that of disheveled black hair that was parted in the middle. Ashen complexion with a peachy tint to his skin. A beauty mark under his left eye with a tired look about him and droopy eyes.

The eyes were what bothered him. They were deep and pitch black and something about them was off.

"H-Hey," he called. "You're Yuki, right? Wanna hang out somewhere?"

"I'm sorry, what?" Yukiko answered. "Who are you?"

"What school are you from?" Yu asked. He wondered why a student from a different school would be asking out someone out.

The boy ignored his question, keeping his eyes locked on Yukiko. "Um, s-so… are you coming or not?"

Yukiko, creeped out and worried, said to him, "I-I'm not going…"

"FINE!" the boy yelled. Yukiko backed up in surprise. The boy started running. "SEE IF I CARE!"

Yukiko gave a questioning look to Chie. "What did he want from me?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow; either she was really innocent or kind of clueless. "Seems like he wanted to date you, but even then date wouldn't be the correct word. For him to refer to you so casually and familiarly, an utter sign of disrespect."

"Hm? Really?"

"Yeah, obviously!" Chie answered her. "You really had no clue? Sheesh…" she added in disbelief. 'He was probably part of that stupid Amagi challenge.' She muttered under her breath.

'Amagi challenge?' Naruto wondered.

"You don't know each other," Yu wondered. "So why did he call you 'Yuki?'"

"Cause he's a creep." Chie gave a somewhat-fake shiver. They all turned to see Yosuke bringing his bike out from the gate, with him calling out Yukiko.

"So you turned down another lovelorn fool, eh, Yukiko? Man, you're cruel. You got me the same way last year." Yosuke gave a regretting smile.

"I don't recall doing that," Yukiko replied.

"Whoa, really?! Then you wanna hang out sometime?" Yosuke cheerfully jumped to Yukiko.

"Sorry, but I'd rather not."

"… That'll teach me to get my hopes up…" He got up on his bike. "Anyways, you two better not pick on the transfer students too much." He rode away as Chie yelled at him.

"We're just curious, is all!"

Students were crowding around the four. Weird looks were being tossed in their direction.

"C'mon let's go everyone's staring," Chie suggested.

As they continued their journey or sightseeing tour Yu was explaining his reason on why he arrived to the city. His parents job overseas meant he had to stay with the relatives for a year. Chie was a bit disappointed because she was expecting something more exciting.

"There really is nothing here, huh? That is what makes it nice, but there's nothing much we can show to people from outside." Chie then began listing off things she thought would be exciting. "Oh! Though, there is something from Mt. Yasogami… I think our dyed clothes or pottery or something is kinda famous." Upon reflecting on it she realized that was rather boring. "Oh wait, there's the Amagi Inn! Yukiko's family runs it. It's the pride of Inaba!"

"Huh? It's… just an old inn." Yukiko bashfully replied.

"Oh, no way, it's been in all sorta magazines as a hidden treasure."

"It's a great inn! It's been going for generations, and Yukiko here is going to take over someday. The inn actually attracts a lot of visitors to Inaba. It pretty much keeps this town going."

" …I don't think that's entirely true."

Naruto took notice of Yukiko's expression and tone. Something was bothering her. While he hadn't known Yukiko long he figured staying at her residence there was a pretty good chance he would end up befriending her and he hated to see a potential friend sad.

He must have had his gaze lingering on her for too long as Chie took this moment to playfully tease the two of them.

"So, tell me. You think Yukiko's cute, huh?"

Yukiko paused, her face lighting bright red. "Ch-ie." She whined.

"Hhm," he paused, as if he was trying to carefully deduce. He had to admit she was pretty cute. Nice figure and demure features. "She is pretty cute, think I should ask her out?"

Yukiko felt like she was going to die from embarrassment.

Chie chuckled, "She's really popular at school, but she's never had a boyfriend. Kinda weird, huh?"

"C-Come on, stop it." She turned to Naruto. "Y-You shouldn't believe that, okay? It's not true that I'm popular or that I've never had a boyfriend!" Becoming even more flustered she realized she jumbled up her words. "Wait, no! Wh-What I meant to say was, I don't need a boyfriend! Geez… Chie!"

"Hahaha! Sorry, sorry. But this is our chance to talk to some people from the big city and you barely said a word!"

"Hey, what's that?" Yu wondered as there seemed to be a growing crowd further down the street.

As they were walking down the Samegawa Floodplain towards Junes; they noticed the flashing lights and sirens from before, but they were much louder and distinct. The four of them stopped by where the commotion was coming from. There were a few people already gathered around the scene.

"I heard the body was found strung up on the top of the apartment. Who could imagine something like that would be hanging from an antenna," one housewife remarked.

Another housewife said, "The police and fire department had just arrived moments ago and took it down. I heard a high school student found the body. "

"That's just absolutely terrifying. To think a dead body showed up around here."

"Wait… What did she just say? A dead body!?" Chie asked, mildly alarmed.

Police officers were around the area, investigating the scene of the crime; a woman's corpse was found hanging on an antenna, being brought down and placed in a body bag. Ryotaro Dojima and Tohru Adachi were examining the body.

Dojima opened the bag. "Ugh…" he remarked in disgust.

Adachi was about to vomit. "Oh, Go…" he quickly ran to the nearest trash can.

"Oy! Adachi! Stop acting like a damn rookie!"

"S-Sorry, sir…" Adachi apparently continued to vomit.

The group approached closer to the crime scene. "Oji-san!"

Dojima paced towards Narukami. "Yu-kun? What're you doing here?"

Yu made quick looks at the two girls behind him. "We were just passing by," he said to Dojima. "Did something happen?"

"Oh, right," Dojima scratched his head in disappointment. "Huh… I should have figured that'd happen. I thought we told that damn principal not to let you guys through here…"

"You know this guy?" Chie asked.

"He's my uncle," Yu quickly answered Chie as he turned back to Dojima. "Do you need any help with anything?"

"No, no, no," declined Dojima. "Heh, I should be the one asking you that. I am a cop, after all." He took some quick concerned looks at the others. "But you four really ought to stop wandering around and head straight home."

As they were walking, they discussed what they saw.

"Was this what the announcement was about?" Chie wondered.

"No doubt about it," Yu answered. "Those sirens were definitely the same ones we heard at the school."

"In a town like this a murder would be pretty big deal. Especially if the circumstances are bizarre." Naruto noted. From what scraps he could pick up a body on an antennae would be a difficult feat to accomplish for a normal person. The type of strength required wasn't something a normal person could do. A strong enough athlete or martial artists, maybe, but even then he was merely making up theories without any sort of evidence on how the body was found or any other circumstances. Without more information he wouldn't be able to make a guess, even then it wasn't like he was a detective or anything. Figuring out how someone was killed was one thing, the leg work behind figuring the culprit was something else altogether.

"It's unusual, to think someone would go through the trouble of placing the body upside-down hanging pose on that roof antenna," Yu suddenly brought up.

Naruto was stunned by this certain outburst. .

"How do you know it was upside down?"

"You saw those tangled wires on the antenna?" Yu pointed to the antenna as they were walking away from the scene. "The positioning they were in had three different holes made from the loops of wire: two small loops above holding onto the legs, and one large loop below for the waist. The top of the antenna also appeared bent from pressure; two branches from the top were bent downwards, showing evidence that pressure was applied from the weight of legs. " As Yu continued his explanation in further detail about the weight applied to the body parts and such Naruto couldn't help but be impressed. This sort of thing was not in his field of expertise, but even then he was able to get all that from just a glance?

"Did I say something wrong?" Yu wondered.

"Dude, were you some kind of genius or something in your last school?"

"It was just a simple observation."

Naruto wondered how long someone could go using the same tone and expression.

"Hey, Yukiko, how about we go to Junes some other time?" Chie suggested.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's go home."

Chie turned to Yu. "All right then! We're taking off. Starting tomorrow, neighbor, let's do our best!"

Yu gave a slight chuckle, and then he saluted. "Roger that, Chie-chan!"

Chie gave a small laugh, and then she, Naruto, and Yukiko bowed a goodbye to Yu, who was doing the same. With that the trio began making their way to their homes.

"Nakamura-san is nice, but a pretty quiet guy."

"Some people just seem to be like that. So if you don't mind me asking what's this Amagi challenge?" He asked which elected the response of Yukiko nearly seizing up. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to bring up a topic that is uncomfortable."

"I-It's okay, you couldn't have possibly known." Yukiko replied.

Chie turned to her friend as if silently wondering if she should answer when she received a nod from Yukiko.

"Well if you haven't guessed or noticed Yukiko is pretty popular with the boys. She's regarded as one of the three queens of Yasogami High School along with Ai Ebihara and Saki Konishi making her one of the most popular girls in school. Between being busy helping out her family and not being interested in dating Yukiko has garnered a reputation of sorts so a lot of guys are trying to date her for bragging rights purposes. Out of the three queens she's regarded as the one least likely to date henceforth the 'amagi challenge' as it's called."

"Wow that sounds absolutely annoying."

"And these idiots wonder why they don't stand a chance." During the talk they managed to have traveled to Ceia's residence. "The first thing I should do is to check how much its going to cost to replace my DVD." The downtrodden tomboy replied. "I'll see you tomorrow Yukiko." She regarded her friend with a happy little wave.

"Of course, see you tomorrow Chie."

"And you," she pointed at Naruto. "Don't think because you're new you're above suspicion. If I hear that you've tried to take advantage of Yukiko I'll give you the Yosuke treatment."

Naruto's first instinct of course was to cover his balls.

"Ah, Chie stop it. Naruto-san wouldn't do anything like that." She paused, looked to the blond uncertain. "Would you?"

"What? No!" Were the guys here really that bad? Once the good byes were finally exchanged the two began to make their journey to the Amagi inn. After he finally got settled in he was going to see if he could use sage mode tomorrow to begin his search.