Chapter 5

She wanted to fight. But it was her duty to lead Videoland.

Princess Lana, Ruler of Videoland, sat on her bed in her bedroom, filled
with despair.

Outside of the Palace of Power, swords clashed, spears hit their marks,
and laser beams did their damage.

The Palace's searchlights were moving all around, so that the Palace's
army could quickly spot its enemies.

But things were not going well for the royal army. The opposing forces
were marching towards the Palace, chanting eerily.

For the past seven years, the evil Mother Brain had been sending her
troops to lay siege on the Palace of Power.

A month ago, Princess Lana's father, King Charles of Videoland,
mysteriously disappeared.

Lana had always suspected Mother Brain was behind her father's

Lana's brother, Prince Lyle, was supposed to take over and rule Videoland
in his father's absence, but he had moved away one night a year ago without
leaving any message, so Lana had absolutely no idea where her brother was.

And even if she did, she couldn't contact him. Mother Brain's forces had
completely knocked out the Palace's entire communications system. She
couldn't even call for reinforcements.

So, Lana had taken over as Ruler of Videoland. She didn't want to, but
she felt she had no choice.

The war had been going very badly for the Throne. Princess Lana had lost
most of the Palace's army. She decided to summon the most courageous heroes
in all of Videoland to help her in the fight: Simon Belmont of Castlevania,
Mega Man of Mega Land, and Kid Icarus of Mount Icarus.

Lana watched as the lights in her bedroom dimmed and brightened, dimmed
and brightened. She knew the end was near.

Princess Lana got up, went to her closet, and got out her power sceptor.
She wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Lana went to her dresser, picked up the picture of her father, looked at
it for a moment, then set it back down.

She left the room and went to join her friends in the Throne Room. She
wanted to say good-bye, and fight at their side.

Kevin had thought about Stacey all through the weekend, and on Monday,
they wished each other good luck and took the test.

Now, four days after he had helped Stacey study, Kevin was lying on his
bed, happy that they both made a perfect score.

He heard the front door unlock. Kevin looked over at his clock radio. It
was 6:00 PM. His parents were home from work.

Kevin got up and went to the living room.

"Hi, Kev." his dad said.

"Hi, sweetheart." his mom said.

"Hi." Kevin said.

"Well, mister," his mom said. "did you clean up your room like I told you
to this morning?"

Kevin suddenly remembered. "Oh, - no, I forgot!"

"Well, go start on it. I'll have dinner ready in an hour."


"Do you have any homework?"

"Yeah, Algebra."

"Well, then, do that too." She turned to go into the kitchen. "And don't
forget to take out the trash."

Kevin sighed. "Yes, mom." He turned to leave.

Kevin's dad then went over to his wife. "You were a little hard on him,
weren't you, dear?"

"He's been putting this off way too long, Ned. Nothing short of being
pulled from this Earth will be a good excuse for not doing what I told him."

Kevin went to his room and closed the door behind him. Then, he had a
thought. He locked the door and went over to his Nintendo.

Kevin selected Punch-Out and put it in the control deck. Then he heard
barks behind him. Kevin turned and saw Duke standing there.

He must've come in while I was talking with mom, Kevin realized. "Duke!"
he said cheerfully, then he whispered. "Listen, I won't tell mom if you
won't! Deal?!"

Duke nodded and barked in agreement.

"Good boy!" Kevin said. He turned the TV on, pressed the POWER button on
the control deck, took his NES Advantage in his hands, sat in his chair, and
started the game.

At the Palace of Power, Princess Lana was ready to kick ass.

She had her power sceptor in her left hand, and was standing with her
friends: Simon Belmont, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus.

"Ready?" Lana asked them.

All three of them nodded.

Lana nodded. "All right, now, I know we're no match for them, and we're
going to die." She made a fist with her right hand. "But let's take out as
many of them as we can before that happens!"

"Right!" the three of them said in agreement, nodding.

Lana then broke down and cried. She threw her power sceptor to the floor
next to the throne and threw herself down on the seat.