Disclaimer: I own nothing…yet

Disclaimer: I own nothing…yet

ZellyBaby: Yeah I know I usually write stuff that's short and usually doesn't have many parts, but I'm gonna try to write a long fic, with more than one part, and since Titanium didn't work then I decided to discontinue it, but who knows I might pick it up later. This is gonna be a "Zelphie" I think, it might turn into something else who knows. And if I don't get more than one review I'm not gonna continue, I live off reviews, getting reviews is my one goal in life at this particular moment.

Please Don't leave me: Part one

By: ZellyBaby

"Matron, make Seifer leave me alone!" Yelled a very young Zell. Seifer had been picking on him again, telling him that his tattoo was really ugly and stupid. Which made him very mad, he was very protective of his vibrant face tattoo. It was the only thing that he could grasp that reminded him of his parents. Which he could barley remember, but one thing he knew, his tattoo was from them. And nobody was going to make fun of it. "Matron…" but before he could say anything else a girl in yellow that he often watched bounce around and be followed by some little boy named Irvine speak up. Zell had only been there for about two weeks and he only knew seifer because he picked on him, and he only knew a few of the other ones names that he had heard them be called, like Irvine, and he thought he heard someone call a really quiet boy squall, but he wasn't so sure about the rest.

"Seifer, leave him alone, right now" and with that she threw a shoe or something at him causing him to shrug and walk away, silently smirking.

"Thanks, umm…I'm Zell who are you?" he asked barley above a whisper.

"Hi, I'm Selphie, I can't stand seifer some times he can be such a big meanie!" She said coming up and hugging him, causing him to blush. He could see Irvine over in the corner silently fuming, because selphie was talking to him. After hugging him she skipped away radiant with constant happiness.

After that a very shy Zell slowly met the rest of his future best friends without even knowing it. After meeting the jealous Irvine, he met a very bossy girl named Quistis, a very very quiet boy whom always ignored him named Squall, and he met Ellone whom he and every other child called "sis."

"Hey Zelly, wanna go down to the beach and look for seashells?" asked Selphie.

"Sure Sephie" he replied not knowing what was about to happen later in the day. Zell and Selphie were returning from the beach when matron called zell into the another room. Zell happily told Selphie that he would be right back, but when Zell came into the room he was surprised to find two people standing there with matron. "Zell, meet Mr. And Mrs. Dincht. They want to adopt you!" Zell stared at matron with fear, he didn't want to leave, but he knew better than to try to resist, so he tried to pretended to be excited as he packed all of his belongings. He was done and almost ready to leave when he remembered that he had to say goodbye to his best friend.

"Sephie, where'd you go Sephie? I have to tell you something, Sephie where are you?" he cried as he desperately tried to find Selphie. But he couldn't find her, tears threatened to come but he wouldn't let himself cry in from of Mr. and Mrs. Dincht. So without saying goodbye to Selphie he left, tears threatening him the entire time.

It had been a few hours after Zell left and Selphie was trying to find him.

"Matron, have you seen Zelly? I cant find him!" she looked desperate. Matron dreaded having to tell her, she was hoping that Zell had already told her but he hadn't.

"Selphie, Zell was adopted." She could see the sadness come into the little girl's usually bright eyes, Selphie started to turn, matron knew that she was going to run "Selphie wait, I'm sorry he couldn't find…" but she was already gone.

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