Fairy Tail Reborn


Naruto x ?


Story Start


In a shop in a small port city town a young man was browsing a selection of keys.

"So have you come to window shop as you always do or are you going to buy something?" The aged shop keep asked as a tired yawn escaped his lips. The shop keeper was nearing the later years of life and was balding with salt shade hair and small rectangular frame glasses which he was using to read the paper. He stared that the young blond in front of him.

The blond spiky haired young man wore a button of dark blue dress shirt neatly tucked into a pair of dress slacks and black dress shoes. "I was hoping to find something that piqued my interest. These wares are nice, but nothing I would find vital."

"I am sorry, my boy. But whatever you hope to keep finding it looks like I just don't have them."

"Its fine. " The young man dismissed politely. It's a shame none of the mages of my guilds use any of the type of items you're selling. I'll just have to come back another time. Thanks anyway Jiji," The man waved off the merchant before he moved into the weapon stands, perusing the many items on offer.

He began looked through every organization of weapon, ranging from spears, partisans, longswords to short swords, knives, and daggers. He heard the sound of the bell over the door ringing, indicating another customer; he chose to ignore it, carrying on looking through the weapons. "I'm going to have to start doing more missions and gaining money for the guild treasury." He murmured as he turned to face the commotion by the counter.

The young woman was bartering with the owner; she was either a teenager or a young adult on the cusp of adulthood. She had blond hair a shade darker than his tied in a lump of a ponytail that hung on the right side of her head. She was wearing a white shirt with a blue cross design and a blue skirt in similar color and had thigh high black boots and a brown belt on her waist. After he got done admiring those legs of hers he trailed up her hips and took notice of a black whip with a heart shaped pointed holster and the tips of a set of keys tied onto the belt.

"Nikora, the Canis Minor huh?" He commented drawing the girl's attention. "Ah, forgive my rudeness, sometimes I'm a bit too curious for my own good."

"You know about Celestial Spirits?" She asked in genuine surprise.

"I know enough. I'm a traveler so I regular encounter other mages and acquire about their magic, its become a hobby of mine to pass the time. Either way 20,000 Jewels is a bit too much for Nikora." He directed back at the shop keeper as he looked at the price tag of the item the young woman was admiring.

"Yeah, you're telling me," the woman replied with a sigh.

Naruto glanced at the key then at the young woman. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag of coin. "Here, take it." He said as he tossed the bag on the counter.

"What are you doing? I can't accept this." Suddenly her eyes widened in realization. "Don't you think that I'm that type of girl just because of what you saw me doing." Her brow narrowed to a furious stare.

The man let out a laugh. "Of course not. I don't even see anything important in this town I want to buy and you seem like you really want that key. Besides I got plenty enough Jewels on me, enough for food and transportation. Well it was nice meeting you." Naruto smiled at both the old merchant and the girl. Giving a quick wave before he walked out of the small shop.

Naruto began making his way down the street.

Naruto couldn't help but be drawn in by the crowd of women. News about a mage from Fairy Tail had drawn his interest. He made his way to the man claiming to be Salamander. That blue hair and tattoo he seemed familiar. "Who the hell are you supposed to be? You're not from Fairy Tail."

"Well I have to take my leave now!" He was cut off by the 'Salamander'. Who flew up into the air with purple magic, but not without giving a court wink at Lucy in particular. "I hope you all consider my offer of joining me for a party on my boat at the port!" He laughed as he flew into the sky.

Lucy began retching in disgust. "I can't believe I was fooled by Charm magic!" She continued retching as the crowd dispersed. She then took notice of Naruto. "You, the guy from before. Now I owe you twice over. Thank you. I was able to get the key see." The girl spoke with a light pant, pointing at the shiny silver key at her waist.

"Well I was glad to help," he responded with a smile.

"Yeah, thanks to you I don't have to worry about going broke anytime soon. Thanks!" The girl smiled widely at him again, a thin red blush appearing on her face. "My name is Lucy Heartfilia by the way."

"Nice to meet you Hearfilia-san, my name is Uzumaki Naruto."

"So what kind of mage are you?" Lucy asked him in interested, now walking alongside him.

"My brand of magic is rather unique." It wasn't a complete lie. "The man who created the original principles of this called it Ninshuu."

"Ninshuu?" Lucy asked as she quirk an eyebrow in interest. "What's that?"

"The original purpose of Ninshuu was to be used as a tool for people to understand each other. Now its principles have been converted for combat oriented purpose. The use of it is as various as the many forms of magic to exist. Ranging from using elements to summoning itself."

"Wow that sounds really impressive." Lucy said in awe. She knew some disciplines of magic could be versatile, but this is the first time she heard of it branching into such different types.

"It takes a lot of concentration and dedication to learn the art of Ninjutsu, which is what Ninshuu has become over the years. Anyway since I told you mine, why don't you tell me about yours Heartfilia-san?"

"Well I'm a Celestial Mage soI deal in sumomoning spirits from keys. I have three gold keys and now I have three silver keys."

"I see, three of the twelve golden keys is a rather impressive start." He mused before adding, "Anyway I'm going out for lunch, since my trip out of town would take a few hours and the train food is only just edible at best. Do you care to join me Heartfilia-san?"

"I would like that actually." The guy was rather cute and piqued Lucy's interest, at the very least he would be interesting company.

"There you go again Naruto-sama!" a feisty voice called out drawing both of their attention.

A young woman of average height, slim, and curvaceous figure approached them. Her tan was that of a light complexion with long, straight and glossy black colored hair with a light violet tint. That hair of hers reached down her lower back, while loose for the most part was done in two bangs in the front that framed her face with two bun-shaped loops at the side of her head.

She wore a light amount of facial makeup with her lips being covered in glossy dark lipstick, and her slanted dark eyes, possessing long eyelashes, being topped by a pair of elongated, diagonal dark spots. She was wearing a deep orange Chenogasm with the design of twin intertwining white eastern dragon designs going along her outfit. "As always Naruto-sama is chasing skirts instead of focusing on the job."

Naruto hastily threw his hands up. "Its not like that Minerva-chan," he tried to argue as Lucy shot him an accusing glance.

"Skirt-chaser huh?"

"Oi, have you know I'm a gentleman thank you." He replied as he turned to girl. "If you're done embarrassing me Minerva-chan I plan on taking Lucy-san out for lunch and I need some jewels."

Minerva eyes widened in alarm. "Naruto-sama you had twenty thousand jewels of spending money what happened?" the teenager asked in alarm.

Naruto nervously chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "It was for a good cause I swear."

Said girl frowned and let out a huff and used her power of Territory to summon a bag of jewels. "Then let us go out for lunch."

Naruto led the ladies to a nice lunch where they sat down and began to enjoy a rather peaceful meal. "I'll be right back." Naruto excused himself leaving the two ladies alone while he went to wash up.

"So, Minerva-san was it?" Lucy couldn't help but nervously squirm under the intense gaze of this teenager. 'She could learn to lighten up.' Lucy thought.

"Yes, that is indeed my name, Uzumaki Minerva." She introduce herself as while Lucy's eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh, so you and Naruto are related?" she asked as the raven haired girl shook her head.

"No, my former family name is attached to a monster to who I wish to distant myself from. " Minerva went silent as she presumed to down her glass of water in one go. It had become tense as a result of Minerva coming off as brash and Lucy being uncomfortable. "Since you are far too timid to strike up a real conversation I suppose I might as well fill in the blanks as I hate when people who mean little to me insist on making accusations or false claims or thoughts about me."

Lucy frowned at Minerva's off handed comments. 'The hell is her problem?'

"My father was a monster, an abusive man who regularly beat me under the guise of training." Lucy outwardly blanched in horror. The fact the girl had been nonchalant describing it had caught her off guard. "On one particular day when I wouldn't stop crying my father forced me to strip and stand out in the cold rainy forest. I was not a girl nor a child. I was an it. An heir. Heirs to the strong don't cry he said. The tears would not stop, not until he came."

"Naruto." Lucy interrupted and to her surprise instead of a snake like glare or a sharp comment Minerva merely nodded.

"Naruto-sama gave me his shirt and invited me to come with him. He promised to support me and take care of me. I have been with Naruto-sama ever since. His ever faithful companion and disciple." A faint blush appeared on her cheeks. "…and maybe one day wife."

'Whoa!' Lucy thought as she was stunned by how dere the girl was being. 'Talk about a 180' in personality.

Suddenly the Minerva she was accustomed to made her way back. "Why? Why did Naruto-sama use the jewels on you?" Her question was accusatory and gaze cold.

"I…I didn't ask for it honest." She threw up her hands in a feeble attempt to protect herself. "He volunteered it." She insisted as a sigh escaped Minerva's lips.

"As expected of Naruto-sama, all it takes is a curvy figure and a pretty face. Absolutely no shame that master of mine," The raven haired woman bemoaned the fact. "It's the reason why Naruto-sama gives me the control of the majority of our finances when we go out. Even he knows he doesn't make the best decisions all the time." She finished as she used her power once more to bring out a series of posters. Just in time as Naruto had come back.

"Did I miss anything?"

"No," Minerva curtly cut him off. "Naruto-sama while you were in town I was asking around about the bounties. Titan Nose's former member Bora has been spotted in the area. Rumors says he has been illegally selling girls as slaves. There is a bounty of fifty thousand jewels for his apprehension." She said as she showed an image of his poster.

Lucy's eyes widened in shock. "Him! He said he was from a guild called Fairy Tail! He said he was Salamander. Oh no what if he plans on coming after me?!"

"Naruto-sama, I suggest we use her as bait." Minerva replied without missing a beat.

"Like hell you are!" Lucy angrily yelled only for Naruto to grab her by the shoulder and start her from attacking his companion.

"As long as I'm here, I won't let anyone hurt you Lucy-san," he promised causing the girl to relax and go bright red.

'Idiot. Not the kind of thing you say to someone you hardly know.' The blonde taunted as a blush adorned her cheeks.

"Minerva-chan's plan does have merit though." He seriously contemplated.

"Noo!" Lucy wailed. 'Traitor!'

"Do not think of us as such weaklings that a mage from Titan Nose is a threat to us. Naruto-sama wouldn't even need to lift a finger against the likes of them. I am more than efficient enough to handle a slave trader." Minerva derisively remarkedin regards to Lucy's opinion and the pathethic nature of the Titan's Nose guild.

"That's Minerva-chan for you, ruthless as they come." He playfully remarked as said girl began to blush.

"Naruto-sama…" she softly murmured.

They exited the restraint as the evening sun was setting. The evening sun was beginning turn the skies an orange color. Lucy agreed to be bait only under the condition that she got a cut of the reward money. Sure enough Bora had made his way to Lucy.

"Ah, I'm glad I found you. I spotted you in the crowd earlier and was hoping to offer you a last minute invitation to my party." Bora spoke confidently, unaware that she knew the truth about him. So Lucy acted clueless and accepted the invitation.

And soon found herself realizing Ten thousand Jewels was not worth the price of bait.

She'd picked out a fabulous dress for the evening, a long red gown tailored to her every curve with a v-neck plunge for the bosom. She had to play the part after all and sure enough everything Minerva said was true. Bora and his associates were taking young women to Bosco to be sold into slavery!

And then the room exploded. There could be no other word for it.

The roof simply imploded; beams splintering, debris flying, as Naruto and Minerva dropped down on the ground. "Naruto-sama you and your flashy entrances."

"Come on now, just simply teleporting in would have been too boring." Naruto spotted Lucy. "Be right with you Lucy-san."

"You're that bastard from before." Salamander frowned, dimly recalling the man standing before him. "How the hell did you get onto our boat?"

"I jumped really far." He gave the reply with smart-ass snark.

"Alright smart ass let's see you handle this." Bora cackled, flinging up his arms. "Prominence Typhoon!" A geyser of magenta menagerie burst from the mage and roared towards the prone blond and his companion.

Using her immense magical power Minerva was able to stop the attack with easy. "Pathetic!" she spat as the slave traders began to tremble in fear. "Weaklings like you aren't worth my master lifting a finger." She turned to Naruto. "Shall I walk all over them Naruto-sama?"

"Do as you wish Minerva-chan, remember that we need them in one piece. Might give us a hefty bonus if we can turn them in for interrogation. That information could help bring a lot of poor unfortunate women back home."

"Very well." The very next instant screams filled the boat as Minerva cut loose.

Within the hour Naruto and Minerva had finished talking with the Rune Knights as Bora and his associates were carted off. "I have to say when I heard Fairy Tail was coming back I was concerned. My father used to tell me all sort of stories about how irresponsible and destructive the bunch were, but if all the mages of Fairy Tail start turning out like you guys I think everything will be fine."

Lucy couldn't help but let out a gasp. "Mages? Fairy Tail? You guys are part of a guild!?"

Naruto grinned as Minerva merely folded her arms in a look of disinterest.

"Indeed we are Lucy-san, how would you like to join?" At the very least they now had another new potential member. It looks like as time goes on Fairy Tail was continuing to grow and in no time the guild will gain back its former glory.