Willow and Amy left the Bronze, bored...that had been fun enough but Willow wanted more. She wanted to be bad for once and had been wanting to for a long time, ever since her slight rebellion in her senior year and the whole doppelganger episode. Seeing herself so bad, controlling all the vampires in a few hours, it had given her a rush and she wondered if she would have been better off getting turned. But, no, brave Miss Buffy had "saved" her, forcing her to remain the quiet, shy, hacker, book-girl. But when she finally found her calling in Wicca, everyone had turned against her. Sure, a few spells had gone wrong...but, hey, whatever happened to the whole I brought back Buffy bit? Hmmm, did everyone forget that one? Willow thought.

A loud crash brought Willow out of her thoughts. "What the hell was that?" Amy demanded.

"I don't know but anything that loud can't exactly be good," Willow stated and the two witches followed the noises to an abandoned house near the Magic Box. There were obvious signs of a struggle and still sounds of one. The two exchanged a look before entering, the place was dusty and seemed to be falling apart, dust filled the air and it took a few seconds to clear. Willow took a deep breath, she could handle a baddie but what she saw, she really couldn't handle. Buffy and Spike...Spike and Buffy...ewww! her mind chimed, Amy looked a little nauseated as well.

"Mmm, Buffy," Spike told Buffy between kisses. "You want a repeat performance, luv, meet me at the crypt tonight, 8:00."

Amy and Willow scrambled out of there as fast as they could. "That cannot be comfortable," Willow mused.

"But it seemed like they were having fun," Amy stated, making a face and Willow nodded.

"Buffy and Spike...he tried to kill her. A lot. At least Angel didn't try to kill her until he lost his soul," Willow answered. "Buffy and Spike, can anyone else say 'ewwww!'"

"Uh, yeah," Amy answered. "But I saw his rear..."

Tara forgotten, Willow nodded. "Oh, yeah...that is the ass of a god..." she stated. "Did you hear what Spike said?"

"'Mmm, Buffy?'" Amy repeated.

Willow blushed slightly. "'You want a repeat performance, luv, meet me at the crypt tonight, 8:00.'"

Amy's eyes widened. "Tonight, repeat performance...wow," she murmured. "But he's expecting Buffy..."

"Glamours," was Willow's answer.

"What about the real Buffy?" Amy frowned.

"Tabula rasa," Willow replied. "This time, just a little bit of Lethe's Bramble."

"Make her forget about the thing with Spike...leaving time for us to savor his Spikey Goodness," Amy murmured and Willow grinned.

"I've wanted Spike since he kidnapped Xander and me...I'd never admit it until now. I mean, I thought Buffy'd turn him down. A lot. And he'd get over her. And since I'm the only Scooby that's of age without a significant other, I'd be perfect for him," Willow murmured. She had never told anyone that before and it was nice to get it off her chest.

"You're in love with him," Amy answered.

"I am," Willow admitted. "He was the only one who didn't expect me to be a-okay when Oz left me."

"You know, maybe I shouldn't do the whole sleep with Spike thing. It'd be fun but I've kinda had a thing for the librarian..." Amy whispered, blushing.

"Giles? Yeah, he is cute, isn't he? And he sings like an angel. A real angel, not Angel," Willow answered.

"Angel?" Amy asked.

"He's Buffy's vampire ex-lover," Willow explained. "He does not sing well, Cordy told me that much."

"Buffy's other demon lover, gee, she should change her title from Slayer to Layer," Amy mused.

The redhead nodded. "She sleeps with more demons then she kills..." Willow murmured.

"This is never happening again!" Buffy's voice stated and the two witches hid.

Amy groaned as she saw the crushed look on Willow's face. "Don't worry, Will," Amy murmured. "Spike won't want Buffy after you're through with him."

Willow smiled softly. "You think so? I've only been with two people and they both left me...why'd they leave?" she asked, sounding much like a younger version of herself.

"'Cause they were stupid?" Amy suggested, not liking to see Willow upset. After all, she'd still be a rat if Willow hadn't helped her.

"'Cause I'm undesirable?" Willow answered.

"Will-ow!" Amy scolded.

"Right, no putting myself down, fine then," Willow sighed.

"Good, now let's work on that spell..." Amy grinned.

Ten minutes later, Willow and Amy stood in Buffy's room, before the Slayer's vanity. "Wow," Willow whispered, taking in her appearance. "It worked."

"You know, this is creepy, you sound just like Buffy," Amy stated.

"I do, don't I?" Willow mused, grabbing a brush and brandishing it like a stake, striking one of Buffy's fighting poses. "I'm Buffy the Vampire Slayer!"

"Correction..." Amy started.

"I'm Slutty the Vampire Layer, queen of bumpin' uglies with creeps, vamps and dorks!" Willow answered, attempting a spinkick but falling on her butt. "Okay...maybe I shouldn't try to do the kicking ass thing."

Amy helped Willow up. "And to distract Buffy and the gang, I'll do this," Amy stated, chanting a spell. Before Willow's eyes the brunette transformed into Willow.

"Okay, now that's creepy," Willow answered, running a finger over Amy's cheek. "Can you pretend to be me?"

"Can you pretend to be Buffy?" Amy shot back.

"Good point," Willow murmured. "Maybe I shouldn't..." Her mind flashed back to the image of Spike naked earlier that day. "Never mind, this is probably my only chance to be Spiked."

Amy laughed. "You go, girl," she smirked. The door opened and Dawn walked in.

"Hey, Buffy, Willow, what's up?" Dawn asked, Willow looked like a deer in headlights for a moment.

"Um, Willow and I...we were bonding. We haven't been spending so much time together since I came back," Willow answered.

"Yeah...just talking and that sort of thing," Amy stammered.

"Oh, good...I'm really sorry about Tara," Dawn whispered, Willow bit her bottom lip.

"Um...I guess we weren't meant to be after all, huh?" Amy answered.

"Dawn, don't you have homework?" Willow changed the subject.

"Um...well..." Dawn stuttered.

"Dawn," Amy sighed. "You should do your homework."

"I should and I'll do that now," Dawn answered, scampering away.

"That was close," Willow whispered.

"Too close," Amy replied. "We should do the tabula rasa before Buffy finds out."

Willow nodded and the girls proceeded to perform the spell. "I have to go. I have a date with Spike," Willow stated after they were finished.

"And I have a date with...no-one. Need a man," Amy answered.

"We could always go to L.A., Giles is staying there a few days until he goes to England," Willow said and Amy blushed.

"I'm going to...with Spike. Then have Spike forget his Buffy-lust...so we can have a chance together," Willow told Amy. The brunette nodded. "Even if we don't get together, I can still remember that one night that we had."

"I don't blame you," Amy answered. "I couldn't stand loving someone who thinks I'm someone else."

"Yeah, it'll be hard enough tonight...he'll probably call me Buffy," Willow whispered, twisting a strand of her now-blonde hair around her forefinger. "I should have taken up his offer to turn me. But the Initiative spoiled that thought."

"The Initiative...those were the guys that put the chip in Spike's head, right?" Amy asked.

"Yeah," Willow answered. "Stupid people didn't know who they were messing with." She took a deep breath and hugged Amy. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck," Amy replied and Willow left Buffy's house.