Buffy frowned on the other end of the line. "Xander and I'll pick you up in ten minutes, be ready," she warned, hanging up. Willow looked at Spike as she hung up.

Spike sighed deeply. "I told you not to answer it," he murmured. He slid out of the bed, and shimmied into the jeans he'd worn the day before, feeling Willow's heated gaze on his pale flesh. "You keep that up, Red, and there'll be no demon-hunting."

"Promise?" the witch asked lazily.

Spike grinned and crawled on the bed, moving with the grace of a jungle cat. Willow swallowed hard then giggled, jumping off the bed. Spike mock-growled and chased after the redhead as she raced out of the bedroom, the sheets wrapped around her body. She stood at the top of the stairs looking over her shoulder before scampering down them, giggling, Spike in hot pursuit. Spike's arms wrapped around her waist from behind, making sure to caress all her ticklish spots.

Willow giggled as Spike pushed her onto the couch, his body blanketing hers. His lips descended on hers, suckling lightly on her bottom lip. His tongue invaded her mouth, dancing with hers. He pulled back, kissing her neck. "Love you, Willow," he murmured against her heated flesh, her hands tangled in his curly dirty-blonde hair. The sheet slipped from Willow's body and Spike's hands skimmed her ribs. The redhead moaned as he teased her body. Willow attacked Spike's jeans hastily unzipping them when the doorbell rang. "Fuck!"

"Damn it, Willow!" Buffy muttered, throwing open the door and catching a glimpse of her friend with her ex-vampiric lover on top of her, both very naked. "Oh God! Naked Spike parts!" She turned her back to the scene and heard a zipper jerked up.

"Ah, bloody hell!" Spike cried as his manhood was caught in the zip. Xander winced in sympathy for the former vampire.

Willow smiled as she saw Buffy's hair. "Oh, Buffy, I like your hair," she murmured.

"Oh, thanks," Buffy replied, not turning around. Willow blushed as she realized she was naked, she tightly wrapped the sheet around her and raced upstairs.

Dawn looked at the clock with a sigh. "Where are they?" she asked, between glances at the strange teenaged boy that had come with Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Giles, a studious-looking girl, a green demon in a loud suit and a handsome black guy. "They're having sex," Anya stated.

"All of them?" Amy smirked.

"They'd better not. Unless I'm invited, of course," Anya muttered.

"Eww..." Dawn winced. "Oh, God, bad, bad, bad, bad visual place."

"I really DID NOT want to hear that," Amy stated.

"I'll second that," Giles murmured, cleaning his glasses.

Just then, Willow, Spike, Buffy and Xander entered the Magic Box. "Hey, Angel, Lorne, Fred, Gunn, Cordy and..." Willow's eyes settled on the teenaged boy.

"Connor, Angel's son...it's a long story," Cordelia stated.

"Connor, this is Willow and Spike," Angel introduced the latecomers. "You know Xander and Buffy."

"Spike...the vampire?" the boy interrupted.

"The former vampire, thank you very much," Willow stated tersely. "He's human now."

"Anyway, so glad you could show," Cordelia stated.

"There was...a demon," Willow blushed.

"Mmm-hmm, at least a former one," Xander stated causing Willow's blush to deepen.

"SO...was it good?" Anya asked.

"ANYA! I don't want to hear about this!" Xander answered.

"Me neither," Buffy answered. "We have badness, seems there's this icky demon coming to Sunnydale."

"Well, that only describes about ninety percent of all the demons we've fought," Willow sighed.

"This one's different," Giles's clipped English accent came from his spot by the counter.

"Tell me about it!" Cordelia scowled. "The vision I got...even with the new and improved supposedly non-headache-inducing brand...caused me to need a bottle of Excedrin afterwards."

"You get visions?" Xander asked. "Like Psychic Phone Friends network visions?"

"Not even, lack brain," Cordelia sighed. "This was a real beastie..." She opened her purse and set the drawing that Angel had made of her demonic beastie on the nearby table. The drawing was of a creature that looked like a bodybuilder with goat's legs and a hideous face with huge horns.

"We're fighting the guy from Final Fantasy?" Xander remarked.

"Xander, shut up," Anya said, her face was grim. "The Beast...I thought he was mythology."

"What do you know about demon-boy?" Gunn asked.

"Hello, eleven-hundred year old former vengeance demon, I know a few things about demons!" Anya scowled. "The Beast is a champion of darkness...Evil's warrior."

"And it's teamed up with the First," Giles stated grimly, taking off his glasses and wiping them.

"The First as in that demon-thing that tried to kill Angel?" Buffy asked.

"The one and only," Giles replied.

"Wait, I thought you kicked its ass?" Willow said.

"You can't defeat evil like that, luv," Spike said. "Only slow it down."

"Well, aren't we the bringer of badness," Xander sighed.

"If we can't defeat it, then what're we doing?" Willow asked. There was a long drawn-out silence.

Angel gave a crooked smile. "What we always do, try to save the world," he answered.