Hello all. I got a plot bunny to write a DP/YGO crossover. Vlad is still a fruitloop but he isn't the same as in DP. Vlad will send Danny to the Duelist Kingdom with a deck made of all the ghosts ever shown in DP. The deck includes Danny's, Dani's and Vlad's ghost-halves

Disclaimer: I don't own DP or YGO.

Danny's POV:

"You have got to be kidding me." I say. "What?" Dani asks me. (Dani was adopted by Danny's parents. PP never happened. Danny and Sam aren't together.) "Vlad thought it was a good idea to send me a Duel Monsters deck with the ghosts. We know. As well as other ghost related items like the Fenton Thermos." I explain. "Why would he do that?" Dani asks. "For me to join a tournament hosted by the creator of Duel Monsters. The Duelist Kingdom. Vlad and Pegasus must be in cahoots. I like playing Duel Monsters, but playing in a tournament? Vlad must be crazy." I explain. "I think it's a good idea sweetie. You can take Dani with you. She could learn a thing or two about it." Mom says. "You can even stay there for schooling when the tournament is over. I'll start working on a duel disk for you Danny-boy." Dad says. "Dad, why would I need a duel disk? The island the tournament is on, has duel arenas." I explain. "Solomon Muto is an old friend of ours so we can send the duel disk there in case a tournament requiring them should come up." Mom says. "You can stay with Solomon and his grandson Yugi when the tournament is over." Dad says. "So when do you leave for the tournament?" Dani asks. "Two days. Vlad's sending a chopper for me." I say.

Time skip: two days: Dani's POV:

"Well it looks like the chopper's here. Are you ready Dani?" Danny asks me. "Heck yeah Danny." I say. Danny and I board the copter. While on the trip, we make a stop. "Why are we making a stop pilot?" Danny asks. "We need to refuel the copter before heading to Duelist Kingdom and Mr. Masters wanted to board as well." The pilot says. "Ah Daniel and Danielle. So nice of you two to join me." Vlad says while boarding. "Stow it Vlad. I came to play Duel Monsters. Mom suggested that Dani come too." Danny says. "Do you have your deck Daniel?" Vlad asks Danny. "Yeah. I don't have a dueling glove or star chips though." Danny says. "Not to worry. You get those on the island. Before I forget, here Danielle. Your own deck. It's the same as Daniel's deck. I have one too." Vlad says while handing me a Duel Monsters deck. "Thanks Vlad. Now does this mean I get to be in the tournament?" I ask. "Yes it does. We will get there a day early. Pegasus will go over the rules for you. You might even meet Yugi Muto." Vlad says. "You mean the kid that defeated Seto Kaiba in a duel?" Danny asks. "Precisely Daniel." Vlad says. "We're approaching the Duelist Kingdom Mr. Masters." The pilot says.

Time skip: two hours: Danny's POV:

Well here we are. Duelist Kingdom. "Welcome to Duelist Kingdom." A man with silver hair covering his left eye says. "Ah Pegasus. It's so nice to be here. These are my nephew and niece. Daniel and Danielle Fenton. They're here for the tournament." Vlad says. "I told before Vlad. It's Danny." I say. "Of course little badger." Vlad says mockingly. I growl. "No need for such violence Danny-boy." Mr. Pegasus says. "They've done this before Mr. Pegasus." Elle says. "As long as fighting is reserved for the duel arenas then I don't care." Mr. Pegasus says.

Meanwhile: Yugi's POV:

"Hey Yugi. I heard that Vlad Masters will be with Pegasus. Mr. Masters even brought someone else to participate in the tournament." Tea says. "So we have to deal with someone else trying to stop me?" I ask. "No. This person might be someone we can befriend." Tristan says. "We'll see once we get to the island. But what are you gonna do without Exodia Yuge?" Joey asks. "I don't know Joey." I say.

Back with Danny: Danny's POV:

"Danny-boy. Here is your dueling glove with two star chips. Here are the five cards to summon Exodia. You don't need these cards but you will meet someone who will. Here is a dueling glove for you as well Danielle." Mr. Pegasus says. "Call her Elle Mr. Pegasus." I say. "Why not Dani?" Elle asks me. "It would get confusing between us." I explain to her. She is accepting of my answer. "How long till the other duelists get here?" I ask. "Another few hours. That gives me time to explain the rules for you." Mr. Pegasus says. He then starts to explain the rules for Elle and I.

Time skip: three hours later: Yugi's POV:

Well we've reached the island. Just as we start heading to hear what Pegasus has to say, a voice says, "Hey. Are you guys here for the tournament?" "Yes we are. Who are you?" I ask. "My name's Danny Fenton. This is my little sister Elle." A boy with raven black hair says. "Nice to meet you Danny. My name's Yugi Muto. These are my friends Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, and Tea Gardner. Are familiar with Vlad Masters?" I say. "Yeah. He's my uncle. He brought me here for the tournament. Before you ask, Vlad and my dad were close friends in college that they were considered brothers. He gave Elle and I special Duel Monsters decks." Danny explains. "Any of you need Exodia?" Danny asks. "I do. Weevil Underwood tossed my Exodia cards into the sea." I say. "Well then. Mr. Pegasus gave me a set of Exodia cards saying that I would meet someone who would need them." Danny says.

Hope you all enjoy. Pairing wise, Danny/Ishizu/Mai/Tea if people want. Might have some Dani/Yugi too. Danny's favorite card will be "Danny Phantom the good halfa", Dani's will be "Danielle Phantom the cloned halfa", and Vlad's will be "Vlad Plasmius the evil halfa".