So after last night's episode, I decided to rewrite this fic, sorry if I confused anyone!

Dialogue from 2x15 "Blood Must Have Blood"

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The evening air hung heavy with the stench of death in Ton DC, Clarke wondered if the smell would linger forever, a permanent stain on this place. She chuckled dryly to herself considering for a moment that her mother may have been right, the blood on her hands would never wash away, either. She refuses to think of those that were lost, the ones they left to burn here, or the ones she and Lexa would be leading to their deaths in just a few hours' time. Clarke had given up the notion of sleeping hours ago, her body too buzzed on adrenaline to relax so she settled for staring into the fire quietly. Her mind began to race and she decided to do a sweep of the perimeter instead, perhaps the chilly night air beyond the fire would clear her head some.

She made her way around the grounders camp, noting the scouts posted in the trees just in case an enemy scout tried to ambush them. These warriors never ceased to amaze her not only with their skills, but their unwavering devotion to their commander.

"You shouldn't be this far away from camp, Clark."

Speak of the devil. Clarke looked up to find Lexa perched on a branch directly above her head, had the grounder not spoken the blonde knows she never would have seen her.

"Can't sleep either?" Clarke asked, as Lexa jumped down and landed beside her gracefully

"The air is charged tonight. Many of us are unable to sleep. Walk with me?" Clarke followed without another thought, somehow being with Lexa made her feel a bit better, no one else understood the burdens the two teenagers had to bear. They were approaching Lexa's tent shortly thereafter, Clarke taking an opportunity to glance at the commander.

She was lighting a fire at the far side of the tent, concentrated fully on the task. Her face was free of war paint but she still looked every bit as regal as she did in full armor. The only thing betraying the commander's air of calm was her eyes, the green orbs appearing haunted and far away. She looked way when those piercing eyes met her own, flashes of the kiss they shared earlier that day going through her mind. Don't go there Clarke.

"We will bring our people home today, Clarke. All of them." The conviction in the young commander's words made her believe, even if just for a moment that this was all going to work out. She sighed and met Lexa's eyes, there was a hint of emotion behind the haunted gaze, but Clarke could not say what it was, with Lexa you could never really be sure.

"What will you do when this is over?" the young commander asked, taking Clarke by surprise. Honestly, she hadn't thought about it. "I don't know. I just want my people back," she replied.

Lexa nodded and looked deep in thought for a moment. "You should come with me to the capital. Polis will change the way you see us." The blonde studied Lexa's face. It was rare that the warrior was ever this open, even with her. "You already have, Lexa."

She seemed to be at a loss for words for a moment, a silent war of her own being waged in her mind. The grounder was worried. She knew of experience that plans always have a chance to fail and the repercussions of any failure would be devastating. The slightest mistake could get all of them killed. She thought about the sky commander next to her, and shivered thinking about it. She couldn't allow herself to consider this, her duty was first and foremost to the people. If she allowed herself to think on it, Lexa knew she would be unable to think clearly and she would raise the very Earth to protect Clarke.

The silence between the two leaders became palpable and Clarke couldn't bear it anymore. The commander was standing a few steps away from her, watching the flames dance and Clarke couldn't help but notice the flames catching in Lexa's eyes.

"I'm afraid, Lexa."

Hearing the way the blonde's voice broke, Lexa crossed the short distance between them. She ran a tentative finger along Clarke's jaw, not missing the way she shivered at the contact.

"We are all scared, Clarke, but we can't let anyone see it. Our men draw strength from us, we cannot appear weak or it will lower their morale." A single tear slipped down Clarke's face only to be wiped away by the brunette. She was taken aback by the tender gesture, gasping slightly unable to pull her gaze away from the girl in front of her. Lexa's pupils were dilated and her nostrils were flared as she studied Clarke's face, as if she were trying to commit it to memory.

Lexa was unprepared for Clarke to close the gap between them, throwing herself into the commander's arms. Despite the surprise, she wrapped her strong arms around the sky girl and breathed in the smell of her hair. Clarke buries her face in the crook of Lexa's shoulder, feeling gooseflesh rise in the wake of her breath. She smells like earth, heady and alive and Clarke finds it comforting somehow. With the commander's presence surrounding her, Clarke's mind starts to race again. They hadn't been this close since the kiss yesterday and it was starting to overwhelm them both. Clarke willed her mind to stop and just let herself feel the comfort of being anchored in Lexa's warm embrace. The blonde made a split second decision to just let herself feel for once and pressed her lips to Lexa's neck tentatively.

Lexa hissed in response as Clarke's lips lingered on her neck, tongue tasting the salt on her skin.

"Clarke." Lexa almost groaned out her name. It sounded like a warning. Or a challenge. The sound spurred the blonde on in her assault, now nipping alone the commander's jawline. Blue eyes flicked up to meet green and Clarke could swear the breath left her body. Lexa's eyes were dilated and wild looking, her skin was flushed and her body remained tense.

"It's okay. You're safe." Clarke wasn't certain if her attempt at reassuring the brunette was successful, but she seemed to relax slightly. Her eyes bore into Clarke's searching, burning her from the inside out. Lexa's eyes flashed with understanding as her hands left their place on Clarke's back, one cupping the side of her face and the other winding into her blonde tresses. The intensity of Lexa's gaze made the sky girl's skin crawl as she brings their mouths together kissing her soundly, drinking in the gasp that left Clarke's mouth.