She had told him. The hurt on his face broke her heart, the shock on Cordelia and Wesley's faces, the confusion on the faces of the green guy, the girl and the other guy. How could she have died on them?

He felt completely numb and he collapsed onto the seat in the lobby beside Willow. "Wh--what happened, Willow?" he asked her.

"She--she jumped in a portal a--and she fell...she didn't get up. Everyone was crying but she still didn't get up. She had to protect Dawn...she was Buffy's girl. Her little sister," Willow said numbly.

"Who's Dawn? Who's Buffy?" the girl asked.

"Sweets," the green guy said. "Let's leave them alone." He guided the girl outside of the Hyperion Hotel.

"Willow, it's okay," Cordelia whispered.

"No, Cordelia, it's not okay, she died! Buffy's dead...oh, my God...s--she's dead. She's never going to come back, is she?" the redhead whimpered. "Spike, he was crying, I felt so bad...then, Tara, she didn't do anything. She didn't cry. Everyone was crying. Not Tara though. Why didn't she cry?"

"I don't know why," Wesley murmured.

"I have to bring her back," the witch cried. "She wasn't supposed to die!"

"You can't bring her back," Angel said softly. "But I have an idea. A spell to go back in time."

"That will bring her back!" Willow exclaimed.

"You have to do it precisely," Wesley stated. "Or it could be a terrible thing."

"You're going to be the only one to remember," Angel told Willow.

Willow nodded. "Let's do this," she murmured.

"Here's the spell to get back to the current time and the spell to redo the time travel," Wesley replied, handing her a slip of paper that Willow tucked into her jeans. "In case something goes wrong."

Three hours later, Willow sat in a circle surrounded by Cordelia, Wesley and Angel. Okay, I'm going to concentrate on stopping the portal from opening, she thought, closing her eyes as Angel began to chant in Latin. She focused her energy on just before she had brainsucked Glory but her mind kept wandering to the way Spike had looked as he had sobbed.

Smoke enveloped Willow and then the redhead disappeared. "Do you think she'll be okay?" Cordelia asked.

"All we can do is hope," Wesley replied.