Chapter 1

"James! James! Wake up. Now! This is important!" Lily whispered aloud, hitting her husband as he lay upon the bed. Her husband only grunting in response and rolling over. "James, I will tell Sirius about that time in sixth year when I found you in quiet the—"

"Alright! Alright! I'm up. What?" James spoke aloud, only to be punched by Lily.

"Sshh. Look who's in bed with us."

Looking down, to James shock, and delight was their firstborn child. Harry James Potter. Forgetting what his wife was talking about he leaned down and began rubbing the small boy's back, kissing his forehead as the baby slept peacefully between them. Then it hit him.

"How did he get here? His crib's in the next room." James spoke, his eyes alight with pride as he looked down at his son.

"There's more. James, think really hard. What all has been put up in this house?"

"Well the wards so no one could… he could have floated himself down here. There's no saying he actually apparated to us." James said skeptically, trying to find a reason.

"And I would think the same thing, except our bedroom door is closed, and I know for a fact so is his."

"But… there's no way he could have apparated here. This is the second time he's done something like this. Remember? He did it when we visited Hogwarts. Disappeared and we found him in Professor McGonagall's office playing with her hat. We looked away for one second and he was gone. How's the little guy doing it? Don't get me wrong. Our son will be a powerful wizard, just like his parents and godfather. But still, how?"

"My only thought is… this may sound a little crazy but… it's not Apparating. I think he's doing something more of, like summoning something, but the reverse. When you summon something, you picture it appearing, and being placed either beside you, in your hand. You know. So I wonder, if he just sees himself with them, being held or something, and so reverse summons himself there. The only other option I have, is its accidental magic, so it bypasses everything else, because no one quiet understands it." Lily finished, lovingly picking up Harry as she made to carry him to his crib.

As she did, James walked over to Harry's dresser, pulling out a shrunken trunk from the top drawer, and pulled out Lily's diary to add her thoughts.

"James what are…? Oh. Must you put that in there? It's just an idea, we haven't even played with it yet."

"If something happens, Sirius will need all the help he can get with Harry."

It was a sobering thought, to be reminded why they were in their smaller house, away from the Manor. Hiding from a madman who was after them. All for some blasted prophecy, that wasn't even set in stone. Yet it seemed this man was hell bound to make it so. As he'd pursued them wherever they'd fled. This is the longest they'd remained hidden.

James finished writing, placing the diary back inside the trunk, and replacing it within the top drawer of Harry's dresser.

"Come on love. Let's go back to bed. I'm sure Harry will wake us up like he usually does."

But as they made their way back the house rocked with an explosion. Fear erupted on their faces. "Get Harry out of here! I'll hold him off!" James shouted, summoning his wand as he ran. Not looking back for fear he'd falter if he saw his wives face, especially as he heard Harry cry out in fear.

"He'll not make it past me. I'll give her time to run. Time to escape!" His mind shouted, getting to the bottom of the stair case and finding himself face to face with him. "Voldemort."


Lily grabbed hold of Harry and pulled out her portkey… but it didn't work. Cursing, in a very un-Lily like way, she placed Harry back within the crib, who immediately began crying.

"Sh. Ssshh baby. I'm here. Momma's here baby. She could here James dueling downstairs, and knew that he was one of the best. And together they'd dueled and held off Voldemort fairly easily. But alone… she knew neither of them were that strong...

Swiftly she bit her thumb, placing a drop of blood upon Harry's forehead. "I love you baby. And I won't lit you die tonight. Not tonight." Lily whispered, performing the ancient ritual as quickly as she could, sounds of fighting still emanating from below.

The space between mother and child briefly glowed bright white. "There you go my love. I pray this keeps you safe. I created it just for you my love." Lily finished as it became deathly silent from downstairs.

Calmly turning, she summoned her wand and prepared herself.

"Why must you fight me? Do you not see that what I wish is for the best!? Dumbledore has been here too long. He's a plague that must be burned, like many of the problems here in our world. Like you're kind! Mudbloods. Though I will say, you never bothered me, nor many others. You understood our world, and weren't aiming to change everything in one day. Unlike many. But still, you stand in my way. I offered your husband a way out. Simply join me, and give me the child and all would be fine. But he fought. Even drawing first blood." Here Voldemort held his arm out, a deep cut going from mid forearm up to his shoulder. "I was sorry to kill him. But no one stands in my way. Now move aside girl."

"Take me. Please, just leave him. Leave Harry. He's not a threat to you." Lily spoke softly, hoping, but knowing she'd fail, to convince this man to let her child live.

"Foolish! Avada Kedavra!" The bright green light shot from the wand, hitting the witch, who could not move, as her child was directly behind her. "Such a waste of blood." Was muttered by the black robbed man as he strode towards the baby in the crib, crying and screaming as he watched his mother hit the floor, and not holding him close and comforting him.

"All this for you? A waste of time. But finally over. Just one more after you, and they shan't be hard to find." Voldemort muttered, holding up his wand as he prepared the curse.

He belatedly saw the blood upon the boy's forehead as he shot his curse, but by then it was too late. His curse hit the child, the boy glowing brightly as the curse rebounded off him and struck the dark lord in the chest. Anger and surprise plastered across his face as he was rocketed backwards and into the wall.

As he felt himself dying, he saw blood trickling from an open wound on the child's forehead before a pulse of magic launched out from the still glowing babe, turning his body to ash, but leaving a mist like presence that disappeared out the hole that was made by the baby's magic.


It wasn't but thirty minutes later that he appeared. Long black hair pulled back into a pony tail as he ran through the broken door.

"James!" The man shouted, finding his best friend lying dead in the kitchen, determination still etched on his face, even in death.

Quickly he sprinted up the stairs, he was briefly drawn to the pile of clothes, ash, and wand in the corner before finding Lily's body in front of Harry's crib, love gracing her face as she lay there.

Then the man's eyes were drawn to the crying, finding what he sought. He shot forward like an arrow, picking up the small child and holding him close, tears falling freely from his eyes. "Oh Harry. I'm so sorry. I should have stayed. I could have… I could have helped. Done something!" He shouted, pulling the baby close, who's crying had stopped, now munching upon the man's hair and sniffling quietly as he warmed in his godfather's embrace.

"Pa'foot" the small baby whispered, before closing his eyes, falling to sleep upon the man's shoulders.

"I'll kill you Peter. I swear that here and now. I will find you and kill you. Enjoy life while you can, as I must care for Harry. But I will find you!" Sirius said in a deep gravelly voice, the voice of his ancestors. A voice promising death and pain. Not entirely in that order.

A small rat scurried from the house, fear in its eyes as it ran. Knowing that Sirius knew he was there.

As Sirius turned he found a trunk that seemed to have exploded out from inside Harry's top dresser door. "What is?" He questioned, stepping forward hesitantly.

Opening the trunk he found several things, things that made him smile. There was a small diary, Lily's, with the front page being a note to Sirius, explaining this was all about Harry and how to raise him, should something happen. He passed every chapter, only reading their last note, on Harry and the idea of reverse summoning, or perhaps just accidental magic in general.

Hearing a pop, he closed the book, drawing his wand and walking towards the stairs, ready to flee should he feel wards being placed.

"Ah James my boy. I'm so sorry." Was heard from below, Sirius relaxing some as he took the stairs down.

"Dumbledore! They're both dead. But Harry's still alive." Sirius spoke quickly, entering the room where an aged man stood above James, closing his eyes as he took in the scene.

"And Voldemort?"

"Dead I believe. Though I've no idea how. But I feel it has something to do with this blood on his forehead, and that cut." Sirius said, turning Harry so Dumbledore could see the cut that had been opened on Harry's head.

"Indeed. Well, let me take the child then my son. You should seek out Peter. Find him quickly, and we may be able to capture the rest of the Death Eaters. We need to get as many as we can. I feel that Voldemort is not truly gone yet. Quickly my boy."

Sirius suddenly felt the need to find and kill Peter. He could leave Harry with Dumbledore, he'd take care of him until he'd gotten the bloody rat bastard!

Sirius failed to see that Dumbledore's wand was in his hand, waving about in a complex charm as the Headmaster spoke.

"You're right! I'll kill the bastard!" Sirius shouted, handing Harry off before Apparating away, eyes clouded as he did so.

"I'm sorry my boy. But's it's for the greater good. Now come on Harry, we must set the scene for our next performer." Dumbledore muttered, carrying Harry back up the stairs to place him in his crib again, waking Harry and causing him to cry. "Sshh it's ok. Someone shall be here soon, then I will be right back."

And with a pop Dumbledore was gone, leaving a crying, cold babe in the crib alone.


Ten minutes later another pop was heard, as a long greasy haired man entered the house, tears falling from his eyes as he took in the damage to the room, hardly stopping as his eyes passed over the dead body of his long time tormentor. He stumbled up the stairs, pain raging in his heart as he did so.

There he found her, lying dead at the foot of the crib, her babe crying and watching him with curiosity through his tears.

The man fell to his knees at her body, clutching her to him as he held her close, screaming his pain to the night sky as he did so.

He held her for a while, weeping as he sat there, till a small word broke through to his mind, snapping him out of it.


Turning, wonder now in his eyes as he beheld the child who was watching him intently, sniffling softly as he stood shakily on his legs, grasping the bars of the crib to hold him up.

"So you remember? You'd only just said my name the last time your mother let me see you. I should have left them then as she'd asked. But I hated your father too much. Still do I think." Severus muttered, picking the child up carefully, as if afraid he'd break him.

He pulled the child to him, just gazing into the boys eyes that so matched his mothers.

He did not get long to watch as he heard a pop and familiar voice call out. "Severus! Is that you?!"

The rage was instantaneous as Snape charged down the stairs, wand drawn as he ran, holding Harry in the other as the baby watched, enthralled by the emotions that played across the man's face.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE HER?! WHERE WERE YOU?!" He shouted, curses and spells flying from his wand as soon as the older man was in sight.

The man simply shielded, letting the curses crash against his shield, knowing the man had to expand some energy.

"I had to go to the school, they need my protection as well. I couldn't stay here all the time. It was for but a moment. Tell me, are they alive? What happened?"

"None survived, not even the Dark Lord, his mark as gone cold and grey, losing its color and life."

"Severus my boy, if he'd been killed your mark would be gone. We can only assume he's alive but greatly weakened, perhaps not even fully on this earth. Here, give me the child, I know where to take him. You will need to turn yourself in, and wait for me. I will get you out of there. But we need you publicly excused, if he is to return, I fear this child is the only thing that can get rid of him for sure. We'll place you at the school. I know that Slughorn will be leaving this year. Too much death, he says." Dumbledore spoke sadly, taking Harry from the sallow man. Harry immediately crying and reaching for Severus again.

Severus nodded numbly, missing the Headmaster's wand in his off hand, waving about in a complex pattern.

"Indeed. I shall await for you to get me out. I'll go find Amelia right away." Severus nodded to the Headmaster and disappeared with a pop.

"Don't look at me like that. This must be done. For the Greater Good." Dumbledore sighed tiredly as he looked to the babe in his arms who seemed to be staring at him in anger. "I'm sorry for what's to come my boy. I know it will be hard. But I'm sure you can pull through, look for me when you come to school. There we shall begin molding you. This plan, though bloody, has worked up till now. It will end in one final spilling of blood. Sadly my boy… yours." Dumbledore apologized to the baby prepared to Apparate away.


He barely had time to react as spells came flying at him, including many objects being thrown at him that transfigured midflight into all sorts of animals and items, bombarding him as he stood there.

"So you heard me did you Minerva? A shame, I was hoping to keep you out of this." Dumbledore spoke, facing the enraged Scottish woman, flying towards him, intent on getting her godson back into her arms. "Obliviate." Dumbledore spoke, a sad sigh escaping his mouth as Minerva stopped casting, a blank expression upon her face. "Meet me at the Dursley's, there you will try and convince me not to leave him, but cave eventually to my wisdom. Go now." Dumbledore commanded, Minerva disappearing in a pop.

With one last look around, Albus Dumbledore disappeared himself, off to deliver Harry to Hagrid, in order for him to take him to the Dursley's, were he and Minerva would be waiting. All the while whispered to himself, strengthening his resolve. "It's for the greater good. One family for all of wizarding society. It's for the Greater Good. One family."


The baby was lying in a dark cramped room, crying loudly as he gazed about. Confused as to where he was, and where his parents were. Or pa'foot, se'rus, or moony. He kept crying, thinking intently about his parents. Their eyes and voice filling his mind as he thought of them. This would usually take him to them. But this time it didn't.

Next to his mind were steel grey eyes, and a playful voice, "Hello Harry. Come here, Come to Padfoot pup." The thoughts filled his mind, everything else leaving as he thought about those grey eyes and that voice, and the warmth that accompanied them.

For a moment he was there, eyes closed. The next he was gone, fading from the room silently.


He was huddled up in a corner, tears falling from his face as he tensed his jaw, anger rolling off him in waves. "Peter. I'll kill him. I'll find you. I'll—"

But his words were cut off as suddenly he was holding a small baby boy in his arms. "Harry?" Sirius questioned, the boy gurgling happily for a moment as he beheld his godfather.

"Harry!" Sirius exclaimed, hugging the child to him close, warmth flowing through him, his magic flaring some at the intense emotion.

It was in that flash that the compulsion charm placed upon him was broken. He stopped, everything flooding his mind. "Why? What have you done Dumbledore?" He questioned silently, his world seemingly falling around him.

"Lily and James had mentioned the last time I'd seen them to be careful around you. They were supposed to tell me the next time we met. Which should have been the morning after their deaths. Damn you. Damn you and your Greater Good. Is that what this is about? Damn you!" Sirius swore, scaring Harry who began to cry, refocusing Sirius upon his godchild.

"I'm sorry pup. I'm sorry. I'm here now. It's alright. Now how do I get out? Or better yet, how did you get here little one? Can you do it again?" Sirius joked with the child in his arms.

His eyes widened as he remembered the last page from lily's diary, about the reverse summoning. He felt his strength suddenly build.

He had to try it. For Harry. They couldn't stay here. He needed to get out. To protect Harry. Had to get him away. But where, who? "Amelia." Sirius breathed, his girlfriend before he'd been captured for the murder of his best friends. She'd been made the head of the DMLE, even presiding over his arrest, tears in her eyes as she beheld the presumed traitor. "She's my only chance. Alright Harry. Let's see if you've discovered a new travel." Sirius muttered. "I am Sirius Black. Strongest Black to be born for centuries. And now I shall have to prove that. That the Goblin's test wasn't faulty, prove to my mother that I'm the best." Sirius spoke with power, not noticing the magical aura that erupted around him, black flames that licked at the shadows around him. Though Harry did, swatting at them playfully and smiling contentedly in his godfather's arms.

Sirius thought of her, of the woman he loved, her scent, her voice. The feel of her body, the whisper of her magic, the colour of her hair and eyes. He let thoughts of her fill him, then focused on him being with her, there in her arms.

With that thought, Harry and Sirius faded from view. Gone from Azkaban, the inescapable prison.


Amelia was sitting in her room, crying softly as she stared at a photo of her and a dashing man, with long hair in a black and grey suit.

"Why? Why did you do it Sirius? I thought you were happy? I thought… I thought you loved them. Loved Harry. Loved… me." She whispered the last word, almost afraid of saying it out loud.

Her thoughts were interrupted as suddenly Sirius himself faded into existence in the room.

"Bloody hell it worked!" He shouted excitedly.

Forgetting where she was, and with whom, Amelia momentarily fell back on her old habits. "Language Sirius!"

Then it struck her who was with her, and where he was supposed to be. "Stop! What are you doing here?!" Her wand instantly in her hand, pointed at the man who was turned slightly away from her, as if shielding something with his body.

"Calm down please! You'll wake him." Sirius said, whispering a shout at her as he strode forward, power rolling off him as he did so.

"What?! Wake who?! What are you talking about?" She whispered back, for some reason listening to him.

"Harry of course." Sirius said as if she was stupid, turning and showing her the baby in his arms, asleep on his shoulder.

"How the hell did you get him!" She screamed, dashing to grab the child from the presumed murdered. "Give him to me now Sirius!"

"Fine! I will, but be quiet before you wake him. And promise me you'll hear me out if I do?" Sirius said, backing away from her and rocking Harry as he started to stir at the sudden noise.

Fearing for Harry's life she agreed, reaching her arms out for the little boy. Sirius placing him in them with a smirk. "You're always so pretty when you're flustered." He all but whispered, causing her to pause at his voice.

"Sirius, you're a murderer, and a traitor. You killed James and Lily, and Peter, and… and all those muggles. What are you doing here, and with Harry no less?"

"Funny story, he actually came to me." Sirius said with a smile.

"Please be Serious here!"

"I'm always Sirius love." Sirius smirked, smiling as her cheeks reddened, threatening to explode in her anger. "Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I get it. Not the time for jokes. Instead of telling you. Can I show you?" Sirius questioned.

"Pensieve?" Receiving an affirmative nod from him, she summoned her family's pensieve, reaching her wand out for the memories. "How many?"


After retrieving the memory's she placed her face with in the Pensieve and disappeared.


She re-emerged thirty minutes later, surprise on her face as she turned to gape at Sirius. She slowly strode forward, before all but leaping into his arms and hugging him close.

"I'm so sorry I doubted you. I'm so sorry. Yes! Yes I will. I'm so sorry!" She cried, pulling his face down and peppering kisses around his face, careful of the bundle in her arms, but still wanting to be in his arms.


The memories she'd seen had been shocking to say the least. First was the memory of James, Lily, Sirius, and Dumbledore changing the secret keeper at Dumbledore's pushing, saying everyone would assume it was Sirius and it would be wise to make it someone else.

Next skipping to Sirius arriving at the house, everything he saw. Then his talk with Dumbledore, her seeing Dumbledore's wand moving and casting the charm on Sirius. Anger had exploded in her as she saw this, watching as Sirius disappeared.

After that she was in a dark ally, Sirius having cornered Peter, preparing to capture him and take him in for justice before hopefully pushing him through the veil. But he'd been tricked, Peter exploding a pipe, killing many around as he cut his finger off, and dove into the inky depths of the harbor behind him.

Then she found herself in Azkaban, Sirius crying in a corner when Harry appeared in his arms, smiling up at him. She heard his words, then saw as he too faded from view with Harry in his arms, appearing in her room.

Finally shifting to a surprising scene. Them inside of Godric's Hollow, with James and Harry. Harry playing with Sirius' hair as he spoke to James.

"I think. After this war I'm going to ask her to marry me. I want to wait till we're done. It'll be too stressful I think to try during. Plus it'd make us a target for sure. Do you think she'll say yes?" Sirius had questioned, looking to his best friend who was watching with a smirk, along with a proud look in his eyes.

"Of course she will. She loves you Sirius. Lily's told me how much Amelia talks about it. How it surprised her she fell in love with a marauder. I think you should do it. Have you a ring?"

Sirius nodded, pulling out a little box and handing it to James. Inside, a lovely platinum banded ring, with a single diamond atop it, surrounded by little ruby's sparkling in the light of the room.

"Sirius it's beautiful."

The memory then ended, ejecting the now crying Amelia into the room, and their current situation.


"Yes! Yes I'll marry you! I'm so sorry!"

"Ssh love. Sshh it's alright. Even I doubted myself for a second there. I probably would have continued had Harry not found me."

At word of Harry, her eyes snapped down to the sleeping child in her arms. "He's a remarkable baby isn't he?"

"He's the best of both his parents, and he's going to be powerful. Powerful indeed." Sirius whispered. "Now, not that I love that you're willing to marry me, but it'll be hard to do if I'm the most wanted many in all of Britain." He joked, smiling as she was brought back to the present.

"With these memories I'll get you a trial, and we'll get you free. Come on. Let's go." She said, taking his hand as they apparated away.


Breaking Black!

Black escaped from Azkaban earlier this week,

Only to be found by the new head of the DMLE

Amelia Bones, who brought him back. But not alone.

She brought with her evidence of Sirius Black's innocence.

He's now been released after his trial,

Pronounced not-guilty, he walked free this morning.

Authorities are now on the lookout for one

Peter Pettigrew, new known keeping of the Potter's location.

If you've any information, please get in touch with an Auror at once.

Until next time,

David Dadley, with the Prophet.


They were in a pub in muggle London, out of view of any wizards, as who would dare visit a muggle's location?

Both men sat across the table, staring at the other, long black hair on both, one hanging down in greasy strands around his face, the others in a ponytail, pulled back, a golden band gleaming upon his finger.

"I know we've had our problems Severus. And let me say. I'm sorry. I was cruel, and I deserve any punishment given me for that. Though I'd like to think I've gotten plenty of that with recent events. But I need your help. Please." Sirius spoke, his eyes showing the truth of his words as he watched the man before him.

"Do you have him?"

"I might."

"Show me."

"One moment. Sirius said, pulling out a mirror and calling his newly wed wife. "Please bring Harry here love."

Five minutes later, in she walked, carrying a baby dressed in a blue onesie, and wrapped in a yellow blanket, with green snakes, and red lions running about on it.

"Harry." Severus whispered, holding his hands out for the baby, who kicked excitedly, trying to escape the confines of his godmother's arms, disappearing from view and suddenly appearing in Severus' surprised arms.

"Yeah, he does that a lot. We haven't figured out how to stop him yet." Amelia laughed as Severus just looked at the child with wonder.

"You're too much like your mother it seems." Severus chuckled. "She made a habit of doing the impossible too. Working muggle inventions with magic, and the like." Severus smiled, pulling the child close as he gazed at his emerald green eyes. Her eyes. "Fine. What do you wish?"

"First take this potion quickly." Sirius said, handing him a vial of blue liquid.

"What is it?"

"Honestly, not sure. It was in Lily's diary and she said to feed it to as many of those who were around Dumbledore as I could. You'll be the first." Sirius lied, the diary having said what it did. But knowing he couldn't know until after he'd drank it.

Taking a moment to observe the potion, as well as Sirius, waiting for some prank, before downing the vials contents.

There was a small wave of magical backlash after a moment, Severus' eyes snapping open in fury.

"Don't! I know. He did the same to me. Don't let your anger get the best of you. That's why I'm here. I plan on getting back at the bloody bastard." Sirius warned, knowing how Severus felt at being put under spells by the 'leader of the light'.

"Fine. I think I understand now. You wish to run with the child I presume, with your lovely wife here. Especially since her nieces parent's survived their attack and recovered, though it was believed impossible?" Severus spoke, alluding to the attack on Amelia's brother and his wife, along with daughter, somehow both miraculously survived the attack and were recovering, much to the relief of Amelia.

"Yes. But I want your help. I'm going to train Harry. We both know, as Dumbledore, that Voldemort's not dead. He'll be back. And because of that thrice damned prophecy, he'll come after Harry. I want him ready. I plan to keep him away from Hogwarts as long as possible. I will train him in defense against the dark arts, as well as transfiguration. I was hoping you'd help with DADA, as well as potions. Coming with us during the summer, and perhaps Christmas break to be with him. Not just as a teacher, but as his uncle." Sirius stopped here, watching Severus for his reaction.

"You'd let me play an active role in his life?"

"Yes. Amelia and I are blood adopting him. We've already tested him with Gringotts. The boy's heir to Gryffindor and Peverell, along with Potter. I don't plan on making him my heir, he doesn't need that pressure. Plus I know Amelia and I want our own children as well as Harry. So our first child shall be my heir. But I was hoping for you to be his new godfather, I'm making Catarina Zabini his godmother. She as close to Lily, and has a son Harry's age."

"I accept then. I agree he must be prepared. But let me make sure. We are not on Dumbledore's side correct?"

"Yes. We are our own side now. Harry's side."

"Good. Anything else I should know?"

"Harry's birth activated an old contract with the Greengrass family, they were worried at first, but after meeting with them they are rather excited. For now that's it. I need to teach you a new way of travelling as well. Invented by our cute little wizard here with us." Sirius smirked, pointing to the sleeping babe in Severus' arms.

"You mean his fading thing he did? You've learned how to do it?!"

"Sadly no. Lily did. Or at least she laid the groundwork. It's actually how I escaped Azkaban."

"Good. I knew you were too stupid of a mutt to figure it out yourself." Severus said with a small smile playing at his lips as Sirius just rolled his eyes.

"I deserve that, so I won't fight it… This time." He warned, a smirk returned to Severus as they then began talking with Amelia about the wedding, where they would be leaving too, as well as who else would be teaching young Harry.


He rang the doorbell, wearing his newest acquisition, the Head of House Black ring upon his finger, dressed in a fine black suit with a tailed coat. Smile upon his face as a house elf answered the door. "How can Dobby's helps yous?"

"I'm here to meet with Lucius and Narcissa please. Tell them Lord Black is here." Sirius said, smiling at the poor house elf who gulped, popping away to find his master, hoping nothing happens to him for bringing this news.


Ten minutes later found the three seated around a table in the parlor room, as Dobby poured everyone a cup of tea. The air tense between the two heads of house. One knowing he was not only in the presence of a greater Head of house, but also one who held most of his wealth in his hands.

"Lucius. It was good of you to invite me in. Cissy darling, it's good to see you as well." Sirius smirked.

"I hear congratulations are in order as well. A certain pretty DMLE becoming engaged and all." Cissy said with a smirk, seeing the look that all Blacks wore when playing with their food upon Sirius' face as he watched Lucius.

"Indeed. Congratulations Lord Black. She is truly a fitting wife for you." Lucius responded, sipping at his tea.

"Well sadly, I'm not here for a cup of tea, and talk of my engagement. It's business, and sadly business that will not do well for you, should you disagree." Sirius began.

"You may, though I'm loathe to admit, be of a higher standing, and greater wealth than I Lord Black." Lucius spoke venomously, putting stress on the word Lord, "But there is nothing you can do to amply threaten me, so please lose this farce, and if you have a business offer than offer, and I shall humbly consider it." Lucius spoke, tiring of the game he knew Sirius was playing with him. Especially from the smug glow coming from Narcissa as she watched her cousin work.

"Sadly you're mistaken. Look here at this article in the contract between you and Narcissa would you?" Sirius pulled out a thick folder of paper, pointing to a specific clause in the marriage contract between House Black, and House Malfoy. "Should the suitor, that'd be you Lucius, be convicted of a crime, or in any way be made to be too weak, or undeserving of the bride of House Black, the Head of House Black may nullify the marriage, and be returned all fees of the bride price, and a compensation of one million galleons. Sadly Lucius, you were convicted, though it never came through, so you escaped that part of the clause. But since you were imperioused for being a weak willed follower, I must deem you too weak to be joined to my house. So I shall have to nullify this marriage and request the return of our funds. I've already notified the Goblins as to what might be occurring, and they told me they were prepared to do so. Though you might end up rather bankrupt because of it. Seeing as how most of your wealth was from us anyways, and the other half you've used to keep yourself out of Azkaban. Surely you could have regained those bribery funds from your business, but sadly you'll lose that with the breaking of our contract. Sad really." Sirius smirked, putting away the contract as Lucius just gaped, struggling for words and air.

"My, and here some of them thought you weren't a true black Sirius. You were absolutely the embodiment of the Blacks. Well done." Narcissa complimented, smirking at her husband, and father of her firstborn child.

"Thank Cissy. Now, how would you like to return to House Black? Your child, Draco I believe, is welcome to come as well. He shall not be heir, but he shall get the benefits of House Black behind him."

"Yes. I think I might. This weak willed man I've been joined to, was once a strong and dashing individual. But the moment he bowed his knee before another, he changed. Losing whatever feelings were growing inside me. I do thank you for my son though Lucius. He'll be quiet the boy once he's grown." Narcissa commented. Leaving her gaping husband there as Sirius stood with a smile.

"I shall be expecting you at Black Manor on tomorrow dear Cissy. Please bring your son with you, I have someone to introduce him to." With that Sirius faded from the parlor room, stunning both individuals as Malfoy was once again left speechless, right as he was gathering his wits about him.

As Narcissa scoffed, "Show off." She, like everyone else in her family had known that Sirius was the strongest Black. Though many tried denying it. It was proven now, with whatever he'd done to disappear from inside Malfoy Manor, and all its wards.


Sirius appeared in a grand hall, the Potter crest prominently displayed at the back wall, two halls going to either side, with two stair ways leading off to either side of the hallways.

Within moments, Amelia was at his side, face flushed with worry. "He's not here!"

"What do you mean he's not here?" Sirius whirled.

"He's gone. I placed him down for a nap, then heard him talking. But when I got there he was gone. I think he, did his little revers summoning trick again. But I've no idea where. I was hoping he'd gone to you." Amelia worriedly explained, her and Sirius running to Harry's room to see if he'd returned, or was simply hiding somewhere.

"Well, there's only so many people he could have gone too. Severus, Remus, and perhaps Minerva. I don't think he knows Catarina well enough to go to her. We know you need a good handle on the person. At least their voice and eyes. Let's floo them and see if they've seen him. Though I hope he hasn't gone to Minerva. She hasn't been broken of Dumbledore's compulsion yet, so she might take him straight to Dumbledore instead of us." Sirius worriedly spoke, running to the floo. Only to be interrupted by a knock at the door as he passed through.

Opening the door he found himself face to face with a smirking Severus, with a sleeping babe on his shoulder. "Honestly mutt, can't you keep this one leashed?"

"Thank god!" Amelia exclaimed, rushing past Sirius and taking Harry from Severus, rocking him to keep him asleep.

"You know we've no idea on how to keep him from doing it right now. I'm trying to find a way. The goblins are looking into, as well as his cut. There's something not right about it. We haven't been able to figure it out. But the Goblin's took notes, and have sent it to their branch that deals in dark artifacts, and rituals. They think they might have an idea about it. Regardless, if you've got an idea to keep him tethered and at the house. Then by all means, please share." Sirius snarked.

"Fine. I've no idea currently, minus binding his magic, but that could be harmful, we already had some trouble removing the ones Dumbledore had placed on him." Severus spoke, eyes darkening as he thought of what their, 'esteemed' headmaster had done to the boy, and almost put him through.

"Yes, well we'll figure it out. Hopefully he sticks to you and moony. Eventually he'll probably go to Catarina and her son Blaise a few times as well. Though if I've heard correctly, you two might be together when he appears." Sirius goaded, knocking his elbow into Severus'.

"Honestly you flea bitten dog. We've only been together here since you brought everyone together. We hardly spoke during school. So please refrain from pairing me up with her." Severus spoke, though it was lacking his usual severity.

"Whatever you say Snivellus." Sirius smirked, walking away as Severus fumed, entering the home, and ensuring he slammed the door rather hard.

"Name calling aside. Have you made up your plan yet?" Severus questioned.

"Yes. We'll stay here while Narcissa stays at the Black family home, she's renovating it currently. Making it a bit more cheery and less, well Black. We'll keep Potter manner under the Fidelius, while Amelia stays as the DMLE, and I'll join the Aurors again. Catarina has offered to watch Harry during our work hours as her businesses basically run themselves. I've entrusted the black, and Potter businesses in the Goblins hands. They'll be investing in both the muggle and wizarding world for me. I just told them to make me money, and by effect, themselves money. They happily agreed. I've already received a statement telling me what they've been doing. Finally, we'll start his wand training when he turns six, with his tie to magic being so strong, he should be able to start casting with a practice wand by then. We'll get his own wand crafted when he's ten. He won't be attending Hogwarts. Hopefully at all if I've any say. But at least his first two years he'll stay with us and undergo training. We were hoping he could start his potions, and occlumency lessons with you around ten as well. Catarina will teach him the art of manipulation, and politics, while Narcissa will be teaching him how to be the Pureblood he'll need to be to make allies, while still keeping true to himself and his parent's ideals. Draco, and Blaise will also join in the training, though theirs will stop when they start Hogwarts."

"What about the Greengrass girl? Are you waiting to introduce them?"

"We're working that out with them. But we agreed that Dumbledore shall probably be watching them as he knew of the contract before we could cut him off and away from the Potter Family Vaults. He'd even tried breaking the contract, settling with making a contract with the Weasley's should their next child be a girl. We burned that contract. Since it was done by an appointed guardian, and not a godparent, or parent. It wasn't as binding as the Greengrass one is. Which only way out is death."

"Indeed? Good. The meddling fool. Also, a new law has been passed by the board. School at Hogwarts now has new ages. First years will start at twelve, second year thirteen, and so on. You can enter if you turn the correct age during the school year, otherwise you must wait. They are hoping to get larger classes, as well as allow children time with their parents after the war. It's also because they believe at twelve they'll be able to grasp harder magic and learn more in first year, than is normally taught." Severus informed.

"That's actually good news. Gives us more time with Draco and Blaise then. Oh! One more thing. I told the Greengrasses that you might be willing to teach Daphne potions, Occlumency, and Legilimency as well. They took her in for a test with the Goblins, and seems she'll have the potential in them."

"If she can, I will. Her lessons shall start at ten then as well. We'll have them mirroring their lessons, unless one is better and pulls ahead of the other." Severus decided. "Did you get the results for Harry's full test yet? We know what lines he is from, but did he have any specific magic's?"

"Yes. He placed high in Charms, and Transfiguration, as well as occlumency. He had the highest numbers since Dumbledore in Defensive and Offensive magicks. He'll have little to no talent in Legilimency, though with Daphne's numbers, she'll be able to cover for him when they're older. More than likely he'll be the stronger Occlumens between the two of them. He above average in Potions and runes, they said he should easily be able to get a mastery in them should he push himself. He had his lowest numbers, being average or lower in Arithmancy and Divination. He also has the potential to be an early Animagus."

"Good. He shall be pushed in Potions, that's to be sure. Of the Greengrass girl, what was her full results?"

"Ironically enough, she balances him out fairly well. She placed high in Charms, potions, Occlumency, and offensive magic. Placing highest ever in Runes strangely enough, and just below you Dumbledore, and Voldemort in Legilimency. She was above average in defensive magic and Arithmancy. While being average or lower in Divination. She also has the potential to be an Animagus, but it is unsure if she could do it early like Harry will. Or if she'll have to wait till her eleventh, or twelfth birthday. We were informed, that usually witches are more versatile in their magic, while the wizards are normally always stronger in each specific area. Though Daphne may be the strongest in runes from her numbers, should she work with it. Catarina has offered to teach her, as she has her mastery in Runes, and is quiet the prodigy at it."

"Good. Then I shall focus on her in Potions, Occlumency, and Legilimency. They'll need every advantage they can get. Catarina and Narcissa said they'd mail me the results of Draco and Blaise's tests when they come in so we may plan what training they shall receive. The news is aflame with news of the missing savior. We'll need to work hard to keep him hidden. Should Dumbledore find him, he'll do his best to get control of him again. He's been rather angry at Hogwarts since he found out of his disappearance. He believes you have the child, though he's unsure as he's never seen you with anyone other than Amelia, and you never have him with you. And Dumbledore can't imagine you trusting anyone else with Harry. Also, Augusta got our message. She's refused our help, but said she'll ensure that Neville is given the proper wand, she was going to give him his fathers. But I was able to convince her otherwise. She'll hire tutors of her choosing for the boy and ensure that when the time comes, he'll be a good friend for Harry. She said, and I quote, 'the Potters and Longbottoms have stood side by side for centuries. We'll surely not change that now because of some trumped up Dark Lord.' So worry not for young Neville."

"That sounds just like the old hag. Oof!" Sirius cried out, receiving a blow to the head as Amelia reentered the room, having just finished feeding Harry. Handing him to Severus as they entered, Harry's eyes immediately going to the sallow man.

"Hello Harry. How are you child?" Severus whispered, eyes alight with joy as he beheld Harry's bright green eyes staring at him with love and joy.

"One last question before we devolve into showering Harry with attention. Did you look at our notes and Animagi? And were you able to get anywhere?" Sirius questioned.

"Yes. They were quiet helpful, much better than the conventional way. I have found, and transformed into my animal. I was, and not a word from you mutt, but a Bat Falcon." Severus paused, waiting for the outburst.

"That's priceless. I can't even comment. That's just… too perfect." Sirius tried, holding in his laughter as he spoke, his body shaking from the effort.

"You're free to hex him Severus." Amelia sighed out. Wondering if you husband to be would ever truly grow up.

"I would, but this baby takes precedence over the mangy dog." Severus sneered, focusing on bouncing Harry who was grabbing at his hair and trying to pull it into his mouth. "I will say though, the shampoo you suggested was helpful." Severus admitted, glad to be rid of the greasy locks he'd been known to have.

"Not a problem. I use the stuff myself. It'll get you all the ladies Severus. Though you've only got eyes for one Italian one." Sirius smirked again, dodging the silent stinging hex sent his way from Severus' wand as he played with Harry.


"I now pronounce you, Man and Wife." The minister spoke, applause erupting from the small group that was invited.

Sirius leaned forward, capturing Amelia's lips with his own, savoring the taste of his wife.

Beside him stood his best man Remus Lupin, with Severus Snape, followed by Cyrus Greengrass. While next to Amelia stood Catarina Zabini, Jenny Abbot, Narcissa Malfoy, and Sylvia Greengrass.

In his chair, fast asleep, was a small two year old boy, wearing a tux, with a hat upon his head, pulled low so as to keep the sun out of his eyes. Next to him and leaning slightly on him was a small strawberry blonde haired girl in a frilly white dress, and white sun bonnet, next to her were two more two year old boys, all lacking the hat, but still in the small tux. One with shockingly white blonde hair and palish white skin, the other, a dark haired, olive skinned Italian looking boy.


The wedding party was drawing to a close, many couples and family's Apparating, or portkeying away. All that was left were the Zabinis, Blacks, Snape, Greengrass, and Bones families. Sirius walked over to Severus, Harry in his arms and playing with his ponytail, wide awake after his nap during the service.

"Well we'll be off. Remember the new traveling idea. That way, no matter where we go, you'll be able to find us if we decide to leave for a bit. I'll see you at the next meeting of our allies. I've been told there are a few families who will be joining us. Friends of Cryus."

"Good. The more the better, we'll have our hands full dealing with both Dumbledore and Voldemort when he returns." Severus nodded, taking Harry briefly from Sirius to say goodbye. "I'll see you then."

Handing Harry back to Sirius, Severus apparated away to Hogwarts. He had a potion to work on, and a beautiful Italian woman on his mind.


Sirius stood in the side bedroom of their suite in the Caribbean. Rocking Harry to sleep, his eyes just barely fighting closing completely.

"Come on buddy. Ssshh." Sirius whispered. Then looking around to make sure she wasn't around he turned back to Harry and began to sing.

His smooth silky voice came from within, singing the soothing lullaby he knew Lily had sang to Harry when he was younger. He skillfully sang, a hidden gift he'd let no one knew he had. Fear of being mocked causing him to keep it hidden. Only Harry had ever heard him. And only when he was sure no one was around.

"Sleep tight little angel, and know I'll always be here. No matter what. No matter what. Sleep well little baby, I'll always keep you safe. No matter what. No matter what."

Finishing the song Sirius slowly set Harry back into his crib, fast asleep.

"So when were you going to tell me you had the voice of an angel?"

Tensing his shoulders Sirius slowly turned to face his newly wed wife. "I didn't think you were here." He sheepishly responded.

"I've heard a beautiful song coming from Harry's room often enough at night. But every time I got close, it would always stop. So this time, I disillusioned myself to find the voice. And low and behold, it's my new husband of three days." Amelia said, strutting towards her husband in nothing but her night robe. "You have a beautiful voice. I wish you'd sing to me like that." She muttered, fluttering her eyes towards her husband as she let her robe open a bit. Loving how Sirius' eyes couldn't leave her own, and fought not to drop lower when her robe opened.

With a gulp he smiled before sweetly kissing her on the lips. "Then your wish is my command. Go to the room, I'll be there in a second. And I promise to sing for you. Then we shall have fun until you sing." Sirius finished with a smirk, swatting her butt playfully as she walked away.

"I'll hold you to your word handsome." She whispered back, leaving the room to their own.

Turning to Harry Sirius sighed lightly. "I'm sorry you couldn't be here for this. I know you always wanted me to settle down and marry her. Well here I am. And here's your son. With me, instead of you. Damn. A kid really makes you grow up fast. Look at Severus and I. Getting along in some sort of weird way. We've become friends through this I think. Harry brought us together. It took a friendship potion to kick start us at first. Snape's idea. A dumbed down version of a love potion. It helped, we only had to take it once."

His hand dropped into the crib, covering Harry with a light blanket before casting a listening charm on the bed so he'd know when Harry woke up. He lightly rubbed his thumb and index finger on Harry's cheek, the child in his sleep drawing close to the comforting touch.

"I promise you Harry. I'll never leave you, and I'll always be here for you. Always. You'll never want for love and affection, or anything else. No matter what.

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