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Chapter 8

Neville and Daphne worked together, flaring their own magic out and together, pushing towards Harry trying to get to him.

"Get back! Get back now!"

Severus' voice startled them as they turned to see a frantic Amelia, Catarina, Severus and Sirius rushing towards them, having faded to them to get there swifter. Fred and George with them, having delivered the message that there could be trouble.

Backing up a wave of magical energy expended from Harry that knocked them to the ground even a good distance away from him.

"What happene. Swiftly now!" Severus commanded Daphne, he and Sirius focusing on her and Neville as Catarina and Amelia tried getting to Harry. His magic even struggling and pushing against them.

The story was quickly told from both teens perspective. "You think he's—"

"Yes. He would, and he wouldn't even realize he was doing it. this could be bad. We need to get him home to the ritual chamber. We'll have to contain him till it's passed. Daphne, we'll need you to come with us. Follow our instructions to the letter, do you understand?"

She could only nod, tears streaming down her face as she struggled to figure out what was happening.

"It's alright. He'll be fine. We won't let anything happen to him. We'll explain what's happening at home. Now Neville, get Draco and my son, you two head back to your girlfriends and keep them company. We'll return when we can. Don't tell Dumbledore anything. He should be arriving very soon. I'm surprised he's not already here. Harry's magic release must have messed up some wards or other magic and he's attempting to fix them. Regardless. Keep the girls safe. Leave the rabble here. They'll be dealt with later."

"Yes ma'am." Neville sprinted off back towards the closed doors of the Room of Requirement, hurrying inside to get Draco and Blaise and explain what was happening.

"Daphne, let your magic out darling, there we go. Now circle about Harry everyone." Sirius' calm voice betrayed what he felt inside, but he had to remain strong. For his wife, for his unborn child, and especially for Harry. He was in a dangerous situation. "Now, join hands and we'll push towards Harry, slowly. When we are near enough, Amelia grab my shoulders, I'll grab ahold of Harry and we'll fade into the chamber room. Then everyone, we need to pick Harry up and set him on the alter. Remember to keep your magic going. It's the only way we can contain him and protect ourselves."

The magic was so heavy in the air you could barely breath, but you didn't feel the need to either. The power of the magic in the air like a drug, dulling the senses and slowing down time.


Amelia's voice snapped her from her reverie, taking a deep breath and letting her magic back out.

They were a circle of black, blue, red, and purple magic. The snow of Daphne, the Flames of Sirius, Snape's shadow caressing Harry's head, the tornado of Amelia, and the Purple slow simmering flames of Catarina that licked the floor about her.

They moved slowly forward, containing Harry's magic and keeping it close to him as they neared, eventually holding hands once close enough too.

Finally, Sirius was able to put a hand on Harry's shoulder, fading them all away and to the Potter Manor ritual chamber.


She moved forward, struggling to keep her magic out as she picked up Harry, putting her hands under his left hip and lifting him up with the others as one.

She was standing between Sirius and Amelia now, Snape next to Sirius near Harry's head, Catarina beside her. All of them splayed around Harry as his magic raged.


"What's happening? Is he dying?"

"No." Sirius was solemn, his eyes never leaving Harry as he gazed at his son upon the alter, face scrunched in agony and pain. "He's forcing a maturation. His father did the same thing during the war. It wasn't as bad then as he'd already had two maturations since then. It's the first one that really matters anyway. You go through many changes when you mature as you know. If there is a type of magic that flows through your blood, it manifests at this age, with few exceptions. Elemental magic and life blood usually, and often your Animagi form becomes available to find and change into as well. Adding to your core going through a restructuring process, growing, sometimes even changing how that itself manifests around you. Before my first manifestation my magic looked somewhat similar to Severus' and was a dark royal blue."

He was rambling somewhat. But she didn't mind. She understood why. She felt the same way.

"Harry forcing it to happen, accidently as it were, is now wreaking havoc upon his body to change it to be able to contain and handle his new magic. The Potters are known to have Elemental magic in them, as does the Gryffindor side."

"He could get two elemental magics! Isn't that a good thing?"

"Not really in his case. Elemental magics are very temperamental. And though there is normally a type or two that manifests the most in family lines, it's not a guarantee. The Potters often have Fire or lightning manifest in them, at least its' the most common. Though James' was wind. Which may have come from his Gryffindor blood. As that side of the family is known to have Fire, Lightning, and wind. James father did not have an affinity to elemental magic. It skipped him. But James' grandfather. He had two. Fire and ice. Because these two are so adamantly different, they battled and raged in his core. He couldn't use them at all or he'd get deathly sick and bed-ridden. It's a gift and a curse having two chances for elemental magic."

A scream from Harry momentarily startled everyone as they continued to watch harry from a mild distance in their semicircle. Amelia laying with her head on Sirius' lap as he played with her hair and talked to Daphne. Severus and Catarina sitting together, backs against a wall as they talked.

"You mentioned life magic. What's that? I feel as though I've heard of it, but not what it is. Or what it does."

"A rather ancient and lost magic, not many families now-a-days have it in their blood anymore. One line that did was the Peverell family. It was a spell from that side of the family that Lily took and experimented with that saved Harry that night. The giving of her and James' life fueling the spell and runes she'd set up."

"Will Harry learn that magic as well?"

"I doubt it. It's a mostly matriarchal magic, as is divination magic. Not saying it's impossible. Just unlikely. Just as Blaise probably won't get divination magic. It runs in a few families here in Britain. The Lovegoods, Zabini's and Ravenclaw's. Catarina's mother was a very gifted Diviner. Catarina says she's had moments where she sees a few seconds to hours into the future. Once or twice a full day. But it's not strong in her. This magic does happen to increase intuition. It's why Blaise's is so spot on often enough. That divination magic in his blood gives him an edge. Though I doubt it'll manifest in the gift."

"We should get ready. Looks like he's reaching his climax."

"Indeed, my love. Indeed." Standing he offered a hand to both his wife and Daphne. As Severus and Catarina stood as well. "Normally just he parents are needed to help contain a child's magic right when their maturation hits. But because he's forced it, and he's already rather powerful. All five of us will help to ensure everything goes safe. All we have to do Daphne, is let your magic back out and shape it to create a wall with us. We have to keep his magic close to him so when it bursts out it can be sucked back quickly into his core to help refill it. If not done correctly, he will expend to much magic and not draw it back in. With his core expanding as it will, it could shrink back down if nothing fills it somewhat. Or at the worst, he'll lose his magic. Are you ready?"

"Yes. For him I can do anything."

"That's my girl. One last warning for you. With his magic may affect you since your core is so young. At most you might manifest elemental or life magic. It could happen immediately, or when your own maturation occurs. But you need to know the risk as if it happens it will be painful and more than likely put you out for a few days."

Her eyes darted to Amelia's belly, already a small bump protruding where the baby grew. "Will it be ok?"

The look they shared was quick, she almost didn't catch the conversation they had at all. "We're not sure. But she won't stay out of it if I ask, and we think that like you, the baby may be more powerful, gain some unique abilities from the Potter line. And perhaps share some sort of link with Harry after. We'll check with James as soon as this passes."

"Do not worry, me, my body, and my magic shall protect both my children. Now come. Let us ensure your husband to be, and my son is powerful and keeps his magic.


They gathered around him, their magic forming walls around him, reaching to the sealing of the rune covered ritual room. Daphne noticing hers paled in comparison to the adults around her. Their magic a solid wall of magic and color. Hers seeming pale blue and much more see through.

Shaking her head, she knew it didn't matter. She would hold strong for her love.


His magic exploded out from him as his body went tight, a silent scream seeming to be ripped from his throat. Their magic barrier keeping the sound and magic inside. It raged against the barrier and them. Pushing hard to break out.

She pushed back. Fighting to keep her already exhausted self-standing, her tired magic straining to hold still.

She was amazed at his power and the fact that his magic was still struggling and exploding from him. Her fiancé was indeed powerful.

His magic picked up, waves crashing against their barrier with increased strength and speed as he continued to scream in pain. His body tense and trying to pull him apart piece, by piece.

She felt herself slipping. Her weariness, both emotional and physical weighing on her as she felt herself slowly lowering to the floor.

Suddenly a hand was on her chest and shoved her back. Amelia moving over a bit after pushing her, Sirius, Snape, and Catarina moving with her to tighten their circle.

She watched from the ground in awe as Sirius and Amelia's magic flared even more, strengthening their walls. Holding the others hands as a physical weight to hold them in place.

It was the last thing she saw as exhaustion took her. Falling asleep there on the cold, hard, stone floor.


She woke up in a bed with a warm body lying next to her. She found Harry next to her. Sound asleep, mouth open as he lay there. Not wishing to wake him, she slipped out of bed.

Trying to remember what had happened after the other night. She'd woken to find Snape carrying her somewhere. Sirius in front of her with Harry in his arms. Then she'd been laid in bed with Harry as sleep took her once more.

Taking a quick shower, she checked on Harry once exiting. Finding him still asleep in bed. Kissing his forehead before leaving, she headed downstairs and towards the tea room. Figuring breakfast was going on and they'd be gathered in there.


She was correct, finding Sirius and Amelia in the tea room, having their breakfast and reading the paper.

"Ah. Sleeping beauty has awoken has she. How are you feeling darling?"

"How long was I asleep?"

"It's been two days dear. You were rather exhausted."

"I must have. That day was one of the worst I've ever had. They were so close to…."

"I know. Don't think about it. They didn't do anything; they didn't even get a full look at your body naked dear. Harry got there too soon for that. And each of those boys is now out of the school permanently. Dumbledore tried to keep them, but we, and the other parents weren't having it. So you won't have to worry about them being there anymore alright?"

Taking a deep breath to control herself, she sat at the table and breathed for a moment. "Thanks. It's good to hear that. I don't think I could have returned if they were still there. That was too close for comfort.

It was as she was reaching for the tea that the curious occurred. The tea froze at her touch. Ice crystals and designs appearing around the pot.

Pulling back as though scalded she glanced at her hand, Sirius and Amelia laughing at her reaction and the face of confusion she wore.

"Did we mention your core seemed to have made some changes and adjustments in those two days as well?"

"Congratulations, you have now added elemental magic into your bloodline. And it seems it's manifested as Ice. To control it is rather simple. Elemental magic is pure will and emotion controlled. There is no incantations, nor wand waving. A rather handy magic. Right now, your magic is running wild inside, control it. It's just like letting your magic out when with Harry. Remember that feeling and take over. "

She closed her eyes, evened her breathing and entered her mindscape. She wandered through the castle she'd built to protect her mind, memories, and magic. She wandered up towards the tallest tower of this castle. At the top she found her magic, a swirling snowstorm around and in the tower. And there deep within the swirling blue snowflakes she saw it, a large crystal of ice in the center of her magic. Something she knew had never been there before. She could feel the power radiating off it, and committed the feel and taste of that power to memory. Feeling where it flowed through her body and how. Then, she took control of it.

"Good girl. Well done indeed. You may have trouble containing it during bursts of emotion here and there for a few weeks. But after two months or so you should have it down pat. Though I regret to inform you that after your own maturation you'll have to go through all of it again."

"Has Harry woken yet?" She questioned as she grabbed some eggs and bacon and began filling her plate.

"No. He'll more than likely be out for another three to four days. He had some crazy changes occur. And James is fairly certain that he manifested two elemental magics. What type we've no idea, his mind and magic is in too much turmoil and disarray to find out for sure."

At Daphne's worried look Amelia added to her husband's words. "But no worries. James also believes that the magics are compatible and that Harry won't have a problem with it. His core has been adapting and changing well so there doesn't seem to be any waring magics there. He was able to re-absorb almost all the magic he expended that night. So he's healthy and healing right now. We've just got to be patient and wait for his magic to finish fixing and changing, then for him to wake up. We've already talked to Dumbledore and you won't have to return to classes until the weekend is over. So you've got a couple days to relax and watch over him."

"Though you will be returning home for tomorrow and the night. Your parents were over several times to see you, and we would have sent you home with them. But they didn't want to move you while you were out, nor too far from Harry without you knowing. So after breakfast you should floo home. They're rather excited and waiting to see you. Astoria is curious if you've 'gotten any weirder' because of this happening."

"Thanks Sirius. I'll be sure to do that." Quickly finishing her breakfast, she excitedly ran off towards her room. Eager to see her family. Unaware of the frosty footprints she left on the floor and in the carpet as she ran. A smile lighting Sirius and Amelia's face as they caught sight of them.


"So, kicked from Hogwarts and still unable to best the Potter brat? You disgrace me Theodore."

His father's disappointed tone causing the young heir to flinch in fear.

"You know what will be occurring at the end of this tournament, and still you choose to get to the Potter boy in your own way. Only for it to have failed spectacularly. I could have over looked it had you succeeded. But you failed. Just like your brother. Perhaps it's for the best you and your friends were kicked from school. Now I can do as I wish, and train you what and how I want. Crucio!"

"Yes. Scream louder boy. Take this pain that the Potter boy has inflicted upon you. Mold those feelings. That hate. Use them. We will be taking your blood magic training to the next level, along with your other studies and magic. Your friends will now be joining us for two of those lessons. You must be ready to face your classmates and either make them see the light and follow us. or end them. Those who resist along with Potter and his bitch! Crucio!"

And so it began. The hellish training that all Nott's had been forced through for the last four generations.


She was greeted upon her return to school by all her friends waiting at the entrance. Draco, Hermione, Tracey, Neville, Blaise and Susan all waiting with a small cake and smiles on their faces. Blaise holding a card reading 'ALL HAIL THE ICE QUEEN!'

"Put that away. I don't want people knowing yet if they don't already!" Daphne scolded. Though the smile on her face told them how she felt.

Banishing the sign, they took turns hugging and asking her how Harry and her were doing.

"Harry's fine. According to his doctor he's in the final stages of adjustment. He should be waking up in a few days at the latest. I'm fine, other than my new gift that you seem to already know about."

"What about Amelia's baby?"

"It doesn't look like there's anything changed. The baby seems totally fine and healthy according to James. Though he may develop some interesting gifts magically because of the experience. But it shouldn't be anything detrimental, or harmful."

"That's good. After I dragged out of the boys what had happened, I was rather worried. I know, at least with muggle pregnancies, that babies must be taken good care of and protected. I figured adding a growing magic core to the mix can only make it even more imperative that the baby and mother are safe and protected from much magic."

"You're basically correct Hermione. There are a few differences. Once they're through about halfway through the pregnancy they can no longer apparate. They can take the floo, but that's about it. They also can't use certain charms and spells upon themselves as they can adversely affect the baby and its core.

"From all this, I'm not looking forwards to my own maturation."

"No worries Neville. Harry's is a special case. It was a forced one. The natural one that occurs is much easier and less frightening."

"How does it work for someone with only one parent figure or guardian? Or muggleborn for that matter?"

"It depends. If they don't have someone they would like to, or that can for them. Dumbledore and Minerva often stand proxy."

"I don't think I want Dumbledore taking care of my maturation…"

"Now worries beautiful. You can have my mom and Sirius do it for you. They'll be doing mine." Draco's arm slid around her waist as he spoke, stealing a quick kiss from his girlfriend as the others watched on. Causing her to blush rather profusely.

"Thanks. That would mean a lot."

Since the event Draco was never more than a few feet away from Hermione. Refusing to let her out of his sight.


It had only been a few days. But already he had scars on both wrists, his chest, and his thighs from practicing blood magic. It left him drained and barely able to stand by the end of the day. His meals consisting more and more of blood replenishing, and nutrient potions more often than not it seemed. Along with all the healing balms and charms used on him to heal his cuts. Things he had to do himself. He needed to 'learn it now and quickly' because his father couldn't be 'bothered to baby him' on the battlefield.

Theo's mind raged with hateful thoughts and ways to kill Daphne and Harry for putting him in this situation. "I'll make it slow and painful Potter. And I'll make you watch as I kill her and your sibling on the way."


Three days had passes since she'd returned to school and classes. She'd never realized how much she'd loved having Harry at school with her, and how much it had changed the experience. Pushing the meat and potatoes around on her plate she wished for the hundredth time since she'd returned that Harry would hurry up and get return."

"Hey Queeny?"

"Blaise. I will make you a 'queeny' if you call me that one more time."

"Before that, you'd better check and see whose walking in for dinner."

Like lightning she turned and saw him. Confidently walking into the room. Eyes searching Slytherin table for her. Lighting up with a glow once they saw her.

She was up in a flash running towards him at full sprint.

What she wasn't ready for as she ran was his face to light up and lightning suddenly crackling around his body as flames erupted at his feet. Not his magic green flames. Real, red and blue flames.


"Shit! Still not used to this." He grumbled. Everyone in the halls eyes now upon him as he calmed his magic and got it under control. Snape and Catarina hiding smiles and laughter behind a cup of wine.

"No need to ask what elements you manifested eh?" She kissed his smirking lips as he nodded against her.

"But I'm not alone there am I?"

"No. Certainly not. And you never will."

Holding his hand, they walked towards the table, Blaise once again with a sign. 'All Hail the ice Queen and Flame lord! The most electrifying couple in school."

"Hey Blaise? Your ass is mine next time we train."

"I've been practicing while you were lazing about in bed. Bring it on my good sir."

"I'm betting my new power will make up for those few days without training."

"Dumbledore at six o'clock Harry. Get ready."

"Harry Potter! So good of you to join us again. I'm hoping everything went well with your maturation and you're doing fine now? It seems you got some of the gifts hidden in the Potter line. Good for you."

"Thank you Headmaster."

"I was wondering if you would be willing to visit my office tomorrow and tell me about it. I'm rather intrigued how it went and what occurred for study and knowledge purposes. I'd like to write a report on it if you wouldn't mind?"

Feeling Daphne tense at his side Harry squeezed her hand, keeping his eyes on the Headmaster. "Of course professor, but only if I might have both my godparents in attendance with me. To ensure I have everything correct, and they can fill you in on what was occurring while I was unconscious."

The Headmaster hardly fumbled at this deal. "Why of course my boy. They can more than likely give me a better more detailed description of the process. This will hopefully help should it happen to a student here at school and Professor McGonagall and I have to step or fill in."

"Indeed. Next weekend work Headmaster? I have plans this weekend."

"Perfectly fine Harry, my boy. Until then." Walking off with a cheery smile, he left Harry and Daphne slightly confused by his behavior.

Shrugging it off they took their seats again and began to enjoy their first breakfast together in what felt like years.


He wasn't sure how it had happened. But he knew that he was regretting whatever led him and the others to this point.

It had started innocently enough with him and Daph inviting the others to their place for some fun and games and maybe some food and smuggled drinks in.

Then Draco and Blaise had shown up with a couple bottles of Ogden's finest and a deck of cards. "I think we should try a game often played by muggles and the like. I'm sure Hermione can explain the rules to us."

"And what game is that Mr. Trouble maker?" Susan questioned, recognizing the glint of mischievousness in Blaise's eyes.

"Strip Poker."


And this had led to where they were now. All of them a little tipsy. With Draco, Blaise, and Harry in Boxers. While some of the girls were still in skirts and just missing shirts. Daphne the only one who was missing her skirt leaving her only in bra and thong at the table. Neville was the most clothed there, shirtless and sockless still in his pants and boxers due to his penchant for folding every hand.

Susan had been dealt surprisingly good hands, Daphne's face being unbreakable and unreadable while Tracey and Hermione had apparently both played poker before and were proving it in their skill to fold or go for it when playing. The boys thought they'd picked it up well enough, but they'd been wrong. Draco had been the first to lose all but his boxers and was now taking no chances and just attempting to keep his boxers on. Blaise soon after.

Harry would have been able to hold on longer as no one could read his own poker face. But his fiancé. She read him like a book, and proved it by beating him almost every hand. Him only getting the drop on her two times. Both removing her shirt and Skirt. And he was half convinced she'd let him win just to give him the little show and dance she'd done to the whistles of encouragement from the girls as they covered their boyfriend's eyes. Hermione the only one covering her boyfriend's eyes and blushing all down her chest.

Now he'd lost another hand, and it was supposed to be off with the boxers. He'd had a great hand with a straight, but had lost to Daphne's full house.

"Do I really have to take 'em off?"

"Of course you do. It's the rules silly. You didn't see me trying to get out of taking my skirt off did you?"

"But that' all I've got on. You really want all of the girls seeing… You know."

Her coy mischievous look sent bells of alarm ringing in side of Harry. "My dear Mr. Potter, since when were you so worried and prudish? Now strip. I'll take care of them seeing anything."

Meekly standing he quickly tugged off his boxers, sitting in his seat as his friends chortled with laughter and the girls attempted to hide their blushes and peeks they attempted to take.

They weren't given a chance as suddenly Daphne was in the way and plopped down, right on Harry's lap. Effectively covering him up to everyone at the table. But at the same time beginning an all new problem for Harry. Who's not been with, kissed, or pleasured his fiancé in almost two weeks. Who was now sitting atop him in a flimsy bright blue lace thong and bra.

She noticed immediately this new problem and began her torment by grinding a bit atop him as she played. "You alright back there, stud?" She whispered quietly over her shoulder as she ground just a bit more atop him.

"Just peachy…" He muttered, trying to hold in the moans fighting to escape his lips.

"Alright you two. Calm it down over there." Tracey commented, though her own eyes were drifting towards her boyfriend who was still in his pants. She'd have to fix that this hand then.

"Neville darling. If you can beat me this next hand. I promise to take off my own skirt." The hand was just being dealt and as Neville took a peak at what he had he quickly smirked.

"It's a deal beautiful."


All the boys were now naked with their girlfriends in their laps while the girls had been brought down to panties and bras, though Daphne and Hermione had lost their own bra, but made up for it by moving their boyfriends hands up to cover themselves. Switching and taking turns to look at their cards each time they were dealt 'em.

But they all knew the party was quickly devolving. They'd already had to deal with the table being frozen and two hand of cards burned up by Harry and Daphne's torturing and teasing of the other while the hands were going around.

"Alright. Last hand. Winner take all. All being… hhhmmm a kiss from each of the opposite sex if everyone approves?" Blaise gazed about seeing everyone's tipsy nod of agreeance.

"Then deal 'em up Daphne."

The hands were dealt. Everyone stealing glances at the other to see if they could get a hint at everyone's cards.

Daphne immediately knew Harry had good cards from the twitching that occurred between her legs as his member grew even harder than it had been, one hand even daringly caressing her through the front of her thong.

It was soon time to show the cards. Everyone hoping they'd have enough to win.

What they weren't ready for, was Harry to reveal four kings, all neatly in a row in his hand.

"Damn. There's no way." Draco muttered, leaning over to get a better look. "Did you cheat you cheeky bastard?"

"You're kidding right? My hands were planted firmly in their favorite spot. Right on the money." He emphasized his point by putting his hands on Daphne's breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze, eliciting a small gasp from her and slap on the wrist in mock punishment.

"Lucky mate. Looks like you win the kisses then."

"Look. I don't nee—"

"Now dear. I don't mind at all sharing you for one kiss. I'll let the girls see what they'll never get. But I get first kiss. Just to remind you why you're mine and I'm yours." Turning in his lap, still straddling his naked form she kissed him soundly on the mouth. Her tongue invading his mouth as she worked wonders. Finally pulling that gravely moan from his chest she so adored and had been trying to get from him all night with her grinding and teasing.

"Alright there Juliet. You can finish the game you're starting once we've all left. It's my turn. I need to get Neville alone in our dorm. Now." Tracey pushed Daphne back a little, but only her top half, leaving her to keep her boyfriend at least somewhat covered down there.

With a quick kiss on the lips she dashed off. Grabbing Neville as she left and pulling him away and towards the Gryffindor dorms where she hoped all his roommates were sleeping. Otherwise they were finding an empty classroom and transfiguring it into something to accommodate them for the night.

Hermione was next, kissing Harry quickly upon the lips as Daphne watched him with a smirk. She pulled away and beckoned over her shoulder towards Draco as she sauntered out the door towards the Slytherin boy's dorm since she knew his roommates would be with their own girlfriends.

Susan attempted to get away with a kiss on the cheek before Daphne, the most drunk of the lot, grabbed hold of her head and kissed her soundly on the mouth.

"Just making sure you knew how to kiss and weren't holding out on Blaise." Daphne smirked waving the blushing and stuttering girl away with Blaise as she turned to her rock hard fiancé who was gazing at her with love and want.

"Now, let's take care of this why don't we?" She dropped to the floor between his legs once everyone was gone, taking him in her mouth and immediately all the way in and down her throat.