Sesshomaru's brow wrinkled over the crescent moon that perfectly matched the one currently sitting in the sky. An auspicious occurrence for such an event, some would say, but the Lord of the West had no care for such superstitions at the moment. He focused on the smirking half-breed before him as the powerful Tetsusaiga came arcing towards his head.

Sesshomaru's lips twisted into a sneer. Even after all this time, the half-breed he was forced to call brother still wielded his father's fang like a glorified club. It made him shudder inside to think of the elegant weapon being used in such a way. However, he didn't have time to think about it right then. He had a nuisance to take care of first.

He brought his blade up to meet the down stroke and shove the large fang aside to leave his opponent wide open to attack. Unfortunately, the half-breed was quicker than he anticipated and Sesshomaru missed. Such a thing was nearly inconceivable, but then he was rather distracted at the moment.

A soft feminine cry from inside the palace reached his sensitive ears and he reacted without a moment's thought. He needed to be there! Just as his feet began to move, he was blocked by the Wind Scar attack of his father's fang. He turned red eyes back to Inuyasha who grinned wickedly back.

"You'll have to get through me first bastard," he arrogantly declared.

"Your terms are acceptable," was Sesshomaru's gleeful rejoinder.

He would happily go through his brother to get to his mate. Literally. He attacked in a flurry of blows that were somehow blocked or redirected by the half-demon. It should have been impossible for Inuyasha to keep him at bay, but somehow the younger Inu was doing it.


He pushed forward furiously, determined to defeat his foe and get to his mate's side before...the high pitched wail of an infant rang clearly in the brothers' ears making them pause. bSesshomaru stood facing the direction of the sound with his mighty sword held limply in his hands, frozen to the spot.

Inuyasha chuckled softly at the older Inu's reaction as he sheathed his sword and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Welcome to fatherhood Sesshomaru," he chortled, a wide smile splitting his face.

"It's not over yet," Sesshomaru whispered, causing Inuyasha to cross his arms and frown in confusion.


Another loud wail broke the silence and Inuyasha's mouth opened in surprise.

"Two?" he gasped

Sesshomaru only nodded as the tension flowed out of him and the tip of his precious Bakusaiga dropped to the dirt.

Inuyasha laughed outright at his brother's reaction, but empathy soon pushed him to grab the arm he had once cut off and pull the stunned male towards the entrance. After all he remembered what it was like the first time, so Inuyasha couldn't really blame him for acting a little insane.

"Well, come on why don'tcha!" he urged still smiling, "You gonna stand there looking like an idiot all night or you want me to carry you up there?"

The harsh words brought him out of his stump and Sesshomaru roughly pulled his arm from his brother's grip. Sheathing his sword he strode purposefully towards the room were his family waited for him.

The hallway was full of exiting maids with arms of full of soiled bedclothes and sheets. He didn't see them. The door to the master suite was quickly opened as he reached for the handle revealing the smiling face of his sister-in-law.

"Congratulations Daddy!" she enthused, stepping aside so he could enter.

She had agreed to stay in palace for the first few weeks at Rin's request even though her home was now only a half hour's walk away. After Rin's transformation, they had returned to the palace and discovered that Lady InuKimi had left a large pile of documents for them on her desk. Among which was the written last wishes of his father.

Sesshomaru recalled the words Rin had spoken to his mother during their small "duel" about his half-brother's inheritance and it appeared she felt enough shame over the jab to correct the situation. Inuyasha HAD, in fact, been left a significantly large estate that was close to the main palace, but the Lady InuKimi had withheld it out of concern that having the half-breed so close to the court would result in his quick demise. She confessed in the letter that she left for her son that, though she had no complaints about her relationship with his father, perhaps she felt a small amount of resentment towards the human for being able to do what she could not. Capture the heart of the Lord of the West.

Whatever her reasons for doing so, Sesshomaru found her actions disgraceful and was livid for days at the dishonor she had brought on their house. So when he summoned his sibling to the estate he was happy to hand the small palace over to its rightful owner along with any other items mentioned in the will.

"Rin did very well." Kagome's voice brought him out of his brief reverie, "There were no complications with her and your sons are healthy. So, I've told everyone to go home until tomorrow. You can expect a barrage of visitors then, but I've ensured you'll have tonight to yourselves. However, if you two need anything, anytime, I'll be just down the hall."

Sesshomaru was only half paying attention to her and dismissed her entirely from his thoughts the moment the door closed behind her.

Sitting on the bed holding two wrapped bundles was his very tired and disheveled looking mate. Their eyes met and her mouth broke into a wide, but tired smile that made his heart ache. Kami, she was beautiful! Sitting next to her on the bed, he reached out and brushed a sweat slick strand of hair from her face.

"Are you alright?" he asked and was shocked to hear his voice shake.

"Yes," she said her voice rough from her exertions. She moved her gaze down when one of the bundles in her hand let out a distinctly canine whine. Her smile softened and widened as she held out the bundle to him.

"Your heir," she said, pride saturating her words.

Wordlessly, and with infinite care he took the bundle. He was shocked at how light it was. It was as if he were only holding cloth. A small sniffling sound accompanied some wiggling dispelled that notion and Sesshomaru's curiosity was peaked. Pulling the wrapping back he beheld the face of his oldest son for the first time.

Dark gold eyes that would lighten into a perfect reflection of his own stared seriously back at Sesshomaru. A mop of nearly black hair sat on top of his head and a tiny blue crescent moon adorned the middle of his forehead. The pup's nose worked furiously to identify this new being and Sesshomaru's instinct was no less inclined as he brought his nose down to his eldest. The smell that met him was a perfect mix of his and Rin's scents. It positively identified the pup as his, making his inner beast damn near purr in contentment.

"Akihito" he managed to choke the name out through the swell of pride he felt at seeing the tiny being in his arms. They had been discussing names for months and had come up with a few. This one wasn't on the list, but a quick look at his mate confirmed she was pleased with it.

Another whine and a tiny growl took Sesshomaru's attention from his heir to its twin still sitting in its mother's arms. Rin's tired smile never faltered as she silently switched pups with her mate and he gave it the same treatment he had the first. This one had his white hair, Rin's eyes and a red, crescent moon on his forehead. This pup however did not seem to care for the intrusion and growled at its sire, not liking having another male so near its mother. Sesshomaru couldn't help the chuckle that escaped even as he lightly touched his finger to the pup's nose in reprimand.

Use your nose little one, he thought even as he brushed his own over the pup's face, You know me. My scent is part of you, your brother and your mother. You have nothing to fear.

Duly chastened, the small pup began to sniff as vigorously as his brother had and after a moment, released a soft whine of submission. Sesshomaru held his son close as love swelled painfully in his chest.

"Hiromaru" Rin whispered her chosen name to her mate.

Sesshomaru looked up in surprise, but smiled and nodded his acceptance. He had not thought to name a child after himself, but he couldn't deny he pleasure it gave him to do so.

"Akihito and Hiromaru" he repeated the names, testing them, "They are good names my Rin."

Her tired smile stretched wider and he couldn't stop himself from kissing her gently, putting all the love he felt into the action. She had given him, not one but two sons. She had made them a family. It was something he hadn't realized he missed until he had it again. Now that empty place in his heart was filled and it was because of his Rin.

Rin watched as her mate tenderly held his sons, a look of complete fascination and utter contentment on his face. She was so indescribably happy in that moment. It made all the pain and heartache she had suffered worth it.

A high pitched whine came from Akihito and his father responded with a soft nearly inaudible growl that comforted rather than frightened. The whining was replaced with a tiny short howl and Sesshomaru smiled as he handed their firstborn to her.

"He says his stomach pains him," he explained, forgetting in that moment that Rin could understand her canine son quite well. She smirked and took the infant in one hand as she loosened her yukata with the other.

"Well then little prince," she cooed softly, "Why don't we fix that?"

She laid back comfortably as she nursed her son, her tired eyes closing on their own. The peaceful moment was broken when a knock was heard on the shoji door.

Lady Chikaze tentatively entered after receiving permission to do so, carrying a covered tray.

"Forgive the intrusion my Lady," her quiet voice begged, "But Lady Kagome asked that I bring your dinner to you. She says you don't have to drink the broth, but you must drink the tea before you sleep. It will help you recover."

Rin nodded and her former rival placed the tray on the table next to the bed.

The female Raven had become Rin's attendant after she had been revived. Rin had at first resisted the idea, claiming that Chikaze would be busy with the Raven clan as their new leader, but the black bird Yokai had insisted. Her father had revealed a number of heinous crimes after a night of interrogation with Hiroshi, not the least of which was the fact that he had kidnapped his daughter's intended and told her that if she wanted to keep him alive, she would become the next Lady of the West.

He had used similar tactics with the other challengers, and had conspired with the late Lady Mother to use the challenge to force Sesshomaru into an arranged union with a full blood Yokai. It had saddened Rin greatly to hear of the depths of her mother-in-law's betrayal, but she couldn't find it in her heart to hate the female. Holding her own sons close to her breast, Rin understood the desperate need a mother had to keep her offspring safe. No matter the cost. It occurred to Rin that the Lady Mother must have seen the human she was as a terrible threat to her son, for her to act in such a way.

Rin's eyes found her attendant still standing hesitantly and she smiled at the obvious curiosity she exuded.

"Would you like to see them" Rin asked gently and then laughed outright at the eager expression on Chikaze's face. The Raven Lady took a step forward, but paused at the flat look on her Lord's face. Clearly, he didn't want her anywhere near his pups. She stepped back, breaking eye contact and tilting her head in submission.

"I'd better not my Lady," she whispered, "But thank you."

Rin glared at her mate and kicked him weakly in the back in reprimand before turning back to her rival turned friend. Her smile was wide and real as she held out the now sleeping infant.

"Don't be silly, Come hold him!"

When Chikaze still wouldn't move Rin huffed irritably and rolled her eyes.

"Come on 'Kaz" she said firmly, "Just ignore him. That's what I do."

Her attendant looked at Rin in shock and then laughed softly.

"You do realize that's impossible for anyone to do but you, don't you?" she chuckled and turned to her liege, bowing low, "With your permission my lord?"

Rin's mate appeared mollified and nodded once. Rin sighed, but was too tired to fight his attitude on it. Besides, he was running high on instinct right now, just as she was and it was natural for him to be insanely over protective of his vulnerable mate and their even more vulnerable pups. She couldn't blame him for that.

Chikaze knelt next to the bed and Rin transferred the tiny pup into her arms. The Raven's face immediately softened as she gazed at the infant and began to coo at him.

"Think of it as a preview of a few weeks from now." Rin giggled, "Speaking of which, how is Kenji holding up?"

Chikaze looked up at the reference to her mate and smiled as one hand went to her still round belly.

"As well as can be expected," she replied wryly, "Though, he's gotten better."

It was a well known fact that the Raven Lady's Mate had gone slightly insane upon learning he was going to be a father. His protective instincts turning him into the worst sort of mother hen Rin had ever seen, driving the poor expecting mother to distraction with his antics. It had gotten to the point where Kagome was called in and had discreetly given Chikaze a tonic to slip into his tea that would keep him sedated on the days he was completely unreasonable.

"Don't worry," Rin patted her attendant's hand comfortingly, "It'll get better after the chick is born."

An undignified sounding snort of disbelief came from the Lord of the West, shocking the two females into silence. He rolled his eyes towards them.

"Unlikely," was all he said before turning his attention back to the pup he held.

The tiny male squeaked and whined suddenly, indicating it was his turn to eat. Rin took him and Sesshomaru reclaimed the pup in Chikaze's arms. She sighed and stood awkwardly.

"I'd better get going," she declared, "Before that insane mate of mine finds me and tries to convince me I'm breathing wrong."

Rin laughed and received a small growl of disapproval from her pup when the action caused him to jar loose from her breast. She yipped an apology to her son and resumed feeding the vocal infant. Rin's eyes closed once more in relaxed contentment. The love in her heart overflowing for the small family she now had.

Centuries later Rin would tell her grandchildren of the adventures she and her beloved Lord shared and how it had taken remembering who she was to create the happiness she enjoyed. It never failed to elicit a groan from the males and delighted squeals from the females when she would end her stories with their Aunt Kagome's favorite ending.

"And they lived happily ever after"

The End.

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