Alright, so as one of my other stories is going to reach its conclusion soon, I figured I'd start posting this one that I began writing a few days ago. It's very different than anything I've written before as it takes place in the present which I usually avoid as there are so many characters to include and I lack much imagination. The basic idea becomes apparent pretty quickly. I'd say 85% of this is going to be Ichatrina with Abbie, Jenny, Hawley, and Abraham taking up most of the other characters parts. I'm trying to find places for Irving, but heaven have mercy I have the hardest time writing him. I'll take character suggestions for sure on that one. Pov will shift between Ichabod and Katrina and as a note, Jenny did not go to Tarrytown, but instead has lived with Abbie off and on throughout her adulthood. More about that will be explained in later chapters. The other big difference is that Ichabod has never been married. But like I said, this is Ichatrina, a very, very different sort of Ichatrina, with a lot of different and surprising friendships involved. With that in mind, here we go...

How a world could be so very much the same and yet so very different was a conundrum that now faced Ichabod Crane. As he lifted the strange black object that controlled the characters behind the flashing mirror in the lonely cabin where he now resided, he attempted to find something to distract himself, but found his efforts coming up short. His days, despite his knowledge of the impossibility of the situation, seemed to be growing longer. That idea, combined with the complete uselessness that plagued him, was beginning to weigh upon him heavily. It seemed the only time he felt as if he had any worth was when he was helping his partner and friend, Leftenant Abigail Mills, track down and defeat the many evils that now seemed to be attempting to take over the town of Sleepy Hollow. All other times, while his friend was busy with her occupation at the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff's Department, he found himself alone and completely without a purpose, and he was very nearly at the end of his patience with tolerating such an idea. Four months he'd been in this strange time and still he had not found a place, a purpose beyond his duty as a Witness. It was time for that to change. As it seemed he was now to live out the remaining days of his life in this small town, he needed to find himself a proper way to occupy his time and more so a way to provide needed food and shelter for himself. Lounging around and reading the great quantities of literature he'd missed out on over the centuries was no life. He needed more, much, much more and he fully intended to have it.

To his great relief, the cabin door suddenly opened and his partner stepped through, weighed down with a number of bags in her arms. "Leftenant," he exclaimed, jumping up from his seat and rounding the sofa to help her. "Thank heavens. I was about to go mad with being closed up in this place."

As she set the remaining bags she'd carried in on the table, she turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "About to?"

Catching her implication, he rolled his eyes. "I simply wish to have more to do in this new world than hunt demons, evil witches, and Hessian soldiers who wish to bring about the end of the world and our demise. Surely there's some task I can perform on a day to day basis? Some place in this town surely will suit me and my abilities? I'd accept just about anything at this point."

"Crane, you don't even technically exist," she said, pulling out various items and setting them on the table. "What would you like me to do? I might be an ordained Witness of the Apocalypse, but, unfortunately, I don't exactly have a magic wand."

"There must be something," he pressed in a near to desperate tone as he paced the length of the room. "Even in my day, we had ways of forging one's identity. You can't honestly tell me that practice has not advanced to this century."

Abbie gave a heavy sigh before turning to him. "Look, I've got this friend, Kat. She's pretty good at that sort of stuff. She's been travelling for the last half year, but she's actually coming in today." She shrugged and tossed him a tube of paste with which he used to clean his teeth. Apparently, this time he would be experiencing the minty freshness of Crest with the added feature of whitening power. He was a bit unsure if he should be offended. Were his teeth not already white? "Maybe she'll be of some help."

"This friend," he began warily. "Is she aware of the sorts of things that occur in Sleepy Hollow?"

Abbie chuckled in clear amusement. "You mean all of the random 'bump in the night' stuff?" At his nod, she shook her head. "No, she's a nurse, not in the traditional sense, but more as a...healer as she calls it. She's been traveling and offering her help in various countries off and on for the last few years, but she'll be a help with your identity issues. I've seen her forge the best looking fake ID's for wives and kids fleeing from abusive relationships."

Eyebrows raised at the descriptions Abbie was laying for this woman, Ichabod asked, "And you have no problem with this? With allowing her to involve herself in such illegal activities?"

With a sigh, Abbie took the milk to the giant box that kept his food cool, the fridge as she called it. "There are times to call stuff like that out and times not to. The system you and all your buddies constructed doesn't always work in all situations." She turned to him with a knowing look. "I'd say my sister and I know that better than most."

Giving her a nod, he picked up a small, bright pink package. "What's this? It doesn't look very nourishing."

Abbie snatched the package along with its counterparts and set them in the cabinet. "Ramen noodles and they are perfectly nourishing...for thirty-nine cents each." At his frown, she continued, her hands in the air, "Hey, until you get your ID, you're living on my dime. One can't be too choosy in those circumstances."

Feeling more than slightly out of his element, he sighed, "I shall never be able to repay your kindness, Leftenant. If not for you...I'm not sure where I'd be. I've not really had a home or family since I lived in England, but you've provided one and if I might say...a form of the other."

A look of understanding flashed over her features before she nodded to the door. "Let's go see if we can get a start on helping you out."

Quickly grabbing his coat, he followed her out of the door, certain his life was about to find even more purpose.

As Abbie pulled up into the driveway of her house, he frowned in disappointment as well as slight dread. Today was not the day he wished to find himself in Miss Jenny Mills' company. The edges of his nerves were already frayed from his morning spent in sour dwelling. Adding her torturous teasing to his day was not on his list of things he wished to partake in. "What are we doing here? I thought we were visiting your friend?"

"We are," she said, unbuckling her seatbelt and pushing her door open. "She lives next door."

A slight 'o' shaped his mouth as he exited the vehicle and moved to the front of it to wait for her. "Is that how you became acquainted with her?"

Abbie adjusted her holster as she began walking across the freshly mown lawn. "Yeah, she's been my neighbor since right after I moved in five years ago. It didn't take her long to become a pretty good friend. Jenny likes her a lot. I'm not sure if it's the cooking or the drinking buddy Jenny likes so much, but they hit it right off. While she's away, either Jenny or I keep up her house and stuff, but when she's home, she almost always has someone staying with her. The odd traffic through her house was what gave me my first clue as to what she was doing."

"And what was she doing?" he asked curiously, this woman becoming more intriguing to him by the minute.

"Hiding those same women who came to her for help. Kat's usually the first stop for them before they move onto another home."

Admiration for this woman he'd yet to meet filled him as he took in the average looking house that mirrored Abbie's nearly exactly. The only difference seemed to be the many plants and herbs she had in various gardens along the front and sides of the home. "It sounds like a form of the underground railroad."

"Yeah," Abbie confirmed, tilting her head side to side in thought. "I guess you could say it's similar to that. She used to do it a lot more, but lately, she's taken to traveling with her nursing."

As they stepped up on the porch and Abbie took to knocking on the door, he noticed the charms adorning the woman's porch. From the roof hung various strings of curious objects, but it was the symbols etched into the place where they were nailed to hang that drew his attention. They were almost unnoticeable with how lightly they were carved and from his angle he couldn't quite tell what they were, but they were there nonetheless.

"I'm coming!" came a shout from within. "Just a moment."

"Look, Crane, try not to freak her out, alright? She's weird enough on her own with some of the things she says and does sometimes. No need adding your weirdness to the mix."

Dragging his eyes from the carvings for a moment, he gave Abbie a withering look. "I have a bit of decorum, Leftenant."

"Mhm," she muttered as he turned back to the carvings. "I just don't want you ruing my opportunity to get a good dinner. Kat can cook like no one I've ever met. I have a feeling you're gonna like her."

As she spoke, he reached up to touch one of the marks in an attempt to interpret it's meaning, but in the process knocked a potted plant to the porch where it shattered, causing him to nearly fall over himself in surprise. While the door opened, he did his best to use his boot to scoot the dirt off the porch, feeling embarrassment heat his face, but all he was really managing to do was smear it everywhere.

"Oh, Abigail," came a cheerful voice from behind him, one that tugged at his senses even as he continued with the plant.

"Hey, Kat, it's good to see you finally home. It's been ages."

They exchanged further pleasantries as he picked up the larger pieces of the pot and set them on the nearby table.

"Crane," Abbie said through her teeth.

Quickly turning to begin his profuse apology, he came up short at the sight before him. Thick red hair tumbling around a slender neck and shoulders. Green eyes that could bore into any soul. Full lips standing out amongst pale skin.

It was her.


Sorry the first chapter's so short. I wrote the first 20,000 words as one continuous story before attempting to break it into chapters. The next one's longer and the third one's nearly three times as long. Anyway, there it is. Now the question is, if Ichabod knows Katrina, what was she to him as he's never been married before? Chapter two has the answers, so stay tuned if you'd like to find out.