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Stiles fell back onto the ground, one hand clutching his stomach, the other extended in midair from where he had thrown the mountain ash at the Wendigo. The crazed creature quickly scurried away, its flesh burning as the ash settled onto its skin. Blood coated its mouth, however, and Stiles didn't need to think very hard to figure out whose it was. Once glance down at his stomach confirmed it.

Blood seeped out of a large wound on his stomach that came from the Wendigo's teeth. His breath hitched slightly at the sight and he quickly moved his shaking hands to attempt to stop the bleeding, even though he knew that here, in the middle of the woods with no sign of life anywhere near him, there was no way he would be able to do that.

"No," He whispered out, tears forming in his eyes at the insanity of it all. He's survived so much, and it would be an out of control Wendigo, hungry for human flesh that did him in, "I can't die. I can't."

His dad would be all alone. There wouldn't be anyone to make sure that he ate correctly, or stayed away from alcohol. Without Stiles nearby to make sure he ate salads to keep his cholesterol down, there wasn't a good chance that he would continue doing it. He would sink into the same hole that he was in when Claudia died, and there would be no one to pull him out this time.

Scott would be down an Emissary. His best friend would be gone, just like his first love. He was going to lose yet another important person in his life, but he wouldn't know it until it was too late. He would probably be killed within a matter of days without Stiles there to keep him from getting himself killed.

A watery laugh escaped his lips as he pushed himself up against a tree. He couldn't die. He couldn't leave them. He just couldn't.

His hands sought out for his cell phone even as his mind reminded him over and over that it was useless. He was bleeding out too fast. By the time anyone arrived, he would either be dead or almost there with no chance of recovery. A part of him hoped that he was dead before they got there. He didn't want Scott to see him die like he'd seen Allison. His body would be bad enough.

Still, he couldn't stand the thought of dying alone.

So he fumbled with his phone as he breathed heavily, blood wiping onto the screen as he shakily typed in the password. The phone lit up and his thumb moved to the familiar app, ready to call someone, anyone, to talk to in his last moments.

He didn't get the chance before the phone buzzed, the theme song to Batman echoing through the silent forest and Lydia's picture filling his screen. His heart thudded heavily in his ears as a small smile came to his face. Her picture was a nice last image.

He pressed answer without a second thought and, with all the strength he had, placed it up to his ear.

"Stiles!?" asked the frantic voice of the strawberry blonde. Her voice shook.

He coughed lightly, "Hey, Lydia," He said softly, biting his lip to keep from making any pained noises.

"Stiles, where are you?" She demanded quickly. He could hear her car starting up, "I-I know something's wrong. I can feel it. Stiles, tell me where you are right now."

"I'm fine," He reassured her, tears appearing in his eyes and making his vision blurry. He was not going to let Lydia see him die.

"No, you're not," She spoke sharply, the sound of squealing tires mixing with her heavy breathing, "If you don't tell me where you are, you're going to die. Stiles, if you don't tell me where you are, I'm going to kill you!"

The smile flickered back to his face and he bit back a sarcastic comment, "Hey, Lydia. Did you know that I aced my last Econ test?"

"Of course I did," Lydia snapped, and Stiles could just imagine her fiery green eyes focused on the road as she sped to who knows where, "That's not important though. Tell me where you are."

"I never told my dad," Stiles continued, as if Lydia hadn't said anything at all. He laughed slightly at the irony of it, "He bugged me for so long to study for it and I never told him I aced it."

A sob came from the other end of the phone, "Prezemyslaw Stilinski! You tell me where you are right this instant."

"I'm sorry, Lyds," He whispered tearfully, but didn't elaborate, "Please tell my dad-" he cut off for a moment as a spark of pain shot through his body, but he was slowly starting to become numb to it, "Tell him- Tell him that I love him, alright? Don't let him drink. Make sure he eats healthy. Please."

"Stiles, stop talking like that. You're going to be fine. Just tell me where you are."

He could tell that she was distraught and his heart panged as he realized that he had done that. He didn't mean to. He tried to make it as casual as possible, but Lydia was a banshee. That was going to happen.

"Just please tell him. And Scott, too. Make sure he is the best alpha that he can be. And-and," He coughed lightly and noticed that blood had mixed in with his airstream. Surprisingly, that didn't bother him. He already knew that he was going to die, "Lydia, I love you. I still do, after everything. I'm so sorry for everything but I wanted you to know that beforeā€¦"

"You are not dying," She spoke sharply, anger and despair poisoning her beautiful voice.

He spoke softly, "Please, stop driving. You're going to get hurt."

"I have to find you. Stiles- Where are you!"

"Lydia, I love you," He repeated, the dam breaking and letting tears flow freely down his dirty face, undoubtedly leaving tracks, "And I know that you'll never feel the same way but you need to know. I love you."

There was three consecutive sobs from the other end of the line, so filled with hurt and grief that Stiles found himself holding back sobs of his own. The tears were bad enough. Death wasn't happening to him, anyway.

"Please just tell me where you are."

A smile flickered to his lips and he let out a watery laugh, "Don't worry about me," He told her weakly, knowing that his time was running out, "I'll be with my mom and Allison and Erica and Boyd. I better not see you anytime soon, though. Alright?"

"Please, don't leave me," The broken girl whispered desperately.

"I'm so sorry," He responded, his head drooping as energy began to leave his body in quick bursts. The tears had stopped escaping from his brown eyes and he was just too tired to feel any emotion except for peacefulness.

Her breath hitched, the sound painfully loud as his hand fell down and hit the dirt floor. The brightness illuminated his dying body. He knew that Lydia could feel what was about to come.

"Stop the car," He told her with the last of his energy, his voice just barely audible over the phone, "You'll crash when you scream."

Sobs echoed through the phone, but Stiles could hear the car stopping. A small smile made its way onto his face when he realized that she was safe.

"I love you, Lyds," He whispered as his energy died away.

There was a pause, filled only with Lydia's grief-filled sobs, before another whisper made its way through the phone and into Stiles' ears.

"I love you too, Stiles."

And with those words bouncing around in his mind, he let out his last breath and felt the world slip away.

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