"Mello, stop that." L commanded as he continued rocking a very upset Near. Mello was coloring on the wall while Matt sat on the floor beside him, mindlessly playing his Gameboy. It seemed he was the only one who wanted to behave today.

"No! Look!" Mello shouted and stepped aside to reveal his less than impressive drawing of what slightly resembled Wammy's house.

L sighed to himself, shifting the weight of the still screaming toddler in his arms. "When is Anna coming home?" Wammy had taken Anna into town to get medicine for Near, leaving L with a fussy two year old and two rambunctious five year olds. Now between the crying, screaming, and repetition of the Super Mario theme song, L was slowly being driven insane. Why had he agreed to watch these three? He should have gone with Wammy and left Anna to watch them. She was so much better at this then he was. L shifted Near once again, moving him into an awkward position with the little one's back pressed against his chest. This caused Near to drop his- formerly Anna's- bear to the floor and Near began to cry even more. Out of frustration, L grabbed Mello's hand, forcing the crayons out of it and began to drag him away, "I think it's time you three too a nap."

Mello gripped the back of Matt's shirt, choking the gamer-in-training, in an attempt to prevent L from dragging him off, "No! I'm not tired! I want to play, tell him Matt!" Matt was too busy shuffling to his feet to prevent himself from being choked to death by his friend to tell L anything. L continued to pull the three down the hall.

He dropped Near into his crib without a second thought and scooped the still protesting Mello up in one arm and Matt in the other. He dropped them into separate bedrooms, unsure if they were even the correct ones and locked the door from the outside before sinking down to the floor. L let out a frustrated sigh and pulled his knees to his chest. How did Anna deal with those three? They were like tiny walking nightmares.

L took a moment to gather himself before pushing off of the floor and sulking back into Near's room. By this time the little boy was standing at the side of his crib, looking over the railing crying even harder. L watched him for a moment, unsure of how to deal with the problem and feeling like bursting into tears himself. "Near, please stop crying." L begged the toddler to no avail. L groaned audibly. "Come on, kid." He picked up the screaming child and sat on the floor and began rocking back and forth, trying to calm him down.

"L?" L's head shot up at the sound of his name to find Anna watching, looking very amused in the doorway. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she held a plastic bag on her wrist. "I leave you alone with them for an hour and they drive you insane." She giggled taking a seat next to her friend. She placed the grocery bag down beside her and took out the box containing the medicine that would, L prayed, make Near stop crying. Once she was done prepping what looked like a syringe without a needle, Anna held her arms out to L, "Give me my kid."

The sixteen year old didn't hesitate to follow through with the request, practically throwing the child into Anna's lap. As soon as Near was in her arms, he calmed ever so slightly. She brought her knees up slightly, propping Near up and held the measuring stick up, "Open up, Near." She commanded. Realizing what was happening, Near clasped his tiny hands over his mouth to keep it out. Anna set the syringe down and gently pried Near's hands away from his mouth, "L, could you…" L took the hint and held Near's arms down at his sides. Anna took up the medicine and held Near's face in her free hand and shot the liquid in.

Near's face contorted in disgust, "Yucky." He decided.

Anna ran her hand through his hair gently, "I know it's yucky, but it'll make you feel better." She placed him back in his crib and glanced at L who was still on the floor. "L, where are Matt and Mello?" Slight concern laced Anna's voice.

L looked away for a moment, debating on lying then looked back to her, "I locked them in their rooms to take naps." He admitted.

Anna watched him for a minute before shaking her head to contain the laughter that was bubbling up in her chest. Anna offered L her hand and helped him up, "Come on, you. Let's go let them out."