Making the Angel His


Naruto x Historia


Story Start


It was one of the most humid nights Naruto could remember. The moon hung in the sky, bright as the sun, illuminating the world with its pale glow.

That wasn't the reason why he couldn't sleep though. The guilt in the pit of his stomach was gnawing at him.

'How could you have been so stupid?'

He tossed over as he pulled at the cover.

'Stupid stunts like that is what get people killed.'

He flopped over as he tried to drown out the sound of his own voice with other taunts but images would plague his mind.

'Why did I bother training you? To throw your life away like a damn fool?'

Images of a sorrowful Krista. He kept seeing her face. Her crying.

He had been so angry. He couldn't remember the last time he felt so angry. Before he had even realized it he had grown attached to them. Those kids from inside the wall. It was supposed to be a simple project. Teach some of the people in this world how to fend for themselves.

Hagoromo went on and on about keeping an eye out for potential worlds to successfully spread Ninshuu too. Naruto saw a world where humanity needed to be taught how to fish figuratively speaking.

He didn't realize he would become so attached to some of the people here. One blonde haired little angel in particular.

"Fuck it," He decided, kicking off the covers. Tying up his boots he leaped out of the house he had broken into to. Not like it mattered, it belonged to some fat slob in the rich district whom he knocked out with a mere finger flick.

Now he knew why Tsunade-baa-chan liked doing it to him. It was rather amusing.

In this world, Naruto was essentially a god. Comparably he was to the Titans that a gnat was to a human being, meaning no one living in humanity, but his students proposed a threat to him. Even then they were only given part of a Shinju fruit and not the whole thing, it would be years before they would have enough chakra for to have an interesting spar with.

Naruto couldn't help but sigh. This feeling was rather nostalgic. He remembered times when he messed up with Hinata and had to sit down and think of a way to sincerely apologize to his wife. That heart breaking look of sadness was often punishment enough for the blond so he often went out of his way not to screw up.

It wasn't that difficult to track her. Sage Mode plus very few humans having chakra made it child's place, especially considering that he learned to extend his range a considerable amount.

Getting into her place of residence was child's play for the blond. He stopped in front of her door and began to knock on it.

The door opened as a sleepy Krista opened the door, having finished wiping the sleep from her eyes. The girl was petite, having started off as the smallest of the 104th trainee squad before Naruto stole them away and began to train them. With her long blonde hair, large blue eyes, and a rounded face Krista was blessed with angelic good lucks earning her the affection of the majority of the boys in her age range.

"S-Sensei!" She squeak, a flush appearing in her cheeks.

No pants with a T-shirt that came down to her thighs. Then again she lived in a ring where people struggled to maintain a rate of living above poverty.

Naruto's heart raced. He wanted to capture her lips and hold her in his arms. This girl was no angel. She was temptation incarnate. She was an unknowing seductress. An innocent Succubus might even be what one would describe hr.

"I'm here to say I'm sorry for those horrible things I said. I didn't mean…" He was nearly knocked off his feet, more from shock then from a waif like Krista actually being physically capable of knocking him over.

"I'm so sorry Sensei. I didn't mean to make you worry. I promise I'll never make you worry again."

"Hey, hey, Krista-chan," He didn't want her to cry. He did his best to console the now sobbing girl. "We all make mistakes okay. All I need is assurance you won't be so reckless next time. You gave your sensei quite the heart attack when that Titan almost snatched you up." Krista pulled back and used the bottom of her right hand to clear her cheeks.

"I promise sensei." She said only for her to run into the blond going in for another hug.

Feeling mischievously he fell back and pulled her with him causing them to collapse to the floor. "Why Krista-chan to think you would attack your sensei in such a way." He teased her with a playful grin as he watched her cheeks burn red.

Krista let out a squeak.

"So tell me Krista, do you wish for sensei to make you into a woman?" He knew that one was probably a bit too much, but he couldn't help it. He enjoyed messing with his students and it was all in good fun. The poor girl probably wouldn't be able to look him in the eye the next few days though.

"N-Naruto-Sensei." the look on her face suddenly changed. As if she was in the middle of an impasse.

Before Naruto could respond by telling her he was merely teasing her Krista made her move. The petite blonde leaned in and kissed him. Naruto moaned softly at the sudden contact, surprised by the bold girl's actions.

Krista wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist and her arms around her neck as she deepened the kiss. The taste of oat, honey, salt, soy, and other flavors mixed as their tongues met with each fervor and hunger.

Naruto sat up, wrapping an arm around her slender waste. The kiss soon broke with an audible wet smack, a thin trail of spittle snapped as their tongues pulled apart.

"The angel has a naughty side." He said as Krista shyly turned her head.

"Its your fault sensei. A young impressionable girl like me didn't stand a chance against a man like you." She let out a yelp as Naruto laid a sharp blow to her backside.

"And very cheeky as well."

"Only for you sensei."

A grin appeared on Naruto's face. Before the night was over the angel wasn't going to be an angel for too much longer.


Story End


Teaser for the Naruto x Shingeki no Kyojin crossover I'm going to be putting out. Hope you guys enjoy this first taste.