Nick pulled away from Faye and gave her a small smile. Breaking the surface of the water he made his way to the shore. "See you tomorrow at school," he told the twins. He then turned and threw Faye a wave. He wrapped his towel around his shoulders and made his way up the beach towards his house.

Chris and Doug noticed it was getting late as well. "We better go before mom kills us." Chris said, picking his clothes up off the sand and starting to leave. "Yeah," Doug agreed. He smiled at Suzan. "See you later." He started after his brother. After going only a short way he stopped and looked back over his shoulder at her. He started to say something, but after a slight shake of his head turned around and left.

Faye pouted slightly as she followed Nick up to the beach. She watched as he headed home. Kneeling down to gather up her things, she realized she was alone on the beach. She sighed and shook her head, "Where did ya go wrong Faye? Could have had this a long time ago, but no you have to be the one in control." Her solitary voice was almost washed out by the sound of the waves. She turned a smile to the moon. They were all so lucky. They didn't need any of the ones they lost. Without her father she was lost. She hadn't even any time to get to know him. "And to think genius," she muttered as she was crossing the dunes, "you worked for the jerk-wad who took him from you. Real brilliant Faye ol' girl, class act."

When she finally got home her mother was fast asleep on the couch. Not wanting to wake her Faye just went straight to her room. Grabbing a pair of silk pajamas, she climbed in the shower.
Once in bed she fell fast asleep. She dreamed of laughter and jeering. The coven was together and they were all having a grand time. The only one missing was Faye. She just didn't belong, not yet. Where was Faye? None of them seemed to notice her absence. The fun went on all the same. But where was Faye.

There she was.... A little girl with honey colored eyes stood in the middle of the antics and looking about, lost. Her ebony pig-tails were curled neatly and tied with pink ribbons. Her pink satin dress with it's white frills made her seem like a doll. No one could see or hear her.

Her black, polished, mary-janes paced about nervously. Poor lost, little Faye.....

Nick woke up early, before the alarm went off. He turned it off and rolled out of bed. He breifly wondered if things were going to be way different at school. It was the first day back since the hurricane struck. The parking lot had received a lot of damage and since most Juniors and Seniors drove to school , they had decided not to reopen until it was fixed.

After a quick shower, Nick got dressed and made his way to the kitchen. His aunt was already up and breakfast was on the table. "You two were out late last night." She remarked as Nick ooured himself a glass of orange juice.

Nick looked up, "Oh, you mean Deborah, yeah we were at the beach with the group." He added some bacon and eggs to the empty plate in front of him. he ate quickly, not wanting to face his cousin and hear what she had to say about what had transpired between him and Faye last night. He figured she would probably be shocked, heck he knew he was.

"Thanks." He told his aunt grabbing his notebook and keys off the table beside the door. He walked out then circled around to his car. He had finally gotten it fixed durning the break from school. He roared the engine to life, then remembering that his uncle and cousin were probably still asleep, let off the gas so hard and pulled out of the garage. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Adam heading out to his own car. The glare that passed between them was unavoidable. Nick floored the car and took off in a squeal of rubber and smoke.

Adam watched as Nick took off down the road, and heard one of the Hendersons yelling from down the street. "Knock it off Armstrong, we've got ten minutes before we have to get up!" Then the slam of their upstairs window. Looked the the coven was never going to be completely connected after all. First Faye, and now this hatred betwenn Nick and him. Couldn't they ever just get along. Adam drove up the short drive to Cassie's. He shut the enging off and sat their for a moment before climbing out and going to the door. He knocked softly...

*Diana woke from her sleep. It had been a long night. She fought with herself and decided whether not she should go to school. She finally got up and got ready for school. Her father had already left for work. Diana wasn't very hungry this morning either. She grabbed her bag and keys and went out to her car. She saw Adam down at Cassie's house. She turned away quickly and got into her car. She started it up and fastened her seat belt. She took off towards the school.*

Suzan groaned as the alarm clock went off, it's insistent buzzing giving her an instant head ache. Groggily she fumbled for the off switch and succeeded in knocking it off the night stand. "Damn." She mumbled as she opened her eyes, wincing as the sunlight touched them "I really hate mornings." Throwing the covers off her she reached down and shut off the alarm clock. Grabbing she placed it back on the night stand and glared at it before padding her way bare foot to her bath room to grab a quick shower. About a half an hour later she found herself infront of her closet. "Orange, peach, beige or green?" she asked herself as she looked through her sweaters.

Deciding on the green she paired it with a black skirt and ankle boots. Quickly she made her way down stairs and grabbed herself a honey bun along with her lunch before walking out the door to her car. "Hope Deb's up." she said to herself as she hoped in her car and started it up. After letting it warm up a bit she put it into drive and drove the short distance to Deb's. She waited for Nick to pull out and winced as he squeeled tires. "Boys." she grumbled as she pulled to a stop in the Armstrong drive way. She left the car running as she walked to the door and knocked.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Deborah screamed, as she went downstairs to answer the door. no doubt it was Suzan to give her a ride, but she needn't sound like there was a madman attacking her to get her to open the door. When she did get down and open, Deborah just grabbed her bag and headed out the door. "Come on, let's get going. Wouldn't want to be late, would we?"

Suzan smiled at her friends hurried behaviour and followed Deborah to the car. "Good morning to you too Sunshine." she teased as she hopped back into the car and buckled her seat belt. She looked in the back seat and was glad to see her own book bag back there. She hardly took it out of her locker much less bring it into her house. She knew she should think more of her studies, it being her senior year and all but she couldn't help it, school bored her. She figured she could take Cosmetology at the local commuty college and work in one of the shops either in town or the on main land. She was good at makeup and hair so it shouldn't be that hard. She was grateful that she left the car running, it was pretty cozy as she took time to look at her reflection in the rear view mirror before pulling out of the drive way and heading toward the school.

Sean rolled out of bed and glanced at the clock. "I'm late." he said wide eyed as he ran for the bathroom and took a quick shower. Still a little wet he threw on a pair of black jeans and a dark grey sweater. He didn't have time to have break fast even if he wanted it. The memory of his little conversation with Laurel and he realized that he actually had fun just talking with her. "Wonder if she needs a ride to school?" he wondered out loud as he ran down the stairs and out side. He'd grab something from the lunch room today instead of carrying a lunch.

Hoping in his car he started it up and let the heater do is job. After about five minutes he pulled out of his drive way and drove to Laurel's. He sat there in the drive allowing not only the heater to heat up but to get up the nerve to go knock on her door. Getting out he shut the door and strode over to her door and knocked.

Laurel had been brushing her hair out when Sean drove up. She glanced out the window, and didn't expect to see the car coming into the driveway. She DID expect to see and hear Nick's car peeling down the road, since that- that was Nick. She bounded down the stairs, grabbed a muffin, and smiled at her Granny Quincey.

Grabbing her backpack, Laurel opened the door, and smiled at Sean. "Morning," she said, "wanna come in?" She held up the muffin. "We've got muffins." Laurel was in a good mood, which wasn't surprising, since this was Laurel, but she had decided that today was a new day. The first in a long stretch that was the rest of her life. And she was going to make the most of it.

The thought of muffins was nice and he did want to go in to the Quincy house and sit a while with Laurel but they had to get to school. He gave her a small smile and shook his head. "Can't. We've got school remember. You know that thing where you go and sit in a classes for hours and hear teachers drone on about this and that then go to a period called lunch where the native feastivites consist of picking on Suzan about snack cakes." He leaned against the door frame and frowned slightly as he felt his tummy growl at the smell of the muffins coming from the kitchen. "Well I guess I could grab one for the ride there huh?"

Cassie had gotten up a little before sunrise, took a bath and selected a baby blue irish knit sweater and jeans to wear that day for school. Her mom wasn't even up when she went down stairs and grabbed an orange for break fast. She missed her grandmother and a shiver ran down her spine when she glanced at the place her grandmother had lain while she died. Shaking herself she turned away and took some money out of the money jar on the counter for lunch. She looked out of the window to the garden and wondered if it would ever be the same in the house now that the most important part was gone. She had placed the master tools in the basement hidden from view and she was suprised that she had been able to sleep most of the night undisturbed.

She turned away from the window and walked to the living room where her book bag sat on the chair nearest the door. Adam would be there any minute with a bright smile to go with his handsome face. It was still weird to her that he was probably on his way now to come take her to school and not Diana. She wondered how the rest of Faye's party had went and how close Nick had gotten to the raven haired temptress. 'He knows what he's getting into Cassie, you can't save everyone.' she reminded herself as she heard the knock. "That would be prince charming." she said softly stiffiling a giggle as she walked to answer the door. Opening it up she gave Adam a smile and stepped aside to let him in. "Good morning." She said cheerfully in better spirits now that he was there with her.

"Well, I see that we got up on the right side of the bed this morning." Adam said giving her a brief hug as he walked into the house. "Mom still sleeping?" He asked looking around. Seeing no one, he grabbed Cassie and dipped her low to the ground, kissing the end of her nose before pulling her up. "Can't say that's a bad thing." He grinned and picked up her bookbag off the chair. "Ready m'lady?" He asked.

Cassie blushed as he brought her back up after kissing her on the nose. Looking from her book bag to the door she contemplated asking him to skip school but pushed the idea away, her mom would never stand for it. "Why yes that would be lovely sir knight." she replied with a small curtsy when he asked if she was ready to go. Walking to the door she opened it and walked out on to Adam's car. Leaning on it she waited for him to close the door and join her. She wasn't looking forward to school but she was comforted in the thought that she had Adam to lean on. She wondered if Sally was going to act like she did before the incident with Black John or if the outsiders new found understanding would bring her closer to the group. Her thoughts went to the Bainbridges and she grimaced. Surely they wouldn't pose a problem any more, after all their little ace in the hole, being Cassie's father, was long gone, right?

Faye had gotten up early and was at the school before the rest of the coven. She had wadered about the campos aimlessly before she found herself at Nick's locker. She didn't even remember heading in that direction. She reached in the pocket of her black jeans for the note she had
written earlier. It read:

Hey Nick,

Just wanted to say thanks for last night. Hope I didn't scare you off. It meant a lot to me. Well I'll see you when I see you. Blessed Be, Faye

She slipped the note in one of the slots. 'Wait!' She suddenly changed her mind after the note was already in. Looking about she produced a nail file from her back pack. 'Maybe I can fish it out from the bottom. Oh, I hope I can. They'd all laugh if they got wind of this.' Grimacing she leaned down and peaked through the bottom slotand began fishing for the closest corner of the note. She felt silly, but she had to get it back!

Taryn had climbed out of bed earlier than she should have, even SHE knew that - but she had this obsession with running. In the morning, she'd just take a nice run to clear her thought, and figure out exactly what she had to do today. If you don't count almost getting run over by some jerk heading towards the school, everything was just peachy. She'd even made it home in enough time to catch a quick shower and eat some breakfast before she headed for school.

The feel of the seats of her car as she drove was exciting. Taryn hadn't lived anywhere else but her former hometown - save the fact she was born here. Being in new Salem was like a rush for Taryn, and she couldn't understand it. It was exciting, like she had truly come home, felt different. So, when she saw the exact car that had almost run her over in the school parking lot, there was the overwhelming urge to hauck a loogie onto the cherry red hood.

^That'd teach him- almost running me over,^ she thought, getting out of her car and ready to hauck away, ^pretty thing, just can't almost run me over without paying the pri-^ Just then, a hand grabbed her wrist and spun her around. She instinctively cringed and closed her eyes, ready for what might come next.

Nick spun the girl around, a look of pure anger on his face. "If you even think about that again, I guarantee you'll regret it." He said, his voice resonating anger. He let go of the girls wrist, the feeling that he'd seen her before tickling the edges of his senses. Hell there were hundreds of kids at this school, he probably had seen her in the halls before. He shrugged it off as he stepped away from her and his car. "I mean it."

She could sense the anger in him. It... it flowed from him. Usually, Taryn would be spurting an angry retort right back at him, somewhere along the lines of if he ever almost ran over her again when she was jogging, she'd attack his car when he was sleeping. Something really vicious and terrible. Just, this time... it didn't seem like she should. When he let go of her wrist, there was a tingle. As he stepped away, she was paying more attention to the tingle and rubbing it off than what he said next.

Taryn knew he meant it when the words processed. By the time they had, he was gone. Grumbling, she grabbed her backpack from her back seat and locked her car, tossing the keys in a pocket of her bag. "I can tell this day is going to be great," she said, aloud but to herself, "just great." She headed inside school and searched for the number that was on a piece of paper. ^First step,^ she told herself, ^find the locker. Toss bag in, take pad of paper and head to first class with map.^

Nick turned and headed towards the slowy filling up school. Seemed he wasn't the only one that wasn't too happy about being back. He made his way towards his locker, and stopped short. "What in the world?" He walked up behind Faye, and tapped her gently on the shoulder. "Looking for something?" he asked.