It can be agreed upon that Padmé looks beautiful, but it seems that's the only thing they can agree on. The dress is lovely, it suits her, and that's that. The thing that is causing much debate, though, is the color; where Anakin sees deep blue, trimmed with black, Obi-Wan sees white, trimmed with gold. They can't agree, they can't find middle ground, and it's frustrating.

"It's blue," Anakin says, and he gestures to Padmé as if that will help.

"No, it's white."

"No!" and it's louder than intended, really, and it causes the senator to stare, her brow lifted. "It's blue. And black." He continues in a whisper, his eyes hard on his master's. "How are you seeing anything other than blue? It's not even close to white!"

"It's not blue!"

"Yes it is!"


Padmé is still staring at them, and they take full notice of it, turning their inclined heads to look at her. "What are you even talkingabout?"

Both look as if they've been caught doing something they shouldn't have done, and Anakin is the first to speak.

"What color is your dress?"

Now Padmé looks even more confused, as she rightfully should. "It's black and blue. Why?"

Anakin looks smug.

Obi-Wan throws his hands up and walks out.