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'Vengeance' takes place in an alternate universe, in which Leila survives and Cath and Chad are her two children. It also takes place over two generations. I hope you all like it!

Here's a little background that may be helpful:

Three years after the events of Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, Mark was offered a position in Bern and accepted it. Lyn joined and married him after her grandfather died.

Over a decade later, the Djute and the Kutolah went to war; Zephiel flipped a coin and picked a side to support in secret… which happened to be the Djute. Once they won, the tribe offered their lands to Bern willingly, and in return Zephiel granted them semi-autonomous reign over themselves. Lyn was uneasy at first, but after meeting with many of the Djute leaders and seeing that the Bernese were not in any way mistreating her father's kin, she was appeased.

Ostia Castle Town, 998 A.S.

The rain was coming down particularly heavily when someone knocked at the door. Matthew went to answer it, and was relieved to see his old friend and godfather to his children.

"Legault! What brings you to my humble abode?" the former spy asked excitedly.

"Less than good news, I'm afraid. May I come in?" the former Fang sighed.

"Of course," Matthew's happy visage immediately deteriorated. Legault, who now worked directly under Mark (who few had seen since the last war), was well known for his euphemisms. Whenever he said, 'Less than good news' he usually meant 'very bad news'. Matthew led his companion to his dining room, where Leila was eating with their children, Cath and Chad.

"Hey pops, who was at the– Mister Legault!" Cath cheered. Neither she nor her brother frequently had a chance to see him, as he was almost always occupied with something.

"Yes, it's me alright." Legault chuckled.

"He's here to check up on us and reminisce about old times." Matthew smiled. His countenance was a façade, though, and Leila knew it. Still, she maintained a stoic visage for her children.

"Legault, why are you really here? What's going on?" the red-haired woman asked.

"I've been informed that Mark, who is now working as an advisor to King Zephiel, is calling in some favors. He is assembling a rescue team for a captured noble. The three of us, as well as some Bernese elites, are its members. I'm afraid this is non-negotiable."

"But… we have children now! Surely Mark can't expect us to–"

"These orders come directly from him, Matthew. If memory serves, you owe him your life for the incident on Valor!"

"That's true… and I won't go back on my word," Matthew hung his head.

"Matthew!" Leila shouted in disbelief.

"He saved your life, Leila! If not for Mark, you'd be dead and perhaps I would be as well! We owe him everything we have." After a moment of contemplation, Leila realized she did not have a choice. Matthew was right – the two of them owed a huge debt to Mark. Suddenly, Legault chuckled, though his laughs were mirthless,

"How cliché is this? On a dark and stormy night, a mother and father are forced to leave their children to partake on a quest that will claim their lives."

"Don't curse our chances, Legault," Matthew said.

"Let's just go so we can come back as quickly as we can. Cath, take care of your little brother. We should return before too long," Leila tried to reassure her children.

"Where are you going, mom?" Chad asked.

"To Bern. We have an old friend in the Bernese Nobility who requires our assistance. He's a trustworthy man and an excellent tactician. I'm sure he'll guide us well."

"Do you promise you'll come home soon?" Cath pleaded.

"I promise."

"And you, pops?"

"…I promise."

"Mister Legault, please take care of them," Chad tried to hold back his tears.

"I'll do my very best and more," the former Fang smiled as he led the former spies to Bern.

Many months past, and Cath and Chad heard no word from their parents. Eventually, the tax collectors came and evicted the two children. Cath took to the streets to make a living as a treasure hunter, and Chad was forced into an orphanage. The two never forgot who it was that took their parents and godfather from them.

Western Isles, 1000 A.S.

On Lord Roy's orders, Chad was scouting Jutes, the Etrurian Capital on the Western Isles. As he sneaked around, he saw a woman with a very familiar face.

"Cath? Cath?! Is that you?!" the young, brown-haired thief smiled.

"Oh God, Chad?!" the woman, who also had brown hair and wore the garb of a thief shouted back and ran up to Chad. The two embraced for a moment before Lord Roy caught up.

"Oh… you again," Cath frowned when she saw the Pheraen. Roy had said some harsh words to her at their last encounter, and she remembered them all.

"Have you two met?" Chad raised a brow.

"Yes… at our last encounter, however, I wasn't too kind to her and I wish to apologize," Roy directed his attention to the girl,

"I said some pretty harsh things about you without knowing your history, and I am terribly sorry. I still think what you are doing is wrong, but I do not think you a villain. Please, join us. Give me a chance to show you that there are those who care. I promise, once this war is won, I will personally oversee the reconstruction of all the destroyed villages, and make sure you have a home and can make an honest living."

"I… no! The Bernese noble who killed my parents and godfather was once their friend! And he betrayed them! Why should I believe you?!" Cath rebuked.

"Sister… it's alright. I've served with Roy for almost the entire war; I can attest that he is a good man. One of the best I've ever known," Chad said.

"Sister?" Roy raised a brow.

"Chad, that's exactly what father said about Mark in all the stories he told us about their adventures," Cath sighed.

"Roy is not Mark! Please, trust me! When have I ever proved to not be a good judge of character?" Chad was angry now. Seeing that her brother was so loyal to this one Pheraen noble, Cath decided it would not be the worst idea to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Alright… but only because my brother trusts you. If I sense you are doing anything wrong–" Cath started.

"I understand," Roy nodded and the Alliance army continued on.

"Brother, are you sure about him?" Cath asked worriedly.

"Positive," Chad replied with confidence.

Shrine of Seals, Bern

The Etrurian Army finally reached the shrine. Fighting the hordes of Bernese soldiers guarding it proved to be next to impossible, but with Marcus' cunning and the army's skills, they managed to carry the day… or so they thought. Wyvern General Murdock stood before them with a Tomahawk, and beside him were a green-haired swordswoman and a brown-haired sage, the latter of whom appeared to be a tactician. Chad and Cath were riding with Trec and Noah, who along with Roy, Wolt, Zelots, Lilina, Lance and Alen had broken through the final defensive line and were now faced with defeating the commanders who stood before them.

"Mark, what do we do now?" Murdock whispered to the brown-haired man beside him. Chad and Cath, with their fine-tuned hearing, managed to hear the General, and scowled in return.

"You… you're Mark…" Chad growled, though due to his age and size it wasn't very intimidating.

"What of it?" the swordswoman scowled, drawing her sword in the sage's defense.

"Listen, lady. This man killed our parents – our quarrel is with him, not you. If you stand aside, we will not hurt you," Cath said, although her emotional control was waning.

"Who were your parents?" the Sage known as Mark frowned.

"Matthew and Leila of Ostia! Two people who considered you a friend. Now, we shall avenge them… as well as our godfather Legault!" Chad and Cath dismounted from behind Trec and Noah, respectively.

"Can you please end this already? I'm sleepy," Trec yawned.

"When are you not?" Noah chuckled.

"Point taken."

"You… you're Matthew's progeny?" Mark asked with a hint of sadness in his voice. The swordswoman at his side appeared to have a similar reaction.

"You're façades of sympathy will not work on us! We do not fall for Bernese lies! Now, atone for your sins!" Chad said as he and his sister charged. The swordswoman deftly blocked both their strikes.

"If you want to kill my husband, you'll have to get through me!" the woman said. The siblings' resolve was beginning to falter; they were no match for this person.

"No! These two deserve closure! You will face me!" Roy drew his rapier and charged in. The Paladins were currently focused on Murdock, who seemed to be holding his own quite well despite being outnumbered five-to-one; he was not made a Wyvern General for nothing.

While Roy took care of the swordswoman, Chad and Cath rushed Mark. Normally the sage would have no problem dealing with a few knife-wielders, but Lilina had used a barrier staff on them and in addition was providing cover fire with her own magic, though she never attempted to deal a killing blow, as she wanted to reserve that privilege for the siblings. Mark deftly dodged the brown-haired youths' attacks, yet was unable to land many blows himself; the spells that did hit their marks proved to be mostly ineffective against the barriers Lilina put up.

"You fight well, young one. Tell me, what is your name?" the woman asked Roy.

"I am General Roy, son of Lord Eliwood, Marquess Pherae!" the young lord replied with vigor. At the mention of Eliwood's name, both Mark and the swordswoman hesitated for a moment, giving their opponents the chances they needed. Roy impaled the green-haired woman through her heart, and Chad and Cath slit the throat of the sage. Upon seeing his finest soldiers felled, Murdock panicked and lost focus. Doing so caused him to neglect to block Zelots' Heavy Spear, which was aimed right for his chest.

"King Zephiel… forgive me… I cannot serve you… any longer…" the General coughed as his life left him.

After the battle, Merlinus and Marcus walked over to the Shrine to congratulate Roy on his victory. As Marcus was sharing his own experiences at the shrine, Merlinus noticed two bodies near where Cath and Chad were sitting, out of breath.

"General Marcus, do these people look familiar to you?" the merchant called out to his friend. Upon seeing them, the General gasped slightly – a sound Merlinus never though he'd hear him make.

"Those are… Sir Mark and Lady Lyndis…" he dropped his spear.

"I thought they left for Sacae. How did they end up in Bern?" the Merchant scratched the back of his head.

"Regardless, it's ironic, isn't it. We, along with Lord Eliwood and Lord Hector probably would have died twenty years ago if not for Mark, and yet our army was responsible for his demise." Upon hearing these words and seeing an expression of sadness upon Marcus' face, Cath and Chad felt a pang of guilt. Perhaps it wasn't all Mark's fault. Did he truly try his hardest to help their parents? With the tactician dead at their feet, the siblings would never know the truth.

Well, that was dark! Matthew, Leila, Legault, Lyn, Mark, Murdock and a boatload of Etrurian and Bernese soldiers all died in this chapter. This is the first tragedy FanFic I've written thus far; it certainly won't be the last!

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