Those of you who read K.A. Applegate's excellent original series know that it ended on a harsh and brutally honest note. There is more that could be said about what comes next for Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco, Garrett, and Helium, but in the spirit of canon, this felt like the right and proper place to say goodbye.

If there are pieces of this story that feel missing or incomplete to you, I urge you to write them, and to share them with me and the world.

Thank you, everyone—for your attention, for your feedback, for your company on this journey. r!Animorphs has turned out to be more than I ever expected, going into it, and that's all down to the readers who've helped it to grow.

Particular thanks go to:

—Eli M, whose enthusiasm on Halloween of 2014 was the breath of wind that turned the spark into a flame

—Nate S, who was the source of roughly a third of the ideas, and reliably got me out of the corners I'd written myself into

—Ketura, who in addition to being one of my most useful and consistent beta readers was also 100% responsible for the characterization of Visser Three, by way of being the author of the first Esplin chapter

—Olivier F, who was another champion beta reader and the author of the AMA interlude, and whose encouragement to keep the story international led directly to the scenes in Brazil, Madagascar, China, and Finland.

—The regulars of r/rational, whose feedback made all the difference.

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Thanks again. It has been, truly, an honor and a pleasure, and I wish you all the best.

—Duncan Sabien