#Orus Media top story - Abraxas Forfeits

'His Majesty Titus Abraxus drops his suit against Her Majesty Jupiter Jones, the reincarnation of his mother, as his company's profits soar and her popularity does the same'

"Continuing the lawsuit would be counterproductive. Her Majesty and I came to an agreement that benefits us both. Besides, it just seems wrong to be suing her..." - Titus Abraxus

Her Majesty Jupiter Jones could not be reached for comment. Rumor has it that she's just gained an entire pack of lycantant in her following. Unheard of for a human monarch.

#The HMS Alley-Oop - Stinger's new ship

"They're taking shifts in such an orderly fashion. There's no arguing over who goes first." Jupiter shares her surprise with Stinger after she retired from the mess hall. Caine stayed to dine with his new pack members.

"Your Majesty, it's pack code. They have a definite rank and know their places. But the leaders who go first, also are very careful to make sure the last ones have enough. The pack always watches out for its own. All for one and one for all and that kind of thing. They're also nosy as hell. Don't expect an ounce of privacy."

While Jupiter rests in the cockpit, Caine is bombarded with questions and tries to return as many as he gets - hoping that he and the group will be comfortable with each other soon.

"Is your mate so tired because she's expecting a litter? I can help her through it," Freyl innocently starts off with one of the hard questions.

Caine sputters, trying not to spit out his mouthful of food. He knew the pack would be overly personal, but this is going to take some getting used to. The reaction earns him catcalls.

"Err... not yet." His voice is barely audible. "She's not quite recovered and Her Majesty's traditions are a little different from ours."

"After a possessive bite like that, you two really haven't?" the voice from the back speaks the question they were all thinking.

Veyla sees she's needed as beta to deflect for her alpha - AGAIN. "After the difficult DNA donation, she pushed herself beyond her limits to save everyone of us. Doc gave Caine and I strict orders to help her rest. We're headed to their wedding on her home planet. Entitled have to have everything 'official'. Doc says Her Majesty will be fully recovered by the time we arrive." But she can't resist giving Caine a bad time too. "Though, she confided to me that after the ceremony, she's not letting this guy out of her bed for at least three days. They have some catching up to do."

Slaps on the back, pounding on the table, and hoots and hollers only deepen the shade of crimson on Caine's face as he reflexively runs his hand through his hair. "She's worth the wait."

Back in the cockpit, Stinger remarks dryly to Jupiter, "They found out where we're headed. Just peachy. Now, I'll get to deal with a bunch of drunk lycantants on my ship..."

#A week later, in stationary orbit over Earth, stealth mode required

The video call to her family that she's back safe and has news for them went surprisingly well, considering that she shocked them with 1. She's getting married today. 2. She's marrying a non human alien with pointy ears and wings and in his customs they're already married 3. She's royalty 4. The event will happen in orbit on a spaceship 5. She has a large family of boisterous new brothers and sisters (all aliens) to introduce to her Earth family 6. Her alien sister, Veyla, is coming in a ship to retrieve them for the wedding 7. She has a very dear and powerful friend who owns entire galaxies who will be attending AND 8. Well, they aren't ready for 8 (that she owns Earth).

The whole affair is a simple Earth style wedding. Zjule expertly modeled her dress after her mother's wedding picture, adding just the right amount of modern flair. Titus sent his camera crew to cover the wedding as a gift. The sargorns are proud as peacocks to be included as the ushers. Stinger is the officiate (captains can still provide matrimonial services). Chouli is the maid of honor, and actually dresses down to not outdo Jupiter's simple style. Veyla helps little Kayda throw the flowers, though several are eaten in the process.

Uncle Vassily tearfully gives her away and Caine is completely gob smacked as he watches his queen walk up the makeshift aisle to him. Stinger keeps the vows simple knowing that the couple is too ga-ga over each other to be able to get through complete sentences. Inscribed on their glowing ring bonds is "Heart of my heart" in Cyrillic and the Earth date of their wedding. When they're pronounced man and wife, Caine dips her deeply and covers their kiss at first with his wings.


"I need to warn you about something," he pulls her aside before they head to the galley for the reception. "I won't get to carry you over the threshold. The pack has a tradition."

"Uh oh." Jupiter grimaces.

He stuffs his hands in his suit pockets and shuffles his feet. "Uhm... yeah. The pack puts the female to bed. Then they toss the male in the room and lock them in together. They won't let us out until..."

"You're not serious?... Oh, you are..." Jupiter's jaw drops and she doesn't know whether to laugh or run.

"Yep... Though, I've bribed Stinger to shoo them off our honeymoon yacht after we're locked in. It's covered," his look is reassuring now.

She grabs his lapel and pulls him into a deep kiss, then adding "It better be..."


To Jupiter's surprise, at the reception the pack and her Russian family get along as if they'd known each other all their lives. Vassily gets to brag about his time in the KGB and eagerly listens to their war stories, as he shares his 'good stuff' Vodka. Vladie is stuck with babysitting (as lowest in the pack). Jupiter's mom is ecstatic to have an instantly larger family and gives each and every one of the 20+ pack members the traditional kisses on each cheek. But with Caine, she is so happy to have a son-in-law who loves her daughter, she can't seem to stop kissing him in welcome.

When it's time to leave, the happy couple heads to the ship that Chouli gave them. Her protégé needs to be able to travel in style.

The pack does indeed live up to their threat, but Jupiter is relieved it's just the ladies helping her out of her dress.

Wearing only boxers and an ear to ear stupid happy grin, Caine is hurled in onto the bed with her and the door is bolted behind them.

Veyla raps on the door, and hollers "Get to it you two!" Then they hear Stinger reciting a 'law' he just made up on the spot about entitled privacy to get the pack off the honeymoon ship. The pack can join them for breakfast the next morning.

Poor Stinger, his ship - his pride and joy, is now the party barge for a bunch of rowdies. To keep the pack occupied and hopefully out of trouble, Caine and Jupiter left them with a boat load of nerf guns as a surprise.

#4 Weeks Later - Danchu Palace

Jupiter spots Caine and Chymera in conversation outside Caine's doorway. After throwing his hands into the air, Chymera vents his frustration by slamming his fist into the wall.

Despite knowing Caine can defend himself perfectly well, she can't help being drawn to his defense. Caine puts his hand on Chymera's shoulder in support, when she's spotted. She's committed now, and it's not even the fight she thought it was. Maybe some of that pack nosiness will actually come in handy?

"Chy, is everything ok?" Jupiter asks, even more concerned now that she sees how upset he really is. But he avoids her gaze.

"Ever since the auction house, Chymera's been trying to prove himself to Veyla. He was asking how we dealt with courting," Caine speaks for his distraught pack member.

"And you were telling him about how you swept me off my feet, then treated me like I had some dreadful plague?" Jupiter ribs Caine good naturedly.

"Hey! It wasn't like that! We found out you're royalty," Caine defends his actions.

"Felt more like the plague..." Jupiter pouts then puts her head on his shoulder to let him know he's forgiven. Directing her thoughts back to Chymera, "I think it's how Veyla feels now too. She told me you've been avoiding her. Hard to prove anything to her like that."

Chymera hits the point of his dilemma, "But it's female's choice. She said back at the auction house why she didn't choose me."

"Chy don't be dumb here. She's not chosen anyone else and has seen how you've changed. She's waiting for you. Give the girl some flowers, write her poetry, talk with her, or whatever. Just do SOMETHING that will show her you think of her. She's as confused as I was." Seeing him fidget, she gives him a final nudge. "Don't make me give you a detailed plan of attack. Get your butt over to her! That's an order!"

Chymera looks to Caine for confirmation, who just reiterates. "You heard Her Majesty. Get to it!"

"Y...yes, ma'am!" Chymera sprints off with a look of wide eyed wonder.

Caine slips his arm around her shoulder and kisses the top of her head.

"Isn't it funny to watch them?" She leans in, reveling in the presence of her mate.

"Yeah. I felt just like him."

Giggling, she grabs his shirt collar. "I think we have some catching up to do because of that, Mister..."

He swings her around into his room and shuts the door behind them.

#10 Weeks Later

Caine and his betas have been drilling and training the pack ad nauseam. The hodgepodge Jaeger Corps pack is functioning as a cohesive unit. They've split the large pack into three specialized sections that complement each other and enjoy a friendly rivalry. Caine with the Black Shepherds (the intelligence branch), Veyla with the Red Shepherds (the Zero suit units-picked up from an Aegis auction), and Chymera with the Blue Shepherds (the Sargorn marines and aves light fighters).

Jupiter has been raising capital. Starting exports of coffee from Earth is tricky. She can't pull too much of the product off planet with out upsetting the balance. So her compromise is to sell franchises with the specific coffee process she likes best.

Thankfully, her second planet (won in a game of chess with Titus) is more modern and used to intergalactic trade.

After her pack was safe, Veyla was able to reveal the name of the one who blackmailed her into the foiled assassination attempt - he's only known as Deep Echo, who was forced to leave Earth after his cover was blown in Chicago. No one knows his real identity, but he's an industrial spy - for those seeking to profit from illegal harvest.

The pack has his scent now.

But that's another story, for another time...


Author's note:

Song for this story: Halo by Starset.